Everything GREAT About Fantastic Mr. Fox!

  • Published on Mar 18, 2018
  • Isle of Dogs will be here next week! So, today we look at Wes Anderson's only other stop-motion film. People were more split on it than I remember. But this is why it's great. Here's everything right with Fantastic Mr. Fox. Next week pew pew, slash slash.
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Comments • 2 756

  • Abandoned Play
    Abandoned Play Day ago

    At 11:31 you can also see that the little fox has grape juice and everyone elce has apple juice another thing that makes him different

  • SmellyFeet
    SmellyFeet 2 days ago

    This movie makes me love everything

  • Innertuber40
    Innertuber40 6 days ago

    But where is the Isle of Dogs EGA? I love that movie.

  • Mr Melon
    Mr Melon 6 days ago

    Do rango

  • EssentiallyEssence
    EssentiallyEssence 7 days ago

    I love this movie so much😭

  • Michael Lester
    Michael Lester 7 days ago

    This is not only my favorite Wes Anderson film but it's also my favorite Children's movie. This movie was perfect.

  • Myles Janik
    Myles Janik 8 days ago +1

    Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr. Fox are in my top 10 (probably top 5) favorite movies of all time. They're so good. So good.

  • TheGrouse
    TheGrouse 8 days ago

    the cuss u say to me

  • Sam Beard
    Sam Beard 10 days ago

    Please do the prince of Egypt Please do the prince of Egypt Please do the prince of Egypt Please do the prince of Egypt Please do the prince of Egypt

  • Hunter Shore
    Hunter Shore 14 days ago

    Your voice even should like cinimasins

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 17 days ago

    I should have subbed to this channel long ago. I unsubbed from cinemasins because I was tired of the cynicism and negativity over everything not being perfect, but this channel? Pure positive energy.

  • Sarah TheDragon
    Sarah TheDragon 19 days ago

    Fantastic Mr. Fox is basically the same thing as the Incredibles movie

  • Ramune Raven
    Ramune Raven 20 days ago

    The whole movie?

  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah 20 days ago

    Your review taught me a few things.
    Not ONLY is there a movie on one of my favorite childhood books, but it’s actually REALLY GOOD! AND it follow the story pretty well!

  • MforMovesets
    MforMovesets 22 days ago

    So this is CinemaSins minus the jerk?

  • Crackhead Spinel
    Crackhead Spinel 22 days ago

    I guess Im just * wierd hand gestures* diffrent too

  • fedora man
    fedora man 23 days ago


  • Ayal Kaffman
    Ayal Kaffman 26 days ago +1

    Ok boomer

  • Jake DeLuca
    Jake DeLuca 27 days ago

    I LOVE this MOVIE

  • Baleish
    Baleish 28 days ago

    Need that isle of dogs video

  • conyo985
    conyo985 28 days ago

    Everything GREAT about Isle of Dogs , when?

  • Sean Hendley
    Sean Hendley Month ago +1


  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana Month ago


  • Cheeki Breeki Bree!
    Cheeki Breeki Bree! Month ago +1

    I remember back in 2009 when the DVD came out I literally watched it every day for an entire weak.. one day even twice

  • PDKSkeitter -
    PDKSkeitter - Month ago +1

    Anderson: hey, Owen, I have a movie idea and I nee-
    Owen Willson: oh whow, yea

  • Il Y Aura Du Soleil

    Wow this film sounds different in English

  • Gremlin Viper
    Gremlin Viper Month ago +1

    "Kids were bored" "parents angry due to the use of the word curse" who the heck even said this was a kids film in the first place.

    • Anton Baumgartner
      Anton Baumgartner 15 days ago

      Well, I guess it’s more or less a film for every age group, but parents being concerned about the use of the word ”cuss“ is truly concerning.

  • 丂ムイム刀ムイん乇ノ丂イ


  • Cupcakes and stars
    Cupcakes and stars Month ago

    *cough cough* Isle of dogs *cough cough*

  • Nathaniel Clark
    Nathaniel Clark Month ago

    I Love this movie. It's my fav Wes Anderson film.

  • FantasticMrJack
    FantasticMrJack Month ago

    Favorite movie of all time...it even inspired my youtube name!

  • Satiline thejay
    Satiline thejay Month ago

    Pause (or should I say Paws! lol) it at 2:11

  • TheMothSniper11
    TheMothSniper11 Month ago

    I used to love this movie when I was younger, I almost forgot about it

  • Rafael Anunciacion
    Rafael Anunciacion Month ago

    I remember watching this movie since 2014

  • Ed Free
    Ed Free Month ago

    this video got me to watch the movie. i absolutely loved every second of it, and then came back to this video and loved every second of this too. and i grabbed a copy of Isle of Dogs as soon as i saw one. thank you good sir!

  • the odd fox
    the odd fox Month ago

    This is my favorite wes Anderson movie and my 4th favorite movie

  • A Scout On A Mission

    This movie used to scare me, but I love it now

  • Jonas Brumley
    Jonas Brumley Month ago

    Mr. Fox sounds like dance from fallout 4 please tell me i'm not the only one that hears that

  • Paper Boi
    Paper Boi Month ago

    This is one of the movies of my childhood and I haven't seen any of it in about 10 years this brings me joy

  • Undead Phoenix
    Undead Phoenix Month ago

    To be honest this movie made me love foxes and I didn’t before until I was roughly around eight PS before I turned eight I wasn’t really into animals especially dogs

  • herp a derp cat ._.

    This movie is my childhood

  • timburtonfan 1
    timburtonfan 1 Month ago

    8:25 me when i connect the to haves of my laptop charger

  • Michelle Petrey
    Michelle Petrey Month ago


  • Cthulhu’s Abode
    Cthulhu’s Abode Month ago +2

    I think it’s interesting how despite Ash was being rude to him the whole time, Kristopherson still stood up for Ash the whole time.

  • Jacob Woolley
    Jacob Woolley Month ago +2

    I'd love to hear your opinion on "Isle of Dogs"

  • Bell Iron Fist
    Bell Iron Fist Month ago +2

    The whole movie is great!

  • Judge Trudy
    Judge Trudy Month ago

    If you have something against this movie, you have something against me lol

  • Eat At Joe's
    Eat At Joe's Month ago

    I loved it.

    It was cute--the dance party sort of threw me off, though, but it was cute.

    Note to self: watch Isle of Dogs soon.

  • Crunch
    Crunch Month ago

    What I love the most is how at the end, the white cape, while everybody had apple juice, he had grape juice, showing off of course that he’s different once again. Small detail, but the detail I love the most.

  • Hudson Navarro
    Hudson Navarro Month ago

    The unaccompanied minor tag always cracked me up as a kid.

  • mr sigh
    mr sigh Month ago

    Sigh I loved this movie when I was a kid this was a burst of nastoga

  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle Month ago

    i love this movie

  • Communist -kanna
    Communist -kanna Month ago


  • Victreebel Overlord11

    I love Wes Anderson

  • Sam Crawley
    Sam Crawley Month ago +1

    I got the movie out of a fantastic mr Fox cereal box the only reason I bought the cereal because I wanted to see the movie in 2010 in fact I’m going to watch it now it is still my favourite movie it’s like the older you get the more you understand and appreciate it.

    Sam Crawley
    Monday, 30 September 2019 - (Queensland Australia).

  • HighTide Kraken
    HighTide Kraken Month ago

    I love this movie

  • level _foxy
    level _foxy Month ago

    They made a exuse my language fricking mini train model it is adorable

  • Deck Draws
    Deck Draws Month ago +1

    Tbh I loved this movie so thanks for covering it

  • Dont Cheat Jerry
    Dont Cheat Jerry Month ago

    My child hood