The Full 6ix9ine Kidnapping Video Finally Released! 6ix9ine Confesses how he Truly Escaped (Day 2)

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    DJ Akademiks Speaks on The Full 6ix9ine Kidnapping Video being Finally Released! 6ix9ine Confesses how he Truly Escaped (Day 2)

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  • Norvik Setareh
    Norvik Setareh Day ago

    onstar advert gettin smart af

  • Blazzord
    Blazzord Day ago

    Video Category: Comedy

  • Crackedyuxsi
    Crackedyuxsi 6 days ago +1

    Hahaha 69 a str8 bitch Fucc nigga

  • Defiantmatador
    Defiantmatador 6 days ago

    set up

  • nessie lewis
    nessie lewis 14 days ago


  • Lisa Simpson Rules
    Lisa Simpson Rules 15 days ago

    So, if Rivera and Hernández are siblings, why do they have different surnames?

  • Lisa Simpson Rules
    Lisa Simpson Rules 15 days ago

    Who recorded this?

  • Lisa Simpson Rules
    Lisa Simpson Rules 15 days ago

    he doesn´t look like this tough gangster. Having said that, he is the normal reaction of a sane human being: to be scared shitless.

  • the what
    the what 17 days ago


  • Oscar Diaz
    Oscar Diaz 17 days ago

    That’s why I don’t trust any nigga on the world . Fuck your hustle shit . They ain’t shit . Fuckin pig .

  • Lil Poverty
    Lil Poverty 18 days ago

    damn bruh

  • Z M
    Z M 19 days ago

    Judge: ur free to go no trial nothing get on with ur life
    Six9 : na na i got loads more to tell!nigga dun loadsa stoooooopid

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎ 21 day ago

    why this vid about kidnapping has ads on? and ppl say youtube is going bad, right

  • Ann Broomes
    Ann Broomes 24 days ago +2

    So much going on wirh these guys,they Stop at nothing,smart to call cops in Spanish being kidnapped~

  • Elow Twin
    Elow Twin 24 days ago

    He around all these Ny nigga a little white boy and yall think he ant getting stuck up he no them

  • Zoila Marquez
    Zoila Marquez 25 days ago


  • Ethan Fort
    Ethan Fort 28 days ago

    Akademiks Sounds like the crackhead from new jack city 🤣

  • Peter Yanes Mendez
    Peter Yanes Mendez 29 days ago

    Everyone who's saying they would snitch too if they got kidnapped are not paying attention to the facts. 69 ordered hits on people, robbed people, and fucked people up. He got everything that was coming to him. There is no loyalty or honor among thieves. Keep your circle small and love the real ones like your family and kids and if you ain't got nobody then at the end of the day all you need is yourself. Better to be by yourself then to be amongst bad company. Remember that misery loves company. 💯💯💯

  • James Romelt
    James Romelt 29 days ago

    69 waited in the shadows to finally pull the 69 shaped didldo out his ass and start posting again. He already has everything planned from release to wedding to honeymoon to new identities for him and 69.

  • Jesus Ramos
    Jesus Ramos Month ago +41

    Why would he throw away his life for guys who tried to kill him? They not his boys

  • Betsy Ross 2a
    Betsy Ross 2a Month ago +1

    90% of the comments: keyboard warriors who have never experienced a life of crime.

  • Jose Lugo
    Jose Lugo Month ago


  • Born Yesterday
    Born Yesterday Month ago

    You actually believe this is real? This is some fake fan made shit

  • Shalucard
    Shalucard Month ago

    If 69 was smart he'd drop a few stacks and have cops raid their joint wipe out those guys out, the cops get a ton of coin and they give each other awards and jerk each other off, win-win.

  • Revenant
    Revenant Month ago +4

    Shotti and these other myopic mindset fools killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

  • G E
    G E Month ago

    But how the fuck all these cameras around, why would somwone film a kidnapping? Idk.. Shit weird asf

    • Chimkinnuggers2888
      Chimkinnuggers2888 Month ago

      Those are fbi cameras. The driver allowed them to be installed in his vehicle because they pressured him with deportation. Shit is crazy.

  • TilledLeaf
    TilledLeaf Month ago

    bro the sound scared me 4:12

  • skychu skychu
    skychu skychu Month ago

    #free6ix9ine#freedanny🌈🌈🌈I believe when ak said he was the last one to turn. he really didnt see it coming till it was to late. he didnt "snitch" when they kidnapped him he only co operated when he knew the full extent if what these assholes were trying to do to him. he dont owe no one shit!!!!!!definitely not his life ignorant mf's. todavia te amamos tekashi, mantente a salvo ❤🦄😘😘😘

  • AMediateEnt
    AMediateEnt Month ago

    best 69 snitch diss song on court stand

    DBG QUISE Month ago +2

    Them migos gone ride for theres 💯❤️

  • james flaco
    james flaco Month ago +6


  • gazanation 67
    gazanation 67 Month ago +2

    Bitchhhhh i'm snitchinggggggggg . there is no scumb gang they tried to kill me so i'm snitching

  • MonteCristo
    MonteCristo Month ago

    People keep saying he was ok snitching as they kidnapped and tried to kill him.. this is not true at all because 69 is happy pretending he’s down and pretending he a badman.. all for street cred.. so if your down then your down, whatever happens in the streets stays in the streets.. if he had kidnapped them, they would not of snitched on him. You don’t involve police in the streets, there’s no point it achieves nothing and simply destroys more lives and families.. there’s no need for it..
    If he had of been a law abiding citizen who was kidnapped and hurt then yes by all means testify and hold your head up high.. but when your rapping about killing people and being a killer and trying to be bad then your not to involve police.. it’s one small rule, you take your bird.. no matter how long it is you go to jail an do the time, that simple

  • Mohamed Diallo
    Mohamed Diallo Month ago

    Don't play with the streets if u know that u are not from their, more like for this dude who is Tk-69 bluff and saying sheets on his videos and the medias. ... so dudes that's which that don't belongs to the streets🤔 be careful🙏🏾.
    The streets belongs to the #BLACKS weather u like it or not.

  • davon milton-duvall

    I never understood how niggaz be so tuff and hard but they got to use a gun to take something from u a real gangster don’t need a gun to take a shit especially when the nigga u taking from a bitch any way

  • Niki Jordan
    Niki Jordan Month ago

    Fuck snitch9

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez Month ago

    They tested his gangsta! Str8 pussy boy WANKSTA! more like it

  • Tokii •
    Tokii • Month ago

    Check out my recent music video🙏🏽💯 I promise its straight fire🔥🔥💯💯

  • Keisha Deborah Salley

    Idc what y’all are talking about 6ix 9ine is wrong! Period! He knew what he was getting himself into. Why tf would you join one of the most dangerous gangs and then turn around and snitch?? You know their street code, it was better for him to find another way to become famous. I wouldn’t dare become a Blood if I knew I couldn’t handle what comes with it.

  • Geraldine Lockley
    Geraldine Lockley Month ago +1

    69: i had 2k in my pocket and i was eating a icecream

    judge: bruh you snitching too much, stay on topic

  • Steven913 Lemus
    Steven913 Lemus Month ago

    I’m not sure if it’s all right for 6ix9ine to snitch on His gang Or if it’s wrong could somebody tell me.

  • Jays adventures
    Jays adventures Month ago

    Bro we rep 6ix9ine all day. F*ck these niggas. F*ck them. For real. Whoever say f*ck 6ix9ine is a d*ck rider DUMMY. Name one thing bad 69 done. F*ck y’all.

  • carmen ramirez
    carmen ramirez Month ago

    This sounds so fake. The kidnapping sounds stage idc

  • El Checo blog
    El Checo blog Month ago +1

    I mean that’s the life he wanted , if he wanted to live the Adrenaline and thug life he had to expect the consequences that came with it , just imagine if he tried to live the narco life in Mexico 😭

  • KingJustice98
    KingJustice98 Month ago +1

    *Navy Seal:* "We know where Osama is hiding at."
    *Snoop Dog:* "Why you snitching?"

  • KingJustice98
    KingJustice98 Month ago +1

    *Black Widow:* "We know where Thanos is hiding."
    *NineTrey Blood:* "Why you snitching?"

  • MP R
    MP R Month ago

    The poor kid sounded terrified, but then again he made the choice to hang with animals and gangster scumbags, trying to be hip-hops Dean Martin or some shit. He clearly wasn't really about it. Would have been scary as fuck.

  • DiamondVXDragon.
    DiamondVXDragon. Month ago

    What's going on ? Guys plz explain

  • ESFF 333
    ESFF 333 Month ago +1

    I’m glad 69 snitched i don’t give a two shit flying fuck foh my guy , they wasn’t loyal to him and tried to kill him . How you gonna hold down someone who don’t hold you down ? How that work I need answers bozo

  • Susanna Vesna
    Susanna Vesna Month ago +1

    Fuck those "rappers" & their STOOPID gangs! The world lost 2Pac & Biggy, cz these idiots were involved with other idiots and mixed art with gang activity! All of this shit gives rap and black people a bad name, ffs! I didnt like 6ix9ine, but after hearing all of those idiots trash him "cz he wasnt loyal", ima listen to his music! Who should he be loyal to? Trash that wanted to kill him? Fuck off!

  • India Mitchell
    India Mitchell Month ago

    He said test his gangster and in reality he’s really a wankster. Tekashi 69 wanted to be apart of the gang life and now look at him. He’s just little Daniel Hernandez. He was never bout that life.

  • J Garriga
    J Garriga Month ago +2

    This is what I call a bunch of leeches.

  • Noah Escalera
    Noah Escalera Month ago +13

    This ain't snitching, this payback 💯

    • Naiko Tlogelang
      Naiko Tlogelang Day ago

      And they say snitch he shouldn't go to jail for this😠😢😡😤

  • Carlos Alarcon
    Carlos Alarcon Month ago

    Who shot the video?

  • Xion Temoc
    Xion Temoc Month ago

    See!!!!???? All u busted ass niggas talking shit!!!!! And he never dropped Harv or Sha name in Interviews after. Y'all are stupid! FBI even asked 69 to flip on tr3 and he still said NO! Till the REAL snitch wore a wire showing they were gonna do him dirty. He remembered this day and said fuck it!!!!

  • Jamerson Jordan
    Jamerson Jordan Month ago

    Isn't OnStar supposed to be monitoring?

  • Burry Bondz
    Burry Bondz Month ago

    Tekashi fresh’d all these niggas.

  • Carlos Medina
    Carlos Medina Month ago

    Kinda feel bad for 69 and kinda don’t idk :/

  • David Cooper 09261974

    So a Jamaican and a Puerto Rican get together and hash out a story since ON Star is on drugs and don’t work...

  • Ruby Redz
    Ruby Redz Month ago

    People sure changed their opinions fast