Tammy Abraham scores hat-trick AND own goal! | Wolves 2-5 Chelsea | Premier League Highlights

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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    Highlights from the Premier League as Tammy Abraham scored a wonderful hat-trick for Chelsea to beat Wolves 5-2 with Fikayo Tomori also netting his first senior goal for the club.
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Comments • 1 216

  • Adjacked
    Adjacked Day ago

    Wait till next year when EA give Tomori 8 shooting

  • That Guy
    That Guy 10 days ago

    Why haven't I seen this to now i know I'm an arsenal supporter but great hilights and tammy was on fire

  • MA4 Xtreme
    MA4 Xtreme 11 days ago

    Tomori’s goal should’ve won goal of the month

  • Rafer Austin
    Rafer Austin 15 days ago

    Great he has decided not to play for that shithole country Nigeria, good on him.

  • TooCxmplex
    TooCxmplex 29 days ago +1

    I’m a united fan and I think that Abraham is a future star

  • Heramb Rana
    Heramb Rana Month ago

    Chelsea at half time: Let's see if Tammy can score some more
    Tammy: I promise

  • Uzma Amir
    Uzma Amir Month ago

    stupid liverpool and wolves

  • camaleon18
    camaleon18 Month ago

    question... if you score 3 goals, but also score an own goal... have you really scored just two? who's to say?....

  • RICHINI world
    RICHINI world Month ago

    Tammy Abraham will be top goal scorer

  • wale olabowale
    wale olabowale Month ago

    The problem for wolves now is do they push on with tough Europa games v tough premier ship schedule
    Only the big clubs can cope
    I hope they don't copy Watford and sack the manager who has taken them this far

  • cipi ciprian
    cipi ciprian Month ago

    Well done Chelsea!

  • Spanglebob
    Spanglebob Month ago

    Funny how Chelsea fans can smear wolves quality after one performance after they got whooped by United 4-0. Chelsea are just a team for racists and idiots

  • tommy hatcher
    tommy hatcher Month ago

    It’s good to see managers pushing young home talent rather than signings big names props to frank

  • j b
    j b Month ago

    tammy looks sick ..lfc tho

  • Jobos a hobo
    Jobos a hobo Month ago

    Tammy is smart he gets 4 goals this game because of the own goal +4 to his stats he is genius if you ask me

  • Kazawara _ mic
    Kazawara _ mic Month ago

    This man be scorin

  • Tjay Jefferies
    Tjay Jefferies Month ago

    Tammys 3rd goal reminded me of drogba

  • Billy Block
    Billy Block Month ago

    Must admit, I felt the nerves before this one. Well done blues.

  • Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia Month ago

    Chelsea are bad

  • Thomas Heseltine
    Thomas Heseltine Month ago

    Oh Tammy Tammy Tammy Tammy Tammy Tammy Abraham

  • InTheCommision '
    InTheCommision ' Month ago

    I wish wolves never qualified for Europa. It's affecting their league performance

  • Silver Jay
    Silver Jay Month ago

    That last goal seems like a kinda goal you would score to your fat nephew when he plays as goalie

  • Silver Jay
    Silver Jay Month ago

    Yet manchester united failed to even score 2 goals against wolves.....
    Chelsea putting more than enough in it

  • Silver Jay
    Silver Jay Month ago

    Chelsea : when would you guys like a goal today or tomorrow?

  • Silver Jay
    Silver Jay Month ago

    Lets see what happens sunday mates against liverpool hehe

  • Mattinator95
    Mattinator95 Month ago

    What's going on at wolves

  • Nothin here To c
    Nothin here To c Month ago

    0:57 best commentary ever

  • Sameer Asghar
    Sameer Asghar Month ago +1

    come on chelsea we can win the season with abraham and mount

  • Jason Donaldson
    Jason Donaldson Month ago

    Well played chelsea good goals better result than last year

  • MrLaughatthis
    MrLaughatthis Month ago

    chelsea just need a top tier center back......with respect to zouma he isnt quite up to the task at chelsea.......rudiger needs a world class partner in defence

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C Month ago

    Can score a goal or two, certainly shutting the critics up.


    As my 9yo daughter said...
    "His hair looks stupid, he should really get to a hairdresser"

  • Alexb 97
    Alexb 97 Month ago


  • callum Lawrence
    callum Lawrence Month ago

    Kepa with sloppy hands yet again, hes needs to step up abit, but apart from that lovely play boys, loved watching this game

  • James Burty
    James Burty Month ago

    Transfer ban has given Chelsea youth a chance they would be on loan otherwise

  • R i z w a n
    R i z w a n Month ago +1

    Looks like i'm going to have to stick tammy Abraham in my fpl team now i'll b honest wiv u when he was at swansea i thought he was average can't ignore him now in this form i didn't think he would score twice again surely not bangs in 4 ok so one went in at the wrong end jus shows he was bored scoring at da right end so decided to help wolves out also

  • Caitlinmorrisxx
    Caitlinmorrisxx Month ago

    What’s mental is that 2 years ago chelsea bought Morata for £60 million and in the season and a half he was at the club he only managed 16 premier league goals whilst Chelsea had Abraham in their ranks who already has 7 goals after 5 games and cost absolutely nothing. Abraham really reminds me of Drogba and as I’m not a chelsea fan I seriously hope he does well as a player for the sake of the international team

  • Aaron Roden
    Aaron Roden Month ago

    Very pleased as a Derby fan to see Mount & Tomori both on the scoresheet

  • Aaron Griffiths
    Aaron Griffiths Month ago

    I'm a villa fan and Tammy fan , he was brilliant for us , next big England striker

  • navy cupid
    navy cupid Month ago

    Muppa Chelsea

    Who here from Ireland and knows what muppa is

    TLS LKS Month ago

    Chelsea just finished with Wolves. They think that thay are good enough to beat big teams but they are wrong.

    TLS LKS Month ago

    Acabaram com a raça dos Wolves. Têm a mania que são bons. Bem feito !

  • Luke Peterson
    Luke Peterson Month ago

    Good on you tammy - Villa fan

  • Craig Taylor-Broad
    Craig Taylor-Broad Month ago

    Really wish we'd signed Tammy in the summer

  • Baljinder Kaur
    Baljinder Kaur Month ago

    Chelsea are relying on Ambraham

  • Connor Milgate
    Connor Milgate Month ago

    the least enthusiastic commentator I've ever heard.

  • Raiders Of The Gay Earring

    Herein lies the problem with Wolves, they will put in the performance of their lives against "top" teams (Manchester United especially is their cup final!) but they are so inconsistent and are always less than the sum of their parts against teams in and around them. Shame, reckon they could break that 4th spot if they played each game like it was Manchester United!

  • Robert Murray
    Robert Murray Month ago

    As a chelsea supporter I don't think we will win any silverware but can't help feel encouraged by the young home talent on display

  • Ewan Mackie
    Ewan Mackie Month ago

    Which one was the own goal

  • Chris Williamson
    Chris Williamson Month ago

    All these comments 'Tommy' Abraham. Plastic.

  • Sexual Chocolate Robbie

    I don’t know why Man U struggles against Wolves. Chelsea rip them apart so easily.

  • PPLL 9955
    PPLL 9955 Month ago +1

    That's I'm buying tammy on fifa as my striker to replace Jamie vardy 😂😂😂😂

  • BD Wednesday
    BD Wednesday Month ago

    No Pulisic?

  • vincygarifuna
    vincygarifuna Month ago

    There is nothing better than seeing a Chelsea centre forward scoring goals with a number 9 on his back

    JACYBITS YT Month ago

    What a goal

  • Mindaugas Mazrimas
    Mindaugas Mazrimas Month ago

    The youngsters putting the team on their back and actually rising to the occasion. Will be interesting to see what happens when the transfer ban is lifted

  • onlyweatherlol93
    onlyweatherlol93 Month ago

    Tammy's 3rd goal was hypnotic 😭😭🤪🤪 was that Romario ??

  • banares hussain
    banares hussain Month ago

    Kamikaze Chelsea absolutely awful the back 5 and midfield

  • Mainly Everything
    Mainly Everything Month ago +1

    Kepa again letting in goals that should be stopped

  • Jack Finlay
    Jack Finlay Month ago +1

    Mount gave me a slight orgasm with that last goal.

  • Daya Singh
    Daya Singh Month ago +1

    I’m a United fan but this tammy Abraham is something else