This Is 90's Vs Now! Come Along For Ultimate #TBT by Blossom

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Over the years the times have completely changed! Are you from the time where photo albums, Slam books, Dial-up Internet, and landlines? Then you are officially a 90's kid!
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  • Blossom
    Blossom  9 months ago +642

    Watch this -

  • Paula Villanueva
    Paula Villanueva 3 hours ago

    Nadie habla español aquí?
    Me quedo con los 90 soy de la generación de las tareas en libros y diccionarios

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  • Gadget is amazing I don't care if you don't like it

    I really prefer some things in the 90s

  • Jay Mendez
    Jay Mendez 8 hours ago


  • Maura Kathryn
    Maura Kathryn 9 hours ago +1

    That dab though
    Edit: thanks for the one like. Oh wait that was me

  • Amy Basdeosingh
    Amy Basdeosingh 11 hours ago

    90s lipgloss

  • Kylie Jones
    Kylie Jones 12 hours ago

    The shoot dance is actually called hipe

  • Cigdem Yaman
    Cigdem Yaman 13 hours ago

    ME now

  • Yasmine Van Suetendael
    Yasmine Van Suetendael 14 hours ago

    I swear I only were pants ochtend 90’s

  • DragonLover_PH
    DragonLover_PH 18 hours ago


  • Lykke Kj
    Lykke Kj 19 hours ago

    Its not called backpack kid it's called floss


    I want back in the 90's - has anyone else with the same desire?


      Good move - the fashion is repeating

    • MetalPCer
      MetalPCer Day ago

      Same. I was a 90's teen back then we had arcades everywhere, cool music, cool movies, and wore medium baggy pants. Still have my 90's clothes.

  • jenni le
    jenni le Day ago

    The “backpack kid” is called the floss

  • Lizzy Grizzy
    Lizzy Grizzy Day ago

    I don't think they had cars like that in the 90s

  • Dooo Ooo
    Dooo Ooo Day ago

    It was good until the dances

  • UniGacha Bunny
    UniGacha Bunny Day ago

    Ur doing all of the Now dances awful

  • Alexa K
    Alexa K Day ago

    90s was beautiful

    • MetalPCer
      MetalPCer Day ago

      "you're so cool, you're so cool" - Alabama whitman

  • Humayun Adil
    Humayun Adil Day ago +1

    0:26 and if you compare the lips then the lips in 90s were better. Idk what the heck inspired girls to have balloon lips.

  • Las aventuras de Lia

    Them: twerk
    Me: thats not how u twerk like come on

  • Hxpnotic GOLD
    Hxpnotic GOLD Day ago

    0:59 Why does it say Froggle not Google

  • SkillZ_Frames
    SkillZ_Frames Day ago

    This girl can’t dance trendy dances

  • Stan Knifeforth
    Stan Knifeforth Day ago

    I think my rez stays in 90s

  • linda wallis
    linda wallis Day ago

    The girl doing now can’t dab or milly rock or twerk or dab or shoot

  • Lilac Yeet
    Lilac Yeet 2 days ago


  • Zainab Bhatti
    Zainab Bhatti 2 days ago

    The dancing was HELLA CRINGE

  • Nana's life
    Nana's life 2 days ago

    I didn't know we break ur back by twering

  • Isa Mary Torres
    Isa Mary Torres 2 days ago

    There dab is so cringy

  • Isa Mary Torres
    Isa Mary Torres 2 days ago

    I like bellbottoms better!:-D

  • h m
    h m 2 days ago

    In the 90s they still had tv

  • Kayleigh Jerome
    Kayleigh Jerome 2 days ago

    At 2:16..... She did NOT just pick The Lost World over Titanic 😲😲

  • Jerise Schröder
    Jerise Schröder 2 days ago

    Twerken is for hockers

  • Sidika Ozsoy
    Sidika Ozsoy 2 days ago +1

    The one twerking to the haters.YUP!

  • AlbertIsFunny XD
    AlbertIsFunny XD 2 days ago +1

    First one is teaching u how to break ur back
    Also at 0:59 can u see that says FROOGLE omg it is GOOGLE IDIOTS

  • Thentomatorizon
    Thentomatorizon 2 days ago

    Definitely more colorful years back then

  • skye duncan
    skye duncan 3 days ago

    Dat girl is twerking wit her back🤦‍♀️

  • Khaniyah Mack
    Khaniyah Mack 3 days ago

    Lol that sound when u trying to get on that aol account. My whole childhood😂

  • Farah Storm
    Farah Storm 3 days ago

    Lmaooooo why y’all searched up “ covfefe “ ?

  • Sofia Tran
    Sofia Tran 3 days ago

    There is still Lip smackers in Walmart

  • Mylayaha Love
    Mylayaha Love 3 days ago

    Backpack kid is not a dance

  • Tonji Jackson
    Tonji Jackson 3 days ago

    She can't do any of those dance moves

  • Mylayaha Love
    Mylayaha Love 3 days ago

    Your naming all black people dances and you really don't know how to dance

  • Noemi Olvera
    Noemi Olvera 3 days ago

    The now seem like an old person trying to be young

  • Zoe Pryor
    Zoe Pryor 3 days ago

    The girl on the right is terrible at dancing. So much cringe. The girl on the left is waaaaaaaaay better then the other.

  • Kertu-Elisabeth Saar

    Did anyone notice that the girl was doing the dab floss wrong and in the end they both did wrong the runningman

  • dejairo de danser
    dejairo de danser 3 days ago


  • Grace Mora
    Grace Mora 4 days ago

    She can't twerk

  • Charisse Adorio
    Charisse Adorio 4 days ago

    I like the now one hehe 😋😘😉😋😘😉😋😘😉😋😘😉😋😘 😉😉😋😘 😉😋😘 😉😉😋😋 o ma gah gg hahahahahahahha

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi 4 days ago +1

    0:40 i think u got it mixed up 😮

  • White Pelt Cat
    White Pelt Cat 4 days ago

    Now tattoos look painful

  • Tiberiu V.
    Tiberiu V. 4 days ago

    I'm feeling old already after watching this (i just turned 21)

    • chainer8686
      chainer8686 4 days ago

      But if you're 21, then you've never seen the 90's?

  • Linnea BG
    Linnea BG 4 days ago

    This is so me

  • the awesome dog
    the awesome dog 4 days ago

    I'm in the dab police

  • the awesome dog
    the awesome dog 4 days ago

    I like 90s better

  • Sophie Stoen
    Sophie Stoen 4 days ago

    In the first one ... what HAPPENED TO HER BACK...

  • Cheese With 15 Subscribers (No Videos)

    I miss the 90s 😭... Even though I only remember 98 and 99... Still I miss the 90s 😔

  • Öngyilkos osztag
    Öngyilkos osztag 5 days ago


  • Miranda Lopez
    Miranda Lopez 5 days ago

    La que valió en now no tiene nalgas 😂😂😂😂 y además está bien fea

    DUDUBER GAMES 5 days ago +1

    Era tão melhor antes

  • MiaNaomi Post
    MiaNaomi Post 5 days ago

    The gas prices are all wrong for the 90's! It's was below a dollar 🤣🤣🤣

  • XMLP Rainbow DashX
    XMLP Rainbow DashX 6 days ago +1


  • Brian Kalenda
    Brian Kalenda 6 days ago

    The 90s where better. You actually new the people u talked to now every ones on their cellphone's or pc.

  • Daya Krishna
    Daya Krishna 6 days ago

    Froogle to the rescue !

  • joan's bbq and foot massage

    That milly rock brought me to tears

  • I T Z . A R I. G E E Z

    With the dance thing, I don’t know what the girl nowadays was doing. She cannot dance. The in the old days knew she couldn’t dance, but the girl nowadays was trying.

  • Kayla
    Kayla 6 days ago

    The dancing on both sides are really a huge cringe

  • Satou Thiam
    Satou Thiam 6 days ago

    0:11 What does the iPhone X have a home botton?🤣🤣🤣🤔

  • Vivian Ramirez
    Vivian Ramirez 6 days ago

    You can't do the hype so don't do it

  • Ela Messi
    Ela Messi 6 days ago

    I kinda still like those slap on bracelets when I was little and I was like born in 2006

  • Jenlanell Thomas
    Jenlanell Thomas 6 days ago

    Let pizza rolls live forever and ever🍻

  • GG Girl
    GG Girl 6 days ago


    • MetalPCer
      MetalPCer 6 days ago

      True. now posers this generation wear it and have no clue what it is.

  • Vicky
    Vicky 6 days ago

    😄 Sometimes, I miss that time. My childhood.

  • *Elizabeth-Roblox-Creepypasta* -Hughes-

    The one you said was shoot is actually the hype
    And the backpack kid is the floss

  • Bella Swan
    Bella Swan 6 days ago

    90s will always be the best.

    • MetalPCer
      MetalPCer 6 days ago

      The 80's highlight was the John Hughes teen films starred with Molly ringwald, Back to the Future films, and teens today do tributes to these classic films like The Breakfast Club.
      It still inspires teens today with films like BumbleBee and To all the boys I Loved showing footage of these classic movies.
      I guess I was really lucky to experience the great times XD
      Well at least you experienced the good 90's with Alicia silverstone in Clueless, Angelina Jolie in Hackers, and Patricia arquette in True romance 😖

    • Bella Swan
      Bella Swan 6 days ago

      +MetalPCer well I was born in 89 so i have no experience in the 80s however seeing videos of back then it did sound great aswell even the 70s sound cool

    • MetalPCer
      MetalPCer 6 days ago

      80's and 90's

  • Kitty lover 123
    Kitty lover 123 6 days ago

    The dancing is so cringe

  • Youarethecauseofmy Mikrokosmos

    I still wear this kind of clothes the dancing girl at 90's is wearing☺ Its nice and girly to me

  • Youarethecauseofmy Mikrokosmos

    K I'm still at *90's* and *00's*

  • Shanika Stephenson
    Shanika Stephenson 7 days ago

    Now is better

  • Peťo D
    Peťo D 7 days ago

    When u go to the club and u notice the entire dance floor is filled with adult Fortnite players

  • maria del mar Caicedo

    Big cringe

    EMMA BOCKSNICK 7 days ago

    PIZZA ROLLS!!!!!!!

  • Dilea Marschner Marschner

    90 ♡♡♡♡

  • Earth Angel
    Earth Angel 7 days ago

    If I would rewind time & go back to the 90's I'd leave all this convenience & stupidity in a heart beat!


    The NIRVANA tee 🤘🏼

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer 7 days ago +1

    Now-takes a pic of eggs

  • issa._. amaiyanicole

    Was she trying to twerk?

  • Adel Olabi Doña
    Adel Olabi Doña 7 days ago

    0:08 the worst falsification of an iPhone x

  • healla2000
    healla2000 7 days ago

    Wtf we still dance macarena this day? You want to tell me you won't dance it if the song were to pop up?

  • Tyler Hilliard
    Tyler Hilliard 7 days ago

    Thats not how u do the hammertime

  • Angela Killian
    Angela Killian 7 days ago


  • Lindsay Johnson
    Lindsay Johnson 7 days ago

    Ugly people dont even know names of dances

    ERROR ERROR 7 days ago

    90s : normal kid 12 normal
    Now: kid 12 tik tok

  • 「 CottonCandy 」
    「 CottonCandy 」 7 days ago

    0:59 Froogle??

  • Gloria Garcia
    Gloria Garcia 7 days ago

    The "dances" of today will always disappoint me

  • Rachielee
    Rachielee 7 days ago

    I’m 12 and I rather prefer the 90s. Because there are too many edgy kids now days that just make me want to run away from them.

  • 12chapin
    12chapin 7 days ago

    You forgot to add the Presidents then and now

  • Ha Phuong Nguyen Thi

    Woww this video is so cringy

  • Mandy Said
    Mandy Said 7 days ago

    90s is better

  • L V
    L V 7 days ago


  • StarDustwolf 77
    StarDustwolf 77 8 days ago

    I don't dance like that, tf, I dance like Michael Jackson I don't use tinder. Or boppypins or wear makeup. I don't get tattoos. I don't squat. I still use stick lip balms. I don't own a car. I read more than I watch TV. I don't dab. I don't do fortnite dances or twerk.