The 5 Club Challenge!

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • In this video we head out onto the course to see if I can break par using only 5 clubs! We also talk through why this is something you should also try to help vary your practice and ability to execute different golf shots.
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Comments • 250

  • Kevin Roach
    Kevin Roach 7 days ago +1

    Wow what a course. And those overheads though!! Need more courses like this in the states.

  • Ted Stan
    Ted Stan 8 days ago

    About time you and Shieldsy had a team match. Decide a venue and invite people along for great day.
    Loving the vids you pair make.

  • John Youtebb
    John Youtebb 8 days ago

    Ayyyy Seattle Seahawks

    ItsCAIDEN T 9 days ago

    You probably would've played better without that Seattle Seahawks hat

  • Robin Witts
    Robin Witts 12 days ago

    That white jumper😍

  • Jordan Purol
    Jordan Purol 12 days ago

    Army golf...haha...I am stealing that one..!

  • Bryan Walters
    Bryan Walters 13 days ago

    Great hat Pete!
    Enjoying from Seattle..

  • JR R
    JR R 14 days ago +2

    I hope you see this Peter because I owe you a massive thanks.
    I’ve struggled I’m 16 and this year I’ve been able to hit my driver around 280 - 290 yards however I haven’t really been able to control the accuracy and it frustratingly became a fluke if I hit it straight. After watching this video I adjusted my Nike vapor driver from 9.5 to 12.5 (it doesn’t have a 13) and the next time I went out, not only did I consistently hit it exactly where I wanted to, I was able to add 30 - 40 yards with my maximum drive being 325!
    Thank you so much for making my game much more enjoyable and making me a better player!

  • mieguistumas
    mieguistumas 16 days ago

    Knowing all the challenges people do, this is not a challenge.

  • Trenton Crow
    Trenton Crow 20 days ago

    My first set was 15$ for a 3,5,7,9 iron and a putter

  • Yorkie263
    Yorkie263 21 day ago

    Great looking course, did this 5 club challenge before, as you say you have to re-think your shots

  • Rune Frederiksen
    Rune Frederiksen 22 days ago +8

    Would it be cool if you and rick did a 14 club challenge..

  • Malcolm A.
    Malcolm A. 23 days ago

    I might play with 5 clubs for a laugh but I regularly play with 7 for a quick bounce match and I love it.
    Its great to improvise different shots - good practice for when one's game goes belly up in an important match.
    Cheers as always!

  • benjamin pham
    benjamin pham 24 days ago

    Seattle Seahawks cap?? 🤔 Did you visit the NW of the US Pete?

  • Gabe Frederick
    Gabe Frederick 25 days ago +3

    This would be an easy challenge for me since there’s only 5 clubs in my entire bag that I can hit decent😂

  • Austin Gilkey
    Austin Gilkey 25 days ago

    Seahawks fan?

  • Shmegma Plays
    Shmegma Plays 25 days ago

    What range finder do you use

  • gillettecrackers
    gillettecrackers 25 days ago

    15:34 - you actually tapped it on the second practice swing.

  • gillettecrackers
    gillettecrackers 25 days ago

    11:40 every day.

  • Mark Sims
    Mark Sims 25 days ago

    For me I would be 3w, 4h, 8i, 56 and putter. That would sort me out on most courses I think. No like on this video though cos of that bloody Seahawks hat. Go Cards!!

  • yo c
    yo c 25 days ago

    U officially became my favorite golf channel go hawks

  • Keith Finley
    Keith Finley 26 days ago

    Hi Pete,
    Original One sounds really good off the face. Is it 10-15 yards shorter than Driver?

  • brandy_rogers
    brandy_rogers 26 days ago

    Awesome visuals guys! Loved the position points after each shot

  • Sodthong
    Sodthong 26 days ago

    Golf Vlogs UK is the bees knees.

  • philarsenal2008
    philarsenal2008 26 days ago

    What course was this?

  • Paz
    Paz 26 days ago

    Challenge? I've only got 5 clubs in my bag 😂 (handicap 64)

  • Adam Sahrblom
    Adam Sahrblom 27 days ago

    Yesterday, I shot 6 over on the front using 14 clubs, 9 over on the back using only my 7 iron for every single shot and putt. I'm not quite sure yet what that says about the current state of my game...

  • Michiel Wijnholds
    Michiel Wijnholds 27 days ago

    Go to rijk van Nijmegen in the netherlands

  • jarrodbrush
    jarrodbrush 27 days ago +1

    Love that you still rocking the Seahawks beanie. If I went about a 5 club challenge, would likely end up going Driver, 4 hybrid, 7i, pw, putter.

  • sub333
    sub333 27 days ago

    Great video, shame about the hat

  • Tom Bedlam
    Tom Bedlam 27 days ago +3

    ive been using a half set (7 clubs) in competitions for a good while now. sounds silly but I find it so much easier. beat my PB score in a competition the first time I tried it

  • Apqa
    Apqa 27 days ago +1

    I feel like the putter is kind of a waste. Putting with an iron is not that bad

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee 27 days ago

    Really nice looking course that

  • hoopsmark
    hoopsmark 27 days ago

    WAIT - Seattle Seahawks???? lol🤣

  • sponon
    sponon 27 days ago

    Go Seahawks :D

  • Glenn Richardson
    Glenn Richardson 28 days ago

    Great video, looked a great course to play on. You did well considering the lack of clubs

  • William Breland
    William Breland 28 days ago

    Pete, I love you videos, but we have got to get you out of that Seattle Seahawks beanie and into a New Orleans Saints one!!!

  • Lance Steele
    Lance Steele 28 days ago

    Loved the video. What about a shot tracer to see the shot shapes you're attempting.

  • stylz1
    stylz1 28 days ago

    3W, 4HB, 7i, GW, Putter.

  • Lonnie Land
    Lonnie Land 28 days ago

    Great final putt Peter and that brilliant slicing 4? Rick is so much trouble.

  • Greg Hansen
    Greg Hansen 28 days ago

    GO HAWKS!!

  • Scott Grella
    Scott Grella 28 days ago

    Great video! We do a 4club game in our league and it's fun! Where'd you get the Seattle Seahawks hat? I'm just outside of Seattle, love your vids.

  • Onoku
    Onoku 28 days ago

    What the hell is a mini driver?

  • Ana Garland
    Ana Garland 28 days ago +1

    Nice Seahawks beanie Pete!

  • gibbc100
    gibbc100 28 days ago

    Go Steelers

  • Callum Campbell
    Callum Campbell 28 days ago

    R u sure ur not teeing it too high for that driver

  • e james
    e james 28 days ago

    the i500 goes 40 degree - 35- 30. I think shiels had some trouble with gapping his set. I picked up a pxg XF 7 ......"retro'ed my ping 7 and 8 so the lineup now is 30 degree - 33 - 37- 40. Which I feel is more appropos for this crucial range of shots.

  • Frank Mahoney
    Frank Mahoney 28 days ago

    Where can i find one of those pullovers?

  • C R
    C R 28 days ago

    Stunning as always, but where is the nice camera work with a bit of zoom for those fairway and green shots, should be a nice touch 😎

  • z3trkrnr
    z3trkrnr 28 days ago

    Lifelong Seahawks fan! Great hat Peter!

  • Matthew Green
    Matthew Green 28 days ago

    are you telling me he cant hit a seven iron 158??? c'mon man

  • Neil Robertson
    Neil Robertson 28 days ago

    Pete. Driver off the deck, are you making any changes to your swing or ball position?

  • Bob Pothier
    Bob Pothier 28 days ago +1

    3W, 5i, 8i, 56 and putter (although I would consider an extra iron and putt with the 3 wood)

  • Eric Lowe
    Eric Lowe 28 days ago

    You’re telling me your first drive was 352 yards? Dang peter💪

  • Stephen O Reilly
    Stephen O Reilly 28 days ago

    Great video Pete. I would love to see you do this challenge on a couple of different course's.

  • Tim Baines
    Tim Baines 28 days ago

    Why use the mini driver from the rough (on the par 5)? Simply wack it out with the 7 iron and then you'll have another "easy" 7 iron shot onto the green...course management above risk surely??

  • jason walston
    jason walston 29 days ago

    YES!!!!!!!! SEAHAWKS!!!! I'm in Seattle and love the hat. Come play Chambers Bay sometime!

  • Compa 49
    Compa 49 29 days ago

    Loved the heckle by Siri! LOL

  • Compa 49
    Compa 49 29 days ago +1

    Pete, what are you doing wearing a Seahawks cap?

  • David Hughes Jr
    David Hughes Jr 29 days ago

    Peter great vid just wondering u got any old 56 or 60 degree wedge just broke mine cheers