surprising AJ for his birthday!! + We thought we were going home :(

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
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    Thankyou so much for watching and for all your support! I am forever grateful to each and every one of you for all the support you give me with liking,commenting sharing my videos & being active on my social media! & following me on this journey!! mwahhhh x
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  • Paul Burton
    Paul Burton 5 days ago +422

    Brilliant video! xx Come on guys please all vote this Saturday as we NEED to get Saffron and AJ to Blackpool!!

    • Emma- Louise
      Emma- Louise 14 hours ago +1

      @Katie Galgey she got to Blackpool! xx

    • Katie Galgey
      Katie Galgey Day ago

      I can't vote I'm not in the uk

    • Grace Antoniou
      Grace Antoniou Day ago

      Happy birthday

    • Emma- Louise
      Emma- Louise 2 days ago +1

      @lazy coconut Go away you piece of trash. You clearly don't know the try saffron 😂

    • jenlisaツ彡
      jenlisaツ彡 2 days ago +1

      @lazy coconut Just leave this channel, salty craphead..

  • madde wikåker
    madde wikåker 8 hours ago

    Just get together already, you are so cute together😍😍😍😍

  • Freya And Sophie
    Freya And Sophie 9 hours ago

    Uhhh please just get together

  • Nikola Tomczak
    Nikola Tomczak 12 hours ago

    I ship it

  • Daily Megan
    Daily Megan 12 hours ago

    is saffron and aj together if not i think they make the cutest couple

  • Amy D
    Amy D 12 hours ago

    who else ships saff and AJ

  • Kiki Glitter
    Kiki Glitter 13 hours ago

    Happy birthday aj

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina 14 hours ago

    Are they a couple?

  • Jenna Allan
    Jenna Allan 16 hours ago

    Omg this was published on my birthday. Does AJ have the SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!!!!!!!

  • OwlPotter 07
    OwlPotter 07 20 hours ago

    Happy Late Birthday AJ

  • Gracie Taylor
    Gracie Taylor Day ago

    Saffron and aj 4 ever❤️

  • Annette Karungi
    Annette Karungi Day ago


  • Frankie New
    Frankie New Day ago

    Kanye on the card is relevent cuz he's so big headed!
    Your made such an effort for AJs birthday, so lovely of you X

  • ellie kirkby
    ellie kirkby Day ago

    Why did you caption the first video we got burgled and my car got stolen n best dance to date then completely change it n not even mention the car

  • Chelsea Jade Randall

    I know you too are close but you literally look like relationship goals xx

  • Millicent Hodson

    Who ships them xx

  • Melanie Parry
    Melanie Parry Day ago

    Happy birthday Aj hope you had an amazing day love you both so much!!!! Best wishes for this Saturday ❤️

  • Andrea
    Andrea Day ago

    I ship saffron and aj they’re so cute

  • XxlonlycherriX X


  • grace hurst
    grace hurst Day ago


  • grace hurst
    grace hurst Day ago

    happy birthday Aj

  • The summer and miley show 1006

    Happy birthday AJ xx

    QUACK FC Day ago +1

    Happy Birthday AJ

  • _mia_ _m_555
    _mia_ _m_555 Day ago +1

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ I just want to say that I have support yous since day one and I’ve voted for yous and I love yous so much xx ❤️💃🕺👠♥️

  • Andrea Solomou
    Andrea Solomou Day ago

    Happy birthday AJ

  • Ivy Plays
    Ivy Plays Day ago

    Happy birthday 🥳 AJ

  • Keira’s Life x

    why is ur other video on private ?? I’ve watched it already btw xx

  • Hixiro
    Hixiro Day ago

    I voted for them every week

  • Mich
    Mich Day ago +1

    I haven’t watched your latest vlog because it’s now private, but I hope you and your family are ok

  • Naima Mahmud
    Naima Mahmud Day ago +1

    Saffron ur latest video has gone private. Why?

  • Hannah elcock
    Hannah elcock Day ago +1

    Happy birthday aj have a lovely day X🍰🎂

  • Katie Short
    Katie Short Day ago +4

    It’s obvious she definitely likes him... whenever they get asked about the strictly curse she gets quite awkward and deep down she’s probs annoyed he has a gf because if he didn’t, it could have blossomed into a relationship

  • XtremeGamez Fan !

    Please say u guys are dating !!

  • ellie stuart
    ellie stuart Day ago

    Yes saff and aj

  • Faye Murphy-Watt

    Happy birthday AJ 🥳 I always vote for u two xxx

  • Angel Johnson
    Angel Johnson Day ago +4

    I feel like aj wants to go out with saffron

  • xxx it's your girl liv xxx

    I love dancing to❤️❤️❤️😍

  • xxx it's your girl liv xxx

    I love watching you dance

  • Happyneet Singh
    Happyneet Singh Day ago

    hppy bddy aj

  • Ella Atkin
    Ella Atkin Day ago +1

    I ship you two

  • Kerys & Abbie
    Kerys & Abbie 2 days ago


  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko 2 days ago

    I really really want saffron to win I love her so much

  • AwakeningButterflyz
    AwakeningButterflyz 2 days ago

    I hope you and AJ win love u both

  • Assia L
    Assia L 2 days ago

    Happy birthday AJ

  • Ava Darville
    Ava Darville 2 days ago +2

    One of my nanas favourite shows is stricly and she loves yous xx

  • Yourgirl Caoilinnmay

    Love you

  • Rayne Mayfair
    Rayne Mayfair 2 days ago +1

    i ship them, my boat has sailed, who else shipe's them or is it just me🤣❤😂

  • Lily O'Donnell
    Lily O'Donnell 2 days ago

    Happy Birthday AJ give me a shout out please I Love your's so much From Lily O'Donnell

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy 2 days ago

    Love u Who has loved saffron from the start 👇🏻

  • Anna Hick
    Anna Hick 2 days ago

    Happy bday aj x

  • amy simpson
    amy simpson 2 days ago

    Happy birthday AJ 🥳

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy 2 days ago

      She’s falling for him ❤️xxx

  • Ada Burnett
    Ada Burnett 2 days ago +2

    Happy birthday AJ xx

  • Tori Mayhew
    Tori Mayhew 2 days ago +2

    Birthday buck on the cards for AJ

  • The Kutscherukfamilykids5

    I love you saffron
    But i want buy with to march and I’m deaf ❤️❤️x

  • Christina Holmes
    Christina Holmes 2 days ago +1

    awww happy birthday aj

  • Maisie_ Harris
    Maisie_ Harris 2 days ago +4

    I ship it...
    anyone else?

  • Eden's corner
    Eden's corner 2 days ago +1

    Everyone please vote for saffron and aj

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 2 days ago +2

    Love u Who has loved saffron from the start 👇🏻

  • Eden's corner
    Eden's corner 2 days ago +1

    Happy birthday

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 2 days ago

      Can I smell a bit of strictly curse?

  • jenlisaツ彡
    jenlisaツ彡 2 days ago +1

    he has the same birthday as my dad 💗