13 Stories with Ashton Kutcher & Elisha Cuthbert | The Ranch | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • Our two faves from The Ranch attempt to run up 13 flights of stairs...and drop a little bit of news on the way!
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    13 Stories with Ashton Kutcher & Elisha Cuthbert | The Ranch | Netflix
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Comments • 483

  • Emma Bullerpowell
    Emma Bullerpowell 6 days ago

    Love love the Ranch I miss rooster but the show must go on and your doing great. The story is getting interesting. Ashton love you. Love Sam Elliott

  • Trin Murray
    Trin Murray 6 days ago

    I like the WiFi name Pretty fly for a WiFi

  • That vemon Boi!!!!!!!!

    I want Hyde not the cop

  • jeremy cantrell
    jeremy cantrell 9 days ago

    I think he did say babies and then brothers so maybe rooster is back

  • Josué Venegas
    Josué Venegas 9 days ago

    Cuándo suben más capítulos ??

  • Katherine Ramos
    Katherine Ramos 10 days ago

    Abby and Cole ❤️

  • peep tbgod
    peep tbgod 10 days ago

    bring rooster back

  • Chris Hamburg Jr
    Chris Hamburg Jr 10 days ago

    Is that a hint to rooster returning in season 6?

  • Kenneth Brown
    Kenneth Brown 10 days ago

    Wait wait..... Did he say brothers??????

  • Thyago Monteiro
    Thyago Monteiro 11 days ago

    Série maravilha

  • Preston Meeker
    Preston Meeker 14 days ago

    I was watching just married today

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 14 days ago

    You got rid of your only good character only to be followed with 4 episodes of no laughter and lots of awkward acting. Now it's impossible not to notice how much weight Elisha Cuthbert has gained fuckin mooooo

  • celma cajui santos
    celma cajui santos 15 days ago

    Essa última temporada muito chata😫

  • Mr. Noneyabidness
    Mr. Noneyabidness 15 days ago

    "Babies, BROTHERS and Beer" bring back Rooster.

  • MrCliffda3rd
    MrCliffda3rd 18 days ago

    I see a Tim and Jenn Tracker vibe with these 2. If there was a movie about them.

  • Jorge Santa'na
    Jorge Santa'na 19 days ago

    The next door girl :)

  • Mario Gillette
    Mario Gillette 20 days ago

    "What can we expect from season 6?"

  • Ethan Ellis
    Ethan Ellis 21 day ago

    Are you fucking kidding me, he likes Tom Brady in real life, WOW!!!

  • J marshet
    J marshet 22 days ago

    Oh my god oh my gos oh my fuckig god!!! Ethiopian coffee!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Harmon
    Joseph Harmon 26 days ago

    Rooster has to come back in order for me to continue watching this show. As soon as rooster left, the show fell apart and Danny doesn’t deserve this.

  • kristian avila
    kristian avila 27 days ago

    Idk but all I heard Ashton say was BEERS AND BROTHERS.
    If they bring back The Rooster that would be *in Rooster's voice* Fuckin Badass. !!

  • 0oHangInTheWoods o0

    This show sucks without rooster! Go to hell Netflix

  • Himangkar Lyf
    Himangkar Lyf Month ago

    Fuck you Netflix ain't coming back to you until Roosters back

  • Muscular Beaver
    Muscular Beaver Month ago

    Bring Rooster back Netflix! Thousands of us aren't watching if he isn't part of the show! The next step is cancelling Netflix all together. Do you want to lose you comapny?

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez Month ago

    Yea no Netflix for me since rooster left

  • Pierre
    Pierre Month ago

    we want rooster!!!

  • Joshua Rugg
    Joshua Rugg Month ago

    Yall know that it's not Ashton's fault that Danny got kicked, he fought Netflix tooth and nail with Danny to keep him on. But I dont have a favorite between the two of them there both funny af, that's what makes the show funny. And it's still funny sad Danny's not there but still funny

  • Tag you're it
    Tag you're it Month ago +1

    We need the Ashton Danny combo

  • homer Doidão Gardenal

    #tras o gallo

  • Forest Mullens
    Forest Mullens Month ago +1

    Rooster or the show dies. Period

  • Ricardo Andrade
    Ricardo Andrade Month ago +1

    Cadê os brasileiros? Huuuuuurruuuuuu

  • William Hardy
    William Hardy Month ago

    I used to run up stairs as a kid ….. 27 floors was me record

  • Bill G
    Bill G Month ago

    This show reflects perfectly the moral decay in society over the past 50 years. Everything is F this and F that, they celebrate irresponsible drinking, sex and even drug use. In the show where Abby had her baby, Colt even makes a joke out of stealing food from a child. Compare that to comedies like The Andy Griffith Show or even more recently the Bill Cosby Show. In any case The Ranch has played itself out unless they find new writers and a new director. And would someone please tell Sam Elliott to see a chiropractor and fix that crick in his neck... Maybe then he can hold his head straight up

  • Crypt Keeper
    Crypt Keeper Month ago

    First Rooster is gone, now she leaves them after just getting married and having a child, screw the show, cancel it who cares anymore. If the shows anymore of a freaking downer I just shoot myself and get it over with. Hell I told my wife we might as well cancel our freaking Netflix account, I could care less.

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert Month ago

    shes was the hot chick in the girl next door

  • Drew Rock
    Drew Rock Month ago

    Show de vizinha 💜

  • Lovely Boy Vinay
    Lovely Boy Vinay Month ago

    Plz Make...The Girl Next Door 2 plzz Elisha Cuthbert 💗 Forever Crush 😚😘❤️

  • Andrew Boergert
    Andrew Boergert Month ago

    All those questions are fake

    ZKREAM DAFT Month ago

    Netflix regresen a Rooster por favor, la serie no es igual sin él.

  • Andre Lucas
    Andre Lucas Month ago

    Elisha is perfect. What woman!!!

  • Karl De Jesus
    Karl De Jesus Month ago

    Bring back Rooster!!!

  • Max Runge
    Max Runge 2 months ago

    should have asked "what are we going to do when they cancel our show since it sucks now."

  • ali bensid
    ali bensid 2 months ago

    fuck the ranch without rooster

  • Jackson Stephenson
    Jackson Stephenson 2 months ago

    They would be a good couple in real life

  • Dustin's Zone
    Dustin's Zone 2 months ago


  • Jase
    Jase 2 months ago

    Bring back the rooster

  • Ludovic Moktary
    Ludovic Moktary 2 months ago

    PLZ bring back Roster, he's the roots of the show ! And there is no more fun without him.

  • Rudy Wilson
    Rudy Wilson 2 months ago

    i hope/assume she will be my future ex-wife......

  • Rudy Wilson
    Rudy Wilson 2 months ago

    millionaires from even B films....playing.....! of course!!!! and...etc......

  • Rudy Wilson
    Rudy Wilson 2 months ago

    he bugs me..althio good in 'BOBBY' (RFK) but LOVE Eliz C...'THE GIRL NEXT DOOR " is GREAT!!!!!!!

  • OneGun Son
    OneGun Son 2 months ago

    Masonic Tranny time!

  • Matt Watson
    Matt Watson 2 months ago +1

    Danny won't be found guilty. He would have been long ago if it was true. These women are star fuckers who thought they had it made in the shade after they latched on. And why did all of these "rapes" happen at parties and with girls that have had consentual sex with Danny. It lacks the merit for a charge so what has to happen for rooster to be back?

  • Jason Dunbar
    Jason Dunbar 2 months ago

    Gonna need a bull horn lass

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 2 months ago

    She's hot, but hasn't done shite in years.

  • Mary Gagliardi
    Mary Gagliardi 2 months ago

    Not watching the Ranch anymore with out Rooster.

  • Wes Hyde
    Wes Hyde 2 months ago

    Very sad in 2019 America you can be chastised and fired for something that has yet to be proven. Shame on Netflix!!

  • Rupesh Agrahari
    Rupesh Agrahari 2 months ago

    Bring Rooster back already

  • Antonio Gleyser
    Antonio Gleyser 2 months ago

    Waiting for part 7!

    THE KOLO 2 months ago

    Not the same show without rooster...I stopped watching lol

    BRYCEONBIKE 2 months ago

    Go Bears 🐻 👇

  • Vicente Mendoza
    Vicente Mendoza 2 months ago

    Wait I saw part six on the Ranch what about par 7

  • bbq at home Benny's smokin' BBQ

    That is some funny s*** right there Chris you're all right

  • Rodolfo Munguía
    Rodolfo Munguía 2 months ago

    I need Part 7 right now. :(

  • monsteron22s
    monsteron22s 2 months ago

    i watch it an it was funny and love it

  • Tla Vaiphei
    Tla Vaiphei 2 months ago

    Elisha was gorgeous when she was young but as she grew old she is not gorgeous anymore.,
    😀😀😁 But

  • Taryn Nolen
    Taryn Nolen 2 months ago

    Not watching the show until they bring Rooster back.. innocent until proven guilty.

  • Jorge Eduardo Carranza Rivera

    The expected things yo see in next season he said " brothers" it was a reference forma rooster coming back

  • Dave James
    Dave James 2 months ago

    Aleisia looks a bit like Bree olson..jus saying..

  • Driver YTK
    Driver YTK 2 months ago

    Bring back Rooster! Love the show guys!

  • Gabi Barcellos
    Gabi Barcellos 2 months ago

    Volta Danny!

  • Camo Man
    Camo Man 2 months ago

    The best wifi password I have seen is luckybastard

  • RR RR
    RR RR 2 months ago

    I wouldve thought Elisha was taller than she is!!! Oh well

  • Benjafoo
    Benjafoo 2 months ago +1

    Show fucking sucks without the rooster

  • Skylar Tucker
    Skylar Tucker 2 months ago

    Bring rooster back in part 6. Still hasn’t been convicted or even charged. Just bullshit talkers throwing shit around for a quick payday or some shit. We miss him 😥😥😥

  • Corey_Gamer04
    Corey_Gamer04 2 months ago +1

    When will part 7 come out?! I have watched part 1 through to part 6 twice now

  • Logan Jelinek
    Logan Jelinek 2 months ago

    @netflix bring back masterson it’s not the same without him

  • Mr. Trump
    Mr. Trump 2 months ago

    Bring rooster back Netflix plz don’t mess up a good show

  • Carbonite Gamorrean
    Carbonite Gamorrean 2 months ago

    STFU kelso we want Hyde and BTW that bitch is HAWT

  • Gregory Michaels
    Gregory Michaels 2 months ago


  • Andrew Kemp
    Andrew Kemp 2 months ago

    Love the show! Bear Down! And yes, Alisha was my childhood crush too. thexvid.com/video/9PSwbvuMYxo/video.html

  • Knightmare
    Knightmare 2 months ago

    I was really hoping that they weren't going to bring in a Jar-Jar Binx for comedy relief after Rooster got kick off the show but sure enough there he is.....Dax Sheppard, the long lost nephew from Naboo.

  • danilson campelo
    danilson campelo 2 months ago

    Traduz essa porra eu pago tenho direito porra fuck

  • john Spooner
    john Spooner 2 months ago

    This is stupid where is rooster won't ever watch this show again!!!!!!

  • Faye Brock
    Faye Brock 2 months ago

    Love The Ranch!

  • Eudivan Oliveira
    Eudivan Oliveira 2 months ago


  • Sam Hibron
    Sam Hibron 2 months ago


  • Emanoel Dias
    Emanoel Dias 2 months ago

    Trás o galo de volta porra 😂😁 #Netflix

  • Franco Weissmüller
    Franco Weissmüller 2 months ago

    We whant rooster back!

  • steven Pena
    steven Pena 2 months ago

    We want The Rooster!

  • Natã Prisco
    Natã Prisco 2 months ago

    Rooster baaaack

  • Mister Bonde
    Mister Bonde 2 months ago

    Sdds galo

  • aaron M
    aaron M 2 months ago +1


  • cedonullidude
    cedonullidude 3 months ago

    Elisha Cuthbert should star in another season of 24.

  • Mr.Deadbeatkid
    Mr.Deadbeatkid 3 months ago

    Bring back Rooster. Show is mediocre with those hilarious crying scenes by Ashton.

  • Alejandro Rey
    Alejandro Rey 3 months ago

    Bring Rooster Back!!!! Its not the same without him.

  • Andrew Pagakis
    Andrew Pagakis 3 months ago +1

    lol i clicked vid just to see if people are fighting for rooster, glad to see it

  • Gustavo Damian
    Gustavo Damian 3 months ago

    Love the show totally awesome season 6 sucked major ass and depressing keep up the awesome work Danny Masterson please come back not saying you were there whole show but you can't split up Laverne & Shirley, Abbott and Costello, and Dax never really that funny as an actor.

  • Donny Beeson
    Donny Beeson 3 months ago

    Love the show

  • irineu
    irineu 3 months ago

    Bring Danny Masterson