The Complete Assassin's Creed Timeline - Odyssey to Syndicate | The Leaderboard

  • Published on Oct 6, 2018
  • Assassins Creed's storyline spans various centuries, key historical moments, locations, and it all can get a little confusing. So Join The Leaderboard as we unpack the official timeline of the series from Assassins Creed Odyssey to Syndicate.
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    Credits for This Episode
    Researched by: Kaylee Kuah
    Written by: Kaylee Kuah
    Hosted by: Sydney
    Edited by: Kyle Beauregard
    Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen
    Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury
    Project Manager: Jessica Ferrer
    Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez
    Graphics and Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor
    Programming Manager: Darrian P. Mack
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Comments • 6 797


    I wish i could go back to either Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt

  • nuclear246
    nuclear246 5 hours ago

    can't wait for Assassin's Creed WWIII where Desmond Miles has to assassinate the president and start a revolution

  • The CIA
    The CIA 9 hours ago

    Was expecting to see Assassins creed Embers

  • Nut Headz
    Nut Headz Day ago

    I know it's late but you missed out Freedom Cry , Liberation , Chronicles - India , China and Russia.

  • Sam Danobrega
    Sam Danobrega Day ago

    Was assassins creed liberation mentioned

  • theTongueTwister Guy

    assassins creed is awesome. if killing is not against the will of God, I would have been one to eliminate the bad people especially in the government

  • Rosolino Lo Sciuto

    Diffidate dai sindacati e negli oracoli non fecate meglio da soli che male accompagnati

  • Rosolino Lo Sciuto

    Flora fauna e minerali il tutto e' connesso con la timeline dell universo. 666 tu che devi accellerare non sai pensare

  • Ryan Crew
    Ryan Crew Day ago

    They need to make a modern day assassins creed

  • Die Pizza Legende

    Yeah but no the new ac o dlc change the story

  • M
    M 2 days ago

    I'm sorry...say Medjay one more time.
    I have a hard time believing anyone who actually played the game would say it so...wrong.

  • Mohdin Gerninja
    Mohdin Gerninja 2 days ago

    The assassin game time line begins

  • Andro mache
    Andro mache 2 days ago

    The reason the pathetic makes married their sisters, step mother etc is because royal blood passed through the female not the male. The males were worthless without the female line.

  • Colin Stewart
    Colin Stewart 2 days ago

    Ac rogue was set during the 7 years war, a war between the British and French several years before the revolutionary war. Just thought I should mention that

  • Wes Lown
    Wes Lown 3 days ago

    1750s revolution? You mean French and Indian war. The American revolution didn’t start till 20 years later

  • Shawtumn Mouseau
    Shawtumn Mouseau 3 days ago

    "In the end, our boy outsmart them."

  • Shivek Dhar
    Shivek Dhar 4 days ago

    Its funny how everything revolves around west, europe and middle west. As if the rest of the earth doesnt exist 🤣

    • XxHeNKdeHuNTeRx
      XxHeNKdeHuNTeRx 3 days ago

      @Shivek Dhar did you even read what I said?

    • Shivek Dhar
      Shivek Dhar 3 days ago

      @XxHeNKdeHuNTeRx where do you think INCAS came from? And you believe there are no buildings in Asia? Haha.. pass me that weed bro

    • XxHeNKdeHuNTeRx
      XxHeNKdeHuNTeRx 3 days ago

      @Shivek Dhar is that so much of a problem and it's quite impossible to make a assassins style game in Antarctica and the rest of Africa since the games used to rely on cities and tall buildings. Australia is part of western culture except for the aboriginal people so not very different to America. There is no lore that can link South America to the story.

    • Shivek Dhar
      Shivek Dhar 3 days ago

      @XxHeNKdeHuNTeRx entire africa apart from egypt, entire Aisa apart from Israel, turkey. Entire south america and Australia. And then a small little world called Antarctica (everyone knows it wasnt always so cold and inhabited its own people at some time im history. These guys have left 80% of the world and shown the stupid mentality that everything revolves around the north west.

    • XxHeNKdeHuNTeRx
      XxHeNKdeHuNTeRx 3 days ago

      Egypt is in Africa, assassins creed 3 was in North America. The other parts of the world are Asia which was chronicles I think, and South America and Australia. There is no lore that could link these areas to the creed to my knowledge.

  • DiamondsOf2
    DiamondsOf2 5 days ago

    dispose of /or/ depose, if you say "depose of" that is wrong.

  • MrBusterpalmer
    MrBusterpalmer 5 days ago

    Idk I couldn’t stand Origins or Odyssey the graphics are superb but the fight mechanics just suck and you’re truly not an assassin. Idk that’s just me

  • PlanetKevin
    PlanetKevin 5 days ago +4

    I hope the next Assassins Creed will play in Vikings Age 🤩🤩🤩 it will be Great 😋😋 I hope

  • Your Mom is a JoJo's Reference

    Requiescat en Pace, Desmond Miles

  • kane konner
    kane konner 6 days ago

    I used ac3 to pass my 5th grade state test. I used it to memorize important names cities and people. My parents also allowed me to stay up late to play

  • Marius Olsen
    Marius Olsen 7 days ago

    Rouge is my favorite game of all assassin's creed games then 3 and 4. But Rouge whas fucking awsome AF the ship battles whas amazing

  • Satanic Minecrafter666

    The way she says connors name has me crying😂😂😂

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter 7 days ago +1

    I hope they make an Assassin’s Creed: Vikings game. That would be so badass.

    • でッ
      でッ 6 days ago

      Viking and Ancient Japan/china I certainly hope so !!!! finger cross !

    • alexandra koliakoudakis
      alexandra koliakoudakis 7 days ago

      Jupiter we don’t know enough about the Vikings for that to happen

  • BoyStank
    BoyStank 7 days ago +2

    It all started with Odyssey, when you kill the cult ghost it’ll say Alexio or kassandra started the assassins

  • Lemuel Gonzalez
    Lemuel Gonzalez 8 days ago

    Me personally I would like an assassins creed game taking place in New York in the 1800’s civil war. They could have characters like bill the butcher

  • the man
    the man 8 days ago +1

    The name Alma halim it's not a name it's a title it means mentor or a teacher or Wiseman

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 8 days ago +1

    Still waiting on an ac that plays in germany ffs

  • stupid w33b
    stupid w33b 8 days ago +1

    Are Assassin's Creed dlc/chronicles not canon?

  • Hawaii flamethrower You

    I swiped up to subscribe but I already have

  • Luke Regan
    Luke Regan 9 days ago

    They need to make a post apocalyptic AC game

  • Ruslan Valiullin
    Ruslan Valiullin 9 days ago

    They say Connor's real name like 20 times. Not that hard to pronounce.

  • EB 1337
    EB 1337 9 days ago

    Still waiting for the day a WWI Assassin's creed is announced.

    Pls ubi I need it

  • meme boi
    meme boi 9 days ago

    Assassins Creed: Vikings

  • Malaki Mask
    Malaki Mask 9 days ago

    unity looks the wise

  • Hamun
    Hamun 9 days ago +1

    Still waiting for ac persia..

  • White Hat Hacker
    White Hat Hacker 9 days ago +1

    Ezio my favorite assassin
    Who else agree

  • Jake Holm
    Jake Holm 10 days ago

    It's a fun series, however, they basically have taken God out of history and replaced it with aliens.
    I believe in God and Jesus as my savior. And I believe that our world and history is much more beautiful and strange than we will ever know.

  • InsideAssassin2
    InsideAssassin2 10 days ago

    Al Mualim wasn’t a Templar

    NICO BERNARDO VLOGS 10 days ago

    AC ww2

  • Tyrese Williams
    Tyrese Williams 10 days ago

    You should do a timeline for Tekken

  • bonzodamonkey
    bonzodamonkey 10 days ago

    This is awesome

  • Krista Vibbert
    Krista Vibbert 10 days ago +5

    in assassins creed
    Rogue its the 7 year war not the american revaluation. But who cares still a go video👌👍👌👍👌👍

    • Krista Vibbert
      Krista Vibbert 6 days ago

      i forgot to say the 3rd game is in the american revaluation

  • Goca Jovanovic
    Goca Jovanovic 10 days ago +3

    11yr old that got hyped from ac origins:left the chat

    • M
      M 2 days ago

      Origins was delightful.

  • DJET 1976
    DJET 1976 10 days ago

    Lose the sjw booger ring and we're good.... Anyways, great video though.

  • Seth Clark
    Seth Clark 10 days ago

    i want a game set in aztec mexico

  • Reeze Vlog
    Reeze Vlog 11 days ago

    The Borgias....oooof....what a family..

  • GoetzimRegen
    GoetzimRegen 11 days ago

    historical templar and assasins had the same goals, so little interference happens.

  • Game Heer
    Game Heer 11 days ago

    Yeah but it's stop whit Desmond and Altair and ezio

  • Mostafa Kalawy
    Mostafa Kalawy 11 days ago

    FYI : Al Mualim is not a name.. it means the grand master in arabic

  • el greco
    el greco 12 days ago

    Assassins creed Mexican - American war

  • Patrick Savage
    Patrick Savage 12 days ago

    Did she just call Bayek a maji?

  • Starkiller Gillis
    Starkiller Gillis 12 days ago

    Assassins creed primal

  • Dicker Max SPG
    Dicker Max SPG 12 days ago

    Well the problem with triple helix DNA is that in most cases they are like mutations as so most are bad but a rare few are good but extremely uncommon

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 13 days ago

    oml is there like a microbiological cell structure of Eden or some shit

  • Zomby Gaming
    Zomby Gaming 13 days ago +16

    You talk of the Order of Ancients but not of the Kult of Cosmos!?

  • commander duck
    commander duck 13 days ago

    Assassin's creed 2077 when?

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon 13 days ago

    Actually al mualim is not a name it means teacher or master in Arabic

  • Est Crit
    Est Crit 14 days ago +4

    Assassins Creed 2019:
    The assassin's entire lineage lies on a single and final descendant of the once proud assassin's brotherhood... But, he is a Millennial... and an otaku.... didnt really achieve anything in his life. On his way home from buying a video game, he got hit by a truck. His entire life flashed before him. After that, he saw himself on the ground. It turns out he wasn't hit by the truck at all. He just fell on the ground, wet himself, and had a heart attack thinking he was hit by truck. This leads to his death.
    Next game:
    Visiting the town of Axel with a useless blue haired woman. 2020.