20ft Fire Tornado Firework Launcher

  • Published on Feb 16, 2017
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    A 20ft Fire tornado is a pretty cool way to celebrate hitting 4 MILLION subs but thats how we roll on this channel. The last bit was mental and poor ol rick eh just look away i said.
    Check out the other milestone Firework madness here
    1M - thexvid.com/video/yQf5cGPcP48/video.html
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    7M - thexvid.com/video/Jtols_QhuWw/video.html
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    Thanks to epic fireworks as usual they supply me the best fireworks for these projects and make them truly EPIC
    The first track is “LightBulb” and the band is called “the Rival” you can find more on them here.
    The second Song is by a band called "HEXED" and the song is called "lifetime sentence"
    more info on this band here hexeduk
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  2 years ago +1132

    Fire Tornado is GO, also get the limited edition "i'm not safe" fire tornado tee shirts here teespring.com/firetornado#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front So if the end we had to use the no weld go cart to power it as my legs were not quite up to it, but what an ending.
    Subscribe as this is what this channel is all about.

  • Andryus Pedroso
    Andryus Pedroso 5 hours ago

    Nossa o video tem 100k de likes

  • AnotherUser2017
    AnotherUser2017 7 days ago +1

    Its a minigun XD

  • That engineering channel

    So this is how they stay warm in England? :P

  • Carleymiralexi xXMidnightGirlXx

    its scary if the tornado with fire took you

  • john doe
    john doe 16 days ago

    omg the fire tornado was all like whaaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaa and then the fire works where all like ssssssss ssssssss ssssssss ssssssss then pop pop pop poop 😆

  • Nazia Dhanji
    Nazia Dhanji 20 days ago

    Nice tonardo

  • Mantis
    Mantis 21 day ago

    He’s an idiot but smart.

  • Mclarenkid137 YT
    Mclarenkid137 YT 23 days ago

    I wonder how the propane tank didn't explode

  • VollkornBoot
    VollkornBoot Month ago +1

    I always wonder how you can still be alive😂😂😂❤

  • FADE 164
    FADE 164 Month ago

    Next video: how to make a giant tornado

  • scp 939
    scp 939 Month ago

    I saw this on outrageous acts of science

  • Brodie Waldrop
    Brodie Waldrop Month ago

    in Britian:oh look colin is playing with fireworks and fire tornados no big deal very awesome, if it was in America:YOU SEE THAT!? CALL THE POLICE WE HAVE SOME CRAZY SHIT!!, in past america:Wooooahhh just amazing

  • Football Lover,s
    Football Lover,s Month ago

    You are the most dangerous TheXvidr

  • Terraria_ Gamer 2.0

    I saw this on tv

  • PED Garage
    PED Garage Month ago

    "What could possibly go wrong?"
    A question never asked before filming a colinfurze video

  • PixelBuster
    PixelBuster Month ago

    jesus you guys are fucking crazy.

  • sini ster
    sini ster Month ago

    Name the band The Flaming tornadoes like something cool but also cheesy as hell like a really cool but cheesy rock band I could see you do that for a video that would be amazing LMAO

  • sini ster
    sini ster Month ago

    I dare you to make a rock band just so you could put something like that on each side of the stage and play with that electric flaming guitar you made it cuz I have to really be that good cuz everyone will be distracted by what the fuck you made and onto the stage LMAO that would be amazing I'm serious try to make a stage and put something like that on each side of the stage and make a band and play with that electric guitar

  • Cutelectricity
    Cutelectricity Month ago

    Furze: now let's add some fireworks
    His neighbors:Jim it's gotten worse, his firework,ban is over

  • Emilio Talattad
    Emilio Talattad Month ago

    What do you do when celebrating?
    Colin:well uhm...

  • MonkeyJedi99
    MonkeyJedi99 Month ago

    Looking up at the launching and exploding fireworks from the base of the cage was the ultimate spirograph experience.

  • Roxane Molina
    Roxane Molina Month ago

    This vid is crazy

  • BlazedPlayz Gaming
    BlazedPlayz Gaming 2 months ago

    if you launch fireworks any other way, your doing it wrong

  • Danny Sullivan
    Danny Sullivan 2 months ago

    Gas tank + Fire raining from the sky = Hoodie for protection

  • [GD] GodChallenge
    [GD] GodChallenge 2 months ago


  • Piotr Żwirowski
    Piotr Żwirowski 2 months ago

    And u said u was a plumber? U sure it was not more like a commando or minesweeper or sth?

  • Bams Tech
    Bams Tech 2 months ago

    everyday NEW YEAR,....................... great job colin, i'm from INDONESIA

  • PaLoCzOfficial_YT
    PaLoCzOfficial_YT 2 months ago

    How to craft a fire tornado?
    Fire + tornado + colinfurze = firetornado

  • Thot FBI
    Thot FBI 2 months ago

    Can you build a nuclear bomb next

  • SuperFlame
    SuperFlame 2 months ago

    just image pewdipie sub count, fireeeeworksss

  • slag man
    slag man 2 months ago

    Where are your safety glasses? ☠️🧨💣🦠🗯

  • Isenfire456
    Isenfire456 2 months ago

    1:58 North Korea missile strikes be like

  • Red werewolf Gaming
    Red werewolf Gaming 2 months ago

    I got an add when I first started watching dis .... it was 360

  • Red werewolf Gaming
    Red werewolf Gaming 2 months ago +1

    3:05that’s dangerous /: might be illegal

  • trenoles 53
    trenoles 53 2 months ago

    Safety glasses *exist*
    Colin: yes but actually no

  • Alexis Townsend
    Alexis Townsend 2 months ago


  • Alexis Townsend
    Alexis Townsend 2 months ago

    Colins single😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😗

  • Alexis Townsend
    Alexis Townsend 2 months ago

    my answer is...ASOME YOU ARE SUCH A DARE DEVIL

  • Bryan
    Bryan 2 months ago

    Imagine the wall of death but with the fire tornado in the middle

  • Bear Knuckles
    Bear Knuckles 3 months ago

    That was awesome!!! I was worried about those guys catching fire

  • joseph cini
    joseph cini 3 months ago

    bla sens

    I DILLIGAF 3 months ago

    They just fucking send it!

  • huzaifa bukhari
    huzaifa bukhari 3 months ago

    He’s just hit 8 million

  • Sentient Curse
    Sentient Curse 3 months ago

    Alot of danger. I'm wondering if he's really american

  • Christopher Kennedy cool


  • MD'S creation
    MD'S creation 3 months ago

    You won you have been warned for this video

  • chrislee671
    chrislee671 3 months ago

    what if you shot fireworks at an actual tornado?

  • Abhishek Beniwal
    Abhishek Beniwal 3 months ago

    You Have Been Warned

  • Tim Mcinnes
    Tim Mcinnes 3 months ago

    Buy a pair of safety goggles for fucks sake 😂😂😂

  • Roblox TV
    Roblox TV 4 months ago

    VERY COOL!!!

  • GreasySlick1975
    GreasySlick1975 4 months ago

    Ah man, I love that in the middle of the fire and firework inferno was a bloke clinging onto a massive gas bottle lol.

  • Brett_Kendrick
    Brett_Kendrick 4 months ago

    A lot better then the slow mo girls

  • Tyler O’Dwyer
    Tyler O’Dwyer 4 months ago

    My first thought when I seen the fireworks barrage was just Stark Industries 😂

  • Elliott Bork
    Elliott Bork 4 months ago

    everyone I know wouldn't want to help me with projects like this for a second.

  • Funny Stuff
    Funny Stuff 4 months ago

    Just about the best friggin thing on the internet.

  • Ashley K
    Ashley K 4 months ago

    oh my gosh that's is so cool

  • Justin Beaver
    Justin Beaver 4 months ago +1

    Who's here after watching Discovery Channel

  • lehlohonolo selepe
    lehlohonolo selepe 4 months ago

    wow, this guy's insane😱

  • Steven Sturman
    Steven Sturman 4 months ago

    Dude...You're a complete nutter. I love it!