Millyard Kawasaki S1 Four Cylinder Crankcases - How Its Made - Episode 1

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • In this video I show how I converted a pair of kawasaki S1 250 crankcases from 3 cylinder to four cylinder and fitted Kawasaki S3 400 barrels making the engine around 550cc with +0.5mm pistons. The process is carried out in my home workshop and shed using mainly hand tools and a 1950's vintage milling machine and my TIG welder which is a 15 year old 240V, 200A, DC/AC machine, and I use 5% silicone filler wire for welding cast aluminium. Tracey cooks some Oatmeal Cookies and Charlie Weaver helps in a supervisory capacity, in between his tipples of coarse!
    This video was filmed and edited using my iPhone 11 Pro.
    Hope you enjoy the video
    Best Regards

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  • gasdive
    gasdive  +289

    I still can't really believe this can be done. It's so obviously impossible. Yet you make it look easy. Just perfect.

  • Iain Slade

    The reason why he makes it look so easy is ....... Because he knows what he is doing and understands how to solve problems.

  • juan mcmahon

    We need a Nobel Prize for Mechanics here ... Incredible skill!

  • Zorktx Andnand

    No bike is ever made with the correct number of cylinders, according to Allen.

  • Josey WALES


  • tom thompson

    A rare Sunday treat , way better than Top Gear. A master class in how its done , it looks almost like its a follow along video , I bet theres a sudden shortage of S1 engines starting tomorrow, if the rest of the series is as detailed and clear , this could be a great project . Many thanks.

  • Carl Eddison

    "...this is where I'm going to cut them with my hacksaw..."!!! This man is an engineering genius. Incredible talent.

  • Leon Sutanta

    While everyone else convert their ICE vehicle to electric, Allen converts 3 cylinder engine to a 4 cylinder. What a legend!! We need more people like Allen.Thanks for sharing this video,Allen

  • Hari Mahadevan

    Inspiring stuff, especially when I myself am on such a seemingly impossible mission. Allen's (and Leo's) videos such as these give me so much motivation when I doubt my own resolve. Just wondering, and may be this has been dovumeted well before, how long did this process take?

  • Oliver Hancock

    Amazing level of accuracy performing those cuts with a hacksaw

  • Paul Hall
    Paul Hall  +17

    CGI? What's CGI? Allen does all that complicated stuff for real, in real time, and has time for a tea and a cookie. You never cease to amaze us, sir. Thank you again for allowing us into your incredible world.

  • Different Rides

    Best motorcycle engineering DIY (not) Channel of all times! There are "bike builders" and there's Allen, a complete different level!

  • 47MasoN47
    47MasoN47  +70

    I've been working on getting 2 old Honda CB550s running (nearly got 1 there), one of them had the threads for the drain plug on the oil pan stripped out. I managed to make a mess of drilling the hole out and tapping it to M14. It astounds me how you're able to just hack these engines apart and weld them together again like it's no big deal. You're an incredibly talented fellow!

  • Mark Miller

    Quite a fascinating process that you use here, Allen, to manufacture a complete set of crankcases for the 4 cylinder engine!

  • Wingnut Stickman

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- I guess after seeing this video, a hacksaw is sufficiently advanced technology, in the right hands of course. Excellent video, nice looking cookies. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kimmy Rask

    This video turned out perfect, I’m well pleased with that! Absolutely love this, keep it up mate!

  • Tom Truesdale

    I am always blown away by your knowledge, skills and abilities to do fabrication in "your shed" to such high standards. Will be following this build with great interest. As always Tracey fuels the build with her wonderful cooking.

  • John Welburn

    Allen is brilliant you really feel like you are in the workshop with him,I have used a hacksaw for over thirty years had expensive ones had dirt cheap ones never had the skill Allen has, great video

  • Richard Hall

    I absolutely love this guy's presentation. To the point, no fluff, and the bits about real life (pinching the wife's bakery) are so relatable. Oh, and he apparently knows a thing or two about machines.

  • Terry Topliss

    RESPECT Allen, your skills are to be admired. I’ve been an engineer most of my working life and never saw anyone better than you.👍👍👍