Do All White People Think The Same About Race?

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
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Comments • 48 743

  • El Inconsecuente
    El Inconsecuente Hour ago


  • Sibu Ncube
    Sibu Ncube Hour ago

    I am really loving Faith, she is legit so woke as well as the the other two guys, Joe and Korbin.
    The girl in the floral dress, Paige, is also very self aware, I see her changing her mind sometimes and I hope it's not because she was pressured to do so but because she actually realised that she may have interpreted the question wrong for example, or been given a new perspective

  • iloh kingsley isioma

    the level of ignorance in this video is amazing, especially displayed by the two ladies in the front

  • Pheonix Fire
    Pheonix Fire Hour ago

    Americans say "like" wayyy to much.

  • Jordan Berry
    Jordan Berry Hour ago

    faith seems like she's a lot of fun

  • sıla
    sıla 2 hours ago

    she really compared being told she couldnt dance to actual racism...

  • Ryan Tiemann
    Ryan Tiemann 6 hours ago

    The questions here needed to be more than just race questions. I want to know how folks feel about Trump. Like in the first Spectrum just ask "Is Trump invited to the barbeque?" or something!

  • BadBhitchLí
    BadBhitchLí 7 hours ago

    can you guys do this but w immigrants or like hispanic or just different ethnic groups

  • Will
    Will 8 hours ago

    these people mixed up ethnicity and race, ethnic groups have cultures and cultural identities not racial groups. systematic racism exists, face to face racism also exists, and they affect each racial group differently, sometimes even ethnic groups get mixed up in the system. The only thing you can do as a person is go through your life grateful for what you have and and demonstrate: respect, tolerance, self-control, fairness, empathy, Patience and gratitude. everybody struggles to hold one of these virtues but all of them make a good person

  • Broc Connor
    Broc Connor 8 hours ago

    My Heart is so soft watching this and im so glad i watched it.. because not only is the black community suffering but there are whites out here suffering to.. I never looked at it from this perspective and i believe that im always considering all variables.. this was beyond touching. and heartfelt. its ashame what people in the past have done to create this disconnect here in our present. I almost cant imagine not being proud of my skin color, my race.. i understand completely where they are coming from, so to have people tarnish what that means for an entire race is selfish to those who don't stand for what they made "proud of being white" stands for. Almost , if not saying my race is not known for love or the upbringing of anyone.. so why should i be proud... that is so unfortunate. We need more conversations like this... thanks so very much for this video

  • Zane Cason
    Zane Cason 8 hours ago

    I'm white and I would have had very polarizing opinions in this group.

  • Broc Connor
    Broc Connor 8 hours ago

    I think this is Awesome!!!!

  • S JKN
    S JKN 9 hours ago

    My thing with the "I'm proud to be white" is that I, as a white woman, am proud to be a woman. Exactly like they were saying, there are things that I go through and things that I have to deal with just because I'm a woman, but I'm not proud to be white. Because there's no work involved. I don't have to fight for anything and I don't have to work or watch myself or be careful. You know?

  • Liam Baynon
    Liam Baynon 10 hours ago

    Lol of course we don’t all think the same about race. We’re the least likely of all groups to have a monolithic view on race. Studies show that less white people see their race as a core part of their identity then any other race in America. Blacks are the race that see their race as a core part of their identity more than any other group. I don’t understand how so many people have so much hate for perhaps the most ideologicaly diverse group on the planet. Studies also show that we have the most divided voting record. African Americans vote 90% Democratic Hispanics over 50%

  • Anna
    Anna 11 hours ago +1

    these comments are so strange? being white in america is a different experience than being white in other countries. our history of 400 years of slavery juuust might contribute to that lol. it's weird how the people in the video are like, "yeah, my non-white friends told me i couldn't dance but that didn't offend me lol" and the comments are like woah :/ these people are so offended!! huh? they're offended bc..... they respect that they benefit from being white in a society that has, historically, favored white people?? they're offended bc they realize being told they can't dance is different from systemic racism? being denied housing/jobs based on skin color? getting longer prison sentences for the same drugs at higher rates? i'm white and i'm not "guilty," or trying to be "PC" or "woke," i just understand how my experience differs. it isn't rocket science. i swear racists flock to these kinds of videos lol.

  • Mattmattmattmatt
    Mattmattmattmatt 13 hours ago +1

    Liberals everywhere

  • Maria Perna
    Maria Perna 13 hours ago

    It's sad that these people aren't proud to be themselves, strong white guilt

  • Maria Perna
    Maria Perna 13 hours ago

    checkered pants girl seems offended at everything on behalf of other people

  • Marsela Fuentez
    Marsela Fuentez 14 hours ago

    Do all interracial couples or mixed people think the same or Latinos !!

  • Mashaallah Moradi
    Mashaallah Moradi 15 hours ago

    Ok these people are retarded

  • Taesticles
    Taesticles 17 hours ago

    They’re focus on American white than WHITE WHITE people

  • Tommy Lee
    Tommy Lee 18 hours ago

    Smh really gotta stop doing it with people from California. Find some fobs, when it's about white people don't ask only race related questions, and lastly idk lost my train of thought


    _Okay but, Korbin is the real MVP_

  • stoffeee rabi
    stoffeee rabi 23 hours ago

    I'd like to see the same "experiment" again, but this time with people who have at least a shred of selfrespect

  • Diddi LND
    Diddi LND Day ago

    Korbin the real MVP

  • Imamia Murshed
    Imamia Murshed Day ago

    I like Joe.

  • Uppaw
    Uppaw Day ago +1

    I wish they got a European

  • Gary Stenstrom
    Gary Stenstrom Day ago +1

    OMG!!! When I watched the episode "Do All Black People Think The Same?" they ALL the participants chose to "Absolutely Agree" with the statement "I am proud to be black" ... The answer to the same question from these kids is absolutely crushing. We are raising a guilt-ridden generation who have been shamed into hating themselves fro absolutely no reason. Only one person could even "Somewhat agree"? Being whatever color we are is a part of who we are as individuals ... we should be allowed to be proud of that.
    Arguing that skin color is not an achievement is fair, but should be applied to everyone. Being born black is no more of an achievement than being born Asian or Hispanic or White. Sure you may suffer oppression, but we all suffer some form inequality, bias and hardship ... but do you rise above it or succumb to it? If you succumb to adversity and let it beat you then what pride does skin color confer to you? If you rise above adversity then it's the RISE that you have to be proud of, not your skin color.
    There is no race that has not endured slavery at some point in the history of this world. The crime of slave trading has not been the limited to people with white skin. While excuses should not be made for it, all anyone can affect is THEIR own behavior and attitude. As a person of any ethnicity ... do you, yourself knowingly or willfully take advantage of or treat others unfairly? To suggest that someone must pay for the actions of others over whom they have had no control is unjust and simply wrong.

    This notion that we are allowed to shame White people for something that they were not even alive for is a form of ... oppression. But that would be crazy right? Because we know how unspeakable an act that is.

  • Changeling Swarm
    Changeling Swarm Day ago +1

    Im a proud white person. Not because of what people did in the past. I am proud of who i am.

  • Louis lavue
    Louis lavue Day ago

    I'm black and i think that whatever your skin or your culture is, you have to be proud of it

  • Michael Sheridan

    3:10 log out of own eye before saw dust in other people? I believe the quote is splinter and beam

  • Sadie Ray
    Sadie Ray Day ago

    I one hundred percent agree with the girl in the floral dress on the last question “I am proud to be white” or whatever it was lmao. My race is a part of me and I am proud to be me so to be proud of myself I have to be proud of my race therefore being proud of my race.

  • Boomer
    Boomer Day ago +1

    White Guilt is pathetic in the Amerimutt state, don't be ashamed of your ancestors accomplishments and don't lower yourself to "people" who have never contributed anything nor would have.
    Europe is the last stand.

  • CoffeeWithMaria
    CoffeeWithMaria Day ago

    Being white isn’t part of a culture. WTf

  • kuuipo
    kuuipo 2 days ago +1

    korbin can get it

  • Lucy Allen
    Lucy Allen 2 days ago

    What about Asian people

  • Gina Belle
    Gina Belle 2 days ago

    Race is a social construct white ppl created to oppress other ppl. So I agree with the thoughts on the proud question.

  • Gina Belle
    Gina Belle 2 days ago

    Whoever coined the term reverse racism deserves a beat down. That’s literally not a thing. Also, saying something mean is not racist. Prejudiced maybe, yes.

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens 2 days ago

    Douche chill

  • Sideways
    Sideways 2 days ago

    In american accent "I am hella Irish"

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 2 days ago +1

    yo... the reason that chick isnt worried about being pulled over is not because she is white or a woman... it's because she has krispy kreme sitting shotgun...

    PARAD0X 2 days ago

    Asking the whitest white people about race because you don't want people blowing up your channel

  • PikaPlayer
    PikaPlayer 2 days ago +1

    Honestly whatever mate just be proud of yourself and what you do it doesn't have to be a color or a race or anything in that matter just be proud of yourself:)

  • henwich
    henwich 2 days ago

    I'm with that Irish guy. I'm proud to be Polish, but what reason do I have to be proud of being white? There's no "white culture," white people are a mixture of different cultures, features and histories. The only thing we have in common is white privilege. Plus the people who talk about "white culture" are usually white supremacists that don't want me in their club anyway 'cause I'm a Jew.

    • Joshua Simpson
      Joshua Simpson Day ago +1

      Finn is absolutely correct, European migrants integrate into English society far faster than any POC groups, they are indistinguishable from natives after just one generation. Indians were in the British Empire for over 300 years and we still share less culture with them than we do with the people of Poland or France.

    • Finn Wraith
      Finn Wraith Day ago +1

      +henwich Just like over here in Finland we were invaded by the Swedes and they ruled over over us for over 700 years. And some parts of Swedish culture and the language is now part of our society. Now we do not consider our selfs a different race from the Swedes.

    • Finn Wraith
      Finn Wraith Day ago +1

      +henwich You know irish were invaded by the English. But I still haven't heard claim there not the same race as the English. And the English culture has not had impact on their society. And that impact is permanent and part of their society now.

    • henwich
      henwich Day ago

      +Finn Wraith Just watch me.

    • henwich
      henwich Day ago

      ​+Finn Wraith Read even one sentence of Irish history.

  • Nicholas Young
    Nicholas Young 2 days ago +1

    why tf wouldnt you be proud to be white fk being politically correct. its part of who you are, its the pigment of the cells that make up your body, forget the connotation behind it you should be proud of your brown eyes, and your orange hair and your white skin.

  • Nicholas Young
    Nicholas Young 2 days ago +1

    rappers should NOT use the n-word.
    the only way that word is going to be out of peoples vocabularies is if black people reject the use of the word by anyone. the EXACT way that gay people don't condone the word fa**ot and now its extremely unacceptable to use in music and daily life

  • Leah Grant
    Leah Grant 2 days ago +1

    As a black person I can say I want you to see my color because it’s apart of who I am I want you to watch my culture drip from my skin because it’s my identity when people say they don’t see color there just trying to say that they don’t care about where you come from and that we’re all human but you can see my color colors are a beautiful thing they have disadvantages but there is something so beautiful about being brown and beautiful I’m blessed from head to toe

  • Lilly Par
    Lilly Par 2 days ago +1

    The one in the black jacket is annoying af.

  • karen
    karen 2 days ago +2

    yes u should be proud of being white. What is wrong with that? I am not white but just my opinion. Racism happens in any racism. There is no reverse racism, just racism

      JULIA SPRENG 10 hours ago

      i agree, but there is always someone there to judge. Thats why most white people dont wanna say they are proud. ig thats just how i see it.

  • legitpenguin123
    legitpenguin123 2 days ago

    This is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen

  • ZenoDaArtist A Hundon

    Lmfao they picked some of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen

  • Mr Petty
    Mr Petty 2 days ago

    I appreciate every but the girl in black no wonder she got picked on girl is the flower print, guy with beard, and guy in hat def getting BBQ invite her and the girl proud to be white sitting outside the cookout with Kanye!

  • 59Gretsch
    59Gretsch 2 days ago +1

    Are there really this many white ppl lacking confidence?
    I'm stunned that all the Left has to do is reinvent a definition of a word (such as racism) and they fall for it. White people, you have to grow your reasoning skills, seriously..... you are better than this.

  • MyMannyMess
    MyMannyMess 3 days ago

    I feel like... if we focus on race, like... it will literally, like, divide us. But, like... on the other, like, hand... it will definitely , like, bring us together.

  • Paige S
    Paige S 3 days ago

    I feel like next time you do this you should as foreigners, whether they be from europe, africa, south america, etc. living in north america is already a privlege no matter what race you are, so i feel like these segments are biased. i believe everyone no matter what skin colour, has it easier in america and i would be curious to listen to other peoples opinions from other countries.

  • Sky Cloud
    Sky Cloud 3 days ago

    This can only end badly... for the planet.

  • AnnaMae1242
    AnnaMae1242 3 days ago

    I think it's ok to be proud to be white, it's being proud of who you are, just like black people we didn't chose to be white. Where I live at least, black and white people are treated the same (and I'm very glad its that way) I believe we all have the right to be proud of what ever skin color we have. I think that girl was very brave to stand up and say she was proud.
    I guess that's just my opinion though if you don't agree that's ok i guess.

  • Stilaanimallover
    Stilaanimallover 3 days ago

    This makes me lose hope in most people tbh, why is race such a big deal. Everyone is getting offended by everything recently and this whole ‘reverse racism’, do you mean racism? The fact you’d change it to that is racist surely??

  • Whats Wrong
    Whats Wrong 3 days ago

    Faith and the denim jacket guy ♥️

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan 3 days ago

    So you cannot be proud to be European ie White? Hint most Europeans were oppressed in America and forced to give up their identity and culture.
    Who does the research for this nonsense?

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan 3 days ago

    The idea that you can talk about white privileged without referring to other privilege is absurd. Being poor and white from West Virginia vs being upper middle class in Los Angeles it’s hard to argue that the white person is privileged.

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan 3 days ago

    What is the point of this nonsense? How did they generate this group? Using what criteria? Using what methodology?
    Lastly it’s clear that most of these people have no idea what these terms mean except in the most superficial way.
    This is why we don’t do social science via YT!
    No one here is over 29. How is that representative?

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 3 days ago +1

    I like the big girl and the blonde girl. Non whites hate whites.

  • Mr. Randomly
    Mr. Randomly 3 days ago

    “I don’t see color” yeah right

  • tay motionless
    tay motionless 3 days ago +2

    If I want to wear some Indian style clothes at a festival I should be able to do that. I don’t need a history lesson just to wear something cute I want to wear. And also, am I not allowed to admire another culture?

  • vayoha02
    vayoha02 3 days ago

    The KKK and other racists messed it up for white ppl. They can be proud of their culture.

  • Safaa Lag
    Safaa Lag 4 days ago +2

    my answers as an european would be very different from theirs... i dont understand the whole point of not being able to say "the n word" if youre white, but its not a problem if youre black. We just dont have such a thing here

  • Adriaan Boeyens
    Adriaan Boeyens 4 days ago

    When you preface sentences with "racism", AMERICAN'S, especially the current University types will take the bait, since their Marxist Professors instill in them that everything is racist. If you want to stop racism - stop talking about it.

    KAMEX 4 days ago +1

    shoot em all

  • Linda Chan
    Linda Chan 4 days ago

    They should be proud to be white thought...

  • Coolkids
    Coolkids 4 days ago

    They forget about south Africa

  • awesome list
    awesome list 4 days ago

    I'm proud to be a mutt my skin color is white, but I have native American blood, and Hispanic blood different parts of Europe. Mostly Hispanic though. My great grandmother came from Mexico, and so did my grandmother. But they're light skinned. So I'm proud to be a mutt. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Drake Brown
    Drake Brown 4 days ago

    This video completely fails to encompass "white" people.

  • Martin Luescher
    Martin Luescher 4 days ago +1

    This last question is ridiculous!!

  • Gris Ibarra
    Gris Ibarra 4 days ago

    6:30 yikes

  • silvana valderrama
    silvana valderrama 4 days ago +1

    I don't like Laura or Amanda

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers 4 days ago

    Lmao left on the left, right on the right

  • Stephen Callari
    Stephen Callari 4 days ago

    Using the n word laughable. With a black wife I get called that word all the time and use the word. It is no longer racially charged the way it was. It is no different that saying F U to someone you don't know your going to fight if you know them you laugh and say it back. Ask white people that are in relationships with minorities
    And why should anyone be ashamed of who they are. Because that's what youre saying if you should feel ashamed of being white. You didn't pick your color no one did. Just ask the biracial kids from the same two parents that are different shades. This is inane but still addicting to watch.

  • Jamie Hanratty
    Jamie Hanratty 4 days ago

    Smh faith has no thought of her own she just quotes ‘black lives matter’

  • Chris Stedt
    Chris Stedt 4 days ago

    You guys should do "Do All Mixed People Think The Same?" for example Asian and American, African American and American, American and Hispanic.

  • Gabriel Barrueco
    Gabriel Barrueco 4 days ago

    I don’t even understand the questions.

  • Liam Patrick
    Liam Patrick 4 days ago

    As a Californian, I am proud to be white.

  • King Meanie
    King Meanie 4 days ago

    Makes me so sad to be American, the white hate is so real in our society its ignorant and pitiful the way some of these people think.

  • Barnetti Solutions
    Barnetti Solutions 4 days ago

    These kids are so ignorant, philosophers of days past are rolling in their graves.

  • D C
    D C 4 days ago

    That skinny white girl really wants to go around saying the N word lol

  • E G O D E T H
    E G O D E T H 4 days ago

    these people are pathetic and dont represent us well

  • Corbin Glenn
    Corbin Glenn 5 days ago

    haha my names Corbin and I'm Black

  • Makai.
    Makai. 5 days ago +1

    Coming from a black male I hate double standards between black and white people. First of all anyone can be racist, second of all because some white people had ancestors who were slave owners doesn’t mean they are forming a magic wall of oppression towards u. Cultural appropriation is not a thing, disrespecting certain cultures and wanting to be like them are different things. Lastly the N word. Claiming someone of a certain race can’t say a word because of their race is racist, if you don’t want white people to say it then don’t say it either. Personally I cringe when a white person says the N word but I don’t get offended unless it’s personally directed towards me

  • Robert Felton
    Robert Felton 5 days ago

    I'm trying so hard not to get annoyed by anything this one lady said. Everything else said doesn't bother me. But this ONE SINGULAR woman is pissing me off. That song conversation made it so so so hard. When homie said "It's not white people's place" I was like THANK YOU IRISH MAN. American white people bother me

  • Kellye Davis
    Kellye Davis 5 days ago

    Why do white people wanna say the N word so bad 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Ariel Victoria
    Ariel Victoria 5 days ago +1

    It’s so sad that people feel like they need to feel guilty over something they weren’t even a part of. They are trying to hard to say the “right” thing.

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez 5 days ago +1

    I think the problem with this world is that a lot of people will group races like oh they’re black so they’re dangerous or oh they’re white so they’re racist. We shouldn’t group people by their race but by the way they act.

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez 5 days ago +1

    I was so confused with the reverse racism like wtf racism isn’t just towards black people racism can be towards anyone

  • Daniel LaRosse
    Daniel LaRosse 5 days ago

    9:40 No one claims you

  • sukhbir singh
    sukhbir singh 5 days ago

    Bruh this is tuff to watch

  • Natural Ady
    Natural Ady 5 days ago +1

    The proud to be white part was interesting. I never really thought about it. It’s ify to be white and proud? 🤯I literally never thought about that perspective. I would have thought they would be like yeah of course I’m proud.

  • Ekaterina Kit
    Ekaterina Kit 5 days ago +1

    so interesting to see how people are not proud to be a certain race, yet proud to be American. when did it become an achievement to be born in a particular country? another story is when you've worked hard to become an American citizen. its a whole other story to be proud of your innate feature. very interesting

  • Gorillazfreak25
    Gorillazfreak25 5 days ago +11

    "White People Have Culture"
    This isn't an opinion, it's a fact: Everyone has culture.

    "I believe in reverse racism"

    What is "reverse racism"? Racism exists, period.

  • Diego Dahmer
    Diego Dahmer 5 days ago +1

    The 3rd girl and the irish guy are hardcore SJW white guilt people... it's sad. Having to worry about what people of the same color as you did years ago and the words you say, things you do and way you act all the time... it's ridiculous.

  • Kobe Berg
    Kobe Berg 5 days ago

    Homie in the hat is legit.