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Portugal v Spain - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - MATCH 3


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  • The bibekrawal
    The bibekrawal Day ago

    God of football cr7

  • ธนดล ผลทวี

    Ronaldo of got

  • dedi darmawan
    dedi darmawan Day ago

    Kiper spanyol kurang bagus

  • PS Dom
    PS Dom Day ago

    All goals were by Madrid players

  • Tritonu'
    Tritonu' Day ago

    2019? RONALDO

  • The football Channel

    7 months before and the nostalgia hit me

  • Avez
    Avez Day ago

    The last goal by Ronaldo Was unbelievable !

  • kxllvmxnvti
    kxllvmxnvti 2 days ago

    Goat shit


    nice match

  • Sooryadev Kichu
    Sooryadev Kichu 2 days ago


    NEW IDEASTM 2 days ago

    Ronaldo is the king of free kicks......

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 2 days ago

    1 alien vs 11 players

  • Prata Santos
    Prata Santos 2 days ago +2

    Quase 70Milhoes de Vilws ;-;

  • Prata Santos
    Prata Santos 2 days ago +1

    Jogão da pohhaa !!!

  • The one that got Away

    Who’s with me ? 2019 anyone ?

  • William Kavak
    William Kavak 3 days ago

    Lets see who is better

    Goal scoring
    And of course ronaldo always saves his team when they need him


    Ronaldo also has an international trophy (unlike messi), and has more champions leagues. He also has priven himself in many different cuntries unlike messi who is scared to leave barcalona
    Ronaldo is clearly the GOAT

  • Kuban Sniper
    Kuban Sniper 3 days ago

    Someone in 2019?

  • Gonçalo Tavares
    Gonçalo Tavares 3 days ago +1

    best game of world cup

  • XxFco-GamingxX
    XxFco-GamingxX 3 days ago

    Spain v CR7

  • Сергей Наумов

    The day that changed my attitude to Ronaldo from dislike to respect (this coming from a Messi fan).

  • See you again Wanna One

    Ronaldo is a greatest CHEATER

  • Muhammad 96
    Muhammad 96 4 days ago

    Esp go💪💪💪💪💪

  • Muhammad 96
    Muhammad 96 4 days ago

    Россия в перёд

  • Hà Nguyễn
    Hà Nguyễn 4 days ago

    Spain is better than portugal

  • Kendall Jenner
    Kendall Jenner 4 days ago

    Ronaldo Hure Sohn 🖕

  • Kabit Perying
    Kabit Perying 4 days ago

    Anyone in 2019?

  • LMHR
    LMHR 4 days ago

    Never tell me Ronaldo doesn't do it against big clubs on the international stage.

    • Shiny LP
      Shiny LP 4 days ago

      +LMHR failed penalty against iran.
      And no one is comparing with Messi, he is shit too

    • LMHR
      LMHR 4 days ago

      +Shiny LP More International trophies than Messi, more champions leagues than Messi. More champions league goals than Messi. More cup final goals than Messi. More career goals than Messi. Played in more leagues than Messi. Is performing at an equivalent rate to Messi despite being older and playing in a harder league. Don't @ me

    • Shiny LP
      Shiny LP 4 days ago

      Ronaldo is shit

  • Cic cio
    Cic cio 4 days ago

    Ronaldo vs Spain*

  • iiTrikshot
    iiTrikshot 5 days ago +1

    Ronaldo logic:
    He is right foot
    Tries with left scores
    In the match when he used his right foot (full match)
    He missed or De Gea saved the shot

  • mohammed shahidullah

    Amazing portugul

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 5 days ago

    Thanos vs Avengers

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 5 days ago

    No matter how strong human beings are, they never defeat the GOD, CR7

  • Tarek Asaduzzaman
    Tarek Asaduzzaman 5 days ago

    Match of the tournament

  • Son에서Mom으로
    Son에서Mom으로 5 days ago

    1:41 지렸쓰라고해설이말함

  • zylL max
    zylL max 5 days ago


    King ronaldo 7

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 5 days ago


  • zap  Branigan
    zap Branigan 5 days ago

    The most entertaining

  • HrTykonu
    HrTykonu 5 days ago +1

    HATTRICK! GOAL NUMBER THREE HERE! Some players might switch off if they've scored a goal, even two goals, but he's greedy for more! In the best way, I mean!

  • HD Clips
    HD Clips 6 days ago +4

    I'm watching in 2019🍎
    Ronaldo you a Star

  • Yahya Ehtesham
    Yahya Ehtesham 6 days ago +1

    That free kick though the perfect ending to the perfect night

  • Daniel Aleman
    Daniel Aleman 6 days ago

    That Diego Costa goal is sooo underrated to me

  • Kamran Frimpong
    Kamran Frimpong 6 days ago

    What a flop

  • saikat ghoshal
    saikat ghoshal 6 days ago

    love this match 2018 very much

  • Ardalan Wath Else
    Ardalan Wath Else 6 days ago +1

    Not Portugal vs spain its Ronaldo vs spain

  • Ash Motghare
    Ash Motghare 6 days ago +4


  • カラアゲ
    カラアゲ 6 days ago


  • vodoi danchoi12x
    vodoi danchoi12x 6 days ago +1

    hala moric

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez 6 days ago

    Nacho's goal was probably the best of the match

  • atul Sharma
    atul Sharma 6 days ago

    Undoubtbly best match of world cup '18...

  • King K
    King K 7 days ago

    Its 2019 and i have to admit it was one of the best days in my life CR7❤️!!

  • Damodar p
    Damodar p 7 days ago +1

    Ronaldo is GOAT

  • Damodar p
    Damodar p 7 days ago

    Whatchig this the 100th time

  • J 007
    J 007 7 days ago

    The Best.

  • Am1t B
    Am1t B 7 days ago +1

    you rarely get to see one man carry a nation like this. Pay homage and stop all the crap about him!

  • life peanuts
    life peanuts 7 days ago


  • Nubia Alves
    Nubia Alves 7 days ago +1

    Já vi esse filme, kkkk, siiim

    OVERLORD TKM 7 days ago

    WOW 67 mil and climbing

  • Christiano Shabastim

    2019 anyone??

  • Jackie boy
    Jackie boy 7 days ago

    Spain should've won, Ronaldo dived again.

  • Congnghia Le
    Congnghia Le 7 days ago

    Oh genius, absoluttly genius.

  • Đình Hiển Lưu
    Đình Hiển Lưu 8 days ago

    Degea đứng nhìn thấy hãm quá, ko bik nhìn chụp à?

  • Aravind
    Aravind 8 days ago +1

    Anybody here in 2019???

  • 水清【配信メイン】

    Ronald God...

  • Chrisnadhiana Sarijoto

    David de gea vs rui patricio

  • Chrisnadhiana Sarijoto

    Diego costa vs ronaldo

  • Chrisnadhiana Sarijoto

    Ronaldo goblok

  • vicky togas melendrez

    Deberían de cambiar de narrador, una vergüenza, ni emoción transmite

  • Tony Patino
    Tony Patino 8 days ago

    0:09 ?

  • Juan Mejia
    Juan Mejia 8 days ago

    I remember watching this game so good damn

  • Makara Alarcøñ
    Makara Alarcøñ 8 days ago +1


  • Pes-Fifa Gamer Pes - Fifa


  • Flforo Fitflld
    Flforo Fitflld 8 days ago

    What a dive, the first penalty shouldn't have been counted

  • Mr Pink
    Mr Pink 9 days ago +1

    This tournament proved. That at this moment in time. Ronaldo is the GOAT. Messi is an amazing player. Don’t get me wrong. But Ronaldo is the GOAT.

  • reward subba
    reward subba 9 days ago +1

    ronaldo is my best than neymer jr

  • Jihan Muqarabbin
    Jihan Muqarabbin 9 days ago

    1 goal
    2 mistakes

  • I_Dawg123
    I_Dawg123 9 days ago +1

    To think, Spain had 11 Top Class Players and Portugal just had 1 Legend!

  • Biakthangi Hnialum
    Biakthangi Hnialum 9 days ago

    ronaldo is first hatrick in world cup

  • Roberto Montero
    Roberto Montero 9 days ago +4

    Cr7 doing his magic while messi disappearing again

  • Phuong To
    Phuong To 9 days ago

    We were at a restaurant and we screamed like a bunch of idiots rooting for him to tie it!

  • Jesus Valdez
    Jesus Valdez 9 days ago

    Penaldo faking it

  • isaac obamehinti
    isaac obamehinti 9 days ago

    TheXvid Rewind brought me back here! Anyone else??

  • DuaCae
    DuaCae 9 days ago +1

    iberian peninsula representing!!

  • William Tsunku
    William Tsunku 9 days ago

    RE : S A TOUR
    RE : T V
    FIRST BLOOD: Teasle vs. Trautman (HD)
    Set It Off final scene

  • 좋아하나봄
    좋아하나봄 9 days ago

    So crazy last goal ronaldo wow

  • Ryouki Enam
    Ryouki Enam 9 days ago

    Mantap cek juga channel saya

  • Suhail Kukku
    Suhail Kukku 9 days ago

    Absolutely .Geniuse

  • абылай мендалиев

    Где по-вашему пенальти в начале?

  • Muhammad Youssef
    Muhammad Youssef 10 days ago

    It's spain vs cristiano actully😃😃

  • Fernando FT
    Fernando FT 10 days ago

    Wasn’t a penalty :(

  • Dank Meme
    Dank Meme 10 days ago

    holy shit de gea was pathetic

  • Michael Le
    Michael Le 10 days ago

    Looking back at this, and I saw a ronaldo flop

  • xProdigy1994
    xProdigy1994 10 days ago

    imagine if this was the world cup final... the way FT would've ended would have broken the internet!! this game really kicked off the WC to a great start

  • MmarCOs_19
    MmarCOs_19 10 days ago +1

    spain destroy Portugal onely but Ronaldo do something i think

  • Vargas
    Vargas 10 days ago +1

    0:09 lol

  • zephan deal
    zephan deal 10 days ago +6

    who's here from you tubers react?

  • Mcdoums Choco
    Mcdoums Choco 10 days ago

    Le but de nacho on dirait celui de pavard mais à rat de terre

  • Amaze
    Amaze 10 days ago +1


  • Marc A.M
    Marc A.M 10 days ago

    Our legend! 😍😍

  • Ramu Epuri
    Ramu Epuri 10 days ago


  • Chris Long
    Chris Long 10 days ago

    When i say machine thats him when i say boss thats him boss