Whole Foods OR 99 Cents Store? Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 19, 2018
  • Can we guess if our clam chowder came from Whole Foods or the 99 Cents Store? We put our taste buds to the test in today's bargain vs budget-buster showdown! GMM #1278.1
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Comments • 4 850

  • Joe Galvan
    Joe Galvan Day ago


  • Sierra Grey
    Sierra Grey Day ago

    I’ve just always wanted to know- do you guys not eat all day so you’re hungry enough to eat all this

  • Laura K
    Laura K Day ago

    The whole foods cake seems old and stale af lol the 99 cent one looked better

  • Demi K
    Demi K 2 days ago

    Could just be nothing but I felt weird at 6:14 when he said 2,50 and pointed at his own dish and 6 dollars and pointed at rhett’s dish when they didn’t even voted yet, like he already knew it. But then again I could be just paranoid

  • FeelTheLack
    FeelTheLack 2 days ago

    I do my grocery shopping at the Dollar Tree no joke.

  • Madd Ambler
    Madd Ambler 4 days ago

    I like how thank you chef flew under the table. (Gordon Ramsey)

  • Mike Southsider
    Mike Southsider 4 days ago

    I want cake now thanks boys.

  • Triston Shealey
    Triston Shealey 5 days ago

    Me. I care.

  • Bella Floro
    Bella Floro 5 days ago

    They just picked the ones they liked better, they should of payed real attention to the quality of the food...

  • Sydney Parks
    Sydney Parks 6 days ago

    OMG these look great

  • PandaCrazed
    PandaCrazed 6 days ago

    am i the only one who feels like GMM gets subs as people are born, because literally everybody was here at like 2 million 😂

  • J4ger. aus
    J4ger. aus 9 days ago

    LINK WON! That day was a joyous day.

  • Fighting Irish
    Fighting Irish 10 days ago

    Why don't they put two portions for them so they don't have to reach over each other. I feel like like it would be a better taste test. They do this in every video

  • Brad Grierson
    Brad Grierson 10 days ago

    Wait. I can buy produce at the dollar store?

  • xxxcakexxx
    xxxcakexxx 11 days ago

    the hEam

  • Barking Ant
    Barking Ant 12 days ago

    I like this taste test. Usually its single item store vs. brand but I like that they actually used ingredients and made meals to taste test.

  • layne staley
    layne staley 14 days ago

    99 cent store much better than whole foods.

  • AllPepper No Salt
    AllPepper No Salt 15 days ago

    Anyone else feel like Rhett and link low key don’t like each other

  • Sydney Jane
    Sydney Jane 18 days ago

    Came here from “Rhett is an angry boi for 5 minutes”

  • Dapper Oof
    Dapper Oof 19 days ago

    Sooo cheaper is better?

  • That’s Not Mayo
    That’s Not Mayo 20 days ago +1

    4:02 link forgot to say Good MYTHICAL Morning. Detention!

  • Whitney McGregor
    Whitney McGregor 20 days ago

    Omg 11:46 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying

  • i_poodid lol
    i_poodid lol 21 day ago

    It's samich

  • John Moses
    John Moses 23 days ago +1

    Whole Foods tasted worse because it is healthier food, while 99 cent food just tastes better because of processing

  • Yummy Yummy For My Tummy

    10:30 that pun

  • JST Apple
    JST Apple 27 days ago +1


  • Neon Nemesis
    Neon Nemesis 28 days ago

    I shop at Central Market. 😐 Texas raised!

  • Reiya Wiles
    Reiya Wiles 28 days ago +1

    How is there a 70 cent sandwich if there are 4 ingredients int he sandwich? The 99 cent ONLY store???

    • Nr.9 Boon
      Nr.9 Boon 26 days ago

      You dont use all the ingredients that you buy. So for bread they probably used per slice price, ham the per ounce price, etc.

  • Cheyenne Kedy
    Cheyenne Kedy 29 days ago +1

    Lol Rhett is always worried about sharing things and germs and link doesn't care at all I love it

  • Kim Squier
    Kim Squier Month ago +2

    When Whole Foods is just Aldis wo the labor and packaging.
    Not too realizing that dollar tree (.99cent) store is getting the close to expiration offspring 🤷

    Essentially.. All the same store. Its a monopoly 🤦

  • zack roller
    zack roller Month ago

    They have to remember that whole foods isnt tastier food, its healthier food, and healthier food is nastier food. So you wouldnt wanna vote for the best tasting, youd be voting for the healthiest/not as artificially flavored tasting

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang Month ago

    The ham n cheese sandwich from the 99 cent store is better lunch then what you get at school and it’s way better and cheaper lol, that’s sad school lunches are so bad and is just slop on s plate with no real care at all and no preparation

  • chey cat
    chey cat Month ago

    what up with that sweater lol

  • Emma Kinzian
    Emma Kinzian Month ago +1

    That is some watery ass clam chowder

  • Jessica Zimmerman
    Jessica Zimmerman Month ago

    See?! Processed foods are better! Lmao

  • Justin B
    Justin B Month ago

    I happen to live in Austin (aka the birthplace of Whole Foods) and I can tell you that place is a waste of money.

  • KanaTenshi
    KanaTenshi Month ago

    loving that outro music ~

  • Ben Bdjdndmp
    Ben Bdjdndmp Month ago

    The reason that the 99 cents store taste better is because it’s pumped with chemicals. That’s why Whole Foods is so expensive, because it’s actually natural food.

  • Shane Ortega
    Shane Ortega Month ago

    Lucky you didn’t sing happy birthday you would of got copyright strikes lol m.j estate owns the patent

  • Tabitha Riggins
    Tabitha Riggins Month ago +1

    I mean, I might have to hit up the $.99 store 😂

  • Atom Bomber
    Atom Bomber Month ago +1

    Anyone else bothered that the sandwiches weren’t cut in triangles

    • Jose Arias
      Jose Arias Month ago

      Atom Bomber nick fury would disagree

  • Jacob Sung
    Jacob Sung Month ago

    7:15 why did she say thank you chef shes the chef lol

  • Hawkman104
    Hawkman104 Month ago +2

    They sell seafood at 99 Cents Store?

  • David Cardenas
    David Cardenas Month ago

    Thank you chef

  • Does Gaming
    Does Gaming Month ago

    when did they sell chicken at the dollar store?

  • Ambar Cuevas
    Ambar Cuevas Month ago

    what 99 cent store sells food??

    • GoogleMinus
      GoogleMinus Month ago

      Almost all of them sell the canned crap but the real produce is weird.

  • abcjackx
    abcjackx Month ago

    Only thing this proves is how wifeable the chef is

  • Abigail Kupfer
    Abigail Kupfer Month ago

    Rhett when he’s yelling to eat the “sandy” cake😂😂

  • Deloss92
    Deloss92 Month ago

    You guys have been eating after each other and feeding each other for how long and Rhett still wants to use his own spoon. You guys are too funny.

  • Dominic saraga
    Dominic saraga Month ago

    One has msg and the other doesnt lol

  • Peter Sorial
    Peter Sorial Month ago

    What dollar store you shopping at

  • Joseph Schultz
    Joseph Schultz Month ago

    D'awww, look at those 2k dislikes. It's adorable when people get mad about being called out on shopping at a scam market.

    • koila maoh
      koila maoh Month ago

      It is tho. Its targeted to the middle class, especially in Cali where they fall victim to these new scams, like antivaxers, over priced organic food, etc. Its a buzzword. Doesnt involve real science.

  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff Month ago

    You can buy meat at the 99 cent store?!!!!!

    xXMEGA_ _CHRONICXx Month ago

    Good thing there’s no whole foods in Canada but we have co-op food store with food ready to eat and made fresh.

  • Chupa Thingy
    Chupa Thingy Month ago

    Whyyyyyy did they bite the MIDDLE of the ham sandwich?! That made me twitch...

  • Trista Kittle
    Trista Kittle Month ago

    Anyone notice how Rhett always takes really big bites?

  • angel gomez
    angel gomez Month ago +7

    Think about it, Whole Foods, a generally "healthy" store sells stuff that does not exactly resemble tasty food but healthy food🤔

  • danielallen111
    danielallen111 Month ago

    Whole foods is garbage anyway, trader Joe's or something would've been better

  • Tommy Eris
    Tommy Eris Month ago +1

    Who thought that they were on the wrong video when Link started talking about reacting to celebrity tweets and Rhett eating beans?

  • piano devotion
    piano devotion Month ago

    When it comes to organic foods there are cases where cheaper options like 99 cent taste better. Because of more sugar and things like Thay. If they used somthing like strawberries, organic vs non organic, it would show

  • Robert Harmon
    Robert Harmon Month ago

    “Thank you chef.” Lol.

  • Thoranzalar Vhazen
    Thoranzalar Vhazen Month ago

    The 99 cent store charges you to use the damn shopping carts though so they aren't perfect.

  • TNTJones
    TNTJones Month ago

    I haven't been to California in 10 years but when I go back the first place I will go is the 99 cent store.

  • Echo Chavez
    Echo Chavez Month ago +1

    Never seen an avocado at a 99. Store

    • Amber Butts
      Amber Butts Month ago

      Echo Chavez On Cali, they're like 1.99 for a little bag of 4-6

  • Kams moto
    Kams moto Month ago

    I really want that breakfast burrito

  • KaietlynSq
    KaietlynSq Month ago

    When Rhett sang “firstttt” I wheezed😂😂The look on links face😂

  • mary sunshine
    mary sunshine Month ago

    If you can growing some of your own produce seems the healthiest option. It saved my family some money too. Also knowing what locally is edible and using your groceries in smarter ways like taking sweet potatoes and eat most of the inside but dissect the eyes and leave a bit of potato on them to begin sprouting them planting the eyes will give you edible greens and later on sweet potatoes again.

  • o r a n g e
    o r a n g e Month ago

    11:45 rhett reenacting the time he brought his kids to the beach for their birthday

  • HipHop Jazz
    HipHop Jazz Month ago

    What type of person are you
    Do you eat your sandwich from the side the corner the bottom or the top

  • Stephanie Valhalla
    Stephanie Valhalla Month ago

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  • Ryan Yates
    Ryan Yates Month ago

    I want a map of the .99 cent stores that have produce and clams. Are there any in Texas?

  • Kara Allen
    Kara Allen Month ago

    We don’t have 99 cent stores where i live

  • Ashley Donnelly
    Ashley Donnelly Month ago

    8:46 Rhett's a true American, dumb as a post the BBC is bias garbage.

  • Taylor Ermer
    Taylor Ermer Month ago +1

    Lol Rhett and that salsa had me DYING!!! Watched that part at least 5 times

  • The Lazy Lightbulb
    The Lazy Lightbulb Month ago

    Am I the only one thinking they should just use one flag

  • PewDiePie equals life forever Always

    There not sprinkles there hundred thousands

  • jaimeaguilar94
    jaimeaguilar94 Month ago

    Beardy has too much energy sometimes and the jackasses in the back will laugh at anything he says.........

  • Chris Turnbull
    Chris Turnbull 2 months ago

    whole foods cake looks absolutely gross

  • Dr. Killson
    Dr. Killson 2 months ago

    The cakes were basically a pound cake vs an angel food cake

  • Dr. Killson
    Dr. Killson 2 months ago

    People always forget that pesticides stop us from eating worms in our fruit

  • Zach FreezeK
    Zach FreezeK 2 months ago +1

    They basically spent the entire video proving that organic foods don't taste better😭😂😂😂

  • jerry whoomst
    jerry whoomst 2 months ago +1

    I love Rhett's sweater!

  • Danika Etty
    Danika Etty 2 months ago +3

    Guess what people double dipping doesn’t spread anymore germs than dipping once.

    • Murphy
      Murphy Month ago +1

      Danika Etty this is wrong

  • Trolling233
    Trolling233 2 months ago +1

    share that cake with me because my birthday is coming up soon.......its on march 1st if your wondering! :)

  • Chillz McKillz
    Chillz McKillz 2 months ago

    these guys are worth 10 million apiece?? why do all the evil people get rich? i want mine.

    MATTHEW STEVA 2 months ago

    whole foods vs sprouts

  • Sadie Hannah
    Sadie Hannah 2 months ago +2

    Guys. You can believe what you want but for the record my dad is a toxicologist. His job is to make sure pesticides are safe. Yes that’s a job. I promise organic is not better.

  • Aisha
    Aisha 2 months ago

    The mini shopping carts 😭

  • Heather G
    Heather G 2 months ago

    What dollar store has bacon & avocado??? Never seen that before...

  • It’s-Krys
    It’s-Krys 2 months ago

    Most of the time, food tastes better because of the bad chemicals out in to make it taste better. Sometimes healthier foods don’t taste too good. 😝

  • Stephanie Halim
    Stephanie Halim 2 months ago

    That thjng with the sauce kmaooo

  • Kyla Diaz
    Kyla Diaz 2 months ago


  • Liam O’Leary
    Liam O’Leary 2 months ago

    Whole Foods have natural ingredients which don’t taste as good but what you paying for is not the flavor

  • Barberic Pengwin
    Barberic Pengwin 2 months ago

    Literally every one they preferred was from the 99c store.

  • tina lmao
    tina lmao 2 months ago

    rhett be rocking them gator colors🤩

  • Da Boss Doug
    Da Boss Doug 2 months ago

    Juice, sauce: 1:54

  • Bobby
    Bobby 2 months ago

    It continues to blow my mind that people still think organic is healthier than GMO foods.

    • Bobby
      Bobby 2 months ago

      +Kim There is no research that supports organic is healthier by any extent. Organic is better for the environment because organic produce doesn't over spray pesticides, which creates runoffs into local streams, rivers and lakes.

    • Kim
      Kim 2 months ago

      It's healthier to a small extent, but not necessarily tastier or better for the environment.

  • Boston Baller
    Boston Baller 2 months ago +4

    1:54 “Juice, sauce...”

  • SUP Guys
    SUP Guys 2 months ago

    How do they come up with these corny challenge names

  • Jeemeli
    Jeemeli 2 months ago

    10:29 Links joke went completely unnoticed