Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

  • Published on May 13, 2019
    It's time to review the 2020 Toyota Supra. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the new GR Supra, and I'm showing you all of the quirks and features of the 2020 Supra. Then I'm going to drive the new Toyota Supra to show you everything you need to know about the Supra.
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Comments • 24 354

  • Connor Steve
    Connor Steve Day ago

    Nice Bmw Supra 2020

  • John Chigur
    John Chigur Day ago

    Jap Junk. It has the Toyota camrys red seats .... lol.

  • corymatthews13
    corymatthews13 Day ago

    why is he so sweaty?

  • manong guard
    manong guard Day ago

    Toyota has became the Apple of car companies. They limit the car's capabilities so that it can be improved by the aftermarket.

  • richsoryu
    richsoryu Day ago

    I expected much more from this. Nissan knew the legend of the GT-R and made sure that they built a better and far higher performing machine when they released the R35. I was never on the Toyota band wagon, but I really expected much more from this considering the legend behind it and the product Nissan delivered. Instead, it is a BMW with a body designed by Toyota based on what I see here... The marketing leading up to this lead me to believe they were really going to try to go all out. Hopefully they change this soon...

  • Real Truth
    Real Truth Day ago

    That ain't no supra. That's just some small little car.

  • Trev Logie
    Trev Logie Day ago

    Maybe Toyota has plans for a GT-R killer in the future.

  • Allie Mo
    Allie Mo Day ago

    It may be CALLED a Supra, but this is NO Supra!!!

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog Day ago

    Take a shot every time he says BMW

  • Kifo
    Kifo Day ago

    The interior is where you'd spend most of your time with your Supra, you would think they would try a little harder to make it more distinctive. Cool instrument cluster, though.

  • TBear
    TBear Day ago

    i don't get why people are pissed off. And this is coming from someone that absolutely hates bmws. Its a great car, yes a toyota engine would be cool, but this is still a very nice engine. And people will be swapping it with 2jzs anyway so.

  • M James
    M James Day ago

    Nissan GTR almost as quick as an LFA could be the better option for tuning? GTR proves you don't really need a rear wing as they can increase drag with little benefit if too low on the car.

  • Blue Haze
    Blue Haze Day ago

    Would'nt be suprised. Toyota merged with subaru.. Maybe next year toyota will merge with scotty kilmer.😁

  • MrLewizz
    MrLewizz Day ago

    its not bad because it says BMW,its bad because its not a Toyota supra

  • Sentenced to Death
    Sentenced to Death Day ago +1

    Take a shot everytime he says tuning! 💪🏻

  • Murica Hellya
    Murica Hellya Day ago

    gonna be a expensive car to fix when it's all bmw

  • M A C E
    M A C E Day ago

    You want a supra get a BMW

  • h2bbuilt
    h2bbuilt Day ago

    Dang Doug turn the AC on! I can see your sweat build up throughout the video.

  • TheSAWarrior
    TheSAWarrior Day ago

    Bmw? I don't care... Its all about the ride. So what if its a bwm with a toyota badge.

  • Daniel Brashear
    Daniel Brashear Day ago

    It’s a rebranded z4 pos the reason people think it’s garbage is because the 2jz is one of the best motors ever add why not improve on it.

    Sincerely a MK4 owner

  • zbyszanna
    zbyszanna Day ago

    Have you seen a review by Ian from Engineering Explained?

  • M A C E
    M A C E Day ago

    The design is wack.

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    Cant stick to the subject of automobiles on this one.
    The axis powers just cannot resist their strange love affair and collaborate once again. Wonder what else they are cooking up. Perhaps they will begin or are building weapons together again too. Ironically as if nothing ever happened...the ignorant people they would have wiped from the earth worship their products.
    As if the country called home requires a spit in the face....supporting these true purveyors of evil and hate is less PC than anything I say.
    Sure, something could be found of non PC views from the big 3 auto makers or any large old corporation back 100 years ago but compare to genocide? Poingiant forgive and forget hypocrisy. I don't give a crap if these people come up with flying cars their hatred wasn't just ignorance it is calculated evil and their true belief that they are superior especially to today's most supportive customers. These people are not your friends either.
    I bet you think it is only Jews they hated so you have nothing against them. If they would have won the war their largest American fan base would not have been born.
    I would love to be able to drive these and other great cars and bikes but I can't enjoy a product from those that hate me and went to war to try and "cleanse" the world regardless of the little tid bits regurgitated from history books the unpatriotic blurb to water down the most horrible things.

  • Aaron Tribbett
    Aaron Tribbett Day ago

    they are probably just watching to see how it sells first before dumping milliions into making different versions

  • Hansy
    Hansy Day ago

    Well that was disappointing. Didn't know that it was basically just a BMW..

  • SabretoothSnail
    SabretoothSnail Day ago

    It looks like a z4-Maserati hybrid.
    Nothing special about this car at all.
    Just the name maybe

  • R Raynes
    R Raynes Day ago

    turn signal from bmw...realy? :D insert bmw turn signal jokes here

  • Skyler.G
    Skyler.G Day ago

    The emergency release in the trunk is probably not for if you kid nap someone. Its probably if you get in an accident and can't get out from the doors...

  • axelgs11
    axelgs11 Day ago

    Talks like a alien

  • 金髪ブス.
    金髪ブス. Day ago


  • OCM
    OCM Day ago

    What a crack of shit , automatic transmission.

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Day ago

    Views equals the subscriber count

  • Bazlightyear007
    Bazlightyear007 Day ago

    zed four*

    2 BLOCK CHAINZ Day ago

    That Supra has nothing on my Mercedes Type R .

  • Paul Salmon
    Paul Salmon Day ago

    Hey guys;correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the McLaren F1 that we all love so much have a naturally aspirated BMW V12???

  • Rannar Laur
    Rannar Laur Day ago

    Of course it's a base car. It's a Supra-Celica situation. They are doing it again.
    It is much easier to change and modify something you already have than creating something from scratch.

  • Mostafa Tarek
    Mostafa Tarek Day ago

    2025 supra
    *Build it yourself*

  • Karl Roberts
    Karl Roberts Day ago

    I'd love to know how many times in a Toyota review he says BMW!

  • Dacommenta
    Dacommenta Day ago +1

    This is so just no! 😭 "Why didn't they just do it themselves?" Once again secondary to the GTR. Maybe not in a straightline though but who cares about that

  • justin s.
    justin s. Day ago

    17:09 "Stlllll little bit more aggressive" lol

  • Alec Pedchenko
    Alec Pedchenko Day ago

    Thiiiiiiiiiis is a BMW XD

  • s c
    s c Day ago

    the new z4 on the block.

  • Willy André Bergstrøm

    It's not based on the BMW Z4, it's co-developed.
    Toyota didn't have an i6 engine any more, so they went to the i6 masters in Bavaria. Then they tested the shit out of the engine in Japan, went back to BMW with a list of complaints and grievances, and had them all fixed.
    Basically, it's BMW engine with Toyota reliability. Best of two worlds.
    When the oily bits were done, the companies went each to their own shed to do the setup, tuning and styling, so it is two distinctly different cars for different purposes, based on the same platform. The Supra is a sports coupe, while the Z4 is a convertible roadster.

  • master power
    master power Day ago +1

    toyota said, we will leave everything empty and charge a fortune for it so customer can buy their own parts and install it on the missing empty place.

    genius marketing idea. why not just put all the oem parts in the missing places and then we will upgrade it instead of having to go buy it. oh, i don't like the stock spoiler, i will just go get a bigger badder spoiler. i don't like the stock chassis brace, i'll just go get a more aggressive chassis brace. seee. you know what? leave the engine compartment empty so the tuning company can sell a complete swap for a 2jz. good idea??? yeah

  • Source!!!
    Source!!! Day ago

    Not sure if the Mustang GT is faster. The supra in this video can do 0-60 in 4 seconds.

  • BlaZe iT
    BlaZe iT Day ago

    I don't understand the hate. I like this car a lot, and it sounds amazing

  • farm raspberry
    farm raspberry Day ago

    Be quiet in Supra or i cant hear the sound!!!

  • Tom Y
    Tom Y Day ago

    This will die like the Rx8 did. All good ideas and a good car but not a good replacement.

  • Mirzaabror Komiljonov

    So this is just a shit as BMW cars fuck german cars

  • Tauno Kekkonen
    Tauno Kekkonen Day ago

    Tuning companies.

  • supraT88Bengal
    supraT88Bengal Day ago

    Its a little sport car, the mix with BMW is failed, Bmoyota is not the supra

  • Steven Washington

    Looks like a $60,000 Ferrari to me...

  • Leo
    Leo Day ago

    Hahahaha suck it jdm noobs

  • TheFireWarlock
    TheFireWarlock Day ago

    the supra is a car that can be highly modded and the sky is the limit... to bad its 60k just to get the car, and 30k or more to upgrade it lol... its a rich mans tuner car

  • HackingDutchman
    HackingDutchman Day ago

    No Toyota engine? Nope.

  • Sky Fist
    Sky Fist Day ago

    Long story short: That's a new BMW Supra LEGO car..

  • OrangeGT
    OrangeGT Day ago +1

    It says Poland on The chassie

  • fundiver198
    fundiver198 Day ago

    So funny to read all those Toyota fanboys complaining about this being based on a BMW. BMW make better engines, better infotainment systems and better handling cars than Toyota, so its a bit like complaining, that your burger is made with meat from a well hung steak. People should just be happy, this car even exist in a world, where car companys are being squeezed by CO2 and safety regulations, and where everyone and their mother buy crossovers and SUVs. In China even Porsche is known as an SUV brand.

  • Tea72
    Tea72 Day ago

    "BMW couldn't finish our expensive sports car, and we couldn't be bothered." - Toyota

    If I wanted a BMW, I would buy a BMW.

  • Alen
    Alen Day ago

    I hate the front of the car, the weird f1 bumper nose and the lights with turning signals that go on too long

  • SP
    SP Day ago

    The BMW badge looks weird on this car


    The back is an Alfa Romeo, don’t you think that?

  • r1g8p7
    r1g8p7 Day ago

    Should have never remade it. Horrible design...

  • Robert
    Robert Day ago

    They should just be honest about it and call it the Supra Mini

  • MahaVakyas
    MahaVakyas Day ago

    this thing looks terrible.. good lord the '98 supras just went up in value

  • James S
    James S Day ago

    love that you needed a towel for your knee for that extended kneeling rant

  • zamadhi
    zamadhi Day ago

    Come on guys, this 6 cylinder is one of the best motors in Europe. It's a very good car, but the price isn't Toyota-like anymore.

  • Steve The Man
    Steve The Man Day ago

    #1 problem with the new Supra is it has an automatic transmission instead of a Manual gear box. BMW problems are, part costs are much higher than Toyota's. Many of the parts that are on BMW's are plastic and go bad after a very short time because they are made poorly especially senors. Toyota's parts almost never go bad just like their engines they last almost forever. BMW well they are more throw away luxury cars. The new Supra is so weak in power it really needs some more power more balls. This isn't to compete with a low level mustang or Camaro it's the Supra that everyone thinks about from the Fast and the Furious where it drag races a Ferrari and smokes the Ferrari.

  • ajs exploration
    ajs exploration Day ago

    The car is fukin shit its not a supra it will never be a supra its just a re badged bmw.
    Toyota wont be getting a buy off of me im sticking with the mk4 supra

  • Sami Ghabach
    Sami Ghabach Day ago

    I'm wondering why would they have to use another company to make a sports car as he said?

  • Troy McDaniel
    Troy McDaniel Day ago

    Die it’s not a Supra without a 2JZ

  • SuperEman500
    SuperEman500 Day ago

    I like this idea of revitalizing 90's cars like the NSX and the Supra, but when can we expect a brand new 2020 Mitsubishi 3000GT?

  • Geno Geno
    Geno Geno Day ago

    What an ugly car

  • MrThomas
    MrThomas Day ago

    It is a good car. No question about that. But it is NOT a Toyota. It is a modified BMW. That's all. Not a japanese car at all.

  • Darth Benedict
    Darth Benedict Day ago

    I'm not a Supra fan but as an enthusiast and loyal fan of JDM, I'm sad to find out that the new Supra is now a German.

  • David Klimmek
    David Klimmek Day ago +1

    Toyota is NOT a performance car Co! Here's yet as another example. Pass!

  • Sam Walling
    Sam Walling Day ago

    I personally like it. But I'm easily impressed
    I'd still rather have the new NSX

  • pabloXL
    pabloXL Day ago

    some people (me) just want to buy a car as-is, and this one looks like a lot of fun

  • Apathetic Millennial

    Poor Doug has to fly himself in to remain"objective" it's ok Doug we understand...

  • MyOneBlack Friend

    Like most BMWs it will be great for five years. Then it becomes a BMTrouble you.

  • N R
    N R Day ago

    We made it automatic so that tuners can install a manual transmission

    LAYLASKIE24 Day ago

    hurry up call the tunning companies and have them change the name supra so its not humiliated and disrespected in such a way that really is a shame

  • Cole Trick
    Cole Trick Day ago

    Auto tranny, Fake vents, No targa top, BMW drivetrain, measly 335hp in 2019, terrible looks... what a joke

  • Mike Penske
    Mike Penske Day ago

    Now, that is pitiful...

  • ps3adik
    ps3adik Day ago

    I get it in 2020 toyota will buy all the tuning companies😂😂

    G0T0GULAG Day ago

    Bet 99,9% of all new “Supras” will be automatic

  • VintageRKO
    VintageRKO Day ago

    Tell me guys honestly if you guys rather buy this Supra or the Z4?

  • Rasteri05
    Rasteri05 Day ago

    I think the different door panels are different because Toyota wanted to show different colors of interior decor

  • Gene FG
    Gene FG Day ago

    Doug is the type of guy that has a Yahoo account

  • youandi06
    youandi06 Day ago

    BMW has a bad reputation of bad reliability. Toyota on the other hand has pretty much a bulletproof reputation of being very reliable. This just is one of the reasons why people were all up in my arms.

  • Greg G
    Greg G Day ago

    Man that thing is fugly.

  • K Chu
    K Chu Day ago

    Total nerd comment here but I believe it is actually CTRL+H.

  • illumoenati films

    This is like having to buy DLCs for video games smh

  • adamgm84
    adamgm84 Day ago

    Sorry but I'm gonna hafta keep my 6 speed MKIV Supra.

  • Kevin Grainger
    Kevin Grainger Day ago

    Drop the act, review the car.

  • Mr No Name
    Mr No Name Day ago

    Who the hell wants a automatic supra what a waste!

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood Day ago

    2020 Supra should have no less than 500 horses factory Period!😥 Competition smoking it.

  • zeke saxman
    zeke saxman Day ago

    Sweatin for the best video! Great coverage love your channel as always Doug!

  • Pavlos Marakis
    Pavlos Marakis Day ago

    Keeping the supra badge..
    Discarding the supra engine....
    Ummm... yeah....

  • RB20ANDY
    RB20ANDY Day ago

    Did you poop on the disk brakes before the review?