13 Stories with Ashton Kutcher & Elisha Cuthbert | The Ranch | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • Our two faves from The Ranch attempt to run up 13 flights of stairs...and drop a little bit of news on the way!
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    13 Stories with Ashton Kutcher & Elisha Cuthbert | The Ranch | Netflix
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Comments • 398

  • Tla Vaiphei
    Tla Vaiphei 10 hours ago

    Elisha was gorgeous when she was young but as she grew old she is not gorgeous anymore.,
    😀😀😁 But

  • Lawrence Klein
    Lawrence Klein 21 hour ago

    Best show EVER!! Reccomended by 2 friends; Thank you so much! Binge watched all episodrs till the end of 6... Can't wait for new episodes!

  • Taryn Nolen
    Taryn Nolen 23 hours ago

    Not watching the show until they bring Rooster back.. innocent until proven guilty.

  • Jorge Eduardo Carranza Rivera

    The expected things yo see in next season he said " brothers" it was a reference forma rooster coming back

  • Dave James
    Dave James 2 days ago

    Aleisia looks a bit like Bree olson..jus saying..

  • Driver YTK
    Driver YTK 3 days ago

    Bring back Rooster! Love the show guys!

  • Gabi Barcellos
    Gabi Barcellos 6 days ago

    Volta Danny!

  • Camo Man
    Camo Man 6 days ago

    The best wifi password I have seen is luckybastard

  • RR RR
    RR RR 7 days ago

    I wouldve thought Elisha was taller than she is!!! Oh well

  • Benjafoo
    Benjafoo 7 days ago +1

    Show fucking sucks without the rooster

  • Skylar Tucker
    Skylar Tucker 8 days ago

    Bring rooster back in part 6. Still hasn’t been convicted or even charged. Just bullshit talkers throwing shit around for a quick payday or some shit. We miss him 😥😥😥

  • Corey_Gamer04
    Corey_Gamer04 9 days ago +1

    When will part 7 come out?! I have watched part 1 through to part 6 twice now

  • Logan Jelinek
    Logan Jelinek 10 days ago

    @netflix bring back masterson it’s not the same without him

  • Mr. Trump
    Mr. Trump 10 days ago

    Bring rooster back Netflix plz don’t mess up a good show

  • Carbonite Gamorrean
    Carbonite Gamorrean 11 days ago

    STFU kelso we want Hyde and BTW that bitch is HAWT

  • Gregory Michaels
    Gregory Michaels 12 days ago


  • Andrew Kemp
    Andrew Kemp 13 days ago

    Love the show! Bear Down! And yes, Alisha was my childhood crush too. thexvid.com/video/9PSwbvuMYxo/video.html

  • Knightmare
    Knightmare 13 days ago

    I was really hoping that they weren't going to bring in a Jar-Jar Binx for comedy relief after Rooster got kick off the show but sure enough there he is.....Dax Sheppard, the long lost nephew from Naboo.

  • danilson campelo
    danilson campelo 15 days ago

    Traduz essa porra eu pago tenho direito porra fuck

  • john Spooner
    john Spooner 16 days ago

    This is stupid where is rooster won't ever watch this show again!!!!!!

  • Faye Brock
    Faye Brock 17 days ago

    Love The Ranch!

  • Eudivan Oliveira
    Eudivan Oliveira 18 days ago


  • Sam Hibron
    Sam Hibron 18 days ago


  • Emanoel Dias
    Emanoel Dias 19 days ago

    Trás o galo de volta porra 😂😁 #Netflix

  • Franco Weissmüller
    Franco Weissmüller 20 days ago

    We whant rooster back!

  • steven Pena
    steven Pena 21 day ago

    We want The Rooster!

  • Natã Prisco
    Natã Prisco 21 day ago

    Rooster baaaack

  • Jacob T Kuker Creative

    This is great 👍 love the challenge videos

  • Mister Bonde
    Mister Bonde 22 days ago

    Sdds galo

  • aaron M
    aaron M 22 days ago +1


  • cedonullidude
    cedonullidude 23 days ago

    Elisha Cuthbert should star in another season of 24.

  • Mr.Deadbeatkid
    Mr.Deadbeatkid 24 days ago

    Bring back Rooster. Show is mediocre with those hilarious crying scenes by Ashton.

  • Alejandro Rey
    Alejandro Rey 25 days ago

    Bring Rooster Back!!!! Its not the same without him.

  • Andrew Pagakis
    Andrew Pagakis 26 days ago +1

    lol i clicked vid just to see if people are fighting for rooster, glad to see it

  • Gustavo Damian
    Gustavo Damian 26 days ago

    Love the show totally awesome season 6 sucked major ass and depressing keep up the awesome work Danny Masterson please come back not saying you were there whole show but you can't split up Laverne & Shirley, Abbott and Costello, and Dax never really that funny as an actor.

  • Donny Beeson
    Donny Beeson 27 days ago

    Love the show

  • irineu
    irineu 27 days ago

    Bring Danny Masterson

  • Jay Shan
    Jay Shan 27 days ago


  • Adriana Garza
    Adriana Garza 27 days ago

    Nope, its not the same without Rooster. He was innocent!! WTF is wrong with Netflix, he wasnt convicted, he was found innocent!! Now every person that is accused without proof will loose their jobs, their lives? SO NETFLIX, THANK YOU, NEXT!

  • Allie Breneman
    Allie Breneman 28 days ago

    I cried so hard when they killed rooster

  • Philipp
    Philipp 28 days ago

    First Rooster/Danny gone and then you totally present us a nonsense story writing which is just a shame of its own. This has to be a family daily life sitcom for people to lean back and enjoy the show. But who wants to see a show with everything constantly going down the hill. This whole drama shit really pisses me off and ruins the whole show. There is not one single thing that's showing a positive development. One drama shit follows the next. If you want to create such a show then please also stop to fill in those stupid audience laughter because this doesn't suit the whole concept of the show anymore. I loved this show so much. My wife and I really loved it but you guys are constantly ruining it with cutting people out and shitty nonsense story writing. It is such a shame how a good concept got ruined so fast.

  • MrA10com
    MrA10com 28 days ago

    She has become so annoying! I can’t stand to watch the show now.

  • P B A
    P B A 28 days ago

    Bring back Rooster!

  • Jade Nail
    Jade Nail 28 days ago

    No rooster ???? No ranch for me!!!!! Protesting for roooster anyone want to join me

  • Rick White
    Rick White 28 days ago

    Oh thank God, thanks for the heads up Netflix. No, no, no, ya know he ain't gonna die

  • Audrey Myers
    Audrey Myers 29 days ago

    Bring back Rooster! But I do love Dax! He's a great addition to the show! Season 6 is intense.....but the show is NOT the same since Rooster assumably died. If there's no evidence of him raping those girls then he needs to come back!

  • Hotrod Hog
    Hotrod Hog 29 days ago

    I quit watching when Netflix F'ed and cut Danny over BS allegations! Bring Danny back with huge announcements saying you screwed up and my friends and I will start watching again!

  • Matt Unknown
    Matt Unknown 29 days ago

    Tried watching after rooster left and it sucks made it couple episodes in then turned it off

  • who'schairisthat ?
    who'schairisthat ? 29 days ago

    Part 6 was the most depressing shit I've ever seen

  • Sam
    Sam 29 days ago

    All the comments are about wanting danny masterson to return but I disagree. It was the right decision to remove him. I wasn't going to continue watching if he had continued to be a part of the show.

  • RomanLatif
    RomanLatif 29 days ago

    They have such good chemistry 😛

  • Melynda Kensinger
    Melynda Kensinger Month ago

    Damn ur a bears fan!

  • Norm Caissie
    Norm Caissie Month ago

    Show is no longer funny. The new guy doesn't fit. Just like Ashton didn't fit in Two and a half Men

  • Jennifer Walton
    Jennifer Walton Month ago

    I love this show. I can't wait until part 7.

  • Arya Ritchie
    Arya Ritchie Month ago

    Gotta be honest, Dax’ a great actor but it just doesnt work out without rooster

  • James Rowland
    James Rowland Month ago

    I understand why Danny isn’t coming back but they did an exceptional job making his leaving emotional in the show. Which was great. And I just want to say DAX SHEPARD! You guys couldn’t have picked a better guy to “replace” rooster! Like at the beginning of the season I was so pissed that rooster was gone and in the end I was so happy Luke was there! Danny has begged his fans to support the ranch because irl these are his real friends that work really hard to make this show and they deserve our support.

  • Brown Trout
    Brown Trout Month ago +1

    Love the show but if this is how studios are going to treat people then I'm going to STOP watching. What happened to INNOCENT until proven guilty. If hes proven guilty then fire him until then GIVE the man his job back!!!
    I've watched this far...If they don't bring him back next season ...it will be my last season/part I watch #innocentuntilprovenguilty

  • Alexis Melendez
    Alexis Melendez Month ago +1

    Yea season 6 was wack without rooster honestly don't know if I'll keep watching season 6 was terrible

    • Brittney Rhodes
      Brittney Rhodes Month ago

      Alexis Melendez I made to episode 3? What ever episode when they said he Danny died in “Rooster” haven’t watched since. It’s not funny

  • Artie Gaming
    Artie Gaming Month ago

    Colt and Abby needs to stay together

  • Jhovi
    Jhovi Month ago +1

    The ranch definitely changed, from a sitcom, to a dark drama without rooster , had some good moments. But flat without rooster. Doubt we’ll see another season

  • Luis Alonso Franco Robles

    Sorry man but is not the same, I'm out!

  • Hasen Randava
    Hasen Randava Month ago +1

    Your show is nothing without Rooster!
    That’s like watching Friends without Joey -.-

  • naga raju
    naga raju Month ago

    U fucker i want to see elisha not u r dumb fucking u r words

  • Jacob Perez
    Jacob Perez Month ago +1

    Boycott until they bring Rooster back. Vote with your viewership.

  • 1fellowmellow
    1fellowmellow Month ago

    More like bitches, backstabbing, and broken hearts.....disappointment.

  • Renato Silva
    Renato Silva Month ago

    Danny is back!

  • B. Stone
    B. Stone Month ago +1

    i stopped watching this after you fired Danny... became boring AF without him.

  • bEdrockcrawler 811
    bEdrockcrawler 811 Month ago

    Love the ranch!!!!!! Sad about rooster....

  • Jordanne Marie
    Jordanne Marie Month ago

    All of these comments excusing rape are pathetic yikes good luck to any women in your lives lmao

    • Jordanne Marie
      Jordanne Marie 27 days ago

      William Uren lmao I’m not gonna read that because let’s be real I don’t have time and also don’t care at all. Anyway we can just chalk this whole interaction up to you being a rape excusing dumbass that idealizes certain celebrities’ political opinions but is unwilling to see other people’s opinions that are they exact same because you decided to make up your mind about them.

    • William Uren
      William Uren 27 days ago

      +Jordanne Marie This is why I hate these types of conversations. you see Sam Elliott might not like Trump but he doesn't hate him either. What separates him from a Libtard is He said both sides need to work together for the common good.A Libtard would never agree with that its all about how reps are prejudice,homophobe's incapable of feelings or love towards other human beings. Libtards are not capable of understanding anything. I realize its not there fault and this is why. They are in close relation to a rare breed of monkey called the Libtardian ass monkey. They are only seen in democratic polling stations every 4 yrs. The “ass” is so large not only because they sit on it nearly 24/7 but also because this is where 90% of thought processes take place. In addition to that, this is also where they store most of their “facts”. As if that wasn’t enough they also speak Out of it quite frequently. Amazing creatures.Another interesting fact is the “ass” is not in this condition upon birth. It gets enlarged to this state because this species chooses to live with their head up it continuously, only pulling it out on occasion to speak out of it or to pull facts out out of it. I hope this was a good enough explanation for you or do you need more details. I can keep going.

    • Jordanne Marie
      Jordanne Marie 28 days ago

      +William Uren I definitely wouldn't agree with that but then again I'm not some child that calls people libtards in TheXvid comments so maybe I just don't understand what the true definition of the word is (woulda been cool of you to give me a definition since I gave you one for remiss). It's my understanding that Sam Elliot isn't too much of a fan of Trump as I assume you and anyone that uses the word libtard are. Either way I think his views are quite just and I agree with what I've seen of them. But hey if you have an example of just how un-libtard he is I'd love to hear it.

    • William Uren
      William Uren 28 days ago

      +Jordanne Marie got news for you Sam Elliot is far from a Libtard as you can get. Merry Christmas.

    • Jordanne Marie
      Jordanne Marie 28 days ago

      William Uren oh hunny I’m so proud of you for finding like minded people who are willing to love you! Truly we all need love and I’m glad you have it. However I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the actors on this precious show that you seem to be very passionate about are just as much libtards as I am. That’s why the dude got fired for raping someone. Libtards care anout human rights!
      And don’t worry, I’ll save the time from googling it, remiss just means negligent. Have a nice day William.

  • Wilder B
    Wilder B Month ago

    Binged watched the whole part 6 already!! It was awesome and bittersweet at the same time now that rooster is off the show!! Keeping my fingers crossed he comes back!! Thank you so much Ranch cast its so fun to watch!!

  • Chris Santiago
    Chris Santiago Month ago

    I already binged the new season 2 times can’t wait for another one

  • Jay Weezy
    Jay Weezy Month ago

    the girl next door with the dumbass we all grew up with.

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton Month ago +1

    I will never watch the ranch again before Danny come back.
    That's simple.

  • hi
    hi Month ago

    Bear down ashton

  • jamie jangula
    jamie jangula Month ago +1

    Went to the very last episode the rooster was a no go I will not whatch the ranch. Ashton didnt your learn anything from two and a half men?

  • KornDawg802
    KornDawg802 Month ago +1

    Bruh he just said “Baby’s, brothers, bovines, and beers” so you tryna tell me Rooster is gonna be back?

  • Damian Garasz
    Damian Garasz Month ago

    Worst season ever

  • Tony Marzano
    Tony Marzano Month ago

    Why did they get rid of rooster? I hear all sorts of rumors, but what about facts, just sayin

    • William Uren
      William Uren 28 days ago

      didn't you here? Facts In 2018 are irrelevant

    • Brittney Rhodes
      Brittney Rhodes Month ago

      Tony Marzano there is an article with what’s going on. And it’s a load of crap what they are doing to Danny Masterson

  • Zak Attack23
    Zak Attack23 Month ago

    Idk why but when Ashton wheezes and breathes heavily it reminds me of the time he voiced Elliot from Open Season lol

  • Silvia Acosta
    Silvia Acosta Month ago

    Bring back rooster!!!!! Please...
    I love you guys, I love the show but let's be honest we need rooster and his jokes😁👍!!.. he was the one who makes us laugh...

  • US Sailorrr
    US Sailorrr Month ago

    The shows not the same anymore😢

  • PopulationParallax
    PopulationParallax Month ago

    When the fuck is Rooster coming back?

  • Jaden Terveen
    Jaden Terveen Month ago

    Rooster 🐓 brang the fire to the show man it ain’t the same without him. Hopefully you guys fix this.

  • Jaden Terveen
    Jaden Terveen Month ago

    This is what happens when you put to much powder in your nose in the morning 😉

  • Dom757200
    Dom757200 Month ago

    The awkward moment when you think Ashton did actually support Broncos until you saw the Bears hat. I have just finished watching this although it feels weird without Danny I am enjoying it. As a Broncos fan myself I loved the fact they called the baby Peyton after Peyton Manning. Looking forward to Part 7!

  • Olivia Wiyak Young
    Olivia Wiyak Young Month ago


  • Payton Chronister
    Payton Chronister Month ago

    Bring rooster back not good with out

  • Angelina Faus
    Angelina Faus Month ago

    Finished part 6 can’t wait for part 7!

  • Cedric Garcia
    Cedric Garcia Month ago

    Lmao they're all on the ground looking like they're dying

  • Mandi Chavez
    Mandi Chavez Month ago +2

    Didn’t like the way season 6 ended :(

  • willy castro
    willy castro Month ago

    Quiero de regreso a Rooster 😭😭

  • Dennis Wallace
    Dennis Wallace Month ago

    You are all mad at Ashton about Danny being fired he's the one trying to get him back he kept roosters role open for a comeback Netflix fired Danny not Ashton

  • tomer nurilov
    tomer nurilov Month ago

    The first episode of the new season felt like they were acting bad on porpoise i like to think it was a protest for danny masterson and luke felt like a bad replacement

  • Jesse Barajas
    Jesse Barajas Month ago

    Love you guys you guys are awesome I love season six I seen it now I am just waiting for season seven I know he’ll probably think I don’t have nothing else to do but I don’t I drive for a living and I watch you guys when I have free time please make season seven come out faster it takes too long to not watch you guys take care love you awesome show

  • jimmy neutron
    jimmy neutron Month ago

    Good job standing up for Danny since he's never been convicted.

  • Mauro Fernandez
    Mauro Fernandez Month ago


  • AlienQueen Taylor Alexis

    Totally love you guys! Hoping Danny comes back eventually! Peace and love guys ♥