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Aberdeen 1-1 Rangers | Kent Red Card as Aberdeen Fight Back to Earn Draw | cinch Premiership

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
  • Another exciting fixture at Pittodrie between Aberdeen and Rangers, as both teams earn a point.
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  • Joseph
    Joseph 4 months ago +261

    No pen and an immediate goal? There's the Rangers we all know and love

    • Bay bay
      Bay bay 3 months ago

      @Ross Norval sorry it wasn’t a kick in the chest it was a elbow graze to the chest and two footed swipe kick to the upper legs so definitely should be a penalty and a red card as it was a goal scoring opportunity which it would of 100% been a goal and goalie was nowhere near the ball

    • Ross Norval
      Ross Norval 3 months ago

      @Bay bay I don't see kicking n the chest. They both might had brushed off each other a bit, but 100% no penalty

    • Bay bay
      Bay bay 3 months ago

      @Ross Norval are you reallly that blind?? he literary kicks him in the chest

    • Keegan Stewart
      Keegan Stewart 3 months ago

      If ur a Chelsea fan why are you saying your own blue brother is bad

    • Chilled Out
      Chilled Out 4 months ago

      @Evan Benson yes it would be stopped the ball using his arm on purpose

  • Randy Lahey
    Randy Lahey 4 months ago +77

    "Broon yer cheating Ba*tard" at the end of the highlights 5:09 had me laughing 😂😂 Brown is a Legend

    • Blank
      Blank 15 days ago

      Wonder how he's feeling now, being jobless while Rangers are in the Europa League final? ;)

    • Chilled Out
      Chilled Out 4 months ago

      @Callum Mcknight 55 rangers cheats to win matches n Come bsck when ya team as won a champions league 🤣

    • Callum Mcknight 55
      Callum Mcknight 55 4 months ago


  • Lewis
    Lewis 4 months ago +327

    Scott Brown always winding up the Rangers players 🤣 always has something to laugh at, what a man

    • Jason Forde
      Jason Forde 3 months ago

      @Michael Stone Celtic are gonna win it you lot got flogged all over the gaff 😂😂😂

    • Michael Stone
      Michael Stone 3 months ago +1

      @Jason Forde cry more fella🤭champions

    • Jason Forde
      Jason Forde 3 months ago

      @Michael Stone don’t cry kid 😂😂😂😂

    • Michael Stone
      Michael Stone 3 months ago +1

      @Jason Forde 🤭

    • Jason Forde
      Jason Forde 3 months ago

      @Michael Stone booooom🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hong Kong Phooey
    Hong Kong Phooey 4 months ago +31

    As a Rangers fan, I think Aberdeen played well and were up for this game more. Plus I found Browns antics hilarious. Rangers should be winning these games and letting there tactics and better pool of players do the talking. No excuses.

  • Ronan Gray
    Ronan Gray 4 months ago +189

    Rangers fans saying Aberdeen had a 12th Man yet before your goal Aberdeen should've had a penalty

    • Adam Heddle
      Adam Heddle 4 months ago

      @Matthew McLister if it was retaken, he would probably still score

    • Matthew McLister
      Matthew McLister 4 months ago

      And the Aberdeen penalty a) shouldn’t have stood (shove on Barisic) and b) under the rules of the game should’ve been retaken. And c) Kent barely touched Hayes or Brown for his two yellows.
      I’d also be claiming for a penalty for the Aberdeen penalty.

    • Connor Drogomirecki
      Connor Drogomirecki 4 months ago

      @Havoc8877 because he can't get passed. If you're about to run into a fence and can't stop you start to fall before you hit to lessen the damage

    • Adam Heddle
      Adam Heddle 4 months ago

      @Havoc8877 watch it back, no contact with the ball and kicked hedges in the knee

    • Richard Mcleod
      Richard Mcleod 4 months ago

      Both true....... but you missed Hayes should be in jail. Or did you blink during the double elbow to the nose. Plus 3 to 1 on fouls. Find another similar foul stat in the modern game

  • Ohanatomic
    Ohanatomic 4 months ago +3

    Scott Brown going to Aberdeen really has put an end to the beef between him and Ryan Kent

  • TheDas1888
    TheDas1888 4 months ago +110

    That's karma for when Kent got away with literally punching Scott brown and no getting sent off

    • ryanfc
      ryanfc  3 months ago

      @Con Og bit late to the party, but ik he did

    • Con Og
      Con Og 3 months ago

      @ryanfc he didn't lol

    • David Bentley
      David Bentley 4 months ago +1

      @Gzz that's exactly what am saying fs. I hate Kent

    • David Bentley
      David Bentley 4 months ago

      @Gzz mate he never. It was like a scuff slap. Broony made a meal of it

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu 4 months ago +2

    Aberdeen rightly aggrieved. Disgraceful refereeing yet again in favour of the tribute act. Scott Brown still playing well too

  • Channel Wanderer
    Channel Wanderer 4 months ago

    Scott Brown to my amazement has been a decent signing. Ferguson still my favourite but sadly we will lose him on the cheap :-(

  • Joe Hamilton
    Joe Hamilton 4 months ago +61

    Scott free

  • Gore Limey
    Gore Limey 4 months ago +66

    Aberdeen robbed of 2 points against Rangers 2.0 for the 2nd time this season.
    100% a penalty by ThugGregor.

    • plebius jonbson
      plebius jonbson 4 months ago +4

      McGregor mistook the Aberdeen player for a lassie that's drank too much at a nightclub

  • Ange Scicluna
    Ange Scicluna 4 months ago +166

    I started to really watch Premiership this year and i have to say that Rangers has always the "bad guy" aura. Nice one Aberdeen !

    • James Doran
      James Doran 4 months ago

      @Banter Bot
      Mind the gap

    • Scipio Africanus
      Scipio Africanus 4 months ago

      @Paul Sharp wow, try not to cut yourself on those edges 😂

    • Paul Sharp
      Paul Sharp 4 months ago +1

      @Scipio AfricanusNow you're getting all emoji-tional. Tears of a clown. Get a grip.

    • Scipio Africanus
      Scipio Africanus 4 months ago

      @Paul Sharp you can see my eyes watering through a computer/phone screen? Wow, that's impressive. Can we talk about that for a second? 😂

  • Paul Ritchie
    Paul Ritchie 4 months ago +57

    Questions should be asked in the house,90 minutes with no penalty’s for The Rangers and a man sent off…outrageous,did no one brief the ref …

    • U.P....P Coy🇬🇧
      U.P....P Coy🇬🇧 4 months ago

      @Richard Mcleod Penalty should have been retaken as the ball wasn't stationary at all. Sinister

    • U.P....P Coy🇬🇧
      U.P....P Coy🇬🇧 4 months ago

      @Richard Mcleod When you see Clancy is up to ref a Rangers game get straight to the bookie's for a Rangers player to receive a red card it's a guaranteed pay out.

    • Richard Mcleod
      Richard Mcleod 4 months ago

      @U.P....P Coy🇬🇧 as a ger got to say didn't see it as a penalty live , as I hope that bhoy of a ref didn't. But aye with var .pen and straight red
      Flip side with var Hayes is in jail for assault

    • Richard Mcleod
      Richard Mcleod 4 months ago

      Scott brown did lol

  • Robert
    Robert 4 months ago +16

    2 games against Rangers that we should have won. We will never win with bias officials. McGregor talks about the integrity of the game. At least be honest and say he wanted fan restrictions still in place for the games against Us and Celtic. This coming from a man whose club has had it's integrity questioned for over a decade. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue 3 months ago +1

    Aberdeen rightly aggrieved. Disgraceful refereeing yet again in favour of the tribute act. Scott Brown still playing well too

  • wimthetim
    wimthetim 4 months ago +73

    the thing that stands out is the noise of the Aberdeen fans, great stuff

    • WATP 55
      WATP 55 4 months ago

      @Jeffrey Lawson can thank the away fans for the increased attendance
      Not to mention there was probably several hundred rangers fans in the home end due to the amount of spare tickets

    • wimthetim
      wimthetim 4 months ago +2

      @Jeffrey Lawson yeah and making more noise than most packed out EPL stadiums

    • Jeffrey Lawson
      Jeffrey Lawson 4 months ago +5

      With an attendance of almost 17000 in a 21000 stadium, for a midweek game just after Covid?

    • the red-barron
      the red-barron 4 months ago +1

      I live how half the Aberdeen fans took part in fancy dress and Dresses at empty seats 💺

  • Brian Heavey Music
    Brian Heavey Music 4 months ago +23

    some movement on that ball before the peno ... well done aberdeen...

    • ricky5538
      ricky5538 4 months ago

      Rangers put a remote control on the ball !

    • Ryan Mennie
      Ryan Mennie 4 months ago +1

      Oh yeah that one was defo straight off the training ground.🤦🤦 Clown😂😂

  • Manlikeshauney
    Manlikeshauney 4 months ago +14

    bloody hell they give a yellow for the softest challenges

  • Jack Delaney
    Jack Delaney 4 months ago +2

    Yeah the referee had a howler and Brown may of cheated. But would we blame Morelos or one of our players for doing the same. 2 points dropped. But still a draw on our worst day

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin 4 months ago +85

    How many joke decisions have Rangers had go their way this season? It's ridiculous.

    • Craig Whyte
      Craig Whyte 4 months ago +1

      Dry those eyes Billy

    • John
      John 4 months ago

      @Diana munoz de zapata its been proven there was contact but by all mean Mr America, tell us about a sport you have 0 clue about 😅🤣😂😅🤣😂

    • TheMasterblaster32
      TheMasterblaster32 4 months ago

      @ryanfc a know man wit they like official standards in this country is unbelievable 🍀

  • don johns
    don johns 4 months ago +47

    Good result for Aberdeen against the new club.

  • Whgu ybnm
    Whgu ybnm 4 months ago

    some movement on that ball before the peno ... well done aberdeen...

  • LosTAngeL
    LosTAngeL 4 months ago +5

    Ian Ianis Hagi did it again!! Haha

  • Fergo
    Fergo 4 months ago +1

    1:20 Imagine that happening to Morelos or Roofe

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu 4 months ago

      Lol most corrupted league on the planet.

  • stephen smart
    stephen smart 4 months ago +38

    That was a baa-d baa-d result for Rangers but one of the best results of the season for grouse in the house 😘🐑

    • John Jeffrey
      John Jeffrey 4 months ago

      @Banter Botlmao....aye butt. If every club has one licence per club,why did you have to apply for a NEW licence for your first game as TRIFC. Lmfao. Answers on a postcard Hunny.

    • Banter Bot
      Banter Bot 4 months ago

      @Marty Mustaine *1872, you’ve pretty much been behind since then. Nothing will change.

    • Banter Bot
      Banter Bot 4 months ago

      @John Jeffrey our history goes back further, most successful club in Scotland after all. “Aye but 2012” deal with it.

    • Banter Bot
      Banter Bot 4 months ago

      @John pitch invasion after beating Ross county, still looking up at the gap

    • Marty Mustaine
      Marty Mustaine 4 months ago +5

      @Banter Bot As apposed to 2012? 🤣

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan 4 months ago

    Legend 🍀

  • Five tenn
    Five tenn 4 months ago +5

    Karma gets Kent 🤣🤣

  • Charles Cort
    Charles Cort 4 months ago +4

    Fun to watch. Never seen a pk move like that before.

    • Mark Hindley
      Mark Hindley 4 months ago +1

      I’m surprised the rangers fans aren’t saying the goal should be disallowed as the ball was off it’s spot when struck! 😂

  • Davie Stewart
    Davie Stewart 4 months ago

    Aberdeen FC mission statement for every season is to cost Rangers a few points. That is how they measure success. No trophies, struggling to finish 4th in the league but, we managed 2 draws against Rangers so all in all a great season.

  • jimjamjac
    jimjamjac 4 months ago +71

    The Rangers striker looks rather rotund again 😅 he sure likes his time off 😆 🍻 🍰 🍟

    • Saltire Éire
      Saltire Éire 3 months ago

      @CMcDEe Hatate all over yer maw 😂🤫

    • Chris D
      Chris D 4 months ago

      Jim Byrne delete that fs don’t lower yourself to their level way that patter 🤦‍♂️🤯 nae need for that

    • Bob Dole
      Bob Dole 4 months ago +1

      @Chris D Karma will come knocking for them comments hahaha excellent. Torbett Towers ain't a moral high ground 😂😂😏

  • John Robertson
    John Robertson 4 months ago +27

    The referee is hopeless if it was a rangers guy attacking 1 on 1 with goalkeeper end result penalty to rangers goalkeeper sent of for sure any clown can be a referee and you proved it but aberdeen fans know what it’s like was the better team again 💪💪💪

  • tony smith
    tony smith 4 months ago +51

    Rangers fans complaining about biased referees 😭😭😭

  • two ska4
    two ska4 4 months ago +2

    brooney a god 🤣

  • Anth Saccasan
    Anth Saccasan 4 months ago +16

    Good start to 2022 for celtic only four points behind but a long way to go

  • terrypussypower
    terrypussypower 4 months ago +35

    On ye go! Another 2 points dropped!

    • Gaming HQ46
      Gaming HQ46 4 months ago

      @ft_pgstq who said I was a Tim 😹👎🏻

    • terrypussypower
      terrypussypower 4 months ago

      @Gaming HQ46 What? Celtic?

    • ft_pgstq
      ft_pgstq 4 months ago +1

      @Gaming HQ46 what would a tim be doing watching rangers?

    • Gaming HQ46
      Gaming HQ46 4 months ago +4

      More like a point earned considering you got played off the park for the majority of the game

    • ft_pgstq
      ft_pgstq 4 months ago +4

      You make it sound aa if yous havent dropped more

  • Rowan McInnes
    Rowan McInnes 4 months ago +1

    Kent had shown clear contact

  • David Baillie
    David Baillie 4 months ago +2

    Scott Brown 4:39 😂

  • fin bar67
    fin bar67 4 months ago +5

    Ryan kent went for two ex celtic players. What a silly chap 👏👏🤣🤣

  • Wee Jimmy
    Wee Jimmy 4 months ago

    This was a really entertaining game of football especially the second half. But I thought Kevin Clancy had a poor game refereeing.

  • good luck
    good luck 4 months ago

    Broony, amazing player

  • mike carr
    mike carr 4 months ago +16

    The man the myth the legend. Scott Brown!

    • mike carr
      mike carr 3 months ago

      @WRTP That’s because you’re jealous of all the success he’s had!

    • WRTP
      WRTP 4 months ago

      The words I have for Scott brown TheXvid would remove me post 100%

    • mike carr
      mike carr 4 months ago

      @William Wallace Lives rent free in your head! Why don’t you let him go and give yourself freedom.

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace 4 months ago

      More like the man, the meff, the bell end

  • Andy anderson
    Andy anderson 4 months ago +4

    Bigger picture Aberdeen 10 games without beating rangers and Kent will always be remembered for flooring brown

    • Sammy
      Sammy 4 months ago +1

      Scott Brown always winding up the Rangers players 🤣 always has something to laugh at, what a man

    • Andy anderson
      Andy anderson 4 months ago

      @Jock Griffin bigger picture... BITE

  • Killer K
    Killer K 4 months ago +55

    The winter break has been good for Celtic and terrible for Rangers. Van Bronkhorst has been unable to carry on the momentum he had before the break. Celtic look good but Rangers seem to have a more solid team physically. If Celtic get a win in next OF it could really rattle rangers and the pressure may set in similar to Celtic last year. Rangers now have a team of wantaway stars who may not be willing to risk injury before the summer transfer window. If Goldson goes in January they are in trouble in defence but if Morelos goes they are in trouble up front. Interesting few months ahead . I certainly won't be ruling out a debut title for Postecoglou.

    • CMcDEe
      CMcDEe 4 months ago

      @DaViEbh0Y Celtic rangers player sent off on tuesday mate👍🏻

    • DaViEbh0Y Celtic
      DaViEbh0Y Celtic 4 months ago

      @CMcDEe ''better teams''? What does that have to do with a referee officiating the game correctly?
      At Celtic Park? Enlighten me, then pray tell when the last time a the rangers player got sent off at Aye Brokes in the league, league cup or Scottish cup.
      Celtic had 2 sending offs at Aye Brokes recently, with McGregor and Nir Bitton in the January 1-0 Own Goal win, and just after you went 1-0 up in 4-0 game, Scott Brown was sent off 5 minutes after coming on the pitch in the 2-2 draw with Livingston in January, so that's 3 red cards for Celtic players right there while it's been 2 years since a the rangers player was red carded but several have been retrospectively banned after reviewing of ''bad day at the office''.

    • CMcDEe
      CMcDEe 4 months ago

      @DaViEbh0Y Celtic because we’re playing better teams obviously, when was the last time celtic had a man sent off at celtic park?

    • DaViEbh0Y Celtic
      DaViEbh0Y Celtic 4 months ago

      @CMcDEe Kent got the first red card for the rangers in over 2 years, in domestic football but have picked a couple every year in Europe that say a lot. Bottle gone, house of cards folded.....

    • ryanfc
      ryanfc  4 months ago

      @Killer K yeah thats what i was thinking, plus he does altough hes been a bit poor he has a good record in europa etc

  • Lemi Lemi
    Lemi Lemi 4 months ago +20

    Here comes the Celtic

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui 4 months ago

    Legend 🍀

  • f wam
    f wam 4 months ago +159

    scott brown still owns rangers , ten years and counting

    • Liam Fisher
      Liam Fisher 4 months ago

      @Cameron Campbell Celtics invincible season trumps Arsenals, domestically unbeaten the entire season in all domestic comps. Arsenal were not.
      Additionally no other team has won any European competition with purely with local players, let alone a quintuple.

    • Cameron Campbell
      Cameron Campbell 4 months ago

      @Liam Fisher Man Uniteds Treble, Arsenals Invincibles, and pretty much any English team that has won it as the champions league are far greater achievements because its a tougher league.

    • Liam Fisher
      Liam Fisher 4 months ago

      @Cameron Campbell Remains the greatest achievement innscottish/British football.
      Spur grapes don't change that 😂

    • Cameron Campbell
      Cameron Campbell 4 months ago

      @Liam Fisher An Inter team that couldn't be bothered because it wasn't nearly as prestigious as it has become now. Also, the second-tier competition was the equivalent to the Europa League today. The inter-cities cup was the third tier and is the equivalent to what Celtic are in now.

    • Liam Fisher
      Liam Fisher 4 months ago

      @Cameron Campbell Can't compare a third tier competition to the big one I'm afraid, nice try though. The big teams play in the big tournament, the best team wins the big tournament. Gave Inter a footballing lesson in the final.
      To date Celtic remain the only team in history to win the european quintuple with a still world record amount of goals scored, literally won every competition they entered in 66/67 - easy achievement obviously ;)

  • Kyle Mccluskey
    Kyle Mccluskey 4 months ago +1

    Thank you, Alfredo 😂

  • Dougray Blair
    Dougray Blair 4 months ago +1

    aberdeen has turned into a retirement home for celtic players.

  • Ronan
    Ronan 4 months ago +26

    Anyone else hear someone shout “boo ya cheatin bastarts” at 5:10? Hahah

    • JimmyTeePhD
      JimmyTeePhD 4 months ago +2

      That was the best bit. 🤣

  • Marty Mustaine
    Marty Mustaine 4 months ago +62

    GK didn't touch ball should of been a pen 100% .. neutral

    • Ronjoe
      Ronjoe 4 months ago

      @aknobfaescotland 85 they’ve went either way before. Keeper wasn’t even going for the ball, because that’s what he does when he’s got no chance of getting it. The contact was enough to swing the dons player around.

    • Mr Watermelon
      Mr Watermelon 4 months ago +1

      @aknobfaescotland 85 - well Hedges has got to play the ball and he got the ball and put past the keeper so there’s nothing to debate on that part. However Mcgregor comes to play the ball and doesn’t get the ball and catches the player therefore it’s a foul. If that was anywhere else on the pitch then it’s a foul 100%. I remember a game at Pittodrie v St.Mirren a couple of seasons ago and the exact same incident happened and St.Mirren got a penalty. Seems like it’s one rule for you lot and different for everyone else but that’s no surprise it’s been happening for years now...

    • aknobfaescotland 85
      aknobfaescotland 85 4 months ago +1

      @Mr Watermelon and if we’re getting rule book out then what about player’s high foot that’s just above waist height to knock ball over keeper

    • aknobfaescotland 85
      aknobfaescotland 85 4 months ago +1

      @Mr Watermelon would depend on the challenge if he took the rangers player out fairly then no. For me there’s not enough contact from keeper to player to give a pen and would say that even if it was Aberdeen keeper on rangers player

    • Mr Watermelon
      Mr Watermelon 4 months ago +2

      @aknobfaescotland 85 - it doesn’t matter whether the keeper completely cleans him out or if it’s just a wee touch it was till enough to impede Hedges and bring him down which in the rule book should’ve resulted in a penalty and a red card like I said. Let me ask you this question then - if the roles were reversed and Lewis took out a Rangers player who was through on goal and clearly stopped a goal scoring opportunity would you not be shouting for a pen and a red card?.

  • Samantha 🍌 T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌

    The man the myth the legend. Scott Brown!

  • Ben Cox
    Ben Cox 4 months ago +2

    Hows that second challenge from Kent a yellow 🤣

  • Жак Путин
    Жак Путин 4 months ago

    Only way Aberdeen could score to be fair

  • Skinhead SoulBhoy
    Skinhead SoulBhoy 4 months ago +20

    Broony still at it, love it 🤣🤣🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Ultra Instinct1888
    Ultra Instinct1888 4 months ago

    Anyone else think mcgregor looked worried that whole game 🤷🏽 even before he should have been sent off when the Aberdeen boy beat him to the ball, borderline out the box even if it did touch his hands 🤷🏽 he had to commit there or it was a goal scoring opportunity 😂 rangers looking shaky

  • wimthetim
    wimthetim 4 months ago +30

    the ball moves considerably just milliseconds before he strikes the penalty. wtf was it that windy 3:11

    • Phil
      Phil 4 months ago

      Windiest (and coldest!) stadium in the country bar none!

    • wimthetim
      wimthetim 4 months ago +3

      @Dec hahahaha the lengths they will go to !

    • Dec
      Dec 4 months ago +4

      Beaton is under the pitch poking it with a stick

    • Keegan Stewart
      Keegan Stewart 4 months ago

      I know I saw that in the game!

  • Sharon Hopton
    Sharon Hopton 4 months ago +3

    Morelos does my head in! So over rated!!! COYBIG!

  • BaldwinIV
    BaldwinIV 4 months ago

    Those were 2 missed red cards.

  • Craig Whyte
    Craig Whyte 4 months ago +1

    Scott brown 23 winners medals

  • イチロー。
    イチロー。 4 months ago +17

    レンジャーズ2ポイント失った!スコット・ブラウンありがとう!(Rangers lost 2 points! Thanks Scott Brown!!!)

  • Jock Griffin
    Jock Griffin 4 months ago


  • Graham Liddell
    Graham Liddell 4 months ago

    Inch perfect pass from kent

  • Aurel Petrisor Bicu
    Aurel Petrisor Bicu 4 months ago +2

    Gollllll HAGI

  • James
    James 4 months ago +6

    5:10 represents everyone

  • ZMJ
    ZMJ 4 months ago

    Poor wee Tav so visibly rattled by Broony 😢

  • TheBlaggert
    TheBlaggert 4 months ago +110

    Aberdeen rightly aggrieved. Disgraceful refereeing yet again in favour of the tribute act. Scott Brown still playing well too

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora 4 months ago

      @Aaron McFarlane no it wasn't

    • Aaron McFarlane
      Aaron McFarlane 4 months ago

      @OzricAurora a shoulder tackle is when you go shoulder to shoulder with someone. Ferguson’s elbow/forearm was at head height.

    • Aaron McFarlane
      Aaron McFarlane 4 months ago

      @John Kent pushed brown? So now we are making stuff up are we. Yes I’ll agree McGregor should’ve been off, you called me deluded, if I was deluded I would’ve said he shouldn’t have been. Tavernier straight red? Again I’ll ask when? If you can’t agree that Hayes should’ve been sent off, you can’t call anyone deluded ffs 🤦‍♂️

    • Diana munoz de zapata
      Diana munoz de zapata 4 months ago

      @theinfideluk wonder why you guys come here with a vacation visa and stay illegally ? If is so bad out here why stay 🤔 I bet is the weather 😅🤣😂.

  • Liam Kerr
    Liam Kerr 4 months ago +8

    4:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣💪💪

  • Mr Watermelon
    Mr Watermelon 4 months ago +5

    To all the Rangers fans saying that it wasn’t a penalty on Hedges, it was. Big sumo man Kris Boyd even said it was a penalty, and we all know what he thinks about Aberdeen. If you’ve got a diehard bluenose saying it was a penalty then that tells you something, but I don’t expect any of you to understand! Sense isn’t a thing very high in Govan...

  • Rory Crawford
    Rory Crawford 4 months ago

    Lmao clancys decisions 🤯

  • Chris Tosh
    Chris Tosh 4 months ago +47

    Dons robbed again

    • TheMasterblaster32
      TheMasterblaster32 4 months ago +3


    • BeastyRL
      BeastyRL 4 months ago +8

      @Aye Ready mate all your getting right now is hate… Reckon you should just accept Aberdeen were the better team. Ps Celtic will win the league, Rangers in the mud for sure.

    • Aye Ready
      Aye Ready 4 months ago +3


  • Leisure Time
    Leisure Time 4 months ago

    Kent lets down his want-away teammates yet again

  • emmanuel
    emmanuel 4 months ago

    Brown should of got a red card for sure

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui 4 months ago

    the thing that stands out is the noise of the Aberdeen fans, great stuff

  • tim Celtic
    tim Celtic 4 months ago

    Mad man McGregor should have been red carded ref to soft. 💚🍀🇮🇪

  • Laura Dawson
    Laura Dawson 4 months ago

    We played good in the first half and ok in the second half other than that we should have beat Aberdeen fair and square tbh and Kent should have never have got sent off he done nothing wrong what so ever that's it that Scott brown is a mouth piece and scared of his own Shadow can't stand him

  • Matthew Duncan
    Matthew Duncan 4 months ago +4

    Like that little piece of audio at the end 😂

  • Good Day
    Good Day 3 months ago

    They only turn up to play 4 times a year, twice at Ibrox and twice at shitodrie 😂 what a club!

  • Bobby88
    Bobby88 4 months ago +2

    Scott Brown \O/

  • 22keebo
    22keebo 4 months ago +26

    2022 n Scott browns still living rent free in there head lol

    • Sliczed Kaidzo
      Sliczed Kaidzo 4 months ago +2

      @LGSFIFA aye right

      LGSFIFA 4 months ago +2

      Not really no he shat it from bassey and Kent was tearing him apart

  • Katie Hannah
    Katie Hannah 4 months ago +2

    Scott Brown still diving then…shock 🙄

    • Gzz
      Gzz 4 months ago

      He dived??

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora 4 months ago

      @Katie Hannah No comment on Morelos' double back rolls after zero contact at least three times in the first half? 🤣 Get a grip

    • Katie Hannah
      Katie Hannah 4 months ago

      @John na more suited with you lot, you lot dive more than Tom Daley.

    • John
      John 4 months ago +3

      imagine yous had signed him tae, would a slotted right in to the Govan Divers

  • kevin hay
    kevin hay 4 months ago +5

    We can never catch the ranjurs ,not with this type of Gap 😝😝😝😝😝🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

    • Fingers & Thumbs
      Fingers & Thumbs 4 months ago +1

      So you learned something from last season, fail fail.

  • Gavin / Martin Merrick
    Gavin / Martin Merrick 4 months ago +22

    The referee is shocking. Penalty Aberdeen for sure. And the red card is puff pastry soft

    • Bay bay
      Bay bay 3 months ago

      @Alex McCrorie mcgregor kicked hedges in the leg while in mid air when the ball was bout 30 ft in the air, should defenatly of been a pen

    • john Vincent
      john Vincent 4 months ago

      2 definite yellows? whit game do you watch? tennis? its was never a yellow. for a stumble? the 2nd onetherr was cintact but baldy made a meal of it. its still doesn't warrant a yellow in my books

    • David
      David 4 months ago +3

      @Alex McCrorie wit you talking about? He didnt give a stone wall penalty! Cabbage

  • Gerald Gallagher
    Gerald Gallagher 4 months ago +7

    Scott Brown the legend and still a player to be reckoned with 👍

  • Future Rider
    Future Rider 4 months ago

    Scott Brown Scott Brown Scott Brown Scott Brown … the guy just loves the attention!!

  • Cherky__ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me

    No pen and an immediate goal? There's the Rangers we all know and love

  • BeachBhoys
    BeachBhoys 4 months ago

    How is that not a.penalty and red card to McGregor 1🤔🤔

  • Shug Gallagher
    Shug Gallagher 4 months ago +20

    Broony still a Legend 🤣🍀

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora 4 months ago

      @Richard Mcleod He did it to get back at Kent for pushing his neck

    • Richard Mcleod
      Richard Mcleod 4 months ago

      @OzricAurora aye but he's a Colombian fairy, not...... Rock hard Scott the scot. he was going down faster and easier than kyogo

    • Richard Mcleod
      Richard Mcleod 4 months ago

      @ConnorBhoy67 just think of that stupid statement. Who pays to be on your thoughts 🤔

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora 4 months ago

      @Richard Mcleod It's okay when Morelos does double back rolls clutching the part of his leg where contact wasn't even made? 🤣

    • ConnorBhoy67
      ConnorBhoy67 4 months ago +3

      @Richard Mcleod and in ur head rent free

  • Toby Waite
    Toby Waite 4 months ago

    That was never a second yellow

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson 4 months ago

    The sooner we have var the better for the league

  • John Lawson
    John Lawson 4 months ago +5

    Scott Brown needs to go into theatre type work when he does retire. It's comical his acting

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora 4 months ago +1

      No mention of morelos's double backwards roll after zero contact 😂

    • quadruple treble 9x2,1888
      quadruple treble 9x2,1888 4 months ago

      @John I thought you were commenting on an Aberdeen game 🤣🤣🤣🇮🇪🍀🇮🇪

    • John Lawson
      John Lawson 4 months ago +2

      @John a Tim commenting on a Rangers game as expected lol

    • John
      John 4 months ago +4

      its almost like hes watched a certain mob get away with it for 2 decades and mastered the art himself 😅🤣😂😅🤣😂

  • Stephen Patton
    Stephen Patton 4 months ago +1

    another penalty against them not given, when will it never stop, just days after it was confirmed rangers have been awarded the most pens in the past 2 YEARS.. 2 years eh… coincidence… BUT this will only help them so much cos the hoops are back… only so much luck will win you games cos we are taking our title back before you know it!

  • C02
    C02 4 months ago +3

    1:20 how wasn’t that a foul?

    • John
      John 4 months ago

      @Havoc8877 already on the way down 😅🤣😂 he spund around and got wiped out by McGregor as the replays show, take yer tinted specs off son

    • Ronjoe
      Ronjoe 4 months ago

      @Havoc8877 my comment was that there was actual contact made. Was it a penalty…we’ve seen them go either way. But if the penalty was given, there’s be no argument about contact being made. It could’ve been considered wreck less maybe.

    • Havoc8877
      Havoc8877 4 months ago +1

      @Ronjoe went back and rewatched it, its still not a pen, the Aberdeen player is already on his way down when there is minimal contact, no pen.

    • Ronjoe
      Ronjoe 4 months ago +9

      @Havoc8877 generally, when a person touches another person, that’s considered contact…which you can clearly see

    • Havoc8877
      Havoc8877 4 months ago +2

      no actual contact made

  • Karl
    Karl 4 months ago +4

    Bet Kent wishes he would of signed for Leeds.

    • Jim Byrne
      Jim Byrne 4 months ago

      No, he is hoping for a phone call from Stevie G.

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star 4 months ago

      Swapping 56 for a relegation battle? doubt it.

  • Craig Whyte
    Craig Whyte 4 months ago +6

    Should have showed all the rangers players blessing themselves when they came on including Kent haha

  • Daniel Ltschtwfg
    Daniel Ltschtwfg 4 months ago +1

    Alan McGregor clipped the Aberdeen player in the box wither there was intent or not that's a pen. Rangers go up the other end and score, yet rangers are the team complaining about the ref 😂😂

  • LochSween
    LochSween 4 months ago

    Tom Daley should ask Scott Brown to be his partner for the next Olympics diving events! 😂

  • abby
    abby 4 months ago +2

    no one talking about hagi’s performance

    • Gzz
      Gzz 4 months ago

      Why would they? He’s a nothing player.

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora 4 months ago

      Because all he did the entire game was score a tap in that shouldn't have even happened because Aberdeen should have had a penalty seconds earlier 🤣

  • football NINJA
    football NINJA 4 months ago +3


  • James Coravic
    James Coravic 4 months ago

    Alan McGregor should have been booked for blowing the ball towards Ferguson surely?

  • Easily Amused
    Easily Amused 4 months ago +1

    Only a Rangers keeper can come out of the box that recklessly and get away with it. Yellow all day.

    • OzricAurora
      OzricAurora 4 months ago +1

      Red card, it was in the box