The Princess Switch | Stacy De Novo Meets Lady Margaret | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
  • Is anyone else seeing double? Stacy De Novo and Lady Margaret (literally) bump into each other for the first time.
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    The Princess Switch | Stacy De Novo Meets Lady Margaret | Netflix
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Comments • 122

  • Shärie M
    Shärie M 2 months ago

    Are the actress twins or it's just movie trick

  • Kathleen Higgins
    Kathleen Higgins 2 months ago


  • AJ Dezelle
    AJ Dezelle 4 months ago +2

    Vanessa Hudgens is playing both characters using the split screen technique.

  • Daniel Gardecki
    Daniel Gardecki 5 months ago +6

    *Parent Trap 7.0* more like, as there's been 5 Parent Trap films already, and a 6th on the way.
    This has basically stolen the concept, and tried to act like it's original.

  • CaptAmerica1012
    CaptAmerica1012 5 months ago

    I don’t understand why they didn’t make these girls have a Spanish accent at least. Why does she have to have that British sounding accent. Why can’t she be from like Spain or something. She is Hispanic.

    • Aya_ 321077
      Aya_ 321077 3 days ago

      I think here’s the reason:
      Belgravia is a real place in England, where people speak in British/English/Australian (even if I speak that way, I don’t really know what accent I am speaking). So maybe that’s why. Or what you’re trying to tell is that the actress is Latina so she should be speaking Latina.

  • Sanath Jaisuriyan
    Sanath Jaisuriyan 5 months ago +1

    Alright, just came here to express my thoughts on this show after getting tired viewing your(this show's) ad everytime i try listening to music...
    First of all, if i got fucking money up my ass that is giving me comfortable life, i would careless about getting outta bed and wouldn't even give a damn about whoever the fuck that might look like me... and the second thing, stop this garbage shows and make something that could help people get genuine knowledge about life and how to live.

  • Cookie Head
    Cookie Head 5 months ago

    I'm really coffused...does she really...have a twin irl?

  • Anurag Parashar
    Anurag Parashar 5 months ago

    The idea seems to be borrowed from a popular 1994 Indian movie called "Andaz Apna Apna".

    • Anurag Parashar
      Anurag Parashar 5 months ago

      @Daniel Gardecki Maybe! 'The Parent Trap' came out in 1998. 'Andaz Apna Apna' came out four years earlier.

    • Daniel Gardecki
      Daniel Gardecki 5 months ago +1

      More like borrowed from the 6 *Parent Trap* films.

  • CiiskaLady
    CiiskaLady 5 months ago

    Is like The Prince and the Surfer jjajjaja

  • kulkarni Singh
    kulkarni Singh 6 months ago

    Pls stop your advertisement of this TV show I am sick of it .will dislike every video of netflix

  • Denis Gauthier
    Denis Gauthier 6 months ago +1

    Vanessa has a smashing British accent for an American actress/singer/former Disney star

  • claude maluma
    claude maluma 6 months ago

    Netflix is just wasting our money smh

  • Traci Jones
    Traci Jones 6 months ago +4

    This movie was so good, I loved seeing Vanessa Hudgens in a holiday movie 🥰

  • filmzen
    filmzen 6 months ago

    *This is just **_Dave_** and **_The Parent Trap_** but with Vanessa Hudgens.*

  • Lily J
    Lily J 6 months ago

    Monte Carlo?

  • Ph.40 Lowk
    Ph.40 Lowk 6 months ago

    Fuck this

  • Lincean
    Lincean 6 months ago


  • Sa rah
    Sa rah 6 months ago +2

    When i watched this i coukdnt stop laughing and its the best movie ever😍😍

  • ziljin
    ziljin 6 months ago +4

    Vanessa Hudgens is amazing!

  • Updated8SecondsAgo
    Updated8SecondsAgo 6 months ago +1

    And that’s pretty much it. #gotigers

  • xRobotNinja
    xRobotNinja 6 months ago

    I Cant believe Netflix cloned vanessa hudgens, very cool netflix.

    ƋƝƋĊǀƋƦƋ M 6 months ago


  • Lily Campion
    Lily Campion 6 months ago +4

    It’s a good film for god sake I watched it twice and if anyone else drops hate on me or Netflix I will report it

    • Young & Funny
      Young & Funny 6 months ago

      Its really It's terrible. Reporting somebody won't do you any good.

  • Zak Landman
    Zak Landman 6 months ago

    Really a parent swap rip off. Yes they aren't related but the whole switching places with someone identical to have a taste of the life you want to relax it isn't what you want. Come on Netflix! Be original shit you have a category named originals.

    • Daniel Gardecki
      Daniel Gardecki 5 months ago +1

      ...which is full of shows they didn't produce, broadcast first, or own.

  • AmbientCreativity
    AmbientCreativity 6 months ago +3

    I was screaming the whole time. Cringey and terrible, but also amazing

  • Otis McNutt
    Otis McNutt 6 months ago +1

    This plot seems a bit...familiar.

  • Lando Calrissian
    Lando Calrissian 6 months ago +2

    Reminds me of her fire nudes

  • JY Lee
    JY Lee 6 months ago +2

    She does the best accent ever!

  • Micky 1
    Micky 1 6 months ago

    TATTOO all over my face! am I crazy 😜

  • Micky 1
    Micky 1 6 months ago

  • It's all good
    It's all good 6 months ago +3

    I love Vanessa hudgens ever since I saw her first set of nudes when she was 18 years old. I was a 7th grader and my friend showed me on his phone behind the bleachers during PE. Good times.

  • G94
    G94 6 months ago

    One thing that didn't make sense was that she always referred to the queen as 'your majesty' but the king as 'your highness' which makes no sense because since there is a King it means that he is the monarch and should be referred to as 'your majesty' while the queen consort is also 'your majesty'. Please forward this complaint to the relevant authorities.

  • Hania Aguilar
    Hania Aguilar 6 months ago

    Yo la vi y me encanto 😘

  • Aikaterine Illt
    Aikaterine Illt 6 months ago


  • Banks 11
    Banks 11 6 months ago +5

    I love her so much ❤️

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts 6 months ago +2

    This chick fine

  • Iva
    Iva 6 months ago +1

    2011 calls, it says you shouldnt copy their ideas

  • Iva
    Iva 6 months ago +20

    monte carlo, is that you?

  • Stoney Curtis
    Stoney Curtis 6 months ago +4

    If I had to choose between the two of them...
    I would bang them both~!

    SARADA RB 6 months ago +4


  • unicorn_91 yea
    unicorn_91 yea 6 months ago

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE plus why do they say Mr.De Novo

  • Gentjana Sope
    Gentjana Sope 6 months ago +1

    Oh my gosh😂

    ALIX XANDIR 6 months ago

    Meh.. this paísita aight..

  • baybeetricia
    baybeetricia 6 months ago +2

    Parent trap 2.0

    • Daniel Gardecki
      Daniel Gardecki 5 months ago +1

      *Parent Trap 7.0* more like, as there's been 5 Parent Trap films already, and a 6th on the way.
      This has basically stolen the concept, and tried to act like it's original.

  • Marriott Moczó
    Marriott Moczó 6 months ago

    Great movie.

  • Lucas Divo
    Lucas Divo 6 months ago

    Bostas you put, now put the 4 season of the shadow hunters you do not put !! What do you throw if you give up? !! Many wonderful series, you give up! We hate it !! we want to do seasonalhadowhunters

  • Simian Unlucky
    Simian Unlucky 6 months ago +3

    Good Rotten Tomatoes ratings. I'm watching this

  • Karolina Nowak
    Karolina Nowak 6 months ago +7

    i love this amazing movie

  • Lucas Divo
    Lucas Divo 6 months ago

    Bostas vocês colocam, agora colocar a 4 temporada dos shadow hunters vocês não colocam!! Pra que vocês lançam se depois desistem?!! Muitas séries maravilhosas, vocês desistem! Odiamos isso!! #queremos4temporadashadowhunters

  • YvngMontana 305
    YvngMontana 305 6 months ago +119

    Netflix is dropping so much garbage lately

    • Ginny Weasley
      Ginny Weasley 4 months ago +1

      Yes it's very funny! Don't judge a movie you haven't seen!

    • Sa rah
      Sa rah 6 months ago

      @Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant What the heck are you talking about?

    • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant
      Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant 6 months ago

      @Sa rah Rumor has it you were a Fields Medal winner, with impeccable grammar, before partaking of _The Princess Switch._

    • Ranwa Elsheikh
      Ranwa Elsheikh 6 months ago +3

      The film is really cool don't judge all of it from a tiny scene

    • Sa rah
      Sa rah 6 months ago +3

      @Young & Funny they do not have to tell everyone about it

  • Ana Souza
    Ana Souza 6 months ago


  • SuzieVlogs
    SuzieVlogs 6 months ago +1

    Now I need to watch this movie

    • Hlobisile Angel
      Hlobisile Angel 4 months ago

      I have a full movie in my blog(hlobisile angel)

  • stranger things marvel
    stranger things marvel 6 months ago +5

    I love this movie!

  • stranger things marvel
    stranger things marvel 6 months ago +1

    Definitely NOT first hahah

  • doğa bayraktar
    doğa bayraktar 6 months ago +1

    i love vanessa

  • Elsa Hernandez
    Elsa Hernandez 6 months ago

    I honestly was *DISSAPOINTed*

  • Louise Smith
    Louise Smith 6 months ago +5

    Just finished watching this

  • Bernadette Boyce
    Bernadette Boyce 6 months ago +19

    Jesus is returning soon , the antichrist will use an "extraterrestrial" invasion to bring in NWO and abductions will be a cover up for the rapture . This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about .

    • A Almutairi
      A Almutairi 4 months ago

      I don’t have any idea what you are talking about but yes. Jesus will come one day and take the (Israel) land back to the Palestinians

    • Sanath Jaisuriyan
      Sanath Jaisuriyan 5 months ago +1

      Who cares, i say, he don't even have to come down.. just give us some damn fine ass flood and wipe out everything already . Ain't finding easy ways to die.

    • mommymode1985
      mommymode1985 5 months ago +1

      Ok ... But how does this relate to this video? I'm super confused 😕?

    • iloveyoumonday
      iloveyoumonday 6 months ago +2

      tell jesus he can eat my ass

    • Rohit Meena
      Rohit Meena 6 months ago +2

      Yes, twins are a recipe for disaster. Didn't anyone hear what happened to the brothers known as twin towers? Oh boi. Such a shame.

  • Oh!
    Oh! 6 months ago +4

    Her accent is that good

  • Pbarkhan Wright
    Pbarkhan Wright 6 months ago +18

    I already watched this movie and it was amazing

  • Ella
    Ella 6 months ago +51

    I love Vanessa Hudgens!!! Ever since high school musical!!!!! 💕💕

  • Tazua
    Tazua 6 months ago +4


  • Trending issuesAyo
    Trending issuesAyo 6 months ago +2

    I love this movie😍😍

  • River Spotter
    River Spotter 6 months ago +2


  • lanethelame
    lanethelame 6 months ago +12

    If anyone has seen it, thoughts please. I want to know if i should watch it or not

    • Almira 09
      Almira 09 5 months ago +1

      Hey, i was hesitant to watch it since it seems so cliche but it really is worth it

    • Tamara Dimic
      Tamara Dimic 6 months ago +1

      I kinda liked it! It was cute relaxing christmas movie :)

    • DiGiTaLM4N
      DiGiTaLM4N 6 months ago +3

      It's a decent movie. Feels like a top of the line Hallmark movie more than anything else.

    • MinnieMint
      MinnieMint 6 months ago +1

      it's good, watch it!!

    • Betty Joker
      Betty Joker 6 months ago +1

      Please dont its a waste of time

  • Alejandra Munoz Morales
    Alejandra Munoz Morales 6 months ago +2

    I loved this movie♡

  • Ella
    Ella 6 months ago +3

    Is this out yet?

  • Dameron Dude
    Dameron Dude 6 months ago +42

    this movie is so fetch

    • Penny for my thot
      Penny for my thot 2 months ago

      @Howie Wang you r so not fetch

    • Letty
      Letty 6 months ago +3

      @Howie Wang have u seen Mean Girls?If not you won't get it.

    • Howie Wang
      Howie Wang 6 months ago

      What is it even supposed to mean

    • Stephanie Lopez
      Stephanie Lopez 6 months ago +11

      Stop trying to make Fetch happen. It’s never gonna happen, Dameron.

  • Ζοi Kal
    Ζοi Kal 6 months ago +15

    We want a sequel

  • Rabeya Chowdhury
    Rabeya Chowdhury 6 months ago +1

    I loved the film

  • Dameron Dude
    Dameron Dude 6 months ago +102

    wouldn’t the duchess have security with her?

    • Caleb B.
      Caleb B. 6 months ago +5

      I would imagine that she might have told her detail that she preferred to walk alone. Plot and all...

  • Jazmin Martinez
    Jazmin Martinez 6 months ago +7

    Like si casi nunca eres el primero

  • Jazmin Martinez
    Jazmin Martinez 6 months ago

    Like si lees este comentario 👍👍😊😊 denle like😎

  • Benjamin Baierhofer
    Benjamin Baierhofer 6 months ago +13

    Der Film ist so gut

  • Cinnamon Toast
    Cinnamon Toast 6 months ago


  • Amalia Panaccio
    Amalia Panaccio 6 months ago +2