Top 5 Worst Keanu Reeves Performances

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
  • We did the Top 5 Best Keanu Reeves Performances last week, so of course we're doing the Top 5 Worst this week. Did your least favorite Keanu peformances make the list?
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Comments • 434

  • Viejo Delentes
    Viejo Delentes 17 days ago

    I think Keanu Reeves sucked in Constantine, he always plays the same guy since Neo, he's a crappy actor.

  • my own world
    my own world 17 days ago

    Looks greet to me 💃

  • Epic Retard
    Epic Retard Month ago

    There is no bad kenny reeves

  • un perro bien perron

    Keanu Reeves make him perfect

  • Zeke Edwards
    Zeke Edwards Month ago +1

    So keanu what's your worst piece of acting?
    Keanu- yes

    • Gordon Ramsay
      Gordon Ramsay Month ago

      Zeke Edwards what are you talking about? He’s amazing.

  • just another degenerate with a youtube account

    Who's Keanoo? I've never heard of him.

  • prlmitve 0205
    prlmitve 0205 Month ago

    came to dislike... left subscribing

  • fortnite isnt good
    fortnite isnt good 2 months ago

    why slander such a kind man like keanu

  • David Ray
    David Ray 2 months ago

    Replica is the new #1 for this list.

  • jpf1986ad
    jpf1986ad 2 months ago

    Keanu is terrible but nothing comes close to how awful your facial hair is. Jesus. You are not man enough to grow hair.

  • Kanad Niyogi
    Kanad Niyogi 3 months ago

    This doesn't change a thing. I am still a Keanu fan. Whenever I see him I am just reminded of John Wick. When he leaves this planet earth he will be remembered for his iconic role of John Wick.

  • Anthony Vitera
    Anthony Vitera 3 months ago

    Why is hook on the back wall? o.O

  • smashrhythm
    smashrhythm 7 months ago

    Knock knock is by far the worst movie. Why wasn’t it on the list.

  • smashrhythm
    smashrhythm 7 months ago

    The day the earth stood still was poisoned by will smiths son.

  • M H
    M H 8 months ago

    All Keanu movies suck!!! He fucking sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Femto
    Femto 10 months ago +2

    Keanu one of the most charismatic actors in the world?


  • New Valley Films
    New Valley Films 10 months ago

    wow 40k in 3 months... the ship is sinking

  • Awaken Artist
    Awaken Artist 11 months ago

    funny song i like it!!

  • Language Philosophy News
    Language Philosophy News 11 months ago

    I think I'm the only person who loves him in Dracula lol.

  • TheAndroidWith SickCoinTricks

    Knock Knock hurt my soul. I love Keanu but dialogue isn't his where he's strongest in lol sorry but it's not. Like John Wick he barely talks at all and it's all facial expressions, body language, and the action. That's where he's strongest in. But when he does deliver some lines it's like " *winces* eh ok?". He's a great actor but dialogue isn't for him, especially if it's a lot. Less is more.
    Surprised Constantine didn't make any of the lists.

  • TheAndroidWith SickCoinTricks

    LMAO Why would they let Keanu do that English accent ??? Did him dirty

  • Trainfan 1995
    Trainfan 1995 11 months ago

    Totally do top 5 Micheal Keaton.

  • claire Hind
    claire Hind 11 months ago

    Do top 5 michael keaton

  • ghouljoe x
    ghouljoe x Year ago

    Jhonny mnemonic is Keanu Reeves movie although I've never seen any other John wix

  • Штатный Комментатор

    top 5 Michael Keaton

  • Shell By The Sea
    Shell By The Sea Year ago

    Knock knock was awful but Dracula was the worst

  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 Year ago

    I don't understand. Is it even physically possible to choose just 5 worst Keanu Reeves performances?

  • Cherry Bomb Studios

    I would like a Top 5 Michael Keaton please.

  • Ricardo Ortiz-Joseph

    Top 5 Michael Keaton Performances, please.

  • Ben Green
    Ben Green Year ago

    Top 5 Michael Keaton!

  • unfabgirl
    unfabgirl Year ago

    Finally got to see this one. Pretty accurate. As for Much Ado, he isn't terrible, but he is so wooden compared to the others. When my English class watched this one for the first time, we cracked so many jokes about the over-the-topness and how, xince Keanu wasn't that way, he was the obvious villain.

  • shawn lopez
    shawn lopez Year ago

    Hell yeah Top 5 Michael Keaton, make it happen Walter!

  • Ice Queen
    Ice Queen Year ago

    Top 5 Michael Keaton! You know, when I saw Bram Stoker's Dracula in theatres, I was a big Keanu fan seeing as he's from my generation and country, but that terrible accent! UGH! Thank god for Gary's performance in that movie!

  • Mau Jo
    Mau Jo Year ago

    _Johny Mnemonic_ needs a remake. So ahead of its time.

  • Jan-Erik Ella
    Jan-Erik Ella Year ago

    Yeah, no, Keanu IS a bad actor. But there are parts that do not require him to be a good one, and actually profit from the overall blandness of his performances. Neo in the Matrix, John Wick, etc.

  • The Darling Bat
    The Darling Bat Year ago

    this is the best countdown walter has done in so long, just cause its only walter , and he's so enthusiastic and fun

  • Dragon Energy
    Dragon Energy Year ago


  • Midnight Darkwolf

    Walter just go back to you vs dino rob during the power ranger top 5's, because the skits arent funny anyone

  • Kristy Ortiz
    Kristy Ortiz Year ago

    That's a HELL YES! to a TOP 5 MICHAEL KEATON!

  • Mike Ortiz
    Mike Ortiz Year ago +1

    *Michael Keaton?*
    U wanna get nuts?! Let's get nuts!

    • Kristy Ortiz
      Kristy Ortiz Year ago

      You mean, "You wanna get nuts?! (slams fire poker against the wall) Come on! Let's get nuts!!" And yes, PLEASE DO A TOP 5 Michael Keaton!

  • FireWithFire
    FireWithFire Year ago +2

    TOP 5 WORST:
    Dustin hoffman
    Donald Sutherland
    John Malkovich
    Ice Cube
    William Hurt
    Jim Carrey
    Warren Beatty
    Jane Fonda
    Melanie Griffith

  • john ricciardelli

    Knock Knock directed by Eli Roth and starred Keanu is one of his worst movies.

  • Jaden Bryant
    Jaden Bryant Year ago

    make a top 5 Michael beaten performance

  • postersandstuff
    postersandstuff Year ago

    Critics called it "Johnny Moronic" , lmao
    "No way......yes way !" (quote Bill and Ted , lmao)

  • Bobby Kevil
    Bobby Kevil Year ago

    Defiantly do a top 5 Ke aton

  • The Quiet Engine
    The Quiet Engine Year ago

    I gotta say, not a bad list Walter but Johnny Mnemonic really shouldn't be here. It's not his best, I admit, but Keanu's playing a guy missing huge chunks of his childhood and memories, the times we're made into the people we are. I think his sometimes deadpan delivery and quirky behaviour is justifiable, much like James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 when you figure out his biggest secrets.

  • Ruben José Mengo Correia

    Yes Michael Keaton vulture number 1 or your head in my mantle

  • Ruben José Mengo Correia

    Yes Michael Keaton vulture number 1 or your head in my mantle

  • chris willgoose
    chris willgoose Year ago

    I agree with you about Michael keaton in much ado about nothing,Love that performance .

  • don't subscribe to me

    3:35 lol wtf

  • Carolina1
    Carolina1 Year ago

    I usually loathe the people who do these type of videos but this guy is sweet & super likable.
    The song about Point Break was utterly hysterical, especially something about the line
    "yeah I'm learning to surf and it's hurting."
    And "I'm catching some waves and I'm lying" reminded me so much of the cadence & style of
    "Mister would you please help my pony" by Ween:))

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat Year ago

    Top 5 Michael Keaton please.

  • Philippe Courtemanche

    Top 5 Keaton? OF COURSE!!

  • Lee Croft
    Lee Croft Year ago

    Totally agree with number one. Saying that Bram Stoker's Dracula is still my favorite vampire movie but Keanu's performance in the movie is beyond terrible. I love the guy but no, sorry man.

  • Skye Fraser
    Skye Fraser Year ago

    Tim Curry please?

  • jimmeno
    jimmeno Year ago

    Okay Walter here is a challenge for your. Top 5 Bruce Payne Performances.

  • Tealeaves Pictures

    Michael Keaton Top 5? Yes.

  • Michael Carson
    Michael Carson Year ago

    So I am guessing we are being trolled by going back to the older (better) format and the 'story' is actually continuing. Hence 'wake up' in the last vid and'help' in this one. These vids are a dream, and we will go back to the 'story' at some point. 😕

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez

    Johnny mnemonic is a good time and I love it and i just wish you could be my boyfriend because don't have anyone to love.

  • Jason
    Jason Year ago

    Yay no bitches again!!!!

  • Kalo47
    Kalo47 Year ago

    Top 5 Michael Keaton!

  • Daniel I. Brizuela

    The only one I saw was The Day The Earth Stood Still remake. I thought he did a good job in an okay film. The original is still way better.

  • Tom Friel
    Tom Friel Year ago

    do Willem Dafoe

  • Fuzzy Panda
    Fuzzy Panda Year ago

    Literally the only CA guy I like watching.

  • ZippoBoy ShaneShank

    Keanu is bad in Day the Earth Stood Still... But Jaden Smith is painful to watch. He is the most annoying kid ever! I really wanted to hurt him. Btw, his John Harker in Dracula is absolutely amazeballs!

  • Daniella Valadez
    Daniella Valadez Year ago

    Maybe he tried to learn an English accent from his mother. She’s from Essex.

  • starla hurd _Franklin

    i,m in on top 5 Michael Keaton Performances

  • Corey Walton
    Corey Walton Year ago

    Where's "The Watcher"?

  • FurryEskimo
    FurryEskimo Year ago

    The matrix really hurt him.
    I’m not saying you shouldn’t have done it, but it’s not entertaining to watch such an emotionless character.

  • swimmeratthebeach24

    Babes in toyland?

  • Sadie
    Sadie Year ago

    Yes, Michael Keaton!

  • K Vakuya
    K Vakuya Year ago

    Please top 5 Michael Keaton!!!!!!!!!

  • Jarrett Pennington

    Absolutely do a best of Michael Keaton!

  • Rebecca Weber
    Rebecca Weber Year ago

    Freeeee fucking Pizzzzzaaaa!!!!

  • Rebecca Weber
    Rebecca Weber Year ago

    but the snezze scene in the lake house was very funny, and his scream scene in Pippa Lee who he get out the window 😂, his britisch accent in Brahm Stoker's Dracula haha or in Speed his Line "I'm Taller" oh man he's funny and amazing great guy xD