HUGE Xbox Event Confirmed | Is This The NEXT E3? | Xbox News

  • Published on Sep 30, 2019
  • HUGE Xbox Event Confirmed by Microsoft!
    Xbox To Show NEW Games, Along With Other Surprises!
    2020 Looks GREAT For Xbox!
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  • Mike Revelle
    Mike Revelle Month ago

    hey man big fan of ur xbox info videos! I usually learn lots from you as I don't surf around for xbox news. Im wondering if you can dig up any info you might have on a new batman game that I think be created by the Montreal team? And also if you can answer me why Batman Arkham Origins isn't on Gamepass? Thanks bro

  • Joe Lillard
    Joe Lillard Month ago

    They should add the Retro games to the Game Pass cuz the Retro games are way too expensive to be that old

  • AH
    AH Month ago

    So weres your god of war is a multiplat video numbnuts 😂

  • Widya Santoso
    Widya Santoso Month ago

    Given that there has been loads of videos released recently that covered the global alpha launch, I expect Flight Simulator 2020 to make an appearance. FS2020 the next launch title for Scarlett?

  • Shannon
    Shannon Month ago +1

    Thank you for this video!! It's so good to someone being positive instead of bagging MS, because they don't like what MS is doing or console sales aren't higher enough!! 😃

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark Month ago

    That would be great if they announced a new Mech Assualt game at XO! I know I am a broken record. Won't stop until the game is a reality.

  • Gunstar75
    Gunstar75 Month ago

    19 pounds, not Euros 😊

  • gingataisen
    gingataisen Month ago +5

    We need japanese content. Exclusive JRPGs, 3rd person action/adventure games, platformers, etc. XGS would score big time if they were to secure a japanese dev.

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams Month ago +1

    Brotha...every xbox event (outside of e3) is usually lame asf...when ya gonna learn??

  • Markus Chief
    Markus Chief Month ago +1

    We need to lower our expectations.
    X019 is a fan fest...
    Is mostly for those who attend the event to test demos of upcoming games... but is not an E3.
    They may announce one new Studio... and show one new game, but I would not expect Fable or other big Triple A games.
    Not even Sony has shown anything new this year (TLOU2 has been shown since 3 years ago)
    All the big titles will be shown next E3.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      @Markus Chief
      So Sony didnt show for E3.... then announced TLOU2 release date and records were broke..... and that is bad for them?? LMFAO
      How? Even in retarded xbox fanboy world how is that bad? =)

    • Markus Chief
      Markus Chief Month ago

      @Wolfgang Von Hertzen still damage controlling Sony's no E3?
      Imagine it was the other way arround...
      Sony assisted to E3 and presented the same list of games they did on the latest State of Play...
      MS did't assist but presented the Trailer for Halo Infinite days prior the E3....
      All of you Ponys would be mocking Xbox....
      Where is DS now?
      Nobody talks about it...
      Everybody only cares for TLOU2...
      There is your pathetic attempt of E3... poor hypocrite 😆😆😆

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      You xbox fanboys should have done that YEARS ago.....
      Xbox were on E3 and Sony didnt..... yet Sony have got more media attention, created more buzz and made better announcements. =)

  • sum12k6
    sum12k6 Month ago

    This event has been confirmed for ages, disliked for clickbait

    • gingataisen
      gingataisen Month ago

      He's reporting on the Greenberg interview, which is recent.

  • Antonio Alicea
    Antonio Alicea Month ago +1

    Xbox needs to bring the heat! Can't wait for XO!

  • Jeff V
    Jeff V Month ago +1

    I hope they don't announce fable until it only has 1 year or less development left. I don't want Xbox to reveal stuff several years early like sony or Nintendo showed a screen title of metroid 2 years ago to build hype and people got all excited about nothing.

    • AH
      AH Month ago +1

      What you mean like crackdown 3..ori..halo infinite..the last night..battletoads hmm ?

  • Lumpy Gash
    Lumpy Gash Month ago

    I think they should do their own thing, E3/ESA is out of touch with their costumers atm

    • Lumpy Gash
      Lumpy Gash Month ago

      AH sorry, i meant customers, english is not my main language

    • AH
      AH Month ago

      They have cosplay at e3 now?

    PHXNTXM Month ago

    Microsoft buying a bunch of indie studios as 1st party studios isn’t impressive to me. At this point, nothing but actual footage, via gameplay or a gameplay trailer, will actually pique my interest. No more talk from Microsoft. That’s 95% of what they’ve done all generation. We need proof. We need reassurance. We need some validity to the things that they are saying.

  • ODST B RICH 92
    ODST B RICH 92 Month ago +1

    Hopefully Xbox announces they've bought Crytek at XO with a Crysis reboot

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      Crysis actually would fit nicely with xbox.

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V Month ago +1

      I think crisis could be even better with more financial backing.

  • Facecrook
    Facecrook Month ago +4

    I’m excited for XO19

  • Alexander Barker
    Alexander Barker Month ago +9

    Studio Announcements
    Most Likely Candidates:
    White Owls
    Hello Games
    The Behemoth
    Playdead Games

    Dream Candidates:
    Platinum Games
    Moon Studios
    Studio MDHR
    Gearbox (without Randy)

    • Alexander Barker
      Alexander Barker Month ago

      @Pitch Black They'd be great with anyone, honestly.

    • Pitch Black
      Pitch Black Month ago

      Platinum Games would be so amazing with Sony imo

      MAVI COVI Month ago

      #Make mundfish part of xbox game studios

    • Alexander Barker
      Alexander Barker Month ago

      @Jeff V Turtle Rock was rumored for quite a while, but I'd assume those negotiations probably fell through.
      Techland also has potential.

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V Month ago

      Hello would be good, gearbox without randy ha ha. I like the team that did left 4 dead also. Valve would be huge, but it won't happen.

  • Sreevathsa K.J.
    Sreevathsa K.J. Month ago +2

    Hope so Xbox can announce a new studio acquisition

    • Sreevathsa K.J.
      Sreevathsa K.J. Month ago

      @Jeff V chances are less but atleast a couple of new studios

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V Month ago

      How about 5 more?

  • Samuel Marceau
    Samuel Marceau Month ago +3

    As much as I'd love to see a big announcement like Fable coming in 2021, or big new obsidian rpg, I think I'll keep my expectations pretty low.
    Realistically, I would expect some big new games for game pass like RE2, maybe a small/medium new studio (though I doubt it), a couple small new titles from ID@Xbox, and since it's in London I would say maybe a AA game from ninja theory or Rare.
    And of course more details on ori, bleeding edge, battletoads, etc.
    I doubt we'll hear about halo and Scarlett.

    • Samuel Marceau
      Samuel Marceau Month ago

      @gingataisen yeah that's it hehe my expectations for e3 were through the roof and I was disappointed, so I'm not doing that again.

    • gingataisen
      gingataisen Month ago +2

      Keep your expectations low, and you'll never be disappointed.

  • AH
    AH Month ago

    Here we go again.."best thing ever" "were going big this time" "you ain't seen nothing yet" studios..fable..perfect expect a whizz and a bang and ends up a big wet clowns never learn do you.

    • AH
      AH Month ago

      @Jeanmarc Louis why am I not playing games right now is that a serious question..erm I dont play games 24hrs a day I do other things with my many other you just play games constantly..must be really boring for see I've been playing games for decades and I've heard all this crap from Microsoft and others before its nonsense but you xbox fanboys believe anything and everything old Phil shits out of his shiny ass even if that shit is year old shite that hes shat out numerous times before you develop fanboy amnesia and lap it all up yum yum yum..I have no problem with the xbox one x as a console it's a great machine what I do have a problem is you delusional fanboys and microsofts inability to make a good AAA classic game this gen and the reason there sub par garbage games have millions of players in there first week of sale is because the games are basically free.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      @Jeff V
      LMFAO Says retard who have been fooled time after time behalf of xbox. LOL
      PS4 have more and better games and they have created a lot more media hype than xbox..... facts

    • Jeanmarc Louis
      Jeanmarc Louis Month ago

      AH why Xbox news piss you off so much , I will tell you why because you are nothing but a pathetic little fanboy , gears 5 is a success, sea of thieves is a success even state of decay 2 is a success millions of people are still playing these games , how many people are playing days gone , no one even talks about death stranding all of you forgot about it , halo 5 is a success, if positive Xbox news always piss you off you have deep physiological issue beyond fanboyism maybe you should get that looked at , soooo again why aren’t you playing all those killer exclusives right now

    • AH
      AH Month ago

      @Jeanmarc Louis no you're right xbox doesnt have one killer exclusive this whole generation 7 years and not one classic game to look back on..that's disgraceful..lacklustre mediocre crap

    • AH
      AH Month ago

      @Jeff V you dont even know what a liberal is you just heard someone say it in class and thought is sounded cool..and I own all platforms you single platform owning peasant.

  • Tantani
    Tantani Month ago

    Idk, their last inside Xbox was one of the worst ever
    0 exclusives, just some random multi platform big and small games from third party and indie
    Xbox seems to have absolutely nothing for now until middle/late 2020

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm Month ago

      @Anthony Driotes Did you not read my reply?
      "Sadly people will probably praise Sony for it and not demand that their games not have an end date. They don't have to pay any licensing fees"
      I said just that. Why don't you spend less time telling people about the end date that Sony is self imposing on their OWN content and demand that it come out Day and Date like game pass. Its proven to work otherwise MS wouldn't keep doing it.
      In fact since those games are one and done it stands to more reason why they should come out day one so gamers that like that weak shit can save money.

    • Anthony Driotes
      Anthony Driotes Month ago

      @BlackStorm those games are only going to be on their for a limited time

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm Month ago

      @Tantani Sony literally just put out a price drop to PS Now and put God Of War 2018, Uncharted 4 and Infamous Second Son on it.
      Hence why exclusives are now irrelevant. Sadly people will probably praise Sony for it and not demand that their first party games not have an end date. They don't have to pay any licensing fees.

    • Tantani
      Tantani Month ago

      BlackStorm what previously exclusives games Sony put on pc? I saw nothing about it
      And how is it irrelevant exactly?
      I never argued with you, stop trying to be right, it is not what it is about, it is about Microsoft barley have anything really exiting for Xbox players in the up coming months over Sony and Nintendo and there is no real reason imo to buy an Xbox even if you don’t have computer over the other consoles

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm Month ago

      @Tantani Unstead of just admitting you were wrong you keep arguing with me. Minecraft Dungeons being Multiplat is not a boon for PS or Switch players because not all MS games release on that platform. You'd be silly to assume MS players don't far more benefit from PS users purchasing the game.
      Exclusives are irrelevant anyway so I'm not sure why you keep harping on them. Hell Sony literally just put some of their exclusives on PC today lol.

  • Don't Call Me White
    Don't Call Me White Month ago +1

    Don't overhype this shit Microsoft and then give us ZERO gameplay and or new game announcements.

  • Six1Eye
    Six1Eye Month ago

    Sound pretty cool, I didn't know this and now you have gotten me hype for xo19 I cant wait what MS xbox has for us, am not expecting any major announcements but you may never know if MS are taking XO like a big thing then except big things from it I guess, cant wait.

  • Flemming Allan Thomsen

    2 studios i hope Asobo studio (France) & Dontnod Entertainment (France) or Hazelight Studios (Sweden) & Sky Box Labs (Canada) 2 of these 4 i would be very happy with & Asobo & Sky Box Labs already Basically already Second party XGS already New games a new surprise IP & Fable/RPG (Playground Games) & a peak at Halo Infinite (Next Gen Version Peak) & show me Session (Skate game) & Tunic (zelda Clone) & Oddtale's The Last Night (2.5D blade runner vibe game) i just hope the X-cloud ain't a too long segment & hyped to much. GREAT video zalker and get well man & cya on RDX Tuesday

  • D World
    D World Month ago

    Asobo?!? Kobrille had a tweet cheering them on, and they are a European developer.

  • Month ago

    Love the xbox propaganda. Can't wait for the war of the consoles ps5 vs xbox Scarlet.

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V Month ago +1

      Xbox doesn't show off fake cgi gameplay like sony does for every console release. Tekken, kill zone, and dragons dogma. The playstation zombies eat it up everytime.

  • Turo 602
    Turo 602 Month ago

    Don't expect much.

  • The Gamer Chief
    The Gamer Chief Month ago +7

    I would absolutely love to see something from Fable 4 or even Forza 8. Or even news on the initiative and what they are planning. If I was going to guess what new studio. It would be Remedy Games. That would make sense right? Alan Wake 2,Quantum Break 2 or even a fresh new game. We can only wait and see right?

      PHXNTXM Month ago +1

      If Remedy Entertainment hasn’t already been snatched up by Sony, then I’m thinking they will remain independent until they finally are. Microsoft never supported Remedy’s games in the way that they should have. Alan Wake and Quantum Break were commercial flops, and Microsoft pretty much acted like Alan Wake didn’t even exist all of this generation.

    • C. I .A
      C. I .A Month ago +1

      Xbox gave them creative freedom so they will be working on new stuff they might work with each other who knows i cant wait

  • Mr. 2cents.
    Mr. 2cents. Month ago

    Am so looking forward to Dying Light 2. Got anything on that?

  • Darge Knight
    Darge Knight Month ago

    Ooooooooo new music!!! Great video my brother!!!

  • Lars Peterson
    Lars Peterson Month ago +1

    Greenberg - the fat worthless fuck of the gaming industry.

    • SheepAmongGoats
      SheepAmongGoats Month ago +3

      Lars Peterson
      Wow. Someone didn't get much love growing up did they.

  • Lars Peterson
    Lars Peterson Month ago +1

    Lame 😂

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago

    Hopefully a new Quantum Break game

  • Brendan Dooley
    Brendan Dooley Month ago +7

    An announcement or even a teaser trailer for Fable IV, The acquisition of IO interactive or or FromSoftware. They’ll talk about The Initiative’s, Obsidian’s and Ninja Theory’s new IP

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago +2

      @Jeff V
      Sure..... games that get over 90 ratings are poor..... xbox sure dont want games of that quality. We have seen that for sure.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      LOL FromSoftware? Sire------

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V Month ago

      From software is pretty poor quality. Their game controls are some of the worst in the industry.

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V Month ago

      They said their goal was 20 studios by 2020. Asobo, io, crytek would be nice.

  • Blast48
    Blast48 Month ago +4

    I’m actually super excited for XO19, hope to see some cool new stuff.
    Duel wielding needlers in Halo?? Blasphemy! Lol jj

  • lanzo86
    lanzo86 Month ago +1

    One phrase.. Bungi is coming home.. and working on their next game..

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      "I have never once thought Halo was not trash lmao" So Halo is trash to you.
      What makes Halo CE and Halo 2 trash again?
      This will be funny. =)

      "determine fact from reality." Those are both same thing..... LMFAO Xbox community truly is most retarded out there.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm Month ago

      @Wolfgang Von Hertzen I have never once thought Halo was not trash lmao. Of course it's my opinion but I'm certain your Sony fanboyism can't determine fact from reality.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      So Halo is trash.
      Thank you for confirming that.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      Delusion is getting bigger and BIGGER by day in xbox camp.

    • Michael Grange
      Michael Grange Month ago

      @BlackStorm lol well that's a different opinion!

  • Combo164
    Combo164 Month ago +4

    I'm going to keep my expectations tamed. Expect something amazing and it's a let down, major disappointment. Expect something average yet is amazing, huge excitement.

  • OMG It’sPistola
    OMG It’sPistola Month ago +4

    Fable, the acquisition of Mist Walker, Gameplay trailer of Bleeding Edge, a teaser for Perfect Dark and probably a teaser of Ninja Theory’s new IP.....

    • gingataisen
      gingataisen Month ago +1

      @Kevin Mercado
      That would make the internet explode. I'll keep low expectations, though.

    • Kevin Mercado
      Kevin Mercado Month ago

      Now I can’t wait for XO19

    • OMG It’sPistola
      OMG It’sPistola Month ago +1

      Kevin Mercado ohh yeah or probably Ninja Theory can work on it....they have experience with DMC.....i want a Lost Odyssey 2....they can do like Final Fantasy that every game has a different story with different characters.....

    • Kevin Mercado
      Kevin Mercado Month ago +1

      OMG It’sPistola maybe mist walker could be given Scale bound to start a new .

  • MohawkWarrior76
    MohawkWarrior76 Month ago +2

    Dont fall for the hype, as much as I want to be excited for X019 it's just going to be a repeat of what happened when xbox hyped up E3 this year, let down.

    • MohawkWarrior76
      MohawkWarrior76 Month ago

      @Jeff V uh E3? Aaron and phil and others hyped up E3 yet all it was was a big indie show. The same thing will happen here, they hyped X0 last year yet the only good thing was the obsidian acquisition. X019 in my eyes will be shit until I see it

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V Month ago

      Are you a psychic? How would you know anything about what's going to happen? The next console is just over a year away, they could release some good stuff. If they do, sony will counter Xbox with fake cgi gameplay like they always do.

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm Month ago +1

      I was very hype for E3. I guess people are still downplaying Xbox as usual.

    • ExtraHalo736479
      ExtraHalo736479 Month ago

      SheepAmongGoats What do I have to joke about? Explain. What is there to joke about that is if you're not the one joking.

  • Phillip hanna
    Phillip hanna Month ago +5

    Other than shilling for trash launch games like Anthem,Sea Of Thieves etc. I think the Xbox future is a lot better. Gears 5 was a good start.

    • The Wielder
      The Wielder Month ago

      Anthem wasn't a Microsoft IP though, wanna blame anyone for that trainwreck, blame EA and BioWare. All they did was advertise it at their E3 2017 Press Conference

  • Doctor 1O1
    Doctor 1O1 Month ago +1

    I have come down below...
    I just wanna see a confirmation of 1 game each from the New studios..
    A studio acquisition in response to Sony's insomniac one.
    Something new and Confirmatory about Scarlet.
    Pricing details and bandwidth requirements of Xcloud.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago

      @Doctor 1O1
      "A studio acquisition in response to Sony's insomniac one.
      " What studio would be as big for you?

    • Doctor 1O1
      Doctor 1O1 Month ago

      @PHXNTXM it's just a wishlist. I think the Hellblade guys have that pedigree they just need the right Push..

      PHXNTXM Month ago

      Who would Microsoft acquire that is as big as Insomniac Games? Hell, none of the studios that they’ve acquired over the past 2 years are even of the same pedigree as Insomniac. Microsoft seems to be hyper focused on indie developers.

  • Mo Isa
    Mo Isa Month ago +9

    Did you just call anthem a great game you a**
    But love you anyway

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago +1

      @Jason Brister
      English please. Damn.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen Month ago +1

      @Brett Gabrielson
      It seems like everything is xbox camp is "subjective" LMFAO No wonder you settle for lesser games.

    • Jason Brister
      Jason Brister Month ago

      @Wolfgang Von Hertzen isnt anthem Sony game also play why you like were not forcing you to play it I like anthem way better then destiny 2

    • gingataisen
      gingataisen Month ago

      February is the new September.

    • Brett Gabrielson
      Brett Gabrielson Month ago +1

      Wolfgang Von Hertzen it’s a subjective opinion lol fuck off scrub

  • HRBomber
    HRBomber Month ago

    Great vid man! I think XO has the potential to be great, I just wish they would make it not an Inside Xbox Episode with announcements. They just are continually get more cringe as each one is put together. XO18 was good but with E3 just 6 months after XO19 and then a few more months til Scarlett launch there is some things they could help hype up or even announce game release dates

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez Month ago +1

    Hey Zalker are you gonna make a Video about Minecraft making a Comeback. Especially with The Announcement of Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons coming up.

    • Jonathan Gomez
      Jonathan Gomez Month ago

      @gingataisen what do you mean ?

    • gingataisen
      gingataisen Month ago

      I wanted to argue your point, but I think LL Cool J said it best.

  • Deloman
    Deloman Month ago +12

    Man you still sound like you have a cold Zalker, will you ever feel better !! Great video as always

  • Metal Pizza Dude
    Metal Pizza Dude Month ago +3

    *E3 is a dead horse now, doesn't have the same appeal it did 5 years ago. That Doxx didn't help matters either.*

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm Month ago +1

      @AH E3 was popping this year. Without Sony lmao.

    • AH
      AH Month ago

      @SheepAmongGoats sony leaves e3 dies it's a simple as that...and next year sounds total and utter shit.

    • SheepAmongGoats
      SheepAmongGoats Month ago +1

      Only because of the power of suggestion that all started with Sony fanboy damage control. People are flippin' lemmings.

  • o SNAKES o
    o SNAKES o Month ago +4

    Where's the video saying Last Of Us 2 IS gonna have multiplayer? Lol

    • o SNAKES o
      o SNAKES o Month ago

      @L3THAL POPPA remember you the one always starting shit so I'll take it as far as you want, bc you ain't shit without your mod power. You're use to being a dictator. Lil Snowflake

    • o SNAKES o
      o SNAKES o Month ago

      @L3THAL POPPA you run to Zalker lil bitch boy? One of my comments that shreds you has been removed

    • o SNAKES o
      o SNAKES o Month ago

      @L3THAL POPPA lol maturity?? Your the most immature xbox nut licker out there. You deserve no power but yet you lick enough ass to get it. Your dumb ass kid prob is smarter than you but if he/she has your gens its the dumbest kid in class 🤣🤣 garbage ass fanboy

      L3THAL POPPA Month ago +2

      Where is the maturity of not giving a shit as many play on all platforms and therefore dont need to be a pom pom boy...oh no hes going to go tell zalker on me now.....poor baby who gets picked on. Lol lol fucking pussy

  • TonyStark RDX
    TonyStark RDX Month ago

    19 punds not euros £ this is pund € this is euro 😜😜😜

  • William Lanza
    William Lanza Month ago +6

    For me
    Everything Microsoft does. Is always a big deal.thankn you Zalker

  • otherZinc
    otherZinc Month ago +1

    Oranges, to help with that cold you have. Nice show.

  • Motherrussia
    Motherrussia Month ago +2