Netherlands is in really good shape ahead of Euro 2020 - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • A 2-1 win vs. Belarus has the Netherlands on the verge of qualifying for UEFA Euro 2020 after failing to qualify for Euro 2016 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol and Craig Burley break down how the Dutch have become an exciting team to watch again and why they are in better shape than their Group C qualifying rivals Germany. Plus, they react to Netherlands coach Ronald Koeman’s comments about Group C opponent Northern Ireland and the response of their coach, Michael O’Neill.
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Comments • 252

  • Ketchupplant
    Ketchupplant Day ago

    I love how they always mention the Dutch not having a ‘great striker’, while Depay is one of the four most important players.
    The main issue in offense are the backs, and wingers not scoring a lot of goals.

  • Martin Ham
    Martin Ham 2 days ago

    Wayt about jou,re coments...the best strikers have got to play Jett....kluivert,s son is even not there Jett...and thank jou,Northern Ireland supporters,jou are a world class

  • Dark. scenes3578
    Dark. scenes3578 21 day ago

    I predict Netherlands will make it 3rd place for Euro 2020

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long Month ago

    Someone called him bang average. Look he is not great but far from average

  • ahmed duale
    ahmed duale Month ago

    Their style of play is unique

  • ahmed duale
    ahmed duale Month ago

    Netherlands are the best team in the world

  • Dennis SCULAF
    Dennis SCULAF Month ago

    True soccer/football fans want the Netherlands to win in 2020.... This is a really good Dutch team.... they are legit contenders.... July 12, 2020 will be a great day for the Dutch...… Go Netherlands..... Forza Italia.....

  • Dennis SCULAF
    Dennis SCULAF Month ago

    From the UEFA website.... we get this information.... Interesting....Why do some teams already know which groups they are in?Host nations that qualify (or could qualify via the play-offs) will be placed automatically in the following groups to ensure they are at home in at least two group games:Group A: Italy, Azerbaijan
    Group B: Russia, Denmark
    Group C: Netherlands, Romania
    Group D: England, Scotland
    Group E: Spain, Republic of Ireland
    Group F: Germany, Hungary

  • Theories16
    Theories16 Month ago

    The switch of opinions compared to 1-2 months ago, is utterly ridiculous. The only man that kinda had the same opinion but was more favorable now was the man on the left. Do some research lads, then make a program and talk in depth about teams. Cuz its quite obvious looking at previous vids, u didnt do ur research about dutch Youth teams and our First Team. And btw, adressing Koemans remark. Afterwards he SAYS he understands why they play the way the Irish played, due to the players in the team. But its not the kind of football the People want to see. So Yes it sounds arrogant. But thats what happens when u remove some sentences.

  • christina Rodriguez

    Well how funny , the northern irish manager started the mud slinging , he said we know how to qualify , then expect to get a remark .
    And when was northern irland winning ? 19% possesion,

  • Jalen Parker
    Jalen Parker Month ago

    Craig didn't feel so strongly about defending Andorra. Northern Ireland is trash, don't get defensive because it was pointed out (rather disrespectfully, might i add)

  • Stefan Kazimirovic
    Stefan Kazimirovic Month ago

    They dont have a striker

  • Maciano Van der Laan

    We should have different pools for national teams. There should be A, B & C pools.
    A: Germany, France, UK, Italy, etc.
    B: Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Estonia, etc.
    C: Lichtenstein, San Marino, Armenia, Andorra, etc.
    All these A-B and A-C matches are such a waste of time...

  • Samy Kiani
    Samy Kiani Month ago

    France - Netherlands Final. It's written on the stars.

  • Wouter Levering
    Wouter Levering Month ago +2

    Wow they translated that interview all wrong and in reaction called Koeman arrogant for no reason. Shame on you ESPN! The first thing he said was that he thought NI were very good in defence and that they got the most out of their players. At the end of the interview, they talked about the quality of the game and that he was glad they won. He first called out his own teams mistakes and the terrible way they played the first half. And after that he came back on his comment about NI, that they also did everything to not play football and that the game was terrible to watch. And everybody who saw that game would agree. They played very effective football, but it was anti football. Just like we did in 2010.... Nothing arrogant about that statement and i would try to get a better translator, before accusing Koeman of saying something terrible. Also every interviewed Dutch player i saw (Van Dijk, De Jong) complemented NI for how good they were in defence.

  • Manny
    Manny Month ago +1

    I'm Dutch and that very stupid thing to say of Koeman. Especially from him who played defensively against northern Ireland and Belarus

  • John Wick
    John Wick Month ago

    Stupid Koeman ... come on tell this to the Special One (Jose Mhrio) -- trust me u will be out of that league asap

  • F S
    F S Month ago

    Outrageous is a too strong word, but otherwise Koeman is right. It is horrible to watch Northern Ireland and it would be a shame if they would reach Euro 2020, because then you are guaranteed some very boring matches which nobody wants to watch, but rather only see the result afterwards!

  • Fernando C
    Fernando C Month ago +2

    Love how everyone completely ignored a racist post, on the comments, that someone tried to stir things up.

  • Tasia Argyrakis
    Tasia Argyrakis Month ago +1

    Netherlands Vs Germany on July 12, 2020..... Go Netherlands....

    • Samy Kiani
      Samy Kiani Month ago

      France - Netherlands on 12 July

  • Janfrans Zuidema
    Janfrans Zuidema Month ago +4

    The only thing great about the Dutch in their last two games was the result. If they want to challenge for the title, then they need to make another step.
    The game against the Irish could be fun, though. The Irish will need to attack this time.

    • Samy Kiani
      Samy Kiani Month ago +1

      Dutch have still room for improvement. They will make the Final if they fully click next year

  • Fletch
    Fletch Month ago +2

    Koeman did nothing at Everton, they couldn’t wait to get shot of him.

    • Kasper Nuver
      Kasper Nuver Month ago

      Did nothing?? Did very well in his first season (best of the rest) and did poorly in his second season because of his and Walsh's transfer business and losing Lukaka. He's not a bad manager. Just look at what he has done at Southampton and what he does with the netherlands team. Or do you prefer Silva??

  • Manehisshithead -•

    I love the guy with the glasses

  • ScizorTheOverlord
    ScizorTheOverlord Month ago +4

    imo Holland needs better fullbacks more than a striker

    • DitIsBrent
      DitIsBrent Month ago +1

      @Samy Kiani Dumfries is much better !

    • Samy Kiani
      Samy Kiani Month ago

      I agree. Especially Veltmann isn't enough for high level.

  • muhammad akib
    muhammad akib Month ago +5

    These pundits always exaggerate an issue and It's absolutely shambolic

  • Siphokuhle Gila
    Siphokuhle Gila Month ago +1

    I like them but in in terms of attackers they are still far from convincing but their teamwork could prove too much

  • henk koonstra
    henk koonstra Month ago +1

    We werent good second half

  • CR 7
    CR 7 Month ago +1

    Don’t matter cr7 stooped them

  • Willem Buysman
    Willem Buysman Month ago

    Netherlands played horrible against Belarus and Northern Ireland. Don't know what these guys are talking about.

    • TheMineHDX
      TheMineHDX Month ago

      But we still got the win, which is what matters its better than 2016 if they played worse they would lose

  • Finn Schofield
    Finn Schofield Month ago

    Same as your pundit LeBoef insulting Iceland after the France game.

  • boom bamm
    boom bamm Month ago

    How come Netherlands is the first in the group? Germany has higher goal surplus. Just asking

    • boom bamm
      boom bamm Month ago

      @Jeffrey98S thank you!

    • Jeffrey98S
      Jeffrey98S Month ago +3

      boom bamm Germany won 2-3 to the Netherlands and the Netherlands won 2-4 to Germany.

  • John Lyons
    John Lyons Month ago +3

    Koeman played the same shite when he was at Southampton, he should remember that

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke Month ago

    Craig was probably one of the people supporting the Cameroon women's team when they were spitting on and fouling the English women team, because it makes them "competitive" according to him

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke Month ago +2

    Craig got triggered hard 😂😂

  • Roberto Milisse
    Roberto Milisse Month ago

    Stop undermining Portugal 🇵🇹!! How can you say that England have better chance after winning the last EURO and League of Nations ? England has had shambolic performances but of course, yall think that Portugal is just Ronaldo

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke Month ago +2

    Cruyff would be proud to see this Dutch team. So sad he had to watch the Dutch lose another world cup final in 2010 before he died

  • Joe Lunchbucket
    Joe Lunchbucket Month ago +3

    if ronald koeman was coaching nothern ireland they would somehow get relegated, lol

  • sarad matthew tigga

    Oh steve , steve , steve, you delusional Idiot. You say you fancy them , it's obvious because VVD and Wjinaldum play for the Netherlands. I don't hate the dutch , But cometh the hour they just lose the plot. 😂

  • Mudig
    Mudig Month ago +3

    Both teams are in better shape than ENGERLAAANDD

  • Chandra Prakash Bisht

    Dutch team is just an injury away from being poor again . . That's the only problem they can face

  • Haben Brhane
    Haben Brhane Month ago +1

    Germany call themselves the Dutch land, also Holland, which country is the Dutch?

    • Alex Reindeer
      Alex Reindeer Month ago

      Deutsch. Not Dutch. - -

    • Saffira B
      Saffira B Month ago

      Haben Brhane people in the Netherlands (Holland) are dutch, Germany = germans

  • Daniel Chong
    Daniel Chong Month ago +9

    koeman is trying to play mind game.. so that northern ireland may change their football style... but whether it works or not is another

    • Samy Kiani
      Samy Kiani Month ago

      The Dutch will get at least a draw anyways.

    • Janfrans Zuidema
      Janfrans Zuidema Month ago

      Northern Ireland wil need to win +2 (or even +3 as soon as the Dutch score) to have a chance of direct qualification. After all, the Dutch still have a home game against Estonia to look forward to.

  • Lighter Fluid15
    Lighter Fluid15 Month ago

    Koeman is part of the legacy whose worst ambassador is Guardiola. The dismissiveness of other styles of play is nothing new for those from that legacy.

  • Love In The House
    Love In The House Month ago +1

    These pundit speak the obvious at all times. What a lame show

    • BobbyG
      BobbyG Month ago

      Yet you will keep watching

  • Luis Tejeda
    Luis Tejeda Month ago

    Patrick Kluivert > Van Nistrooy

  • Alexandre Nabais
    Alexandre Nabais Month ago +39

    De Jong is the heart of that midfield and team. His stats for todays game were world class.

  • Hellmuth Schreefel
    Hellmuth Schreefel Month ago +3

    Ronald Koeman is Dutch. Someone probably asked him a question and he answered with typical Dutch forthrightness and bluntness. It is not him being mean, it is not him being arrogant, it is not him disrespecting Northern Ireland (I'd bet that he does actually respect them and what they've accomplished given their talent pool), it is him being Dutch. If you don't want an honest answer from a Dutch person, don't ask them the question. Anyone who has ever been to the Netherlands probably knows this.

    • Mr.Bubbles
      Mr.Bubbles Month ago

      someone should ask him why he played such boring football in the premier league

  • Troy Morales
    Troy Morales Month ago +19

    Watch them tie a game and they’ll say “ Are the falling apart “?

    • Arka Bagchi
      Arka Bagchi Month ago +2

      *loses 1 match*

  • Old style Game center
    Old style Game center Month ago +3

    The Netherlands is due for a trophy.

  • Adrian V
    Adrian V Month ago +1

    They are Dutch they'll find some way to bottle it and finish in second.

    • Samy Kiani
      Samy Kiani Month ago

      Indeed the Dutch will reach the Final and lose to France there.

    • Adrian V
      Adrian V Month ago

      @Mona Weheliye Always the bridesmaid never the bride ahahaha

    • Mona Weheliye
      Mona Weheliye Month ago +2

      Shut up

  • just stunning
    just stunning Month ago +1

    🇳🇱 🇳🇱 Haters Gonna Hate 💯

  • wweweqws
    wweweqws Month ago

    The Netherlands*

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar Month ago +4

    De Jong is gonna be the next great midfielder

  • Ilham .abdil
    Ilham .abdil Month ago

    Dare i tell u these 'pundits' are just calling themselves one to get the paycheck... it doesnt mean youre good footballer means youre a good coach or pundit... i cn bet they only know the premier league sides and even so, the top 6 teams only... im targeting at Nicol and Burley and Shaka, im okay with Ale cause he has some insights on North and South American football...

  • Dino Dino
    Dino Dino Month ago

    I remember when they went in harsh on Babel fr

  • Jon Pool
    Jon Pool Month ago +2

    This Dutch isn't exciting at all

    • Gustavo Fring
      Gustavo Fring Month ago +1

      Sanjeev Ingalagi maybe that has to do with how northern ireland played doesnt it?

    • Sanjeev Ingalagi
      Sanjeev Ingalagi Month ago

      I thought I was the only one they were so boring again northern Ireland

    • Jon Pool
      Jon Pool Month ago

      @Gustavo Fring ok that was s miss on my part they aren't exciting at all.

    • Jon Pool
      Jon Pool Month ago

      @Gustavo Fring how am I contradicting myself

    • Gustavo Fring
      Gustavo Fring Month ago +2

      Jon Pool you’re literally contradicting yourself in the same comment 😂

  • Bucko Media
    Bucko Media Month ago

    Is there a single Dutch player on the Netherlands team? Is there a single French player on the France team? LOL Europe, and the white man in general, is a fucking disgrace to their ancestors for cucking like this.

  • bad campa
    bad campa Month ago

    Holland doesn't teach kids that rubbish, and they dont want to play against 11 donkeys because it makes them worse

  • Sanjog K.
    Sanjog K. Month ago +26

    Why do everyone neglect Portugal?

    • Samy Kiani
      Samy Kiani Month ago

      Portugal dropped points in 3!!!! matches in this qualfying. At the moment they have a good team on paper but they don't show it on the field. I don't expect much from them. Quarterfinals at best.

    • spondon kashyap
      spondon kashyap Month ago

      Because they're so boring to watch

    • t
      t Month ago

      @Sanguinius Primarch of the Blood Angels england? with henderson and rice in midfield? LOL

    • Sanguinius Primarch of the Blood Angels
      Sanguinius Primarch of the Blood Angels Month ago +1

      Because they are Stale news. Its Netherlands, England and Italy who are exciting to watch now.

    • WorldIsFilledB
      WorldIsFilledB Month ago

      @Akash Guha it means they aren't getting as much attention as they probably should be, why do I need to explain that to you lol god you people are so stupid but never realize it

  • King K
    King K Month ago +2

    You’re telling me that the Dutch front three is more exciting then, then Sane, Werner, and Gnabry? Idc who is favorite, you can’t tell me they are more exiting then Germany going forward.

    • Baby Preme
      Baby Preme Month ago +1

      Memphis, malen, bergwijn, dilrosun, stengs >>>

    • jakk axn
      jakk axn Month ago +2

      @Uninstall I Don t think so. Goretzka and kroos r way better than them... Kroos is not a box to box but he is better player than both.. Now they r performing like they did... It all comes to tactics... Joachim loew thinks Germany needs to be a counterattacking team like France but they were good when they maintain the possession... Maintaining possession and direct play must be a tactics he should choose... Germany have many ball playing midfielders if they can deliver the attack will be fearful...

    • Uninstall
      Uninstall Month ago

      Have you seen how slow the German midfield is they do not have the box to box players that go toe to toe with Gigi and frenkie.

    • jakk axn
      jakk axn Month ago

      Not at all Netherlands r not good in attack in early days... See robben sneijner van persie van nistelroy they r worldclass players not this attack... Germany were not good in defending otherwise they got fearful attack

    • Paradigm _sh1ft
      Paradigm _sh1ft Month ago +5

      Please don't mention "exiting" & "Germany" in the same sentence 😂