Britain's Got Talent 2019 The Champions Mayyas Incredible Dance Routine 3rd Round Audition

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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  • سولى سولى
    سولى سولى 8 hours ago

    حينما يندمج الجمال اللبناني مع الأصاله المصرية العريقة كل الحب 🇱🇧🇪🇬

  • Dani Moran
    Dani Moran 18 hours ago

    Maravilloso :0

  • Black Shieldy boi
    Black Shieldy boi 2 days ago

    Proud of Lebanon and for Mayyass Group

  • 熬夜怼人
    熬夜怼人 2 days ago


  • Leo King
    Leo King 3 days ago

    It's sad that they didn't won bgt

  • Ana Bts92
    Ana Bts92 3 days ago


  • Peeing Being
    Peeing Being 4 days ago

    Truly mesmerising. Love from India.

  • نوميديا بوقرة

    لبنان ....متميز

  • Eduardo Guillen
    Eduardo Guillen 5 days ago

    ¿Satanic? Piramides ojo de horus

  • Zenap Ali
    Zenap Ali 5 days ago

    #Arab got talent

  • Ibrahimovic Mustang
    Ibrahimovic Mustang 5 days ago

    ماسووووونية lvl 999

  • Srayan Jacobs
    Srayan Jacobs 6 days ago +1

    what's the song that starts after the performance???

  • Tamer Atef
    Tamer Atef 6 days ago

    Greatness upon greatness ❤️

  • Muhamad Riyad F
    Muhamad Riyad F 7 days ago

    I think the mean is Dajjal will coming

  • DBSchenker Mike
    DBSchenker Mike 11 days ago

    Mastery and Synchronization made them the winner

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 days ago

    This is not Arabic nor representative of the Arabic culture. It is as alien to Arabic culture as it is to any other. Just a Western orientalist construct.

    • Mohamed Tarek
      Mohamed Tarek Day ago

      It's Arab culture you idiot we have such performances all across the MENA region

  • Myriam Filali
    Myriam Filali 13 days ago


  • Ico
    Ico 14 days ago +2

    من المؤسف رؤية كل هذا الإعجاب من العالم لكن نكران و حماقات من العرب و هم الاقرب الى هذه التحفة الفنية. ان لم يعجبكم اللباس فما عليكم الا عدم الرؤية و ان اردتم الفتوى ففعلو ذلك في اماكن مخصصة يا مندوبي السماء. اما فيما يخص من يتكلم عن الرموز الماسونية فهذا ليس إلا انعكاس لتفاهة الشخصية العربية و تفاهة ما تقرأ. اغربوا من هذا المكان يا حمقى و اتركونا نستمتع بسلام.

  • shingeki no kyojin
    shingeki no kyojin 14 days ago

    بغض النظر عن اللبس والرقص تعودنا عليه بالاعلام ولاكن اللي يقهر هو ان الرقصه ماسونية الهرم والعين في منتصفه واخر رقصه كانت قنبلة

    • Asm Asm
      Asm Asm 14 hours ago

      شو دخل الماسونية، هاي العين الي بتقي من الحسد، والي عالايد هي رمز الطاووس الخ

    TWO SIDES 14 days ago


  • Ja Moin
    Ja Moin 15 days ago

    Illuminati shit at the end ??? With the pyramid and the EYE ? And the women with a baphomet mask ???

    • Asm Asm
      Asm Asm 14 hours ago

      The eye represents the evil eye protection, the one on their hand represents peacock, and so on, read about arab and asian culture

  • Nabila Nano
    Nabila Nano 16 days ago

    الهرم والعين؟

  • Alex Hage
    Alex Hage 17 days ago +1

    They're talented , but to be honest . Fuk the illuminati . I'm embarrassed as a Lebanese person.

  • Eng/Eslam Salam Ashry
    Eng/Eslam Salam Ashry 17 days ago +1

    It happens when Arab art meets together. Lebanon is the heart ♥️ of Egypt

  • Kalabooz
    Kalabooz 17 days ago

    These girls knocked it out of the park. This was the best performance I've seen in any of these shows. Great job and keep it up. You make us all very proud. Love from Morocco.

  • Vegan Lifestyle
    Vegan Lifestyle 18 days ago

    So they won the battle bc of the Middle East they, blame n finger point at?🤔

  • LadyHeathersLair
    LadyHeathersLair 19 days ago +5

    They should have made top three in the third round.

  • abdalrahim abdallah
    abdalrahim abdallah 21 day ago

    الفرقة لبنانية ليش يعملوا عرض مصري ؟
    مفيش مصري حيرضى يعمل عرض لبناني

  • خلود عبد
    خلود عبد 21 day ago

    ماسونيه باحتراف

  • جنـى
    جنـى 21 day ago

    من لاحض رموز الماسونيه🤔

  • sof Iane
    sof Iane 22 days ago

    I love it ..nice show

  • le solitaire
    le solitaire 22 days ago

    magnifique 👍😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • camila cabello estrabo
    camila cabello estrabo 22 days ago +3

    Lebanese people are amazing!!!!!they're so beautiful ❤️

  • Milod Teni
    Milod Teni 22 days ago

    انجاز عظيم شرقتو العرب واسلام مثلا علي اقل لباس محترم يليق بااسلام

  • Mustafa Rahman
    Mustafa Rahman 23 days ago

    فكره ماسونيه

  • Haggen007
    Haggen007 23 days ago

    I was waiting for Shakira to appear in any moment lol. She danced to the same song for her Ojos Asi live performance.

  • let's go
    let's go 23 days ago

    A 100 % illuminate

  • Majdouline
    Majdouline 23 days ago +4

    What's up with the pyramid, the eyes on their hands, the eye they shapes and the thorns on that girl's head ? Everybody is talking about their talent but no one is gonna talk about all these things ?

  • سامحني يا رب

    اكبر تمثيل ماسوني شفتو بحياتي

  • gana abo zead
    gana abo zead 23 days ago

    انت عمري ام كلثوم الحان محمد عبد الوهاب

  • james MINE
    james MINE 23 days ago +1

    Satanismo - illuminati - massoneria

    • Ali Sami
      Ali Sami 21 day ago

      You are sad news arent you .

  • Cherry Ding
    Cherry Ding 24 days ago

    The Chinese had similar dance few years back.

  • Google Fi
    Google Fi 24 days ago +1

    The music is Egyptian
    The dance is Egyptian
    The singer is Egyptian
    The pharaoh style dance pyramid etc

  • ali haeqh
    ali haeqh 24 days ago

    جاي يقول اجنبي ياحبيبي عرب

  • Emma Frost
    Emma Frost 25 days ago +1

    It’s the same Arabic theme tune Shakira uses. 😬😍

  • Bch Hanan
    Bch Hanan 25 days ago

    وين نلقى العرب نجي 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿تحية للبنان من الحزائر 🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧

  • Zena Safadi
    Zena Safadi 25 days ago

    yaaaas Lebanoooon!!! proud ❤️❤️

    GK SPARTANS 26 days ago

    Good luck my favourite dancing team..........MAYYAS...........Triple gem bless for you...Greetings from SriLanka

  • jojl kimo
    jojl kimo 26 days ago

    ماسونين مثل العين التي عملوها في الاخير و شاشة

  • Judy Ghnam
    Judy Ghnam 26 days ago

    1:40 هي البنوتة الكيوت يلي كانت ب yalla feed صحح??😍

  • Slim A.
    Slim A. 26 days ago

    Many thanks to everyone who said positive comments on the performance of the girls in the Mayyas group. of course we Lebanese are all proud of them and true they should be proud of themselves for accomplishing this milestone. for all negative commenters, if you don't like what you are seeing then why are you watching? no need for the hate, negative comments or insults. this is a pure talent show, not a political rally or cultural debate. The choreography was intricate and amazing, the moves are perfect and the whole tableau looks amazing, I guess no one can deny that otherwise all of you (haters and likers) wouldn't have watched the whole thing and took the time to comment. we are proud to be Lebanese and to have Mayyas represent our lovely small country in international shows like BGT, and have a full auditorium do a standing ovation for the girls. Art is not for everyone, and unfortunately, some cultures/countries find it lovely, and others consider it offensive, but that's the way it is. it can never cater to every taste and country. No need for name-calling or bad language. Lebanon has and will always be a welcoming place to all cultures and visitors. So let's enjoy the show and give a thumbs up to the effort those girls made because they surely deserve it. Proudly Lebanese :-)

  • Mobam Ukhwah selama - nya

    Iblis @ syaitan @ Jin @ Devil


    • Emma Frost
      Emma Frost 25 days ago

      Mobam Ukhwah selama - nya Its art.

  • Fee
    Fee 27 days ago +2

    Wow i love i’m so proud of ya guys I support you from Kuwait 🇰🇼🥺🙏🏻

  • حين ميميم
    حين ميميم 27 days ago


  • Naoufal El
    Naoufal El 27 days ago

    الماسونية بأم عينيها المتلت والعين في الاخير وزيد وزيد

  • Hamza Imad
    Hamza Imad 29 days ago

    The band performed a wonderful Masonic

  • Hamza Imad
    Hamza Imad 29 days ago

    الفرقة قامت بعرض ماسوني رائع

  • Lah Bou
    Lah Bou 29 days ago

    Amazing performance!!

  • LA H
    LA H Month ago

    Where is the golden buzzer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • أبن عروس الفرات

    هاي الفرقة من لبنام يعني
    بس بصراحة ممبدعين خولوني