Thousands attend Hindu festival amid Covid surge - BBC News

  • Published on Jan 14, 2022
  • Tens of thousands of Hindu pilgrims have gathered in the northern Indian city of Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad) for a festival amid a massive surge in Covid-19 infections.
    Devotees believe that bathing in the river Ganges during the Makar Sankranti festival would cleanse their sins.
    A similar gathering had contributed to India's deadly second wave last year.
    But the authorities in Uttar Pradesh state, where Prayagraj is located, have refused to ban this year's event.
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  • ꧁༒Tanmoy༒꧂

    Thousands also attended the christian festival Christmas Eve in Kolkata, where's the news on that???s

  • r r
    r r  +91

    Thousands attended a football match in England in July 2021 despite the epidemic. Then it was followed by a crowd surge into the stadium , no social distancing just mob violence followed. Then the host nation lost to Italy. All in all a very sad day for humanity.

  • Nelson Gao

    COVID isn't the main concern, I remember a documentary when they mentioned that sewage flows directly to the river. On top of that the current of the river slowed down due to global warming. In certain areas of the river it's perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Hope everyone stays healthy but I really doubt it.

  • Parle-G biscuit

    Hindu festival : thousand new cases

  • R
    R  +24

    There was an upsurge during Christmas too in Western countries.Take care boost up immunity with healthy life style.All the festivals should be considered instead of targeting only Hindu festivals.Even population matters....

  • Akash
    Akash  +27

    How biased you want to be ?

  • Aelius Romanus

    Brazilian here. Wait for the Carnival and you'll see what social irresponsibility is. Then it's easy to accuse the authorities.

  • samuel egan

    its great that they belive in god they will meet him soon

  • Ss cc
    Ss cc  +21

    Let people make there own mistakes 💯. Its a free world

  • Pikáchu thunderbolt ⚡

    Among them

  • Philip Brailsford

    don't blame them it's something we Brits should have done to avoid following PM rules as I no longer follow them myself now since our government parties.

  • potatoheadlookinmfnamedadam

    Here we go again xdd well done guys! 🇮🇳

  • Talluri s.prabhakar

    Iam Indian,The government has been taking very strick measures eventhough some of the people are not at all following COVID precautions, very unfortunate

  • Aurobindo Ghosh

    bbc remembers the old days when ships anchored in such natural ports

  • Dwayne Fernandes

    Angry Indians in the chat in 3..2..1

  • Etc Etc
    Etc Etc  +1

    Beautiful spread

  • Brian Kochera ABCDT

    Sounds familiar to the attitudes of some people here in the USA. They would rather listen to radio and television pundits as well as some televangelists then follow the science.

  • Duncan Stewart

    Travel restrictions to and from India should be considered 🤔 It is good to see these people being free to express their faith together. Sadly perhaps a superspreader event the virus could only dream of! 😋 Among unvaccinated and boosted people the omicron is about 88% as strong as the last wave there in April 2021... which killed 250 000 people in under 2 months.!

  • Be indian first

    I m Indian and it's very painful to say that , our prime minister is very careless person because he himself busy in making rally of elections campaign allow people gathering thousands in number ....

  • DJW