This Is 90's Vs Now! Come Along For Ultimate #TBT by Blossom

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Over the years the times have completely changed! Are you from the time where photo albums, Slam books, Dial-up Internet, and landlines? Then you are officially a 90's kid!
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  • Blossom
    Blossom  Year ago +901

    Watch this -

  • Ulaganayaki Ramalingam

    Why is it Froogle instead of Google

  • nur batrisyia
    nur batrisyia 9 hours ago

    I dont like 90s and now..but i like future 2050

  • Scheff Karina
    Scheff Karina Day ago

    Wow , I love 90 s

  • Jaden Dixon
    Jaden Dixon Day ago

    What is this girl doing 3:18

  • Zoe Stiefel
    Zoe Stiefel Day ago

    What's with the music tho

  • Giselle Barragan
    Giselle Barragan 2 days ago

    2013 VS 2020!

  • MikMik Umlas
    MikMik Umlas 2 days ago

    The 90's Bracelet almost made me lose my Right Hand.

  • Nudlecap _
    Nudlecap _ 3 days ago

    Its not backpack kid bruh its floss

  • u dont sub u gæ
    u dont sub u gæ 3 days ago +2

    The girl “dancing” was terrible. She really tried to look cool and professional.

  • Dee Liora E san
    Dee Liora E san 3 days ago

    0:14 😟 i want both 🤑😭

  • Kiyimaru
    Kiyimaru 3 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • ‘Akeni-Chan’ఌ
    ‘Akeni-Chan’ఌ 6 days ago

    Nobody seen at 0:58 *froogle*

  • Adea Bakiu
    Adea Bakiu 6 days ago

    I think is not backpack kid is floss

  • Claudia Garcia Vieyra

    2:56 everyone loves a backpack kid!

  • thats the tea.
    thats the tea. 7 days ago

    Okay but.... the makeup is way better now

  • Hadeeka Hea
    Hadeeka Hea 7 days ago

    I don't know about others but to me the dance moves of the 90's are actually the best and still is the best!!! XD XD XD

  • She
    She 8 days ago

    People in comments are so upset about improper twerking and dabbing. I'm gonna throw up. Lord just take me, I don't wanna live anymore.

  • Slice_of_a_dilemA !
    Slice_of_a_dilemA ! 9 days ago

    Why she be dancing like that?

  • Theo Vadseth
    Theo Vadseth 11 days ago


  • Angelina Coffey
    Angelina Coffey 11 days ago

    A:Some of the dance names were wrong
    B: this was utterly ridiculous

  • Jodi Macarilay
    Jodi Macarilay 11 days ago

    K. That girl can't milly rock properly

  • Lighthouse Pictures
    Lighthouse Pictures 12 days ago

    Somethings are not correct here , only the rich had PC in the 90s i got my first PC in the 2003 first phone my uncle got in 2001 but almost nobody i knew had a mobile phone then. only more in the 2003 everyone started having phones by little or even later at my school

  • Carly Bearden
    Carly Bearden 12 days ago

    I wish I could go to the 80s and 90s and then to 2020 again

  • Michał N
    Michał N 12 days ago

    Ok, boomer

  • Galaxy Fox
    Galaxy Fox 13 days ago


  • Daisy Cottrell
    Daisy Cottrell 14 days ago

    I fort it was block busters

  • Dixie Thomason
    Dixie Thomason 14 days ago +1

    I wish we were still in the 90s😒

  • Ariana Clegg
    Ariana Clegg 14 days ago

    I call pizza rolls lava pockets

  • America Herrers
    America Herrers 15 days ago

    Please Don't DAB

  • Pahemata Jones
    Pahemata Jones 15 days ago

    What the frik is FOOGLE

  • Azriel Wutka
    Azriel Wutka 16 days ago

    I 100 love the 90s one better than this generation

  • Ayla Blackshaw
    Ayla Blackshaw 16 days ago

    That girl cannot twerk, dab, shoot, or floss oh my god

  • Ava Love
    Ava Love 16 days ago

    Backbag kid?
    It’s called a floss

  • banda0810
    banda0810 16 days ago

    Dat Girl cannot dab trust me!

  • Avan Maghrabi
    Avan Maghrabi 17 days ago +1

    I love Now more than 90s the girl in the video seems so middle class and stuffily....and the girl in the Now section seems so cool and lit and provocative...super cool

  • IronBoltz
    IronBoltz 18 days ago

    Vogue is Josuke :v

  • SOcoolAsmr 000
    SOcoolAsmr 000 18 days ago +1

    They both don’t know how to dance lol

  • Mia Vargas
    Mia Vargas 18 days ago

    Jk now

  • Genesis Velazquez
    Genesis Velazquez 18 days ago +1

    On the right isn't even doing the dance moves right💃💃🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

  • Cover Songs
    Cover Songs 19 days ago

    1:32 short body.. vs short body..

  • julrie /jayvee
    julrie /jayvee 19 days ago

    90's:Smooth Criminal
    20's:Bad Guy

  • Jim Onyel
    Jim Onyel 19 days ago

    90's won in the dance part

  • abcdefg hijklm
    abcdefg hijklm 19 days ago

    I prefer the 90s girl😈😈😋😋😋❤️edit:who else is watching this in 2020

    IVEE QUEEN 21 day ago

    That was not a twerk

  • Madilyn Ly
    Madilyn Ly 22 days ago +1

    Did someone realize in the beginning the phone had a Face ID but it also had a home button.....

  • JustMonkey Around
    JustMonkey Around 22 days ago +2

    When I saw the 2019 girl dance... my eyes- I just can’t I need to get my eyes bleached

    UNKNOWN 22 days ago

    Now is so much better than 90s

  • mintii
    mintii 23 days ago

    So apparently now girls in 2019 are fatter than in the 90s (look at the way they’re standing during the tattoo)

  • ༄Jaylyn Millan༄
    ༄Jaylyn Millan༄ 23 days ago


  • maddie H.
    maddie H. 23 days ago

    This made me cringe so hard

  • Diane Michelle
    Diane Michelle 24 days ago

    When this is you don't know
    I'm get these tease
    Anybody it got you life again
    I'm sorry with the cheese
    It is possible get depression
    In my soul with the cheese
    I don't care about this
    I know you got soul
    I paralyze get me bodies
    I am you are leader
    Everybody operation of love
    Operation of love ooh yeah

  • Natalie Perdomo
    Natalie Perdomo 24 days ago

    In 0:07 in 90's that's me asking mah crush at school XD

  • KPOP Lover
    KPOP Lover 25 days ago

    1 38 i like the 90s more

  • C Williams
    C Williams 25 days ago

    All I have to say is oh god

  • Charvi Jain
    Charvi Jain 25 days ago

    The names are so wrong 😂! Plus they don't even know how to do anything

  • Beautiful Makeup
    Beautiful Makeup 25 days ago

    Duller Spouse you mean fuller house BOY THIS IS 2019 NOT 2015

  • Red Wolfy
    Red Wolfy 25 days ago

    Its not called the shoot its called the hipe

  • McKinney Campbell
    McKinney Campbell 25 days ago

    Who else watching this in 2019

  • Monc Chen
    Monc Chen 26 days ago

    The back has been throw