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  • Published on Nov 13, 2014
    When I uploaded this vid I didn't know it would have over 100.000 views, as I'm just a simple editor who uses Windows Movie Maker. I'm not a professional, I don't have a professional editing program, just a sense of rhythm and amazing videos to work with. I love YG Family a lot, they brought me into Kpop and I'm extremely proud of them all.
    I may look biased towards certain groups or people, but it all depends on how many clips I can work with. I'm 2NE1 biased when it comes to YG, Gong Minji is my ultimate female bias (we all know what happened, yeah..)
    There is not a lot of PSY, neither there is a lot of WINNER (minus Minho), that's because this video is all about badassery. PSY has funny videos and the only MV's that came out for WINNER are Coloring & Empty, which are sad songs. Minho has his solo which fits the theme of my video, that's why there is more Minho than the rest of WINNER. I'm not Minho biased, I'm Taehyun biased c: (yeah, we all know what happened) I'm sorry for the lack of Jinwoo, Daesung & Seungri. It doesn't mean I don't like them, it just means I couldn't find the right clips to use.
    There is one breakdown where the music became slower and a bit sadder, I wanted to use that part for Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, Epik High & WINNER (Empty & Coloring came out useful for this part)
    I'm not GD, CL, Taeyang, Bobby, Minho or B.I biased, it just happens that YG is GD, CL, Taeyang, Bobby, Minho & B.I biased, meaning.. more clips of them to use.
    Let me explain why I used Yibo of UNIQ in the video, around the time I made this, UNIQ was pretty new and they were managed by YG at some point when they were trainees. They debuted under another company. As the the title of the video states 'YG Entertainment - YG Family - Legends', I wanted to make sure it's not only about YG family itself, but also YG Entertainment itself. They have invested in UNIQ, which is why I put Yibo in it to represent this side of YG and of course, because UNIQ can deliver some badass shots to fit my theme ^^
    Thank you all for the support and I'm just really stunned.
    Enjoy the video c:
    Song: Yellow Claw ft. Kalibwoy & Cesqaux - Legends
    Music and clips NOT owned by me
    ig: @jaemi_ssi
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  • Jaemi
    Jaemi  2 years ago +133

    Part II is out now guys! ^^
    Also pls check out my G-Dragon cover! - thexvid.com/video/bUZiWpgivU0/video.html

    • DrakonyaPrime
      DrakonyaPrime 2 years ago

      Song: Yellow Claw ft. Kalibwoy & Cesqaux - Legends , it's in the description.

    • jojo -chim chim
      jojo -chim chim 2 years ago +2

      what this song name pleas answer

    • DrakonyaPrime
      DrakonyaPrime 2 years ago +21

      chick you've got some mad editing skills , props.

  • Yeon Luv
    Yeon Luv Month ago +3

    I'm back... After everything literally has fallen apart! 😭 But they still rule the industry there is absolutely no doubt! Nobody does it like YGE not even close! Real Artists! I stood by this family all my life... I'm still here... We will stand tall once again! Rise YG FAMILY! RISE! 💪 #ForeverYGSTAN The new building looks dope af! New building New start New year! You got this fam! You all are born to slay just do your thing! #YGEROYALS

  • Spooky Zhan
    Spooky Zhan 2 months ago

    There is one question in ma head .. WHY I KNOW ABOUT UNIQ AFTER THEIR 5 YEAR DEBUTED ?!! THEY ARE GREAT!!😭😂

    ANTI NEGATIVE.ENERGY 4 months ago +1


  • 阿木格愣Amy May
    阿木格愣Amy May 4 months ago +2


  • letuwa
    letuwa 4 months ago

    Who are the dance group at the beginning of the video? They were awesome

  • ctlina
    ctlina 6 months ago +1

    This video is funny now lmao

    • Lucia BB
      Lucia BB 4 months ago +1

      ctlina YG is being ruined but not dying.

    • ctlina
      ctlina 4 months ago

      @Lucia BB YG is dying basically

    • Lucia BB
      Lucia BB 4 months ago +1

      ctlina and why would it be funny?

  • Khate Rivera
    Khate Rivera 6 months ago +1

    YG used to be fierce like this .. but its all crumbling down .. june 2019

    • Nikola St. Claire
      Nikola St. Claire 4 months ago +1

      Khate Rivera since they disbanded 2ne1 its now starting to crumble and it crumble so bad.

  • Lolita Kumratova
    Lolita Kumratova 7 months ago +1

    I'm crying...😭

  • ทะเลจันทร์ ตะวันวาด

    please make rendition version of this. blackpink have already become a legend.

  • Lisa Lisa Lisa Baby
    Lisa Lisa Lisa Baby 8 months ago +1

    2019 everyone?!?

  • glovia sempra
    glovia sempra 9 months ago +1


  • blueflame0815
    blueflame0815 9 months ago

    whoa! this is dope!

  • a VIP.IkonicArmy whoBlinks
    a VIP.IkonicArmy whoBlinks 10 months ago +1

    I'm here after the Hectic things that's happening right now about YG😭 seungri and YG himselve😭 I miss my YG FAMILY😭

  • n izzxh
    n izzxh 11 months ago


  • n izzxh
    n izzxh 11 months ago


    • n izzxh
      n izzxh 11 months ago

      Jaemi i mean add it

    • Jaemi
      Jaemi  11 months ago +1

      IMGOING MASTER i hope no one will edit this 🤙🏻

  • udunno mehh
    udunno mehh 11 months ago

    still can't believe this is a fmv. i love it.

  • Johan Kimi
    Johan Kimi 11 months ago


  • Kanlayanee Khamharnpol
    Kanlayanee Khamharnpol 11 months ago

    Lisa at 0.49---0.55---1.01 and the first dance group have one woman to the left side, i think she is Lisa, look at her step dance is smilar Lisa step. what do you think?

  • mrtn blue
    mrtn blue Year ago +2

    still one of the best video ive ever seen

  • TheGirlWhoCriedCat xx

    Still the best YG era.

  • Wu PCY
    Wu PCY Year ago +1

    2:10 who is he?

    • truc nguyen
      truc nguyen Month ago

      He is Wang Yibo from UNIQ, well-known as Lang Wangji in The Untamed.

  • dotdae iKON
    dotdae iKON Year ago


  • Adrianna Beyker
    Adrianna Beyker Year ago +4

    But all this was before. Now I don't feel confident that there is still this yg family style. It seems we're losing what our ancestors created. there will be no such performances. in yg there was almost nothing left that denounced him from other companies. That swag and hip-hop. Now everything is cute nice and calm, even a little weak. That's too bad.

  • YG FAMILY is lifeu
    YG FAMILY is lifeu Year ago +5

    And I'm back watching this again. The swag here is overwhelming and intimidating.

  • Lisa Lisa Lisa Baby
    Lisa Lisa Lisa Baby Year ago +2

    This is still the B E S T.

  • Ree{YG}L JenLis.a
    Ree{YG}L JenLis.a Year ago +1

    Asıl gerçek Yb :)
    Right Yb Group 😌

  • Ree{YG}L JenLis.a
    Ree{YG}L JenLis.a Year ago +1

    Ah çok iyiii TR Bias 2NE1 BigBang 😍😍

  • yza j.p.
    yza j.p. Year ago


  • Chikinchichyued
    Chikinchichyued Year ago +1

    YG Haters put so much effort but to no avail. Aww. I pity you, folks. Start getting a life 😂😂😂

  • if it is to be it is up to me

    A lot of legends were came from YG
    many kpop idols were nothing to do but to dance when YG songs played such as 2NE1 BIGBANG PSY and BLACKPINK

  • Seokjin's Ripped Jeans

    This video does an AMAZING job portraying the culture YG Entertainment has developed... It’s easy to forget that they’re part of the Korean music industry.
    But in my honest opinion I feel like this company has lost a bit of that culture now.

  • Taehyung&Bobby my husbands Jennie my wife

    YG FAMILY BEFORE: Full of Swag so fatching Charismatic, Expensive, not so friendly and so Intimidating af, looking like a bunch of a hard to approach people, Gangsters/Mafia family doesn't give a f on what others be saying and most importantly the fandom is united and understanding doesn't demand a lot and have patience.
    YG FAMILY NOW: .................

  • 극한
    극한 Year ago

    2ne1 졸그립다

  • Lidya Aprilia
    Lidya Aprilia Year ago +2

    Miss minzy 😭

  • Lady Madonna Delizo
    Lady Madonna Delizo Year ago +1

    nothing is SIMPLE in this video.. it was amazing..

  • Anh Minh
    Anh Minh Year ago

    What's name music Video?

  • Rattikan Manochai
    Rattikan Manochai 2 years ago

    Excuse me, But i would like to know name this song.😂😂😂
    Anyone pls tell me❤❤❤

  • Matthew Jzac Kintanar
    Matthew Jzac Kintanar 2 years ago +4

    i keep coming back to this video especially when i want a perk up to feel badass.
    and i think i know why tYG stans like me love this so much. The music, the editing, EVERYTHING captures the badass image YG artists give off. Like not the badass trashy type, the badass that's intimidating, the badass that's also SOOOO classy. The charisma and swag is overflowing and ALL the clips used just captured that.

  • ritaa p
    ritaa p 2 years ago +2

    Saw the other one that another TheXvidr put up, & it was bad 😣 . This one will forever be my favorite. 😄😄😄

  • jivipbj9
    jivipbj9 2 years ago +2

    this never gets old. I still always comeback to this because I miss the “YG family” so much. also whenever I see 2NE1, tears just always roll down my eyes 😭, I miss them so much..
    goosebumps goosebumps everywhere..
    thank you for making this!

  • SarisWelt
    SarisWelt 2 years ago +1

    Amazing job!!!

  • みれやmireya
    みれやmireya 2 years ago

    I havent seen something that perfect before

  • Elaha Nazari
    Elaha Nazari 2 years ago


  • Janina Frank
    Janina Frank 2 years ago

    wow girlllllllllll, you're talented thats for shore

  • Zenrica Fiz
    Zenrica Fiz 2 years ago +154

    The fact that Blackpink Lisa is included in this Legends video even before she debuted, really amused me.

  • Nej 23
    Nej 23 2 years ago +2

    YG is the house of the artist

  • Aelin Flor
    Aelin Flor 2 years ago +59

    And now it's 2017 Lalisa Manoban is ready to be a legend along with blackpink

  • frenzwell love u
    frenzwell love u 2 years ago +1

    Yg is full of swag

  • Arvin Mendez
    Arvin Mendez 2 years ago


  • Keith Co
    Keith Co 2 years ago +1

    YG = SWAG

  • Nabila Shafa
    Nabila Shafa 2 years ago

    can i know what the title song ???

  • Darya Zheltowa
    Darya Zheltowa 2 years ago

    So amazing!

  • Lalisa Oppa's wife
    Lalisa Oppa's wife 2 years ago +1

    SWAG and SEXY overdose!! So HOT...

  • BlOB's
    BlOB's 2 years ago +3

    Black pink lisa

  • Bighit x YG dorks
    Bighit x YG dorks 2 years ago

    I love this! You did great💜 YG fam😍

  • me_ blinkeu
    me_ blinkeu 2 years ago

    yesss true legends

  • Bachtiar Dwi
    Bachtiar Dwi 2 years ago

    So creative👍👍👍👍

  • Tania L
    Tania L 2 years ago +7

    0:48 is Lisa my bias

  • mblacktan army blink
    mblacktan army blink 2 years ago +1

    Yg family is the best 😍😍