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Comments • 80

  • Hayden Mcfarlane
    Hayden Mcfarlane Hour ago

    I cant imagine how pissed jj was once he was kicked 😂

  • Ruby Druce
    Ruby Druce 13 hours ago

    Tobi choosing Cheesecake instead of Blue Waffle, this man is innocent


    Jj getting kick out im leaving i dont wanna finish the video anymore

  • Eyosias Getachew
    Eyosias Getachew 2 days ago

    When will there be a time behzinga when he’s on the losing end doesn’t drag the only person he despises for pleasure ?

  • Adam Naclerio
    Adam Naclerio 2 days ago


  • pirate king
    pirate king 7 days ago

    Long live JJ

  • Richard Blake
    Richard Blake 7 days ago

    ksi is not out of sidemen

  • Red Sonic
    Red Sonic 7 days ago

    who else clicked off when ski got kicked

  • Webb
    Webb 8 days ago

    simon and josh are such sweats they're legit so boring

  • Dumale
    Dumale 9 days ago

    Everyone feels bad for JJ but when he bullies the whole squad no one says shit lmao.

  • Héctor González
    Héctor González 10 days ago +1

    But jj's last drawing was precise...
    It was Ethan's dad so...
    He couldn't draw anything.

  • Henry Rose
    Henry Rose 12 days ago

    Kicking jj from sidemen would be like Barca selling Messi

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol 15 days ago

    The one time jj actually tries, he gets kicked. Hes too good.

  • Mr. God
    Mr. God 21 day ago

    Booker T 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. God
    Mr. God 21 day ago

    Stone cold Steve Austin was a joke in this

  • Molly Costigan
    Molly Costigan 25 days ago +1

    don’t say you want him to try if your going to kick him out when he does

  • Molly Costigan
    Molly Costigan 25 days ago +1

    this is why i like KSI the most

  • Brian Karanja
    Brian Karanja 25 days ago

    JJ makes these videos 🤣

  • RockLobster2975
    RockLobster2975 25 days ago +1

    Ksi did nothing to deserve being kicked from the game. In my opinion ksi is the most popular and is the best TheXvidr out of everyone in the Sidemen.

  • BoomerFilms
    BoomerFilms 29 days ago

    For the Ethans Dad one I would have just drawn nothing and said I was finished drawing it

  • Richii Boii
    Richii Boii Month ago +1

    Disrespect to jj boooo

  • songwolf
    songwolf Month ago +1

    powerpuff girls hair was wrong
    bubbles(blue) is blonde
    blossome(red) has brown
    the green one(i forgot her name whoops) has black hair

    • Just Mya
      Just Mya 7 hours ago

      Blossom hair is orange & the green one name is Buttercup.

  • Itz Kay 808
    Itz Kay 808 Month ago

    Completly jips jjs victory🤣🤣🤣

  • SVEmmanuel2
    SVEmmanuel2 Month ago +1

    Fuck the sideman They are bullying Ksi.

  • The 3rd Saint
    The 3rd Saint Month ago


  • A 2 A
    A 2 A Month ago

    U guys aint getting any views w/o him

  • faTe shxh!d
    faTe shxh!d Month ago

    ngl you lot would be nothing without jj-ksi. Then you moan at him for not trying in the videos so then he does try and he starts winning then u lot all get jealous rage kick him out like tbh u all need to grow up and ksi-jj on the other hand might as well start sleeping again cuz i wouldnt blame him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No-one Important
    No-one Important Month ago +1

    They just mad JJ is smarter than them, not spelling the words right so that only he gets it right 30000000000000 IQ, why do you think he falls asleep and messes around in the games, cos hes too good you salty Sidemen

  • itz.amp_ footballer
    itz.amp_ footballer Month ago +1

    Poor jj always being bullied

  • Hentai enthusiast
    Hentai enthusiast Month ago

    JJ: actually tries to participate
    Sidemen: *kick*

  • Golden baldy
    Golden baldy Month ago

    bruh shit got mad boring after Ksi was kicked out

  • dylxn a
    dylxn a Month ago

    When ksi got kicked everyone clicked off

  • Icecats OK!
    Icecats OK! Month ago

    Don’t worry JJ, we shall destroy them for you >:D

  • Lana Cumberpatch
    Lana Cumberpatch Month ago

    booker t

  • Jeyson Soberanis-Tinoco

    Team KSI

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago


  • Travis Drewett
    Travis Drewett Month ago

    4:52 what video is that from?

  • crit
    crit Month ago

    18:25 : KSI chooses Ethans Dad
    18:42 : Disappears from the game

  • Minion Gamez
    Minion Gamez Month ago +2

    Ethan dad never left....

    He was kicked

  • Jordan Colon
    Jordan Colon Month ago

    It’s “Michael Jackson” not “Micheal Jackson”. Vic was right

  • Telvin Kipapa
    Telvin Kipapa Month ago

    Sideman didn't screw JJ. JJ screwed JJ.

  • DO6 DOG
    DO6 DOG Month ago

    I watched this to see jj being kicked out of the sid men this is what I find out : jj gets vote kicked out of a draw and guess game and nothin else CLICK BAIT

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    KSI actually tries in a 2nd channel video and gets kicked, Simon you’re not allowed to cry anymore when he doesn’t try 😂

  • Jax mac321
    Jax mac321 Month ago

    Poor ksi

  • Purple Banana 127
    Purple Banana 127 Month ago


    Josh: Tunatunia

  • Christian Cordova
    Christian Cordova Month ago

    Simon a bitch he a snake

  • Wade 91
    Wade 91 Month ago +2

    The fact that they kicked him out of the game should’ve been the second hint at what he was drawing.
    draws nothing + ends up being removed from the equation = ethans dad 😂

  • Maleek Yaqob
    Maleek Yaqob Month ago

    Hey does anyone know how can all the words we choose be from our choose? Bcoz when I make the private room, I can only write 4 words and my friend can’t write his words. How can I make my friend write his own words too. I’d appreciate if someone answered me.

  • Yt_Operator
    Yt_Operator Month ago

    *Vote kickes JJ*
    Me: well i guess thats the end of the video then.

    IMMORTAL CLAN Month ago

    Booker T😂😂😂😂

  • Hossam Amin
    Hossam Amin Month ago

    Booker T guess had me rolling

  • Liz Stroud
    Liz Stroud Month ago

    Why the fuck is this on my recommended

  • Frankdakiddd
    Frankdakiddd Month ago +1

    Got boring when jj got kicked

    JDoGGYDiZZLE Month ago

    Vikk looks like he's wearing one of those fake glasses and nose disguises... With a pair of fake brows to match!

  • Justme
    Justme Month ago +1

    When ksi wins games the sidemen are afraid. You love to see it😌😌😌

  • OGS_Nathan
    OGS_Nathan Month ago +1

    5:50 i would've drawn a crab (if it was after the fight)

  • Millie Hutchings
    Millie Hutchings Month ago

    chin a tunya

  • Crazy Chief
    Crazy Chief Month ago +1

    1:38 anyone notice wake up call

  • Ashley Gaines
    Ashley Gaines Month ago

    That was kinda mean lol

  • Ian Miller
    Ian Miller Month ago

    Who clicked off when they kicked jj out?

  • Sweep reWARD
    Sweep reWARD Month ago

    They are some bad assholes

  • Greyson Adams
    Greyson Adams Month ago

    You guys in the comments acting like JJ wasn’t cheating to win 😂. He got what he deserved

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    1:45 ethan could’ve left it blank

  • Johannes
    Johannes Month ago

    Vikk, you good?

  • Offcheng
    Offcheng Month ago

    Im disliking this for jj

  • Offcheng
    Offcheng Month ago

    Honestly i feel bad for jj, they always bully him and picture him as bullybag. Like for real vikkstar is damn useless should be bullied not ksi

  • Mario Juarez
    Mario Juarez Month ago

    Diss tracks re-entered the chat

  • kian 123
    kian 123 Month ago

    Is that tobi rapping at the end of the video?

  • Guilliswurld
    Guilliswurld Month ago

    Play with Vanoss and his friends

  • Yurihsora Shimomura

    Yo at 1:40 you can see wake up call

    I DELIVER L's Month ago

    U lot are pricks why would you kick him when he’s trying to play the game

  • OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria

    I remember my friends used to kick me out of this game all the time 😢

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy Month ago +2

    Word: Clickbait
    Me: Jake Paul
    Harry: Fishing rod

  • Sean Aboim
    Sean Aboim Month ago


  • Verified Otaku
    Verified Otaku Month ago

    It really was funny when he got kicked but when he was on reddit

    *i felt that*

  • pascal vS
    pascal vS Month ago

    Lots off adds

  • baoz 177
    baoz 177 Month ago +1

    Nice fart harry

  • Turkish Guardian
    Turkish Guardian Month ago


  • Peyngo
    Peyngo Month ago


  • Oliver James
    Oliver James Month ago

    Blue in Welsh is Glas so for a moment I was like JJ speaks the mother tongue 😱😱