This Is 90's Vs Now! Come Along For Ultimate #TBT by Blossom

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Over the years the times have completely changed! Are you from the time where photo albums, Slam books, Dial-up Internet, and landlines? Then you are officially a 90's kid!
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Comments • 6 074

  • Blossom
    Blossom  7 months ago +498

    Watch this -

    • Angel E.R.O.
      Angel E.R.O. 20 hours ago

      I live un Webster dude

    • leandra nelson
      leandra nelson 11 days ago

      Dreamy Lea Ai love you very aos repasses veria o apartheid e melhor pelo watch

    • Veronica Rain
      Veronica Rain 13 days ago

      No dabs plis

    • Veronica Rain
      Veronica Rain 14 days ago

      No dabs >:(

    • Sunny Girl
      Sunny Girl 17 days ago

      That girl made me wanna die cause the dancing mate it's horrible and cringe af ok get it right who is she omg

  • Zariah Pointer
    Zariah Pointer Hour ago

    Hahahah she was twerking with her back

  • Eva María
    Eva María Hour ago +1

    the girls dancing cant dance sry

  • Jaedyn Williams
    Jaedyn Williams 2 hours ago

    Neither one of them could dance

  • Marlene Ruiz
    Marlene Ruiz 2 hours ago

    Alguien que hable español si no solo yo ok

  • iman i lave you Familia Daymond

    That is so true

  • شيماء المالكي

    omg i love this video am borning in 1993 ❤💦 but still beatiful days

  • Melany Amaya
    Melany Amaya 12 hours ago

    The girl is gonna break her back

  • Melany Amaya
    Melany Amaya 12 hours ago

    Bruh what type of dab is that lol

  • Jillian L
    Jillian L 13 hours ago

    The girl on the right doesn't know how to dance. To be honest the girl that was dressed from the 90's danced better than the girl on the right.

  • Brittany Brandt
    Brittany Brandt 14 hours ago


  • Lee Ann Grigsby
    Lee Ann Grigsby 15 hours ago

    3:10its not called shoot it's called hype

  • HB producciones
    HB producciones 15 hours ago

    Twerk fail

  • XxKenzie_ CatX
    XxKenzie_ CatX 16 hours ago +1


  • Zarrie Barthelemy
    Zarrie Barthelemy 17 hours ago

    I wish I was born in the 90's
    *These 2000's kids are so ANNOYING*

  • Ana Shorman
    Ana Shorman 17 hours ago

    Is anyone else really thankful we have the internet? 😂

  • It’s Kitty
    It’s Kitty 17 hours ago


  • teresa smith
    teresa smith 19 hours ago

    She can nit dance or twerk

  • Jessica Fox
    Jessica Fox 20 hours ago

    this is quite possibly the worst dancing i have ever seen.

  • Chispita de miel azul
    Chispita de miel azul 20 hours ago

    Las chicas en los 90 eran más lindas que las de ahora, era otra vida menos contaminada y menos cirugía, hoy son insulsas

  • cube dobble
    cube dobble 21 hour ago

    what froogle??????

  • 1oyuncak 1000eğlence
    1oyuncak 1000eğlence 22 hours ago

    1:52 daredevil 😍

  • typicalnigga
    typicalnigga 22 hours ago

    so after the ‘90s people got lazy?

  • Gulrukh Riffat
    Gulrukh Riffat 23 hours ago

    Bruh 3:09, it's not shoot it's hype yo

  • Anita Gomez
    Anita Gomez 23 hours ago

    There were cameras other than poloroid in the 90's ! We also had giant video recorders with vhs

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson Day ago

    0:46 lol

  • Maria Luiza
    Maria Luiza Day ago


  • syd rose
    syd rose Day ago

    that ‘twerk’ and dancing is.. something else. 💀

  • baby hyena
    baby hyena Day ago

    0:02 what us she doin haha 3:00 what kind of dab man this girl ha some issues

  • Irialis Martinez
    Irialis Martinez Day ago +1

    Nah those wrist band smackers were the stuff! 1:35

  • Josue Reyes hernandez

    That twerk is sad 😯

    RICCI Day ago

    So real💁‍♀️

  • Melina Rossi
    Melina Rossi Day ago +2

    Que tiene de malo ser un poco más moderno. Mann me enoja q la gente sea así osea cada uno quien con su vida listo
    Si a un persona le gusta usar el celular o mover la cintura lo va a hacer .
    No entiendo por que reflejan el "now" como si estuviéramos cada día peor . En realidad estás cisas están poco poco mejorando y las personas viven mejor ahora gracias a la facilidad de la tecnología

    • Melina Rossi
      Melina Rossi Day ago +1

      +Melissa Pulgarin y si te metes en tu vida ? No es mi culpa de que no te guste mi forma de pensar YO DIJE CADA QUIEN CON SU VIDA creo que vos fuiste la que se lo tomó mal

    • Melissa Pulgarin
      Melissa Pulgarin Day ago

      La verdad no lo muestran cómo n el sentido de "cada día estamos peor" , tu fuiste la que lo toma te así😉🙄

  • Madoc Atkinson
    Madoc Atkinson Day ago

    Why was suck it not in the 90s dance opposite the dab

  • Jasmine_The_Pastel_Cat JTA

    My God the 90s dances are so better than now..

  • pessoa estranha ;-;


  • Corrine Donovan
    Corrine Donovan Day ago

    I was born in the late 90s so I had both these things.

  • Pastel Bow
    Pastel Bow 2 days ago

    I feel like the 90's was better

  • • Zelia Bubbles•

    I was born in 2005 and i want to live in the 90s😭😭 who does 2?

  • Zeeshan Javaid
    Zeeshan Javaid 2 days ago

    I wish I was born in 90s

  • Kpop Shake
    Kpop Shake 2 days ago

    Lip smackers are still cool

  • Blayyshn //
    Blayyshn // 2 days ago

    Girl gon break her dam back if she keep twerking like that

  • Music - 4Life
    Music - 4Life 2 days ago

    90s life is better than today life

  • Gabbie
    Gabbie 2 days ago

    Super cute, but that current "dancing"😷😷 It's a no for me

  • Weiss Schnee
    Weiss Schnee 2 days ago

    I was born in the 2000s it seemed better in the 90s

  • Jade Vazquez
    Jade Vazquez 2 days ago

    Um when it was now is was ugly I liked the nineties

  • Maddy me you Love
    Maddy me you Love 2 days ago

    who dabs like that?

  • toby tobster jr
    toby tobster jr 2 days ago +1

    3:22 the 90's girl should be wearing Van's and the right now girl should be wearing crocs

  • Anna
    Anna 2 days ago

    Ohhhh ya DAB ON IT

  • Daniela Fierro
    Daniela Fierro 2 days ago

    The lady who twerked is doing everything wrong

  • Delaney plays Fortnite and stuff

    Haha wow at 2:54 you put BACKPACK KID instead of the floss?! Wow and you can’t even do it

  • Aye San9
    Aye San9 2 days ago

    No alcancé a vivir en el periodo,pero los 90's se ven súper;Se vivía más.Ahora todo es tecnología por todos lados.

  • Nor agami
    Nor agami 2 days ago

    Mine old computer is stil working, don't know how:¦

  • lz gg
    lz gg 2 days ago

    Mi niñez y parte de mi adolescencia en los 90s y mi hija su adolescencia en el 2019

  • Depressed Bunny
    Depressed Bunny 2 days ago

    *They clearly have no idea what the hell they're talking about*

  • Andrea Eva Valverde Martín

    I prefer the 90s😻😋

  • QueenvCee
    QueenvCee 3 days ago

    Wtf was that dance in the beginning? Was that supposed to be twerking?

  • Espaço da Destro
    Espaço da Destro 3 days ago

    Pior que é verdade

  • Cassiopeia Bellen
    Cassiopeia Bellen 3 days ago

    90s pa more
    Mga 90s talaga masisipag at matatalino,di katulad ngayon umaasa sa google,lalo na kapag nagreresearch, dictionaryo lang at mga libro ang palaging dala sa eskwela.

  • Jazmyn Dixon
    Jazmyn Dixon 3 days ago

    not shoot hype

  • Maribel Ortiz
    Maribel Ortiz 3 days ago

    3:16 she CAN'T twerk

  • Samantha Birch
    Samantha Birch 3 days ago

    2:08 me and my sis were screaming, “WATCH TITANIC” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Flyght Cajayon
    Flyght Cajayon 3 days ago

    What is the name of the girl on the right please tell me

  • Pandapuff Nadine
    Pandapuff Nadine 3 days ago

    Oh my god shes gonna break her back 😢😂😂😂😂😳😳

  • Anna
    Anna 3 days ago

    Books, REALY!!!!>!!!!!

  • Terri Harrison
    Terri Harrison 3 days ago

    That’s not the way to twerk as she is using her back not her umm yer I will leave it there
    No hate

  • Sinead Gillard
    Sinead Gillard 3 days ago

    Ugh those dances the backpack kid is not called that its the floss, and the dab is just awful , and the shoot is called the hype.

  • munnil
    munnil 3 days ago

    *90s in fortnite has left the chat*

  • Leigh Kayes
    Leigh Kayes 3 days ago

    3:10 that’s not the shoot... idek what that is...

  • Bere Sevillano
    Bere Sevillano 3 days ago

    El twerk no se vaila asi

  • Celeste Miller
    Celeste Miller 3 days ago

    Is it just me or did you see fuller house renamed as some thing different

  • ValonavaMSP
    ValonavaMSP 3 days ago

    0:35 bruh the 90s girl's makeup is better

  • jess Else-Davies
    jess Else-Davies 3 days ago

    There were no cars in the 90

  • herit last
    herit last 4 days ago

    Jap2. Awat muka melayu?

  • Dani :3
    Dani :3 4 days ago

    Im sorry but........this is not dancing

  • Iva Jovanovic
    Iva Jovanovic 4 days ago


  • Paige Housel
    Paige Housel 4 days ago

    The 90s had phones but they weren't that advanced

  • The smart Wolf
    The smart Wolf 4 days ago

    So cringe..

  • Gracie Cox
    Gracie Cox 4 days ago

    3:24 honestly me in class every single day 🤣🤣🤣 I know I'm lame🤣

  • Emera O'Hara
    Emera O'Hara 4 days ago

    BRO if she gonna keep doin dat whip and the " backback kid" like that she gonna get roasted and loose all da subs that why i aint subed
    like bruh it aint called the ' backpack kid' its the FLOSS

  • Precious sophia Phol

    What is duller spouse

  • oɓuɐW
    oɓuɐW 4 days ago +1

    The only thing the 90s and now have in common is burning yourself on pizza rolls

  • Xtina
    Xtina 4 days ago

    I cant stop whaching this video I love it!

  • Fluffy Unicorn
    Fluffy Unicorn 4 days ago

    Did anyone else cringe when they said backpack kid instead of the floss and the hype as the shoot?

  • Demi Duffield
    Demi Duffield 4 days ago +17

    She gonna break her neck with that dab

  • Reaper RoseGold
    Reaper RoseGold 4 days ago

    o h la w d he l p us al l

  • Heaven Condo
    Heaven Condo 4 days ago

    That was not twerking

  • Kyla Yang
    Kyla Yang 4 days ago

    All the dances for now the names were wrong

  • Lil D-Mon
    Lil D-Mon 4 days ago

    Is no one going to point out how in the picture she was looking at the camera on her phone(Selfie) but when she was viewing the pictures it was as if someone else took the picture of her taking a selfie

  • KB Rules the World
    KB Rules the World 4 days ago +1

    Backpack 🎒 kid is the floss and that is not the right name

  • KB Rules the World
    KB Rules the World 4 days ago +1

    That is NOT how you twerk

  • Rachel Maneiro
    Rachel Maneiro 4 days ago

    At 3.17 that isn't the treak

  • Cotton Floss_
    Cotton Floss_ 4 days ago

    The dancing lol

  • Mr Fliper
    Mr Fliper 4 days ago

    That twerking is not right and the shoot is actualy hype

  • Sophie Plays 02
    Sophie Plays 02 4 days ago

    That is not a dab

  • kimberly Jacob
    kimberly Jacob 4 days ago

    Who ever told you you're a great twerker lied to you

  • Geo Xan
    Geo Xan 4 days ago +1


  • bff SQAUD unicornss
    bff SQAUD unicornss 4 days ago


  • Ma JianJun
    Ma JianJun 5 days ago

    It is called floss not backpack kid and hype not shoot

  • David Mihai
    David Mihai 5 days ago +3

    2:48 what kinda whip is that