How this 13 Year old FaZe Fan Joined FaZe Clan!

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • THE YOUNGEST FAZE MEMBER IN HISTORY! Leave a like for the kid!

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  • D.J. D.
    D.J. D. 2 hours ago +1

    Those weights highsky was lifting were 6 lbs for a 6 yr old 😂

  • SyspiriX
    SyspiriX 2 days ago +1

    He’s not 13 he’s 11

  • Muteki -
    Muteki - 5 days ago

    Puberty has left the chat

  • Shway
    Shway 5 days ago +1

    I hate highsky tbh I just respect him for being in FaZe

  • Lord_Timmmons_
    Lord_Timmmons_ 6 days ago

    He's 11

  • ツZexolityy
    ツZexolityy 10 days ago


  • Jason Escalante
    Jason Escalante 11 days ago

    Adapt did you say any age can join the Faze clan. Can I join I love you guys so much?

  • Paddy Collins
    Paddy Collins 11 days ago

    Man highsky is lucky. My parents can’t get me off fortnite but they try hard to do so

    • Nolan Holt
      Nolan Holt 6 days ago

      Cause your a stupid ass like 9yr

    SALIFU SAMUEL KAMARA 12 days ago

    Quick question van girls join FaZe

    SALIFU SAMUEL KAMARA 12 days ago +1

    Alex I should follow my dreams but I can't join Faze because I'm a girl, you know what I'm gonna work hard and make history BABY FAZE UP💪🤘💪🤘

  • 6ix9inePeanut
    6ix9inePeanut 12 days ago

    I think I’m the second best Fortnite mobile player

  • Cpt -Spacues
    Cpt -Spacues 13 days ago

    Is it me or highsky is ugly ?

  • The Weird Kid
    The Weird Kid 13 days ago

    *“13 year old”*

  • Grandpa
    Grandpa 14 days ago

    I call him the clip it kid

  • Martin Nikolov
    Martin Nikolov 15 days ago

    He is 11

  • Nwabueze Igwe
    Nwabueze Igwe 15 days ago

    He's 8 right here... he just turned 9

  • patricia lue welch
    patricia lue welch 17 days ago

    I kn not Bev he a 11

  • Chase Wilcox123
    Chase Wilcox123 18 days ago

    How did he get banned from Twitch???

  • sivan seagel
    sivan seagel 18 days ago

    Call of duty hiski

  • Cool Bro
    Cool Bro 18 days ago

    He is not 13 he is 11

  • Alexa rodriguez
    Alexa rodriguez 18 days ago +1

    I think it’s unfair that he got kicked from faze he’s really good especially for an 11 year old I don’t think it should matter what age u r

  • xminix gamer
    xminix gamer 20 days ago


  • Joseph Lawson
    Joseph Lawson 20 days ago

    Who's watching when highsky age is actually 12

  • Joseph Lawson
    Joseph Lawson 20 days ago +1

    Someone will make a video saying H1ghsky get puberty!

  • Nawal Aarda
    Nawal Aarda 22 days ago

    Nice vid

  • Keegan Glascott
    Keegan Glascott 24 days ago +2

    who else is watching this after highsky's real age got exposed?

  • TK
    TK 24 days ago

    this title didn't age well lol. faze up

  • Kelan Borrelli
    Kelan Borrelli 25 days ago

    He is 10

  • Xehzn.
    Xehzn. 28 days ago

    U ARE A LIAR (HE 12)

  • craydul
    craydul 28 days ago

    Hes gonna leave FaZe and join OpTic like a certain someone...

  • Kevin Renkart
    Kevin Renkart 29 days ago

    He is 11

  • Riviru Lawrance
    Riviru Lawrance 29 days ago

    can i join faze

  • Ice Sodumb
    Ice Sodumb Month ago

    Hmmm titles a bit misleading.........

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    Adapt the type of guy to fart in his car and say I’m filling it up with gas

  • Skippy Jones
    Skippy Jones Month ago

    He's not 13 he's 11

  • Jon Escalante
    Jon Escalante Month ago

    I hade a dream of being in faze

  • talking smile
    talking smile Month ago +1

    We all know he's not really 13.
    Adapt:how old are you
    Highsky's mind: oh man oh man man man

  • TheFrostbyte
    TheFrostbyte Month ago

    Lol hes not 13 hes 12

  • Joel Cruz
    Joel Cruz Month ago


  • karlowz
    karlowz Month ago


  • Thicc Boi
    Thicc Boi Month ago +1

    Lol 13 years old 😂😂 we all know he’s 11

  • anonymous _
    anonymous _ Month ago +1

    Anyone else hear highsky say he’s 15?

  • anonymous _
    anonymous _ Month ago

    13 huh?

  • DarianDoesYT
    DarianDoesYT Month ago

    change the tittle to How this 12 year old FaZe Fan Joined FaZe Clan!

  • Ultra Clan
    Ultra Clan Month ago

    Adapt the type of guy to shower with no soap

  • Dakoterrr -_-
    Dakoterrr -_- Month ago

    Too bad hes not actually 13

  • cuong gin
    cuong gin Month ago +1

    High sky is actually 11 years old

  • Real Memes
    Real Memes Month ago +1

    His not actually 13

  • Ben Pelkey
    Ben Pelkey Month ago

    13 he's 11

  • Justliam45
    Justliam45 Month ago


  • Justliam45
    Justliam45 Month ago

    #faze jarvis

  • Justliam45
    Justliam45 Month ago


  • Justliam45
    Justliam45 Month ago +1


  • Vortex 18
    Vortex 18 Month ago

    Faze highsky: youngest faze member
    Faze baby: hold my apple juice

  • Austin Matugas
    Austin Matugas Month ago

    Faze Highsky just 11

  • Mr. Pengy
    Mr. Pengy Month ago

    He has like a baby voice

  • Kim Jung The Great
    Kim Jung The Great Month ago +2

    You lied to us alex🤢

  • Boy Gamer420
    Boy Gamer420 Month ago

    Hes 12 Dummy

  • Owen Knaperek
    Owen Knaperek Month ago

    Spoiler alert he is 11

  • Chicken Boy
    Chicken Boy Month ago

    Nope he only 12

  • Anson Lim
    Anson Lim Month ago

    he not 13 he is 11

  • Toxic_subzero
    Toxic_subzero Month ago

    I don't know if you know but he is 12 FaZe clan is doomed because you signed a minor

  • king day
    king day Month ago

    he is 11 not 13 years old

  • Curtis Gilyard
    Curtis Gilyard Month ago

    Hes 12

  • Oliver Perez
    Oliver Perez Month ago

    Bro that kid looks like my 5 year old nephew and sky is 13

    EDUARDO Month ago

    13 btw

  • Saim Ali Ahmed
    Saim Ali Ahmed Month ago +1

    FaZe posi

  • Endermann Pearls
    Endermann Pearls Month ago +2

    Is he really 13???? Lol

  • JH_vids 19
    JH_vids 19 Month ago

    He’s 12

  • Brian Leos
    Brian Leos Month ago

    They was drunk asf at the end of the video 😭😂

  • Shark Family vlogs
    Shark Family vlogs Month ago

    So why did you guys lie about his age

  • RJ _
    RJ _ Month ago

    This ended well

  • Brandon Muho
    Brandon Muho Month ago

    Who is here before Highsky got banned from twitch

  • whzhxhc
    whzhxhc Month ago

    11 yr old

  • ryan davis
    ryan davis Month ago

    who’s here after they found out he was 12

  • Zeaf
    Zeaf Month ago

    *How this 11 year old joined FaZe Clan

  • potatoboi
    potatoboi Month ago

    11 *cough* *cough*

  • night wing
    night wing Month ago

    Kid said 15 at 1:26 n the guys said 13 try cover up the lie

  • Matthew Wallin
    Matthew Wallin Month ago

    Not 13 years old barely can talk

  • MUCH
    MUCH Month ago +1

    Highsky is only 11


    Highsky12 hahahaha wow

  • Sulky Flims
    Sulky Flims Month ago

    How this 11 joined FaZe with a fat kid

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy Month ago

    my dream is to join faze clan but not that good with editing and not that good with snipers

  • false
    false Month ago

    that kid is 11

    • false
      false Month ago

      @CallMeWind false alarm he's 12

    • CallMeWind
      CallMeWind Month ago

      false lmao ur name and the comment u made

  • DANGamerYT!
    DANGamerYT! Month ago +1

    13 lol

  • Melissa
    Melissa Month ago +1

    He was 11 when he joined by the way, and he’s 12 now. In California laws the person signing the contract must be 13+ to be able to sign a contract. This will bring a lot of trouble to faze and possibly Highsky and his parents. Also the court can also take the decision of making Faze shutdown or leave California. Also it was all confirmed that he is not 13 because people did research and found a lot of post that prove he’s not 13. Rest In Peace to his career, expect him to probably leave or Faze being shutdown and next few weeks or months when tfue takes them to court. ✌️

  • phill powered
    phill powered Month ago

    13 year old 4Head

  • Matthew D'Angelo
    Matthew D'Angelo Month ago

    I unsubbed u lying about highsky

  • Cyclone Gaming
    Cyclone Gaming Month ago

    I think he’s twelve

  • Quick ClipsYT
    Quick ClipsYT Month ago +25

    Correct title: how this 11 year old join faze

  • Iq Trikzta
    Iq Trikzta Month ago

    yo im 11 can I beat the record

  •  Month ago

    Funny how the game will die some day and won’t be relevant and he does not know how to play cod

  • name no
    name no Month ago +1

    ....... puberty left the chat

  • TheNadq88
    TheNadq88 Month ago


  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort Month ago

    No fkin way this kid is 13 he sounds like he’s 5

  • Emanuel Gyula
    Emanuel Gyula Month ago

    he is 11

    HAAS MONKEY Month ago

    You all trippin snakes lit

  • Intelligent Turtle
    Intelligent Turtle Month ago

    I wonder how much tension was on Patrick’s hand with like 5 people with tattoos in front of him

  • koloterorita rita
    koloterorita rita 2 months ago +1

    how tf that kid is 13?