HOLE IN ONE Challenge | Vokey SM8 Review

  • In this video Rick Shiels PGA Professional heads out to Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa to see if he can get a hole in one with the brand new Titleist Vokey SM8 golf wedges.
    Titleist Golf are known for their golf drivers, golf irons, golf putters & their Titleist Pro V1 Golf ball however they are arguably most well known for their Vokey series wedges.
    Rick Shiels reviews the Vokey SM8 wedges from around the green for lob shots, chip and run shots, pitch shots and bunker shots. Rick then heads onto a par 3 to hit 50 golf balls to see if he can get a hole in one!
    Are the Vokey SM8 better than the Titleist Vokey SM7? Will they help you to chip in more often, lower your golf score and improve your handicap?
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Comments • 80

  • Rick Shiels Golf
    Rick Shiels Golf  2 months ago +63

    Who do you think makes the best wedges?

  • Frank Berg
    Frank Berg 3 days ago

    Hey Rick. I really like this ego-less approach. Instead of manipulating the video you just share that it did not work. This is awesome, really.

  • Yaboi Bronx
    Yaboi Bronx 7 days ago

    P790 taylormade

  • Brent Jewell
    Brent Jewell 8 days ago

    Rick I really want a pitch mark how do I get one?

  • Kie W
    Kie W 10 days ago

    Live not far from here 😍

  • Might Be American
    Might Be American 12 days ago

    Legend says that rick shiels golf doesn’t like comments

  • Jared Holloman
    Jared Holloman 18 days ago

    He got it all the way to the hole so I liked the video... Awesome video anyway so he would have received a like regardless! :D

  • Nick Fry
    Nick Fry 22 days ago

    Its not a true hole and one if you hit off a matt

  • America First
    America First 23 days ago

    cost has nothing to do with skill.

  • Joel Leopard
    Joel Leopard 25 days ago

    You know Rick hired an intern the day before this video. "Hey boss, what's my first project?" Rick - "here's a pitchfork, get to work."

  • Bert Smith
    Bert Smith 28 days ago

    £160 is ridiculous for a bit of cast stainless steel polished up, no wonder there's a lot of snobbery in the game. Seriously at £15 each you would still be being ripped of for what they actually would cost to make. A lost was casting for these would not be more than £5.

  • Skrzy
    Skrzy Month ago

    can u just hit the fucking ball Jesus

  • Joe P
    Joe P Month ago

    No matter what club’s you play, it’s the Wizard; not the wand.

  • Mack Kalinowski
    Mack Kalinowski Month ago

    how tall are you

  • Tdgozzo 6
    Tdgozzo 6 Month ago

    0:46 the finishes look great as sh*t 😂😂

  • MrGatortail21
    MrGatortail21 Month ago

    So how do I get a Rick Shields divot repair tool?

  • Dredd
    Dredd Month ago

    I would’ve sent at least half of those in to the lake 😂

  • Gavinsgolfs ?
    Gavinsgolfs ? Month ago

    Rick I just got the odyssey stroke lab 10 for my birthday because of your videos

  • H Thibert
    H Thibert Month ago

    Has a ping bag filled with Titleist wedges lol

  • Maxwell N
    Maxwell N Month ago

    Ive got a few black wdges and i only play 10 times a year outside and there silver on the face, i wonder if that messes with the spin when the paint falls off

  • Cajun Hustle
    Cajun Hustle Month ago

    Love the track

  • Mike Forbes
    Mike Forbes Month ago

    Rick, please can you review the new Bridgestone Tour B balls. With the ProV1 stats as a baseline. Please

  • Jackson Stewart
    Jackson Stewart Month ago

    He literally got 20k likes

  • LyonHeartCustomWeapo

    Rick awesome video, love the channel. You should do a head to head shoot out with the SM8, JAWS and T-20.

  • Andrew Fallon
    Andrew Fallon Month ago

    that green wasn't very fast. I'm sure of the shots you had would have gone in if they were Augusta greens.

  • Pika golf
    Pika golf Month ago

    Very good!!!!!

  • RW163
    RW163 Month ago

    You've got more chance platting piss than a hole in 1 buddy

  • Johny the BFG
    Johny the BFG Month ago

    I don't watch golf
    I dont play golf
    I don't even really like golf
    Why have I spent the last 2 hours looking at different drivers balls and wedges?

  • Mr Kopite XI
    Mr Kopite XI Month ago

    Did he say inconsistencies?... Dude you have 50 bone dry balls... At least 20 of mine would have been swimming!

  • harryrooster1
    harryrooster1 Month ago

    Wow man i can’t bounce it 3 times in a row...so much props Rick!

  • Out of the Blue
    Out of the Blue Month ago

    I challenged my 15 year old daughter to hit a floating green on a lake in the resort where we were staying last week. The green was about 3m x 3m and was about 120 yards away. We played twice a day for 5 days and by the end she was only just missing it using a 6 iron. She had never played before. I am hoping she keeps her interest. She said I am a good teacher but she is a good student and listened to the advice.

  • Biagio Cozza
    Biagio Cozza Month ago

    Great video Rick, love the video mate, Titleist has always made my favorite wedges, they are awesome 🤩🤩🤩

  • fruity monster
    fruity monster Month ago

    Is the pitch mark tool for sale?

    ANY1aBLUE Month ago +1

    What a shame we didn’t really get a proper in depth review of these wedges. As charismatic as you are, the actual club analysis is what golfers want and a personal ‘hole in one’ comp doesn’t do that, because they are flukes. It’s a bit of self grandiosity? A direct comparison with sm7 side by side, with proper stats, and advice on how the grinds/bounce are effected by the new tech of SM8, would have been more useful to prospective buyers.......could you do it again, and properly please, as no one else has access to them.

  • Dan Hurst
    Dan Hurst Month ago

    Those wedges look lovely. I'm new to golf so maybe my opinion isn't as valid as most.... But some golf clubs appear to be victims of market spin - Too much emphasis on pretend developments and busy designs make the club heads look messy. These... Are a breath of fresh air. I may consider buying one of these in the future. As it is, my bashed up Bridgestone 60 degree wedge is still serving me well. Good vid, Rick.

  • Colin Davidson
    Colin Davidson Month ago +1

    SM7,s available with your preferred shaft options and head finish for £89 on completeg@lf3r.....hold me back! (£160....ouch).

  • Ruan Molenhuis
    Ruan Molenhuis Month ago

    You had to show all the pitch marks and ad a fast forward clip to it. That would have been satisfying/cool.

  • Daniel Mascarenhas
    Daniel Mascarenhas Month ago

    Guys please go follow my Instagram I am 14 years old and aspiring to be a professional golfer, I play off 1 so please support me with the journey
    @Daniel J Mascarenhas

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Forget about wedges, its about the wedge shafts!

  • Ron Cranfield
    Ron Cranfield Month ago

    Great challenge Rick! My question...how does someone get one of your pitch forks?!? Very cool!

  • electropneumatic
    electropneumatic Month ago

    I'll definitely echo Rick on this one. If you can pick up the SM7s on the discount. I added 3 last season and they have been the best addition to my bag.

  • Robert Ball
    Robert Ball Month ago

    Great video, awesome click up🏌️‍♂️
    Cleveland make the best Wedges in my opinion but vokey make the best looking Wedges

  • Jacob Driver
    Jacob Driver Month ago

    The real question is where'd you get that hat??

  • Hayden Portelli
    Hayden Portelli Month ago

    tried to find that hat online and no luck. any more info on it?

  • Matthew aubel
    Matthew aubel Month ago

    Hey Rick, Can you review the Callaway strata golf set🤔

  • Chris Bowling
    Chris Bowling Month ago

    Nice repair tool!

  • Gavin H Golf
    Gavin H Golf Month ago

    Those are some nice wedges they really spin great vid

  • Kyle Frye
    Kyle Frye Month ago

    That was fun to watch but not very informative about the new wedges, I’d like to here a more in depth review about the feel and spin rates and your general impressions.

    • Bobby Dando
      Bobby Dando Month ago

      They feel identical to the sm7s. The only change they made was adding the d grind in the sand wedge lofts. The higher lofted wedges have a longer hosel to promote the center of gravity to be more forward and lower on the face promoting slightly lower ball flight. Also the chrome finish isn’t quite as shiny as the sm7. I’m one of the fitters in the Atlanta market just FYI so if you’re in or around Atlanta come test some out!

  • NovaScene
    NovaScene Month ago

    Love how Rick is not afraid to call out the products, for example steep pricing, keep doing what you do Rick 👏🏼

  • Lee Slaney
    Lee Slaney Month ago

    Still take most them shots 👌
    P.s when’s the Fleetwood video coming out??

  • Trevor Reenan Golf
    Trevor Reenan Golf Month ago +1

    Hey Rick! Great video as always but here is an idea for a potential series. You should do a golf tech review series with some expensive and cheap launch monitors, GPS devices, training aids ect. Just an idea. Keep up the great content.

  • KevinS
    KevinS Month ago

    £160.00 !! You can buy 3 x SM6 brand new for that price and I bet there is no difference.
    Only wedge I have paid full price for was a Cleveland RX4 for £129.00 and that included 4 x 40 minute group (4 golfers in the group) short game lessons from the club pro, and fitting for the wedge, any loft any spec.

  • John Pulido
    John Pulido Month ago

    Mr Shields there is a new product well the newer version of the SC 200 it’s called the SC 200 PLUS that can measure your club head speed would you be interested on doing a review on that item. I am very interested in purchasing one I just would like your opinion on it. Thank you

  • Thomas Whitehead
    Thomas Whitehead Month ago

    Is that a Rick Shiels pitch fork?????

  • Daniel Sutton
    Daniel Sutton Month ago

    So I am pretty new to the sport of golf. I have watched many other golfing TheXvidr'ers and Rick Shiels I personally find is by far the best one I can find. Always look forward to the next video! Cheers mate.

  • francisco castro verdugo

    Nice video Rick! Hey, have you seen these golf balls before? thexvid.com/video/6OdUNe_xzYg/video.html

  • Karl Dann
    Karl Dann Month ago

    Amazing keepy ups

  • str8cndian
    str8cndian Month ago

    I use Callaway vintage forged with the old groove style,, way better spin on a wedge who's face doesn't wear out after 500 strikes.. To tell you the truth i think the big companies make the faces of the new wedges to wear out quickly so you gotta keep buying new ones. It's a sham! bloat!

  • Tommy Badowski
    Tommy Badowski Month ago

    You earned that like!

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    Enjoyed your review Rick, I have only ever played with Vokey and really looking forward to getting the SM8s, they are expensive but they really are excellent wedges , lets not forget they are the scoring clubs, 3 wedges are a similar price to some drivers.

  • Mark Latter
    Mark Latter Month ago

    Rick you should def do a vid like the euro tour, 500 balls one hole for a hole in one, would be a good watch 👍🏻

  • beat kaeser
    beat kaeser Month ago

    Good shots Rick...nice clubs...next time try a barber shop before a challenge for precision 😎

  • TimmyVision
    TimmyVision Month ago

    Why are you so weak 😂

  • frogmarched
    frogmarched Month ago

    these wedges made a huge improvement for my 99 year old mum who never hit a golf ball in her life ,gave her one of these wedges and boom she hits them 150 yards and holes every shot they work for her she now wants to start playing ,only problem took her to the putting green and she can not putt still hits it 150 with spin

  • Woodsy
    Woodsy Month ago

    Still using sm4

  • Steve Barker
    Steve Barker Month ago

    Club prices are getting silly with £160 for a wedge!

  • Ryan Levene
    Ryan Levene Month ago

    side comment here, interesting to see your dispersion. I'm a 9 handicapper and I think I have way too high expectation for accuracy into greens.

  • RC Miller
    RC Miller Month ago

    i have always found it more difficult for me to control short irons off a mat; nicely done try though

  • Ken May
    Ken May Month ago

    I watch you all of the time but I was sure I would not press the "like" button, but you made it, so I did it!..Cheers from Virginia, USA.

  • Ian Long
    Ian Long Month ago

    Errm. Like that pitch fork dude!

  • Nintense
    Nintense Month ago

    Yo Rick, where did you get that hat from?

  • No Brainers
    No Brainers Month ago

    I would have had about 5 pitch marks from that many shots

  • Sham Yapa
    Sham Yapa Month ago

    Tekkers 👏🏾

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles Month ago

    Rick. Your next video should be 'HOW MANY BIRDIES CAN I GET IN A ROW'. Either that or 'HOW TO FIX PITCH MARK FIXERS BACK'.

  • elijah monaghan
    elijah monaghan Month ago +1

    only true rick shiels golf fans can like this comment.

  • Tom Ahoks
    Tom Ahoks Month ago

    HI1 ratio is 1:2000. There ya go.

  • Robert Mayer
    Robert Mayer Month ago

    Have to think it took a lot longer to repair all the pitch marks than make the fifty shots!

  • Mother Algorithm
    Mother Algorithm Month ago

    Do not tell me to like anything

  • João Albuquerque
    João Albuquerque Month ago

    definitely had to drop my like for that wedge stunt show

  • chicharito229
    chicharito229 Month ago

    I'm still waiting to hear 'quest golf academy....gc quad, pro v1'