what a weird day in minecraft...

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • just another strange day on my minecraft server
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    what a weird day in minecraft...
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  • ødetosleep
    ødetosleep 19 minutes ago

    13:04 what was the music, it gave me flashbacks omg

  • Hi, I'm Dynamīte

    Let Ted sell his wares!

  • nemo jones
    nemo jones 13 hours ago

    in my humble opinion, CallMeCarson, Pewdiepie, and Boffy are killing the minecraft game rn... literally the best...

  • Rycore XIII
    Rycore XIII 17 hours ago

    6:03 and that, my friend, is why monopolies are illegal.

  • :P :P
    :P :P 21 hour ago

    I couldn’t for the fucking life of me figure out where the “a body has been discovered” thing was from, then I fuckin played Danganronpa and now I know

  • oh no
    oh no Day ago

    what program does he use to change his voice?

  • sheeboop
    sheeboop Day ago +1

    are we not gonna talk about carson using shower curtains as regular curtains or what

  • Hanz Müller
    Hanz Müller Day ago

    Pls play without facecam

  • Alysann Swartout
    Alysann Swartout 2 days ago

    Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do watcha gonna do when they come for you you bad boys bad boys

  • Mello Iskai
    Mello Iskai 3 days ago +1

    I now have to acknowledge the Danganronpa reference as I have rantaro as my pfp

  • GPAngel
    GPAngel 3 days ago

    Why the hell does every swedish guy sound like Joel from Vargskeletor

  • Grayson Grace
    Grayson Grace 3 days ago +1

    Country Roaaaaaddddsss

  • katrinalol
    katrinalol 3 days ago

    13:04 jesus fuck that came out of no where I laughed so hard i spit my latte all over my keyboard LMFAO you fucks

  • matthew coppard
    matthew coppard 3 days ago

    Where can I find that light thing on ur wall

  • Chrisuendo
    Chrisuendo 4 days ago

    I think i had a gamergasm

  • PeterGriffenNBATV
    PeterGriffenNBATV 4 days ago

    t h e c u c k s h a c k

  • thanos kermit
    thanos kermit 4 days ago


  • Tezza
    Tezza 4 days ago

    Thanks I'm in fight or flight rn

  • kawaii creations
    kawaii creations 5 days ago

    Arslusfisher sounds like Oscar from the office and Carson looks a little bit like Dwight and I heard someone that sounded like Jim. Am I the only one who sees this??

  • heinasirkkaparvi
    heinasirkkaparvi 5 days ago


  • Megan Bariel
    Megan Bariel 6 days ago

    Dont you love when your dad walks by when the video is at 3:40

  • Gerber Jenkinson
    Gerber Jenkinson 6 days ago

    Ted Nivison is the greatest Industrialist of our generation

  • Bookhead714
    Bookhead714 7 days ago

    Everybody else was playing Minecraft while Ted was playing Monopoly.

  • bitch boy
    bitch boy 7 days ago +3

    When I tell you I shat myself at Monokumas voice I mean it

  • ratty rat
    ratty rat 7 days ago

    did he use monokuma-

  • No Swearing
    No Swearing 7 days ago +4

    Carson and his friends represent the seven deadly sins
    But again, this is just a theory :)))

  • lynKx :P
    lynKx :P 7 days ago

    Carson, you make me laugh so much. Every single bad day, I fire up TheXvid and watch your videos. There's not a single episode on your channel where I don't crack up. When I can't have my phone out, I go to Vanced and listen to your videos like podcasts because they're just that
    Sike bitch. You thought.

  • SS_ Eclipse
    SS_ Eclipse 8 days ago

    Pog danganronpa

  • One Kiddo
    One Kiddo 8 days ago

    Is it just me or does carson always look sad and depressed, even when hes laughing

  • Juliana MacDonald
    Juliana MacDonald 8 days ago

    Seeing Carson in fear makes me strangely comfortable

  • goi goi
    goi goi 9 days ago

    E l p op thp shelp

  • timmity tommithy
    timmity tommithy 11 days ago

    I wanna watch a video where Carson is an IRS agent in Minecraft

  • Charlie Bauman
    Charlie Bauman 12 days ago

    Was that Connor mccgreggor

  • savnook
    savnook 12 days ago

    i was like subconsciously listening to this and i have the "a body has been discovered!" sound in my soundboard? so i thought i accidentally hit it but *no.*
    it was *him*

  • J. C.
    J. C. 13 days ago

    This whole video made me wheeze so much, my heart just wants to come out of my chest through my mouth.

  • ERZ
    ERZ 13 days ago

    *l i p s*

  • SPUNKY the cat
    SPUNKY the cat 13 days ago

    13:10 what's that music in the background

  • Purple Kat
    Purple Kat 14 days ago

    M O N O K U M A

  • Bloodleaf
    Bloodleaf 14 days ago +2

    Where do I find the lamp in the backround? This triangle thing.

  • Jon Buck
    Jon Buck 14 days ago

    What kind of lights are those?

  • Max Peters
    Max Peters 16 days ago

    11:02 traves’s laugh here is so pure i love it

  • Steamy Sulixx
    Steamy Sulixx 16 days ago +2


  • Hockey41_YT _
    Hockey41_YT _ 16 days ago

    Any one know the song at 13:05

  • you're a hizard warry
    you're a hizard warry 16 days ago +2


  • JellyLime
    JellyLime 16 days ago

    I want to go out while I’m hanging upside down in my Subaru Crosstrek at the bottom of the ocean playing party in the USA

  • Mr cubey
    Mr cubey 17 days ago

    13:07 please someone tell me the song

  • CulturalEwe6775
    CulturalEwe6775 17 days ago


  • James Scott
    James Scott 17 days ago +1

    0:29 *cops tv show theme intensifies*

  • Sh3rb0i
    Sh3rb0i 17 days ago

    flying is not allowed on this server

  • BTNArksome 1215
    BTNArksome 1215 17 days ago +3

    Can someone tell me what the light triangle is called. I kinda wanna get one

  • Jack Evanson
    Jack Evanson 18 days ago


  • Do not trust The APPLES There good

    The *LIPS* room

  • Flygoniaks
    Flygoniaks 18 days ago +8

    "I'm the most careful person on the server."

  • Luke Pierce
    Luke Pierce 18 days ago

    what did the sign say tho

  • Borys Barski
    Borys Barski 18 days ago

    10:15 can someone tell me what he said

  • Kayakcaptain
    Kayakcaptain 19 days ago

    1:07 android cameras be like

  • Bosnian Theologian
    Bosnian Theologian 19 days ago

    14:02 are you a fucking train or what

  • vaporeon inlove
    vaporeon inlove 19 days ago +2


  • Aezakmi
    Aezakmi 19 days ago


  • FurbyGD
    FurbyGD 19 days ago +1

    3:07 I honestly love his expression.