Big Narstie’s Fresh Island Festival Diary

  • Published on Sep 15, 2015
  • This summer, Team Noisey were very excited to be invited to Europe’s finest hip hop and grime festival Fresh Island in Croatia.
    The first thing we did was invite our spirit guide and one of our all time favourite MCs Big Narstie to come along with us to host the now legendary Noisey Grime Karaoke pool party and to play at our Noisey showcase later that night with Stormzy and Jme.
    In this very profound and spiritual film we see how he got on, who he met and what he thinks about watersports.
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Comments • 230

  • K X
    K X 2 months ago

    So wheres the festival?

  • Live Cam Croatia
    Live Cam Croatia 4 months ago

    Best !!!

  • Leyton Henderson
    Leyton Henderson 5 months ago

    How did that girl not fly😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣god bless the tuntun😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • JR Channel
    JR Channel 5 months ago

    white girls with their flat ass and flat tits lol

  • lewan gillard
    lewan gillard 5 months ago

    Fuck man look at all the chicks

  • Cyril Sneer
    Cyril Sneer 8 months ago

    big narstie secretly wants to be a pornstar

  • harrison booth
    harrison booth 9 months ago

    metalheads for big narstie

  • Cut-throat 305
    Cut-throat 305 10 months ago

    Man those bitches got no ass come down to Miami 305 and see what real girl look like😂😂

  • roadrunnerblink
    roadrunnerblink 10 months ago

    If he had listened and landed on his back she would have landed in Serbia.
    Lucky he fucked it up really.

  • eyringz
    eyringz Year ago

    who are the girls performing at 03:13 ?

  • Ali Koksal
    Ali Koksal Year ago

    "Guten tag, konnichiwa, IT IS GOING DOWN!!"

  • JohnTheGuy
    JohnTheGuy Year ago

    Absolute mass in Croatia.

  • Jordan Anthony
    Jordan Anthony Year ago

    stormzy there too haha

  • ForTruth NotError

    Do you think when nastie has sex with a girl he says who’s sucking who’s titties tonight? Like a bi guy would love him a man and gets to titty fuck him 😂

  • The Lonesome Wanderer

    narstie is a gem

  • bionik Cruz
    bionik Cruz Year ago

    Bless the "Tun Tun".

  • Superman J
    Superman J Year ago

    "Pumpum over-load" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 fucking merked it

  • Drew Hyland
    Drew Hyland Year ago

    noisey are pricks why show a batty man at the end while big narstie saying tun tun 365 after showing buff women the whole time trying to sabotage his character or something even the twitter one they did with him was suspect he responded to some fucked up comment

  • OK
    OK Year ago


  • Michel van Berkum

    song name 3:22 please

  • Ronan Murphy
    Ronan Murphy Year ago

    most likeable dude ever

  • M'aiq The Liar
    M'aiq The Liar Year ago

    *spunking lasers cuz*

  • J.EsonOfficial
    J.EsonOfficial 2 years ago

    Heaven on Earth, God the asses!

  • LionBear
    LionBear 2 years ago

    big up whipsnade zoo

  • Zachary Stefano
    Zachary Stefano 2 years ago

    Godayummm dat girl ass at 1:33 doe holy shit that look good

  • Vitor Souza
    Vitor Souza 2 years ago

    2:40 is dat stormzy

  • Ya Boy
    Ya Boy 2 years ago

    mans a fish cuz

  • 420smokyblunts in baghdad

    "She showered the place down... With spunking lasers cuz" LMAOOOO

  • The ASBO Disco
    The ASBO Disco 2 years ago

    Keep Britain weird 🔥

  • Dream Clean
    Dream Clean 2 years ago

    2:40 Man like Stormzy jus chillin. 2015 times.

  • dbandzz Or dbreezY ひ

    Black nastie needs to meet Katie Hopkins 😅

  • Fowsii
    Fowsii 2 years ago

    After splash

  • Jerry Obiago
    Jerry Obiago 2 years ago

    Big narsties belly flop at the end left man chuffed still xD

  • TOPvk
    TOPvk 2 years ago


  • Steakandcheese
    Steakandcheese 2 years ago

    A normal man like dave who works in currys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • kevin murandu
    kevin murandu 2 years ago

    You best shut it down this year 💯👊🏾

  • 2ddi
    2ddi 2 years ago

    4:36 is my favorite quote of all time

  • iloldthough
    iloldthough 2 years ago

    Love seeing uk's biggie living it up

  • Benkhaji
    Benkhaji 2 years ago

    fuckin legend

  • SunzOffski
    SunzOffski 2 years ago

    Surprised they didn't try to carry him to the ocean when they saw him on the beach.

  • BynaTillOss
    BynaTillOss 2 years ago

    Did i hear fuck noisey lol 5:55

  • Cyber Nev
    Cyber Nev 2 years ago

    "Shanking up man's foot bottom" ROFL

  • Ka'Mori Davis
    Ka'Mori Davis 2 years ago +1

    Man said she gonna go flying Into another island 😂😂😂😂

  • Yung Merker
    Yung Merker 2 years ago

    swear down any girl he sees he goes for it

  • H-Drizzle
    H-Drizzle 2 years ago

    put a shirt on fam

  • Acid Goliath
    Acid Goliath 2 years ago

    man like dave who works in currys

  • Drift Kidz
    Drift Kidz 2 years ago

    YESSS Winning

  • Justin Juliette
    Justin Juliette 2 years ago

    Wait wait big narstie is a well known guys but chooses to be on a small channel called grimereporttv

  • jason rolfe
    jason rolfe 2 years ago


  • Pete Bish Lyrics
    Pete Bish Lyrics 2 years ago +7

    He's just walking round with his titties- embarrassing thing is they are bigger than some of the girls.

    • Mystic Mark
      Mystic Mark 2 years ago

      Try look at Narstie's tits like the batty you are and he'll rock your soft jaw spinning

    • mcjay669
      mcjay669 2 years ago +4

      Why are you staring at a guys boobs, you batty man

    • Pete Bish Lyrics
      Pete Bish Lyrics 2 years ago +1

      @Mystic Mark I would, I'm a savage

    • Mystic Mark
      Mystic Mark 2 years ago +1

      I doubt you'd mention any of that shit to his face. You fucking gay little queef

  • Rodney James
    Rodney James 2 years ago +4

    God bless the tun tun

  • Trapfield Tribe
    Trapfield Tribe 2 years ago

    this is kinda eehhh

  • Sorcus
    Sorcus 2 years ago +5

    "bare gyal dem fam"

    ARTZ CRAZED 2 years ago +2

    Nyeeee love it when he says that

  • Wankatizer
    Wankatizer 2 years ago

    Narstie's a sound guy 😂😂

    VXR JORD 2 years ago +15

    Everyone's chilled pum pum overload 😂😂

  • TheBadmanCrab
    TheBadmanCrab 2 years ago +1

    spunking lazers.

  • Grimz LNDN
    Grimz LNDN 2 years ago +12

    lizzy queen of squirts

  • Yousef Al Samna
    Yousef Al Samna 2 years ago +1

    god bless the tonton

  • Peter Eames
    Peter Eames 2 years ago +4

    big nastie is my spirit animal