▼[UE4] Parallax Occlusion Tutorial

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
  • Download free PBR textures/materials (like the ones on the tutorial) here: www.cgbookcase.com/textures/
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    • Romeo Cruz
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      @Kye Major happy to help xD

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      @Romeo Cruz It worked and I finally got access to my account again. I am so happy!

      Thanks so much you saved my account!

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      @Romeo Cruz I really appreciate your reply. I got to the site through google and im waiting for the hacking stuff now.
      Seems to take a while so I will reply here later with my results.

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      @Kye Major instablaster =)

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      You prolly dont give a shit but does anybody know a method to get back into an instagram account?
      I was stupid lost the password. I would love any help you can give me.

  • Tin Can
    Tin Can Year ago +18

    Thank you, only tutorial I've found on parallax that gets straight to the point on what it's trying to achieve, and doesn't sidetrack on a thousand things I'm not interested in

  • david aragones
    david aragones Year ago +1

    This was absolutely amazing, thanks.

  • Artur Artrtr
    Artur Artrtr Year ago +12

    0:01 What a nice guy :D
    I'm not really sure that i'll use this technique, but anyways it looks interesting and useful. Great note

  • Ruben Piergiovanni
    Ruben Piergiovanni Year ago +1

    Great tutorial, Exactly what i was nlooking for, and no time wasted. thanks!

  • Shereef Hisham
    Shereef Hisham Year ago

    Straight to the point .. Lots of steps but totally worth it and does the job .. Thanks

  • Louise Evans
    Louise Evans 2 months ago +1

    Awesome sauce. This helped an absolute ton when doing my university project, thank you!

  • pungerTV
    pungerTV 5 months ago

    Thanks for this, using a random noise heightmap, I've got some really neat looking grass!

  • Gustavo Henrique
    Gustavo Henrique Year ago +2

    Amazing!!! you should continue show to us your knowledge, you helped me a lot, really tankfull for your tutorial!!!

    • Zeta in Trip
      Zeta in Trip Year ago +1

      @Trebla will be an honor

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago +2

      I'm actually studying stuff related to this so rn I'm kinda busy. I hope I can do a tutorial series on unreal engine 4 soon...

  • M C
    M C 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this, it helped me a lot !

  • Simone Moschetta
    Simone Moschetta Month ago

    Hi, good tutorial! I guess the only thing is missing is the MaxSteps, cause has 0 value in the master material. Is it intentional?

  • Preston
    Preston 2 years ago +1

    In the last half, connecting the nodes goes too fast...and the zoom level is too far to see what's connected exactly. Amazing work though. If only Unreal had tutorials for how it works, and a more explanatory doc page.

  • Paul
    Paul 11 months ago

    Thanks, worked well for me with one caveat - the shadows are facing the light source rather than away from it, is there a simple way to switch this? Please help!

  • CrossCutCorp
    CrossCutCorp Year ago

    excellent. Way better results than tessellating a plane

  • Monkok
    Monkok Year ago

    quite nice and unexpected intro ;) though I do like when a tutorial has good voiceover, helps keep attention and suck in the information

  • Willem Buiting
    Willem Buiting Year ago

    Great no nonsense tutorial! Saw you copy the entire material into a new material. Would it be possible to just convert the textures to paramers?

    • Matthew Duncan
      Matthew Duncan Year ago

      @Trebla You need to search "Texture Object Parameter"

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago +1

      Yeah but I don't know about the heightmap that's plugged in the parallax occlusion node...

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov Year ago

    thank you so match you started me on my POM master material Today nice tutorial sir.

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 6 months ago

    nice video mate. easy to follow and no bull shit.

  • Sraosha Vohu
    Sraosha Vohu 2 years ago

    Incredibly much faster than using displacement,
    Wondering what its disadvantage is

    • Josef Abu Aisheh
      Josef Abu Aisheh 2 years ago +1

      @Trebla I'll keep that in mind thank you anyways 😊

    • Trebla
      Trebla  2 years ago +1

      @Josef Abu Aisheh It might be related to resolution but I don't have knowledge enough to confirm it
      Or maybe my tutorial is wrong and there is a better way of doing parallax occlusion

    • Josef Abu Aisheh
      Josef Abu Aisheh 2 years ago

      @Trebla that's great, I agree it mostly looks better with UE4 however for some strange reason I have a 40 Frame drop while using it on 10 different surfaces next to each other... and with displacement I only lost about 20. Do you think there would be a possibility to actually influence the heightmap from the landscape with the heightmap of the textures?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  2 years ago

      @Josef Abu Aisheh I still didn't tryed that in depht to build an opinion about that
      Still I always use parallax occlusion, it gives me less visual problems

    • Josef Abu Aisheh
      Josef Abu Aisheh 2 years ago

      @Trebla Somehow Displacement is faster for me in UE4.23 o.O' Something I'm missing?

  • Bogdan Dumitru
    Bogdan Dumitru Year ago +1

    Thank you! was looking for this!

  • Lokeki
    Lokeki Year ago

    I have replicated this to a complete-T. But I have no idea what I have just did. But thank you, it works perfectly. I commented the whole thing and called it "Magic". Going to try to figure out how it works soon.

  • Legacy •
    Legacy • 3 years ago +1

    Great tutorial!

  • Davide Zito
    Davide Zito Year ago +2

    Very thanks! But at 3:42 what have you used? (

    • Davide Zito
      Davide Zito Year ago

      @Trebla Thanks!

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago +1

      You need to press '4' + left click
      Or right click and search 'constant 4 vector'

  • Kalle Eliasson
    Kalle Eliasson Year ago

    Good work dude, i dont understand one thing though.
    why are you appending the rgba output channel with the alpha channel of the 4vector param?
    i mean the alpha channel should be present in the rgba output right?

  • Luis Antonio Lengua Espinoza

    Nice job. How do you zoom 5:31 ??

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago

      @Luis Antonio Lengua Espinoza No problem :)

    • Luis Antonio Lengua Espinoza
      Luis Antonio Lengua Espinoza Year ago

      Thanks a lot

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago +2

      When you are looking arround by holding right click, you can zoom in and out with 'z' and 'c'

  • Im Alive
    Im Alive 4 months ago

    thank you for the no sound!!

  • Christoph Redl Privat

    How many subdivisions does your sphere have? I think it is important to show that you really need lots of subd to have the effect to work.

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago +1

      No, the subdivisions thing is for tessellation
      This can be applied to a plane with 1 polygon and it will still work.
      Also, the sphere is a default ue4 sphere.

  • Bruno E
    Bruno E 9 months ago

    After doing this, the UV Tiling parameter influences only the normal map. How do you change tiling?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  9 months ago

      in the coordinate parameter in the parallax occlusion mapping node

  • G 1241
    G 1241 Year ago

    Thanks dude!

  • Timothy Y.
    Timothy Y. Year ago

    My heightmaps are packed to a single color channel. Is there a way to do this with a texture sample instead of a texture object?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago

      @Timothy Y. Try to get them separated, there is no other way that I know

    • Timothy Y.
      Timothy Y. Year ago

      @Trebla I just mean my AO is in the red channel, the roughness in the green channel, metallic in the blue channel, and height in the alpha channel of a single texture file.

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago

      I don't even know what you are doing tbh, never heard of this 'technique'

  • KartillO
    KartillO 2 years ago +1

    dude u're awesome...

  • Žiga Strmšek
    Žiga Strmšek Year ago +1

    [SM5] Function ParallaxOcclusionMapping: (Node CameraVectorWS) Invalid node used in vertex/hull/domain shader input!?

  • IGarrettI
    IGarrettI 3 years ago

    is it heavy on performance?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  3 years ago +3

      I tryed and I didn't had any problem
      But the fact is that you can use some techniques to make it flat on the distance, and when you aproach it gets the effect, its not hard to make, you can search on google or epic forums about render distances and stuff releated to optimization

      Also if you are making a game it would be better if you add an option in a game menu to activate/disable this effect because as I said I have no problem using it, but I know for fact that not all computers can handle that effect.

  • The Diamond Knee Plate

    where do i get that texture

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago

      Literally on the first line of the description

  • TipichniyShok
    TipichniyShok 10 months ago


    • Trebla
      Trebla  10 months ago +1

      Yur welcomo my duds

  • Sarath Natarajan
    Sarath Natarajan 2 years ago

    you are "AWESOME"

  • Amer Dervisovski
    Amer Dervisovski Year ago

    What is height map?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago

      The word kinda explains itself.
      It uses the greyscale to define the height of what you are doing. Blac=dottom. White=top. So you can drawn in greyscale to define the height of in this case, the material. It can be used also to generate terrain. Search some examples of heightmap, it will help you understand it better

  • Dan M
    Dan M 4 months ago

    very cool. ty

  • Random Access Games
    Random Access Games 2 years ago

    I couldn't get the red thing for vector to come up so now it doesn't work. Help?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  2 years ago

      press 4 + left click, that will create it
      Or press right button and search for 'vector 4'

  • ᄋᄆ유ᄂᄆᄋ
    ᄋᄆ유ᄂᄆᄋ 5 months ago

    thank you

  • Hussein Massarra
    Hussein Massarra 2 years ago


  • Diaz Reza
    Diaz Reza Year ago

    Is this has heavy cost performance?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago

      If you overuse it yes, I would recomend this for stuff like simple walls, some floors, pebbles/gravel.... But not for every single material

  • Onzo
    Onzo 2 years ago +32

    Еnjoy the silence!

  • CopinChats
    CopinChats Year ago

    excuse me but the "1 + left click" doesn't work. there are others posibilities for get this parameter?

    • Bogdan Dumitru
      Bogdan Dumitru Year ago

      Trebla I use blender without it. I just mapped the . to F key (which much more standard too) and for top/left/back/etc I use the tilda key. I hate numpads so much because of the ugliness and real estate. I have a tenkeyless keyboard also on my workstation.

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago

      @Bogdan Dumitru its useful in some software like blender, I use it a lot in ther :)

    • Bogdan Dumitru
      Bogdan Dumitru Year ago

      @Trebla NUMPADs should just die already. Ugly and useless.

    • CopinChats
      CopinChats Year ago

      @Trebla Alright thank you for responded me but I used another technic that I don't remember. Another thank you!

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago

      Use the '1' that's in the top of the letters, not the numb pad one

      If that doesn't work just right click and search for 'constant'

  • Root User
    Root User Year ago

    Video Editor DaVinci Resulve, find that. Its free.

  • eobetdisajn
    eobetdisajn 3 years ago

    This just follows the Unreal Wiki page, with no explanation as to why you need all this. Why the red channel, for example? I have no red channel in my heightmap, it's just a greyscale image. Also, I followed this to a tee and couldn't get it to work (same with the Wiki).

    • Peter Clark
      Peter Clark 2 years ago

      Make sure you're using a 4 Vector for Colour Channel and not a 3 Vector. I made that mistake.

    • Carl Pinson
      Carl Pinson 2 years ago

      Have you tried converting from grey to rgb?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  3 years ago

      Hey sorry to hear it didn't worked. I have in mind to do a more advanced tutorial on this, till then try do follow the tutorial again, its not that complex... And you should have a red channel in the heightmap. If you don't just open the texture, find for compression settings and choose Default as you can see on this screen capture i.gyazo.com/52c19dab07fb8ee3b1d808bcf109c4af.png

  • G1F4EL
    G1F4EL 7 months ago

    3:39 HOW?

    • Trebla
      Trebla  7 months ago

      4 + left click

  • CleverDee digitalArt
    CleverDee digitalArt 10 months ago

    The video is customizable.

  • Timmy Rudzenka
    Timmy Rudzenka 4 months ago

    There is no point in a tutorial if you don't explain what you're doing. It makes it just a recording of your actions. Better try to redo this with a sound or a text, at least. Until then it's basically not as helpful and appealing. Hope you will do better next time.

  • Dhieen
    Dhieen 7 months ago

    very col

  • Quantum DRAKE
    Quantum DRAKE 3 years ago +2

    Hola from Halva community (hl community)

  • Axel Annand
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  • xxerbexx
    xxerbexx Year ago

    "tutorial" without voice isnt a tutorial.

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago +4

      @xxerbexx I get it but still. I even use this tutorial myself when I don't remember something and I don't have any trouble following it, and same for other people. I think it doesn't even need the text, just by looking at it you can understand it.

    • xxerbexx
      xxerbexx Year ago

      @Trebla it has nothing to do with understanding. But you might not realize that a text tutorial in a video makes no sense. Your eye have to find text read it and at the same time follow the mouse. Get ur self together and just speak the text you wrote. Constructive criticism here.

    • Trebla
      Trebla  Year ago +7

      I can explain myself better in text form rather than voice since English is not my mother language
      I don't think this tutorial is hard to understand, it might be your problem

  • Xperto
    Xperto 2 years ago

    No comment