How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 25 198

  • Jocelyn Chiu
    Jocelyn Chiu 2 minutes ago

    Why does the girl in the blue jean jacket look like Brie Larson. Is it?

  • AlLaAn
    AlLaAn 14 minutes ago +1

    What's the name of this guy? 5:45

  • Central Intelligence Agency
    Central Intelligence Agency 17 minutes ago +1

    Well can woman take they're makeup off to make it fair

  • Jazzanation
    Jazzanation 52 minutes ago

    Your tall but your bald 😂
    your face is a little weird, it’s long 🤣

  • Jazzanation
    Jazzanation 56 minutes ago

    What am I lacking?
    Your face is a little weird, omg 😂🤣

  • L K
    L K Hour ago

    2:29 YG and Snoop🤣

  • Avantika Mandal
    Avantika Mandal Hour ago

    5:48 is really attractive

  • Adrian Satya
    Adrian Satya 2 hours ago

    5:56 both of them looks so good

  • King of The Kong
    King of The Kong 2 hours ago +1

    I really didn’t like the one lady in the blue she was mean

  • Helin Samra
    Helin Samra 3 hours ago +1

    The girl in the blazer is so mean. She acts so ugly and unnatural. I mean ok she is only saying her opinion but she‘s a lil too harsh.

  • Kira Klink
    Kira Klink 3 hours ago

    The plus size girl is prettier like the one in the Blue Blazer But that's my opinion 😶

  • Rianna Peebles
    Rianna Peebles 3 hours ago

    Blue blazer reminds me of Rachel from glee

  • Peppa Pigg
    Peppa Pigg 4 hours ago +1

    The Blue blazer must think she looks like Beyoncé or sum cuz she is ruddddeeee

  • Michela Samora
    Michela Samora 4 hours ago


  • Devlin Ash
    Devlin Ash 4 hours ago

    why tho

  • Devin Romo
    Devin Romo 5 hours ago

    Girl in the blazer is a 5 to 6. She will forever be single from the looks of this video.

  • o Steph o O
    o Steph o O 5 hours ago

    When you look at the girl in the blue blazer’s line up and the race of the people... tea ☕️

  • isabella
    isabella 5 hours ago

    every single person here is so beautiful!!!

  • l SovietBirb l
    l SovietBirb l 5 hours ago +2

    "your face is a little weird"
    Your snorting is a little weird 🤣

  • jobo
    jobo 5 hours ago

    I swear to God that bitch with that fucking blue blazer needs to shut the fuck up. I slap that bitch till that blazer comes off 😂👋🏾

  • Tai Ruinsky
    Tai Ruinsky 5 hours ago

    Symmetrically blessed black dude with nice smile: “Preferences I guess”
    Blue Blazer: “YES.”
    Me: 👀 ...i mean people have ‘preferences’ when it comes to physical qualities...
    Blue Blazer: **arranges all the black men at least attractive end**
    Me: 🥴

  • Ignorant Slut
    Ignorant Slut 6 hours ago

    This video’s concept is just mean spirited. People sign up for it knowing what they’re getting into. Blaming blue blazer for being honest isn’t fair in my opinion

  • LosTheGoat
    LosTheGoat 6 hours ago

    girl inna blazer picky as hell 😂

  • Ms. Mi Witdatbul
    Ms. Mi Witdatbul 6 hours ago

    Kudos to all the participants.

  • Aclysine
    Aclysine 6 hours ago +1

    They profit, they can look at booties and other parts without offending others.

  • Bexa Gomez
    Bexa Gomez 6 hours ago


  • Dev-Rhi-Rhi-Marín
    Dev-Rhi-Rhi-Marín 6 hours ago

    Carter got my highest score 😍

  • Brenda Melgoza
    Brenda Melgoza 6 hours ago +1

    The white girl seems a little racist.

  • WhereAreTheAvavados?
    WhereAreTheAvavados? 6 hours ago

    I don’t know why Carter got low ratings. I guess because she’s a little bigger? But it’s not that bad. I thought she was a good 8. She was very cute. And her giggle was adorable.

  • Jozef P
    Jozef P 7 hours ago

    So i love this channel and i look forward to new videos being uploaded. With that said, the girl in the blue blazer is toxic. It’s one thing to be honest, but it’s another thing to be downright cruel towards people. Not one of them commented on that baby blue blazer she was wearing. She doesn’t need disdain....she needs love and some self awareness.

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM 7 hours ago +1

    The attitude of someone can make it more or less attractive. ¿Do you agree?

  • Flor Starkey
    Flor Starkey 8 hours ago

    0:24 I need her name

  • Madeline Dougherty
    Madeline Dougherty 8 hours ago

    In Ilah’s video, the guy she gave a 10 wasn’t wearing a jacket but in this one he is? 🤔

  • Moises Castro
    Moises Castro 8 hours ago

    The girl in black and red belt is not a ten. She’s a Los Angeles 7 with make up and probably a 6 without make up. Maybe a Michigan, or Minnesota 10. Tall skinny white dude with black jacket is an LA 7 too skinny no muscles, I can smell the soy, looks like a vampire from Twilight. Tall black dude confidence is a 10, but physically he is a 7, on the high fat percentage scale and old, also not muscular, probably for sure bald. Location, location, location.

  • Deni
    Deni 8 hours ago

    LOOOL love the guy that likes feet (the black guy) he deadass kills me in every video"you like me don't you?"

  • Uhhh Uhhh
    Uhhh Uhhh 9 hours ago

    She got cute feet for sure

  • Sara Patterson
    Sara Patterson 9 hours ago


  • PSN iiDearly
    PSN iiDearly 9 hours ago

    What is the blue blazer girls insta

  • S CP
    S CP 9 hours ago

    OMG the one with the smile.....

  • Maria Belen
    Maria Belen 9 hours ago +1

    This girl that said “white guys” IS LITERALLY MEEEE!!!!!

  • estefany.
    estefany. 9 hours ago +1

    fuck y’all , the tall black dude ah 10 ;)

  • Camryn 0526
    Camryn 0526 10 hours ago


  • Kalea Bear
    Kalea Bear 10 hours ago

    I can’t stand the blazer girl

  • The Holy Bitches
    The Holy Bitches 10 hours ago +1

    These girls are whiter than milk and out here giving people a 5

  • Lixi i
    Lixi i 10 hours ago


  • Retaj Alhelal
    Retaj Alhelal 10 hours ago +1

    The half white half Korean guy is so attractive to me for some reason 👌

  • Retaj Alhelal
    Retaj Alhelal 10 hours ago +1

    The girl that likes white men is kinda rude tbh, just saying 😁

  • Ragnar Loðbrók
    Ragnar Loðbrók 11 hours ago

    That lesbian gal has such a nice character.

  • Lolli Wouldifshecould
    Lolli Wouldifshecould 11 hours ago

    How??? Lol

  • Lil Meow Meow
    Lil Meow Meow 11 hours ago

    The girl with the skirt was surprisingly so nice

  • uwu owo
    uwu owo 11 hours ago

    blue blazer bitch is annoying and rude

  • Nicholas Coleman
    Nicholas Coleman 12 hours ago

    1:36: what’s about to happen

  • Angel Bishoujo
    Angel Bishoujo 12 hours ago

    2:57 was funnnny

  • 박나윤
    박나윤 12 hours ago

    sit down. be humble.
    ms blue blazer

  • ari- stotle
    ari- stotle 12 hours ago

    yeah, I’m gay

  • ang 012
    ang 012 13 hours ago

    The girl in the blue blazer is a hater💀

  • Consuela Esseboom
    Consuela Esseboom 13 hours ago

    Blue blazer man.. So much negativity

  • Mariana Mota
    Mariana Mota 13 hours ago

    The girl in the blazer was rude

  • Angel XD
    Angel XD 13 hours ago

    I’d be at the least attractive side😂😂😂

  • Emma Eriksson
    Emma Eriksson 13 hours ago

    i love the dude

  • AllysiaPlayzGamez
    AllysiaPlayzGamez 13 hours ago

    The guy in the beach shirt with the crazy hair looks like a mix between Taylor Lautners character and Jorge Garcias in Ridiculous 6

  • 90sDRgirl
    90sDRgirl 13 hours ago

    That girl in the beginning vintage style shes pretty

  • abeaner
    abeaner 13 hours ago

    theyre all 10's wtf

    • abeaner
      abeaner 13 hours ago

      fuck this video

  • Haley Alfred
    Haley Alfred 14 hours ago

    Can we address how the lady in the blue blazer put all the people of color at the end of the scale

  • Lavender Sprigs
    Lavender Sprigs 14 hours ago

    The girl in the blazer isn't so nice...

  • Samara Koch
    Samara Koch 14 hours ago +2

    I like the girl in the blue blazer

    Said no one ever

  • Idiot Society
    Idiot Society 14 hours ago +1

    Who else wanted to punch blue blazer girl😤

  • Jovone Searight
    Jovone Searight 15 hours ago

    YOOOOOO dude in the black cap, I WANT TO SEE MORE OF HIM!! He is so dope!

  • blueskinneyjeans
    blueskinneyjeans 16 hours ago

    Bitch with the Blue jacket and jeans is a 3-4. The people she ranked low were more attractive than her 😂she’s a plain bagel lmao

  • Anastasia Cassandra Wilson

    The guy with the long hair his face isnt that bad! Jeez. And the black guy he's so sweet the the plus girl. They need love too and there are SO many people that are attracted to curvier girls. Im skinny and I always wished I was thicker.

  • anna mayer
    anna mayer 16 hours ago

    Y'all talkin bout' the blue blazer girl.
    Is no one noticing how disrespectful this game is.
    It's not ok to rate people from best to worst it's fcking disgusting.

  • Douglas Loiola
    Douglas Loiola 16 hours ago

    1000 for the woman with the red lipstick, Selena Quintanilla look-a-like mouth, such a beautiful smile omg

  • Cherry Sprite
    Cherry Sprite 16 hours ago

    Love how everyone is commenting about the girl in the blazer.😂😂
    But honestly she can stfu she's so mean. It's not like she's the most perfect person in the world. I'm surprised if she'll get a boyfriend or girlfriend with the way she's acting.

  • Liam Tough
    Liam Tough 16 hours ago

    5:54 it’s slender man

  • Rachel Choi
    Rachel Choi 17 hours ago

    the girl in the blue blazer and the girl in the grey outfit are honest assholes

  • mickie m
    mickie m 17 hours ago

    blue blazer girl is literally a 5 at best

  • Bin Ladin
    Bin Ladin 17 hours ago

    I wannna roast the girl with the blazer

  • CubanCrystal
    CubanCrystal 17 hours ago

    I felt so bad for the girl with the red shirt they were mean besides the black guy he even made her blush

  • ツMixedGlo
    ツMixedGlo 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought the girl in the skirt was extremely rude and the girl in the blaiser was funny? Just me? Okay.

  • lil fretex
    lil fretex 18 hours ago

    The first girl looks like orochimaru

  • Nimo Ali
    Nimo Ali 18 hours ago

    I know its their opinions but the blazer girl could have been a little bit nicer saying them😩

  • Marija Gadžić
    Marija Gadžić 18 hours ago

    o m g sorry privileged-white-normal-sized and shaped girl in blazer jesssss

  • Moist Kiwi
    Moist Kiwi 18 hours ago

    Carter a negative 15

  • Petlover Aj
    Petlover Aj 19 hours ago

    “You like me don’t you”
    “You cute”

  • Jessie Chan
    Jessie Chan 19 hours ago +1

    whats the asian guy's number
    asking for a friend 🙃

  • Alex
    Alex 20 hours ago

    that girl in the blazer was so rude wtf

  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma 21 hour ago

    This is weird AF! 😂😂

  • Marla’s Animations
    Marla’s Animations 21 hour ago

    Awhh the tall black man was so sweet to the girl in the red shirt and camouflage pants. 💕 he even put her as 2nd most attractive :)

  • Sophia Christopoulos
    Sophia Christopoulos 22 hours ago

    The first girl was actually stunning

    BIG FELLA 22 hours ago

    So the girl that laugh like a cat being strangled got something to say?

  • Simeona Chakalova
    Simeona Chakalova 23 hours ago

    The blue blazer girl is such a bitch

  • Astral Here
    Astral Here Day ago

    Blue blazer girl is so fucking rude

  • Hannah Magnaye
    Hannah Magnaye Day ago +6

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Comment section: The girl in the blue blazer

  • Julieta Delgado
    Julieta Delgado Day ago

    The guy with the wild hair is attractive asf

  • Harleigh Hyden
    Harleigh Hyden Day ago +7

    Girl in the blazer: "I like the shoes, they look like they're a little tight though"

  • S. Din
    S. Din Day ago

    I would be so crushed being rated by them. All the men were better looking than me, but received low was scores. At least my personality is beautiful.

  • maryam ahsan
    maryam ahsan Day ago

    The woman in the blue blazer is so rude

  • Samy_Lazo
    Samy_Lazo Day ago

    Okay but Who is that Goddess of a Lesbian??!! Like I'm not gay but I sure wouldn't mind being with her cause she's FIIINNNEEE!💕💕💕

  • Neethu P
    Neethu P Day ago

    ohmygod i kept having to pause the video bc i was so uncomfortable LOL

  • Chenggong Lee
    Chenggong Lee Day ago

    Blue blazer girl was straight up honest. Kinda brutal but that honesty is what makes her kinda attractive.