How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 35 321

  • BlueSnowAngels
    BlueSnowAngels 44 minutes ago

    The girl in the blazer is a bitch.

  • Freya Woodmass
    Freya Woodmass 55 minutes ago

    The blazer girl thinks she's the best but really her personality is a zero she can go take her filthy attitude and shove it up her nose

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben Hour ago

    2:11 "Your face is a little weird..." What the hell is wrong with her? DISGUSTING!

  • Hafsham Muhd
    Hafsham Muhd 2 hours ago +1

    I would say a men is more better value a human then female , female is too overthinking n complicated ~
    sorry to say it 🤧

  • John Arthur
    John Arthur 3 hours ago

    I've realised I have a thing for latinos

  • Morgan Davidson
    Morgan Davidson 4 hours ago

    I fr think all of them r better looking than the blazer lassie

  • reginald johnson
    reginald johnson 4 hours ago

    The lady in the black at tthe start is a 10 for me.

  • bad channel
    bad channel 5 hours ago

    The woman in the blazer is the most basic boring bitch on planet earth.

  • Robert Zaffrann
    Robert Zaffrann 6 hours ago

    "Blazer girl" is at best a 6 based on appearance in the ridiculous outfit, but its interesting how unattractive a bad personality can affect that rating. Took her down to a 2

  • B Nasty
    B Nasty 7 hours ago

    6:45 is the worst possible thing to say.. she meant exactly what she said 😂

  • Manel 1906
    Manel 1906 7 hours ago

    Wtf how can people from the same sex rate each other, gay is disgusting

  • Joe Acosta
    Joe Acosta 8 hours ago

    Blazer girl has Fox News anchor energy.

  • Annie XX
    Annie XX 8 hours ago

    Yall the lesbian didnt say man 10 for the tall guy with floppy hair🙊

  • Heshaka Rathnasekara
    Heshaka Rathnasekara 9 hours ago

    Illa looks the best .the one with the blazer sucks lol🤣

  • B-I-G_Chungus
    B-I-G_Chungus 13 hours ago

    The people in this comment thread are just ridiculous. These people were asked to rate people on how attractive they found them, and they answered honestly based on their own personal preferences. It would make for a very boring video, if they gave everyone straight 10's so they could appease all the dumbasses in this comment section. People are allowed to be attracted to whomever they want, as long as said person is a consenting adult. Y'all are petty as fuck, jesus.

  • Andres Orozco
    Andres Orozco 16 hours ago

    Also brittany no you should be at the top. Short hair for the win

  • Andres Orozco
    Andres Orozco 16 hours ago

    Video: gets to the lineup
    Me: ah yes, time for insertion sort

  • SHP
    SHP 17 hours ago

    The lesbian that rated was pretty hot, I can see her having more game than the average man lmao

  • bigfuckin weeb
    bigfuckin weeb 17 hours ago

    im a bisexual female ad personally here is what i look for in a person

    Women- I like the more girly type like not girl girly but not tomboy ( i myself am probably the average like i can dress supper girly if i want) I like them to be confident and no afraid to say they like women or both for personality i like a nice slightly shy but not pushover shy and for hobbies i would like them to take an interest in book (they don't have too as long as they got the personality traits) i personally like anime so it would be cool if they either liked it or didn't judge me for it and i like long hair but short is cute but nothing over the ears i like them to be taller than me which is easy bc im like 5 1' chest size dont really matter much

    Men- okay so i like the more toned men, i like em tall like not too tall i dont like men or women who are like 6ft cuz hun thats way to tall for me, so like 5 8' would do personality traits i like nice not a bitch to people that are not straight i like em open kind and yeah pretty much it also they have to be in my age range for both genders so like 3-5 years older no more than that

  • God is the greatest
    God is the greatest 17 hours ago

    Blazer girl was honest, you can take a lot of different routes with such an intense exercise like this, she just decided not to beat around the bush

  • Mark Bernadel
    Mark Bernadel 18 hours ago

    Want him to obsess over you click the link below

  • Rigo H
    Rigo H 18 hours ago

    Dude said

  • Victoria Young
    Victoria Young 18 hours ago

    4:10 fine as hell

  • Alyssa Rivas
    Alyssa Rivas 18 hours ago

    Whats the @ of the guy at 6:03

  • Victoria Young
    Victoria Young 18 hours ago

    The bitch that has a foot for a face says someone’s face is weird

  • Austin Lebert
    Austin Lebert 18 hours ago

    I’d fuck the blazer girl while calling her a stupid bitch

  • ApplePieClub
    ApplePieClub 19 hours ago

    I feel bad for my guy Carlito. No one showed him any love. He seemed like a cool dude. Blazer lady was a solid 0

  • panzy
    panzy 19 hours ago

    blazer and plaid girl are emblematic of why i can't stand straight girls

  • kristal Perez
    kristal Perez 19 hours ago

    I’ll give the girl in the blazer a 3

  • Aloosh
    Aloosh 22 hours ago

    this video is awful and is just so negative

  • Andrew F
    Andrew F 23 hours ago

    The girl with the girl with the big natural booty seems lovely. Don't judge a book by its cover as I thought she might be stuck up at first

  • Moss Linden
    Moss Linden 23 hours ago

    The girl at 0:45 is so pale white she blends in with the background

  • Nirow
    Nirow Day ago

    You should do a giveaway that you can spend a month with that black dude, he got such a nice personality. Jeez

  • mimi i
    mimi i Day ago

    “and just... the way the... shape looks” LMFAO i love this lesbian she’s loving the titties and trying to say it without being rude

  • reckye2
    reckye2 Day ago

    This is crazy for me... I think the guy with the big hair is the most beautiful of them all, I can't believe he had such low ratings... Wtf?? I think he's really sexy, to me he's at least a 9, maybe even a 10... To me he's way more attractive than the model guy...

  • HeBeELR
    HeBeELR Day ago

    Who is the girl in the plaid skirt judging people???? I’m in love

  • Davy Roger
    Davy Roger Day ago

    What's the point of this?

  • luplup
    luplup Day ago

    I love how everyone is being rude to "the blazer girl" for being rude (when she's just brutally honest)

  • Amore
    Amore Day ago

    Why is the blazer girl wearing a blazer?

  • Jenner Whitt
    Jenner Whitt Day ago

    God this one is fucked

  • Alice p
    Alice p Day ago

    The man in white is like my favorite 😂 he‘s just so pure and honest I love it - right after him there‘s the woman with the blazer, she‘s SO confident about herself, love it

  • risk
    risk Day ago


  • melina
    melina Day ago

    how is the asian girl not #1 ??????

  • Bleach
    Bleach Day ago

    2:24 You know what fuckin bothers me, He could look good if he wanted too. But my man that hairs gotta go..

  • Vishweshshwesh Manerkar

    7:10 I'm gonna give her a solid 9.7

  • Tiger Tv
    Tiger Tv Day ago +3

    i just feel cringe, nothing else.

  • Offizer Walnut
    Offizer Walnut Day ago

    Blazer girl I give you a 'bad/person out of person'

  • Popeyes Chicken sandwich

    Not unless you turn around

  • Ago Ghiso
    Ago Ghiso Day ago +1

    4:41 bruhh

  • Calliou the soviet
    Calliou the soviet Day ago +5

    That black guy with the beanie made this so muck better

  • RandumbOTS
    RandumbOTS Day ago

    “ yea carter fine”

  • Riley Bracco
    Riley Bracco Day ago

    I hate the girl in the blue blazer who a fucking bitch

  • Bella Jones
    Bella Jones Day ago

    The curly-haired judge is so cute, can we date?

  • Starkl3t
    Starkl3t Day ago

    damn that blue bitch is cooollld

  • Brittany M
    Brittany M Day ago

    Man, I have such different tastes from these people haha. I guess I see people's appearance, then add some random background to them. So weird.

  • vinchenzo !
    vinchenzo ! Day ago +1

    She's an ASSHOLE 2:22

  • Ariana Maj
    Ariana Maj Day ago +1

    tf is this blazer girl on

  • John Kelley
    John Kelley Day ago

    The way the blazer girl said "" she sounded like Gru from despicable me.

  • llama
    llama Day ago

    the seriousness of the blazer girls harsh responses matched with her immediate cutesy "oopsie!!!" reactions....this is one of those woman who grew up being nasty and thinks shes cute for it still as an adult

  • 「Lifeline」
    「Lifeline」 2 days ago +1

    I'd wife Carter for her laugh and voice alone not even recognizing her bubbly personality and her cute self yet