How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 21 519

  • Joe Allom-Perez
    Joe Allom-Perez 13 hours ago

    9:14 lol nah ur ass go wayyy to the left. Not even in the shot

  • Mitchell Guyon
    Mitchell Guyon 13 hours ago

    Damn for a plain white room, there is sooooo much shade in this video

  • Victor Belda
    Victor Belda 13 hours ago

    Fucking Madison, I love her hahahaha

  • Tran Lee
    Tran Lee 13 hours ago

    I like how the lady kept giving low numbers even though she’s clearly a 5.

  • Duke
    Duke 13 hours ago

    The most attractive woman in the video is the lady in the grey dress that is rating others

  • The English Gentleman
    The English Gentleman 13 hours ago

    Cardigan over rates herself hugely.

  • Frankie Jones
    Frankie Jones 14 hours ago

    Girl in blue jacket don’t like black people

  • Charlie O'Regan
    Charlie O'Regan 14 hours ago +1

    I thought all of them were lovely!! and they were honest and participated properly-
    OR COURSE everyone is beautiful in there own way. and the whole point of this was that not everyone is gonna find you attractive and you can take critiscism without getting hurt, but someone will, and youll find them, and thats ok.
    everyone stop attacking the girl in the blue blazer for just being honest. she was transparent with the people she rated, which was the whole point??? and obviously they didnt get offended so ??

  • isyss or wtv
    isyss or wtv 15 hours ago

    They're all sooooo hot wtf

  • isyss or wtv
    isyss or wtv 15 hours ago

    I couldn't do that, I'd be like "10 YOU A 10 MMM YOU DEF A 10 ALL YALL NIGGAS A TEN"

  • J. De Almeida
    J. De Almeida 15 hours ago

    I really need to know the black guys name tho...... he's fine af

  • BTS Vibes
    BTS Vibes 15 hours ago

    2:02 OMG I found a Korean fan HAVSVD

  • Samira Williams
    Samira Williams 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't find the lady in the black dress attractive?

  • Jasmine Garnica
    Jasmine Garnica 15 hours ago

    I usually love Madison. I always think she’s so funny and cute.But what a sucky pretty white girl thing to do. Ik it’s the game but even if you don’t think they’re that attractive you don’t have to be that way. Notice how the guy in white made every one leave feeling good about themselves. The lesbian too. Take notes Madison.

  • Isho A.jnsson
    Isho A.jnsson 15 hours ago

    fuck the girl in blue upside down man

  • Professor Hans Dieter
    Professor Hans Dieter 16 hours ago

    unless u turn around :|||

  • Loml Camila
    Loml Camila 16 hours ago

    The girl in the skirt is so beautiful wtf

  • Purple Snail
    Purple Snail 16 hours ago

    Why is madison's mouth crooked?

  • Purple Snail
    Purple Snail 16 hours ago

    Um can anyone help me see the point of this video besides to satisfy our morbid curiosity?

  • Kalle Liukko
    Kalle Liukko 16 hours ago

    5. 5. 6. 5.

  • Cami M
    Cami M 16 hours ago

    This is just so fucked up

  • Arunabha Das
    Arunabha Das 17 hours ago

    That Bhutanese Girl is beautiful

  • MrBajaJunky
    MrBajaJunky 17 hours ago

    2:10 is a 5 and 6:28 is a 9. You little sweatass menhater :*

  • Brandon .W
    Brandon .W 17 hours ago

    Yall hating the Ana Kendrick look alike but she was the most honest out of all of em. Rest of them were too worried about offending someone.

  • Victorix
    Victorix 18 hours ago

    Can I have that model guy's instagram page? Anyone? Please (asking for a friend)!

  • Riyyan D
    Riyyan D 18 hours ago

    Maaaaaattee the chick in blue holy crap I want that kinda confidence😂

  • Dyllan Fasen
    Dyllan Fasen 18 hours ago

    That stressed me outtt

  • Miss Berry Jane
    Miss Berry Jane 18 hours ago

    The ginger girl sounded so rude i couldn't stand her

  • kellyjessielisa
    kellyjessielisa 18 hours ago +1

    I like that the woman in the blazer was honest

  • Trent McClure
    Trent McClure 18 hours ago

    3:41 Me when ya mama walk in

  • Revenge Sniper
    Revenge Sniper 18 hours ago

    The lady in the blue blazer is a solod 1. Looking pretty on the outside doesn't help with that nasty attitude on the inside. Sorry, just *not my cup of tea*

  • M.R Raghav
    M.R Raghav 19 hours ago

    i'm probably a 0.5

  • TyM _002
    TyM _002 20 hours ago +1

    God that red head with the blue jacket and jeans is a FUCKING BITCH! I could hardly watch this because of her. She will never find love because of how PICKY she is.

  • gioseph 02
    gioseph 02 20 hours ago

    5:05 CRINGE

  • Ella 123
    Ella 123 20 hours ago

    Hey cut tell the Mongolian girl “sain bain uu lol haanaas iin bi denver tursun gehdee Ulaanbaatard amdardag”

  • Memes4Clout
    Memes4Clout 20 hours ago

    That lady sure has high standards for a solid 3

  • acciotaehyung
    acciotaehyung 20 hours ago

    Madison, I like you in previous videos but this one just... gotta watch your mouth, lady.

  • King 52
    King 52 21 hour ago

    Am I the only person who would rate by how sexually attracted I am to them, like I'd fuck you 10

  • Hot Mocha
    Hot Mocha 21 hour ago

    Who else came to the comments to see people talk smack about the girl in the blue blazer. Hella rude vibes.

  • imperialtwelve
    imperialtwelve 21 hour ago

    My order:
    White guy: 10
    Black girl: 9
    Mexican girl: 9
    White girl in Blazer: 8
    White Lesbian: 8
    Black guy rater: 8
    Anastasia: 7.5
    Black guy with long hair: 7.5
    Chinese girl: 6
    Filipina: 5
    Half Korean guy: 4
    Bald black guy: 2.5
    Mexican guy with big ears: 2
    Carter: 1

  • Bankroll Doche
    Bankroll Doche 22 hours ago

    3:13 killed me LMFAOOO 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Maggie Breithaupt
    Maggie Breithaupt 22 hours ago

    Why did the Asian girl in the green dress get such low ratings she was so pretty

  • joey weston
    joey weston 22 hours ago

    ur face looks weird idk its just long like wow how shallow people are

  • Lla Ming
    Lla Ming 22 hours ago

    i hate the girl in the plaid dress, seems like a bitch

  • Alyah Jade
    Alyah Jade 22 hours ago

    That woman in the blue really did not butter my muffin

  • 7033Joe
    7033Joe 23 hours ago

    Anyone that thinks I'm ugly are just jealous because they're not as handsome as my mother says I am.

  • Guy's Workout Channel
    Guy's Workout Channel 23 hours ago

    i thought the white dude and asian girl were the best looking

  • claire j
    claire j 23 hours ago

    White woman in the blazer showing some racism. Only 3 black people are at the bottom of her list.🙄 check yourself

  • Rootinest Toot
    Rootinest Toot 23 hours ago

    That girl in the blue coat is stuck up af

  • Aliciawins!
    Aliciawins! 23 hours ago

    I dont know If blue blazer thought she was like edgy and funny and looked like Marilyn Monroe... but she was none of that. Theres being honest and then being fucking mean...learn the difference

  • Spirits Gods
    Spirits Gods 23 hours ago

    This is what America is teaching their young ones. If you see someone who is white or pale and look like a white model you can trust that person and become friendly with them. Also if your a boss heck hire them too because they look like the idea white American. This type of self hating and racism in America needs to stop. It's getting to the point where asian people wish they were white americans because they think that white americans means beautiful. Why can't color from different shades be beautiful as well? You know why? it's because of racism. We must teach young people about what does it means to be an attractive person. A attractive person has healthy clean skin and their personality is really nice. Not base on the appearance if you go by appearances then when you become a boss there is a high chance you will not hire a brown skinned person just because that person is brown. And your excuse will be just looking at him discomfort me.

  • jan rei
    jan rei Day ago

    Ilah got the titas look

  • viiinicius177
    viiinicius177 Day ago

    The girl with the red shirt has a perfect face

  • Johana
    Johana Day ago


  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee Day ago

    Make another

  • riverdale fandom

    The girl in the blue is wack she's terrible

  • precee charles
    precee charles Day ago

    Isn't the girl in the blazer is the sister of one of the producer? She was fun in shot with her father.

  • 999racing
    999racing Day ago


  • Goutham Reddy
    Goutham Reddy Day ago

    That women in feminist. You know who I’m talking about

  • Delaney Gonsales

    The girl with the purple blazer was super annoying, like I know you had to put out your honest answer but like goshh

  • Tabasoomara Sarwar

    I really did not like the tall blazer chic

  • Sescilly Goulart

    Never trust a girl with a big butt n a smile, that girl is poison

  • Maryam Kiyani
    Maryam Kiyani Day ago

    That woman in the jacket...ew. She’s so rude.

  • AriZona
    AriZona Day ago +12

    “You think pretty highly of yourself”
    *Hell yeah I think good about myself, everyday*
    I aspire to be like that lmao

  • Peli Tongi
    Peli Tongi Day ago

    Ilah as Kermit the Frog everybody

  • jeff5kyb
    jeff5kyb Day ago

    the woman with high standard turns me on i dont know why

    • jeff5kyb
      jeff5kyb 18 hours ago

      +Peli Tongi i dont im asian... maybe bcoz shes being truthful to herself

    • Peli Tongi
      Peli Tongi Day ago

      Well do you think you could pull her

  • Camila Ruiz
    Camila Ruiz Day ago

    this is so offensive af haha but i guess the people involved are confident enough to do it


    You guys are mad at blue like she wasn’t supposed to do exactly what she did.. ?

  • AriZona
    AriZona Day ago

    That lady with the medium length hair and blue jacket is a whole ass bitch. She’s groping people and rude as fuck to people.

  • Maelat Habib
    Maelat Habib Day ago

    Is it the black guy the dude with the foot fetish

  • iDemandU90
    iDemandU90 Day ago

    Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. Truth is the truth, whether or not you like it. What's the point of a 1-10 scale if the 1-5 part is never used? Stop lying to yourselves and others, we know how you really feel even if you hesitate to be honest about it. Just like the girl who was hesitating to be honest about her opinion of Carter's looks. Grow up, there's no need to coddle people.

  • tanner3158
    tanner3158 Day ago

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another.
    I will just leave this here, anyways, AMAZING video Cut! Probably one of my favorites from you guys!

  • blueseer
    blueseer Day ago

    Lady is blue is mean...

  • li li
    li li Day ago

    its not racist to not be attracted to another race, i personally like darker skin men and would give them higher ratings than i would a white person because thats just what im attracted to. and 5 is average who do YALL think yall are for getting mad at someone for having a preference, let her be attracted or unattracted to who she wants

  • Kelsey . Elise
    Kelsey . Elise Day ago +1

    These videos are kinda fucked. They make me real uncomfortable. I appreciate that the bounty hunter woman was respectful.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous Day ago

    “She got cute feet”
    I’m done😂

  • Lalita Thompson
    Lalita Thompson Day ago

    "Bye carter...Carter fine😂😁🙌👌

  • ᗰIᗰI
    ᗰIᗰI Day ago

    5:27 his rate all that matter 😭

  • Hi hi
    Hi hi Day ago


  • Hi hi
    Hi hi Day ago


  • Psyduck Squad
    Psyduck Squad Day ago

    I'm so glad they were being honest. I hate when people straight up lie to try and not hurt others feelings. People need to hear critisism in order to change.
    I gotta stand up for the lady in blue, shes keeping it real.

  • God of Beans
    God of Beans Day ago

    Ok but that one girl in the black dress is literally just Bella goth from the sims

  • iiOmqLatte
    iiOmqLatte Day ago +1

    I would be at the end of the line

  • Nicole Fonseca
    Nicole Fonseca Day ago

    I really think the lady in the blue put the woman in the black dress last solely because she felt threatened or something because even though this entire thing was superficial it doesn’t make sense to me bc she fits all the typical beauty standards that I’m convinced she follows also you can rate people based on your own personal standards without being a rude bitch....she didn’t get that memo

  • Santy Gzz
    Santy Gzz Day ago

    0:31. Shiiiiit i need that girl’s IG
    She is hot AF,beautiful and I am Mexican and she is brown so yhea 😂😂😂😍

  • Maddie Grimm
    Maddie Grimm Day ago


  • Aurora Santifer
    Aurora Santifer Day ago

    whats carter's @?

  • Lorde Darius
    Lorde Darius Day ago

    I would put myself at the front too. Screw what society says. I got me.

  • ɠŗąÁęƴąɭę e

    Girl in the blue rude for no reason🙄she really thinks she cute🤭🤣

  • Jacob Navara
    Jacob Navara Day ago

    Of course the black guy wanted the fat white girl

  • TheBishness
    TheBishness Day ago

    The lady in the light blue she’s just not pretending to be nice lmfao.

  • Lorde Darius
    Lorde Darius Day ago

    That dudes hair IS my cup of tea. How you doing bb 😘

  • Hawkin Vawdrey
    Hawkin Vawdrey Day ago

    :28 she’s a bounty hunter

  • Desy W
    Desy W Day ago

    That girl wearing the blue blazer, damn. She didn't have to be THAT harsh, she needs to humble herself. Her attitude is nasty.

  • Katie Koballa
    Katie Koballa Day ago

    The lesbian is hot af I wish I didn’t have to identify them by “the lesbian” but I don’t have a name

  • Jamira Hickson
    Jamira Hickson Day ago

    The lady in the blue type blazer judging the man hair....really made me watch her throughout the video. I'm disappointed.

  • Natalia Games
    Natalia Games Day ago +1

    Ok that girl with the blue and black shirt is SO obnoxious

  • Chloe Price
    Chloe Price Day ago

    I relate to the lesbian so much omg

  • Arri Love
    Arri Love Day ago

    The lesbian and her Male twin 💙

  • Jenny Wycoff
    Jenny Wycoff Day ago

    Girl in Lavendar is a solid 1