FIRST PERSON Shooters are Better Than THIRD PERSON Shooters... Here's Why..

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • The debate of playing in First Person or Third Person in video games goes on and on, today I will argue the side of First Person Shooters ▶
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    FIRST PERSON Shooters are Better Than THIRD PERSON Shooters... Here's Why..
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Comments • 118

  • Chaos
    Chaos  Month ago +34

    Am I right or wrong?

    • Joe Dias
      Joe Dias Month ago

      I personally prefer third person but I think it depends on what kind of game a developer is trying to make for example games like the arkham series uncharted the last of us and gears of war are just meant for third person

    • Slyfox
      Slyfox Month ago

      Chaos wrong imo

    • alex mulhall
      alex mulhall Month ago


    • Ryan John
      Ryan John Month ago


    • Alex Basha
      Alex Basha Month ago

      Depends on the First/Third person shooting experience. So I’m gonna say 50/50

  • Crion Devillist
    Crion Devillist Month ago

    I would want to win a ps4 or a gameconsole of any kind because i haven’t have any good pc or a console before

  • Joe Duvall
    Joe Duvall Month ago


  • Raiden Singh
    Raiden Singh Month ago

    In stealth games there should also be 1st and 3rd person both like in Hitman series

  • Catzilla64
    Catzilla64 Month ago

    Oh look LEGO Portal 😱

  • WAZUP 888
    WAZUP 888 Month ago

    FPS is better in all games except ghost recon

  • One Fusion
    One Fusion Month ago

    The best games are ones that allow you to switch between 1st and 3rd person whenever

  • Shea SpeXtre
    Shea SpeXtre Month ago

    My favorite FPS is black ops 2 no cap

  • Fepipe 21
    Fepipe 21 Month ago


  • zombie vinnyfy
    zombie vinnyfy Month ago +1

    My favorite first person game is call of duty bo2.

  • will mathake
    will mathake Month ago

    Let's just agree that there are games better on one of the field of veiws

  • The 99th Space
    The 99th Space Month ago

    Maybe start doing a Halo top ten? Chaos?

  • Emran Ismail
    Emran Ismail Month ago

    i thought this was a given

  • TheGunner197
    TheGunner197 Month ago

    VR fps games is king.

    BOB DA SLOB Month ago +1

    I agree with your claim except for the Just Cause games. Some games were just ment for third person

  • Jamison Portz
    Jamison Portz Month ago +4

    Lets be real. People who build as fast as Tfue are virgins

  • The Snake345
    The Snake345 Month ago

    I agree because in Pubg, you can peak around corners without taking a risk, but in first, the second you peak the corner, they see you and you see them

  • Goob
    Goob Month ago +6

    Chaos: first person games are more immersive and makes you feel like you are the character
    TLOU: hold my beer

  • WavyPhoton820
    WavyPhoton820 Month ago +2

    Um... What about The Last of Us and Uncharted

  • ArchAngel121996
    ArchAngel121996 Month ago

    4 a sec at number 1 i thought chaos said porn

  • Kurt 20051
    Kurt 20051 Month ago

    What was the game with the tanks called that u showed twice in the vid?

  • good job
    good job Month ago

    Half life the original is the best first person for me . I never have a home console I really want to try ps4 games @goodjob132

  • Xxthe reaper gamer
    Xxthe reaper gamer Month ago

    I thought you switched over to movies

  • CD Law
    CD Law Month ago

    Third person just feels a lot more clunky imo

  • Matt M
    Matt M Month ago +1

    This ain’t it

  • TE Thunder
    TE Thunder Month ago

    hey bro, just wanted to let you know people who bought the digital version of the new call of duty get a weapon pack, was wondering if you could do a video on why that is? are they tryna f over gamestop? like whats the point

  • Owen Tustinfuchs
    Owen Tustinfuchs Month ago

    Apex legends my favourite fps rn.

  • james young
    james young Month ago

    I would really like the ps4 to give to my brother @ToxicChicken1

  • גיא בלומנפלד

    csgo is the best!!!!

  • Gry8Baby
    Gry8Baby Month ago

    Went from 2.7m to 2.6m ...rekt

  • Leighem Bastarache
    Leighem Bastarache Month ago

    Minecraft is my favorite first-person perspective game

  • Moises Munoz
    Moises Munoz Month ago +1

    Ay jimmy are u back on gaming or u still doing the pop culture or u doing best of both world I definitely don’t mind both

  • Moises Munoz
    Moises Munoz Month ago

    I prefer first person shooters but if the game is good I don’t mind third person

  • contractkilla HD
    contractkilla HD Month ago

    Fps for mee

  • Kemosabe&Friends Gaming

    I would say, for stealth, I’ll take 3rd person person over fps all day, but I love games that allow both like ghost recon

  • tenfold_ stain
    tenfold_ stain Month ago


  • tenfold_ stain
    tenfold_ stain Month ago +1

    I guess

  • SilverSaiyan 500
    SilverSaiyan 500 Month ago +1

    My favorites fps game is halo

  • The Nadder
    The Nadder Month ago +1

    I like both

  • Guns365
    Guns365 Month ago

    Awesome video great point. I agree. Would also like to win a ps4. Twitter handle @alameda007

  • Preston Ingold
    Preston Ingold Month ago +3

    Ark survival evolved is the best game

  • Richard Suchyta
    Richard Suchyta Month ago +2

    Please tell me that they are making those LEGO games

  • SCARlet_DRaKox13
    SCARlet_DRaKox13 Month ago

    That's why there is ghost recon

  • DeadlyAlpha
    DeadlyAlpha Month ago +1

    Isn't... RE 3rd person? 🤔

  • Abel Gutierrez
    Abel Gutierrez Month ago


  • Lone Cakes
    Lone Cakes Month ago +1

    I think both are great

  • 1UCKY 7
    1UCKY 7 Month ago


  • Slyfox
    Slyfox Month ago +2

    Agree to disagree

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee Month ago

    In my opinion pvp should always be fps same with speed runs and max difficulty same with aim assist

  • Brandon Alvarez
    Brandon Alvarez Month ago +10

    When I saw Star Wars I clicked, I’m a simple boy

  • S.H.L
    S.H.L Month ago +4

    favorate fps game of all time
    current 2 favorate games playing
    iron sights and cs:go

  • Best 104
    Best 104 Month ago


  • Artonian Silvermane
    Artonian Silvermane Month ago +4

    Wait, was that lego skyrim??

  • sTeVe tHe pOtAtO
    sTeVe tHe pOtAtO Month ago

    I agree

  • Farzana Tariq
    Farzana Tariq Month ago +2

    Cyberpunk 2077 in first person is better than in third person

  • King Asphault
    King Asphault Month ago

    My favorite shooter is super c but it isn’t 1st or 3rd person

  • Rustic Playz
    Rustic Playz Month ago +14

    I love First Person. When ever I tell my friends I play FP they just say why. They all play in third person if its available. If a game has FP and TP I always go FP and im still better at the game then them.

    • theBlackSky
      theBlackSky Month ago

      Come to division lol amd try to beat me there with 1st person

    • theangelslayer400000
      theangelslayer400000 Month ago

      then try playing Battlefront in FP. You will get wrecked. The FP mode just blows for that game.

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee Month ago

      I do the same with aim assist in technically better than basically everyone unless they not using aim assist

  • Big Woke
    Big Woke Month ago


  • The Joker
    The Joker Month ago

    I agree with you first person is better

  • cloudn9ne1986
    cloudn9ne1986 Month ago

    Love FPS over third. 😁👍