The 15 Countries People Think Are FAKE

  • Published on Oct 7, 2021
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  • Koyo Cho
    Koyo Cho 7 months ago +7092

    Fun fact: You can find a lot of "Made in unknown region" products in Bhutan.

  • Edward J. Cunningham
    Edward J. Cunningham 4 months ago +632

    When I saw this video, I didn't think it would be about controversial countries that for whatever reason, didn't get diplomatic recognition from a number of other places. I thought it would be about places that really, really, REALLY dumb people genuinely believed were "fake places."

    • Clotsch
      Clotsch Month ago

      Haha same

    • dookie
      dookie Month ago

      ME TOO!!!!!!!!!

    • Nolkerss
      Nolkerss Month ago

      Transnistria doesnt exist. Its part of Moldova 🙃

  • Daaku Daddy
    Daaku Daddy 5 months ago +601

    It takes balls to be a tiny country right next to China and yet not recognize it. Respect for Bhutan.

    • Ryan Brown
      Ryan Brown Day ago

      @Madsam 03 Just like Japan is protected by US

    • Madsam 03
      Madsam 03 4 days ago

      @Ryan Brown 🤣 it certainly is protected by India. With a huge army, and they happily relinquished their defence and foreign affairs to India.

    • Ryan Brown
      Ryan Brown 7 days ago +1

      Because it is protected by India

    • First Emperor
      First Emperor Month ago +11

      @Madsam 03 Guys, this user Madsam is a liar.
      Bhutan gave its foreign policy and military rights to India to stay safe from China because China was invading Tibet. Please check Wikipedia. Don't even believe my own comment.
      The fact that this guy's comment had a lot of likes gave me chills as to how easy is it to spread misinformation. Holy!

  • Adrian Åslund
    Adrian Åslund 3 months ago +109

    I got accquainted with Bhutan in school. Its famous for (perhaps hilariously) having a king that is enlightened and struggling to implement democracy while his subjects keep resisting and insisting that he should have all the power.

    • Nick Knife
      Nick Knife 2 months ago +4

      @Mary Lea pretty sure you're also part of a monarchy. Sure, the royal family is apolitical, unless you express an opinion of ending the monarchy. XD

    • Mary Lea
      Mary Lea 2 months ago +2

      @Nick Knife I'm stuck in Northern Ireland, subject to a democracy I really don't want.

    • Nick Knife
      Nick Knife 2 months ago +6

      Shit. For years I've been saying that I'd rather die than live in a monarchy (we expelled our royal family at the end of WW2. Some of them wanted to side with Nazis, after we took them down and replaced them with those royals that wanted to side against Nazis, they, after some time, ran away with the royal treasury and, reportedly, lost it at sea. Years back we allowed them to come back, but some of them are trying to restore a monarchy), but I'd might like to live in Buthan, the royalty there seems dope. XD

  • AliensInMyAss
    AliensInMyAss 2 months ago +91

    China? You mean Northern Bhutan?

  • Anthony Fernandes
    Anthony Fernandes 7 months ago +3659

    Americans: Where is China?
    Bhutan: Who is China?
    ROC: Why is China

    • Longbow Price
      Longbow Price 34 minutes ago

      @EBGamez1 3000 bc - present

    • CapnCoconuts
      CapnCoconuts Month ago

      @Vrezhul They do. In my 6th grade social studies, I was expected to learn every country in Africa. Most Americans should know where China is.
      Pick a smaller, less influential country and you might stump the average American.

    • GK Ch.
      GK Ch. 2 months ago

      But no one ask : How is China

  • Penguin
    Penguin 2 months ago +79

    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort RealLifeLore puts into his content for us. Great job

    • dav0352
      dav0352 9 days ago

      And let's ask another question: STATE of Palestine? Since when exactly? Saying something is true doesn't make it true. What, 2+2 = 5? I say it's 5. Does that make it true? You're either trying to be politically correct, lying or just sloppy with facts. Time will tell if and how you answer. 😡

    • Zach Gaeddert
      Zach Gaeddert Month ago

      Could really do without the clickbait titles though tbh...I mean claiming that people "think" South Korea is FAKE is just obnoxious

  • Kenneth Wong
    Kenneth Wong 5 months ago +208

    Props to Bhutan for essentially saying: "I'm not dealing with you kids until you learn how to behave!"

  • ridinwithjake
    ridinwithjake 4 months ago +58

    When I first moved to the UK and I saw a girl wearing a sweatshirt that said “Snowdonia” I honestly thought it was made up. I assumed it was some local spoof on some name like Narnia. Only years later I learned it was a real place haha

  • Stelios
    Stelios 2 months ago +25

    Other correction: the ''turkish'' part of Cyprus is not legally considered as a part of Turkey. Just look at almost any map. It was a big fault to define turkish borders, by encluding the nothern Cyprus

    • Stelios
      Stelios 8 days ago

      @emrefifty My comment is cancelled for some reason. What you said has no historical foundation....

    • emrefifty
      emrefifty 25 days ago +4

      @Stelios there was a military coup which wanted to unite with greece aka enosis. Turkish Cypriots suffered violence, rape, stealing of property etc. turkey stepped in to protect our own folks. the north voted to unite in a referendum but the south against uniting. Who Is in the right now?

    • Stelios
      Stelios Month ago

      @Derin Nothern Cyprus was illegally conquered by Turks in 1974. So, there is no independent country of "North Cyprus". It should normally be a part of the Cyprus country...

    • Derin
      Derin Month ago

      Thanks for pointing that out, Im from northern cyprus :)

  • SumTingFishy
    SumTingFishy 7 months ago +6145

    PRC: You don’t exist, we are China
    ROC: No you don’t exist, we are China
    Bhutan: There is no China

    • A Texan Kid
      A Texan Kid Day ago

      @Andrew Bloom China ain’t as bad as it seems, I know people who lived in China say it’s fine, as long as you don’t protest, which sucks
      Now, North Korea is just plain awful, and Taiwan used to be pretty damn bad too

    • Aiden001
      Aiden001 12 days ago

      And Bhutan only recognizes 54 countries 😆

    • A Texan Kid
      A Texan Kid 14 days ago

      @mandelbrodt bro you good?

  • Felicity Bywater
    Felicity Bywater 4 months ago +23

    That was really, genuinely interesting. It also reinforced for me that international politics is as pett and pouty as playground politics 😀

    • Skeptical Faith
      Skeptical Faith 11 days ago +1

      The only difference between men and boys is the price of their “toys”.

  • Markus Midtboe
    Markus Midtboe 3 months ago +22

    I remember declaring that my bedroom was it's own independent country, the authorities did not take well to me setting up this country in our home!

  • Smári McCarthy
    Smári McCarthy Month ago +12

    Normally I like RealLifeLore videos, but this one annoyed me by continuously conflating "recognition" and "admitting existence" in the narrative. It's clear what is meant, but the conflation is problematic, specially in certain cases, where the countries are actually struggling to maintain their existence in the absence of recognition. (Plus, we all know that there's only one country which doesn't actually exist ─ Finland.)

    • Atizador de Chimenea
      Atizador de Chimenea Month ago +3

      Yeah whatever, if Finland doesn't exist, then where in Earth does Santa Claus live? Are you going to tell me he doesn't exist either?

  • drinkpimptea
    drinkpimptea Month ago +1

    Pity, this video totally misses such interesting cases as Sovereign Military Order Of Malta and Sealand.
    SMOM is recognised by the whole of EU and 5 other states, including Russia. And it has diplomatic relations with 112 states including US and the Vatican. This country also has an observer status at UN and a seat at Council of Europe. SMOM has only 3 citizens and it’s territory is basically a house in Rome. Which is seen as sovereign territory by Italy.
    Principality Of Sealand is a self proclaimed country, founded by one British guy back in late 60s. To make a long story short, that guy took hostage a couple of his friends who were like him behind foundation of Sealand when they tried to overthrough him as government. In order to let them free he made such countries as Germany, France and the Netherlands make official attempt to contact Sealand’s Foreign Ministry through official diplomatic channel. And the British court found him unguilty because of ex territorial nature of the crime, to be a subject of Sealand’s own enforcement.
    So that means at least 3 major powers de facto recognised Sealand contacting it via official diplomatic channel and one major power recognised it’s territorial souverenity and also as a subject to international law

  • Sourin Basu
    Sourin Basu 7 months ago +6477

    Everytime he said, "Agreed to recognise", I just pictured two presidents shaking hands and going, "Alright fine, you exist"

    • arPos Kraft
      arPos Kraft 20 days ago

      thats basicly not far from how it goes, it only takes some salut shots in recognition of a newly made murican flag to enstate the US as real

    • Roblox Top Myths
      Roblox Top Myths Month ago

      @chickenbootsauce ??? ok???

    • LentoturmaHub
      LentoturmaHub 2 months ago

      This is... Not that far from the truth tbf.

    • Evergreen
      Evergreen 3 months ago

      @Keter Patrol wow very creative reply.

    • Adeel Khan
      Adeel Khan 3 months ago

      Unlimited creativity

  • skepticon
    skepticon 6 days ago

    I was under the impression that the single unrecognized country has never been a “country,” per se; rather a largely inhospitable named region set aside thousands of years ago for other countries to practice war games. I might be wrong on that. I’ll double check and get back to you.

  • Funtastrophe
    Funtastrophe 2 months ago +26

    Bhutan really went “Fuck it, ZERO China Policy”

  • Darryl Sinclair
    Darryl Sinclair 4 months ago +12

    I stand by my fact, as a Canadian. regardless of what my Govt says... I believe there's more than 200 countries world wide.

    • Varhi
      Varhi 2 months ago

      I believe Palestine, Kosovo, the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, Western Sahara and wait no more

  • Mohamad Kahala
    Mohamad Kahala 2 months ago +16

    I was so suprised and shocked to know that Jordan recognizes Israel for the longest time I thought Jordan was one of Palestine's biggest supporters but I don't fully understand this whole recgonizing and not recognizing countries.

    • Cameron Spence
      Cameron Spence 21 hour ago

      @Ori or they just want it to be resolved peacefully and don't want to fight with their neighbor anymore. Maybe they think that recognizing both sides have a right to exist will make it easier to negotiate between the two sides to find a lasting agreement for peace

    • Tolerant.Accepting.Modern.Community Mukhu-taعbaan
      Tolerant.Accepting.Modern.Community Mukhu-taعbaan 22 days ago

      There is no "friend" or "enemy" in such conflicts, you not understanding shows why some people are never going to be leaders, no problem though, not everyone should be a leader.

    • Mohamad Kahala
      Mohamad Kahala Month ago

      @Ori Ya i thought something along those lines, Thanks for clarifying.

    • Ori
      Ori Month ago

      Israel signed a peace agreement with a couple of islamic states which includes giving land/weapons and etc.. Thats the only reason why a country like Jordan will sign a peace agreement with Israel.

  • Gabriel Leon
    Gabriel Leon 7 months ago +7054

    The chad Bhutan:
    - *Doesn’t recognize any government as China*
    - *Refuses to elaborate*
    - *Leaves*

    • Normal Crafting Table
      Normal Crafting Table 5 months ago

      @Nightcor EDM Do you even know some people in slums are rich because they want to pretend?

    • Cybernaut13
      Cybernaut13 5 months ago +1

      @Nightcor EDM Cope.

    • Ehfoiwehfow Jedioheoih
      Ehfoiwehfow Jedioheoih 5 months ago

      @Varun Nair you have to learn to ignore people like this. Like when people talk about my state in America it is about how dumb we are. But I know that my state is great just like India :). Great places with many great people

  • Gergo 626
    Gergo 626 4 days ago

    WOW. I saw this video for the first time and immediately thought of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Russia and Belarus are the only two countries recognizing the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics.

  • Jacqui Lucquin
    Jacqui Lucquin Month ago +2

    Omg this is absolutely fascinating ! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Mark Clews
    Mark Clews 14 days ago +3

    Oh I thought you were going to discuss the weird beliefs of some US citizens that Australia is a fantasy, and similar odd beliefs about other countries. It's always made me scratch my head when I hear of it....

  • 曹以琳
    曹以琳 Month ago +2

    16:00 Actually Somaliland is recognized by Taiwan(ROC) since 2020. This might make Somaliland a bit more recognized.

  • 88Roshan
    88Roshan 7 months ago +2739

    This is so entertaining. Geopolitics is so complicated and petty all at the same time.

    • Horror Games TV
      Horror Games TV Month ago

      @hamood habibi Ahh yes, so let’s just ignore all the countless real documentations by historians, disturbing photographs of dead Armenian people, including old people, women and children.

    • A C
      A C 2 months ago

      @Cybernaut13 armenia lost

    • Dan
      Dan 2 months ago +1

      @Arthas Menethil winnie the pooh and pooh bear are same thing

    • Richard 7901
      Richard 7901 3 months ago +2

      @hamood habibi armenian genocide by turkey and iraq genocide by america all exist

  • RamenDutchman
    RamenDutchman 2 months ago +5

    I thought this was going to be a video listing countries like Finland and New Zealand, where some people joke it's just ocean and not an actual country
    This was more informative, though, thanks a lot RLL!

    • RamenDutchman
      RamenDutchman Month ago

      ​@jabbadabo Oh, New Zealand doesn't show up on quite a bunch of world maps, often as just blue, ocean space, leading to NZ's people joking that they don't exist.
      With Finland I'm not quite sure why, but people, especially Finnish, often joke that they don't exist; that's it just a sea and maps and people who tell you otherwise are just in a big conspiracy.
      Not sure why, but it's funny sometimes!

    • jabbadabo
      jabbadabo Month ago

      Wait people think new Zealand and Finland are an ocean??? What does that even mean lol

  • Arman Aleksanyan
    Arman Aleksanyan 5 months ago +7

    Wiki: The sovereign status of the Artsakh is not recognized by any United Nations member state (including Armenia), but has been recognized by Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia; Transnistria is not recognized by any UN member state, while the latter two have international recognition from several UN member states.

  • druvjuice
    druvjuice 2 days ago

    “So. Do you guys think Palestine is a real country?”
    Cameroon: * _sweats profoundly_ *

  • L C
    L C 2 months ago +7

    Add two more since this video: Donetsk and Luhansk are both now recognized by each other, Russia, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia. Statements have been made by Belarus, Central African Republic, Kyrgystan, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Artsakh that suggest recognition without officially doing so.

    • J N
      J N 5 days ago

      There is no country called arsah

    • Ray Recker
      Ray Recker 7 days ago +1

      Actually Syria did it and made the recognition officially

  • Jonseon
    Jonseon 7 months ago +13784

    Bhutan: Ah yes, The Great Wall of unclaimed territory

  • chaz
    chaz Month ago +1

    As an American I can confirm, I didn't believe the entirety of Europe existed up until this point

  • elfida
    elfida 3 months ago +1

    good work! and i don't know your sources but i would recommend checking out a wide range of them, because some information here is very one sided and politically influenced, as to my knowledge

  • Livinginahouse
    Livinginahouse 3 months ago

    Tiny correction: *my answer to the question depends on who answers the question.
    Also, Hitler and Franco didn’t have a close friendship. Their states were on friendly diplomatic terms, but personally Franco and Hitler didn’t think highly of each other.

  • Michael Wang
    Michael Wang 7 days ago

    12:17 Okay that is a very unique mix of nations that support/disapprove of the conflict zone.
    I wonder what the background story is in their decision.

    • Black Knight
      Black Knight 3 days ago

      US, France and UK wanted to remove Spain influence in North Africa, in order to do so, they pressured Spanish Military to leave the area at the same time a "non -armed invasion" of millions of Morocco civilians marched tothe Spanish Defensive positions. Without US, France and UK support, Spain would have shoot and dispersed this crowd, and held the agreed Democratic elections with the saharawis to decide their future. However Spain instead of defying the great Allied powers, decided to betray the saharawis and withdrew, immediatly after Morocco unleashed their armies and started a massive ocupation of the Area and the subsequent genocide, abuse and war. Its a matter that "everyone" agrees to not speak about, including Spain itself, because its such an embarrasing abuse of power from US and the defenetive defeat of Spanish Geopolitical interests. Since then Spain shut down all their international affairs and merely stays as a Otan ally. Nowadays US keeps favoring Morocco to keep any Spanish ambitions at bay, which is sad and hilarious at the same time.

  • Teddy Covey
    Teddy Covey 7 months ago +1891

    I love the confused amusement in his voice when he says, “Denmark?”

    • Malab
      Malab 20 days ago

      @Albin J. Svane but that doesn't make any sense? Since most somali immigrants in Scandinavia are from Somalia not Somaliland (the ones from somaliland live mainly in the UK since Britain used to be our former coloniser). Most somalis from Somalia are highly against the independence of somaliland.
      Edit: i'm not being biased but it will be for the best if more UN members recognise Somaliand, since Somalia was the main reason as to way to why the civil war even exists. Besides that somaliland has more stability/safer and doesn't have any piracy or terrorism like Somalia.

    • Tyler Jerabek
      Tyler Jerabek 5 months ago

      @Puss Grey & Puss Meng Danish territory- while it’s large, less than 70.000 people live here

    • Voryn Rosethorn
      Voryn Rosethorn 5 months ago +1

      The UKIP political party in the UK also recognised them at one point, don't know if they still do as the party's been mired in infighting for years and the leader who did that left and now pops up occasionally as leader of other fringe movements (Nigel Farage, the man behind the brexit vote happening).

    • RadenWA
      RadenWA 7 months ago

      They may see it as the next “Greenland” lmao

    • Lars Ronæs
      Lars Ronæs 7 months ago

      @Marko Nikolić Denmark is a small, free and democratic country just as Somaliland and with about the same population size. While Denmark has been for more than a thousand years Somaliland is quite new on the international arena. Even though Denmark for international political reasons might not be able to officially recognise Somaliland it would feel natural for Denmark to support the freedom and democracy of Somaliland in any way possible, and I am quite sure that the vast majority of Danes would back this up (should they become aware that Somaliland actually exists; not many know of Somaliland as separate from Somalia).

  • Muration Ametisation
    Muration Ametisation 5 months ago +6

    Armenia didn't recognize Karabakh, as I know. Check info in wiki:
    The sovereign status of the Artsakh is not recognized by any United Nations member state (including Armenia), but has been recognized by Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia;

    • J N
      J N 5 days ago

      What a club to be in)

  • Andrew Shaw
    Andrew Shaw 4 months ago +2

    'most of the world takes Serbia's side'
    actually, from about 2014-2019 or so, Kosovo had a small majority, but even with that down, it is basically as 50/50 as you can get. Due to shifting governments, 1 or 2 of these governments that reverted back to recognising Serbia's claim anyway, may shift back too
    but it's not really 'most' recognising Serbia, or at most, barely by a squeak. By votes, Kosovo has to be one of the most controversial countrys on the planet

    • 22.Caliber Master
      22.Caliber Master Month ago

      Because they are not self sustained and were "made" by horible violation of international law.Kosovo is Serbia.

  • My Dog’s Name is Lucy

    This video is a lot less dry than ones I’ve seen a year or so ago. Good stuff.

  • harsterl
    harsterl 2 months ago

    you make some quality ass content and its always consistent. thank you!

  • Wolf.
    Wolf. 7 months ago +7032

    Normal conversation in Bhutan:
    "He looks foreign, where's he from?"
    "Oh, he's Chinese."
    "He's what?"

    • GeoZone
      GeoZone 12 days ago +1

      "He's from the Ocean East of Tibet

    • Phando
      Phando Month ago

      @Julius Brauner yea

    • Xryeau _
      Xryeau _ Month ago

      @Yeshi Yangzom I know they're different things but if nationality is not a proper demonym then one would refer to their ethnicity or race instead, with Han being the main ethnicity of China

    • Derek Wyld
      Derek Wyld Month ago

      @Xryeau _ honestly yeah maybe this is the way!? 😳

  • SpottedDark
    SpottedDark 5 months ago +10

    *-Bhutan doesn’t recognize government as China*
    *-Doesn’t say why at all*

  • Nglsh
    Nglsh 3 months ago +1

    Bhutan: "Where do they come from?"
    America: "China"
    Bhutan: "They come from Japan, right?"
    America: "..."
    Bhutan: *"Right?"*

  • xenox 7001
    xenox 7001 15 days ago

    I would love to see an entire video about Bhutan
    They dont recognise a lot of nations

  • Faraday92
    Faraday92 2 months ago +9

    Buhtan: The only reason we haven't claimed that unclaimed land is because there's a random huge mass pf people there....acting like a nation. As if....

  • Calvin Voorhees
    Calvin Voorhees 7 months ago +2054

    Hearing Bhutan be referred to as being like a "Chad" was something I never thought I would hear

    • Ярослав Сидоренко
      Ярослав Сидоренко 2 months ago

      @Epic B wtf man. NOT GIVING RECOGNITION just because of flag?!

    • Yasin Yasin
      Yasin Yasin 3 months ago

      Meanwhile, great to hear and see my home country Somaliland.

    • Chad Fleck
      Chad Fleck 4 months ago

      I'm not sure if I should be offended or not.

    • Canoes Gaming
      Canoes Gaming 7 months ago

      @FreddieHg37 Oh no definitely a Nepalese or someone of Nepalese origin. I've seen them comment derogatory things about Bhutan on other videos.

  • Hank Williams
    Hank Williams 4 months ago

    Excellent and very up-to-date video. Thanks!

  • Lloyd Hardcastle
    Lloyd Hardcastle 2 months ago

    I used to drive along the road between North and Southern Cyprus quite regularly, the Turkish are so lazy, they put out card board cut outs at night along the boarder and sometimes forget to bring them in, so you can see them from the road during the day.

    SOUBHAGYA 3 months ago +6

    You used the wrong map.
    That shows the whole J&K and Ladakh region aren't part of India.

    • SkySight
      SkySight 29 days ago

      It highlights it in Skyblue, maybe as a sign that it doesn't solely Belong to anyone, I mean 2 country both claim it's theirs and with china having also joining.

  • SME Pictures
    SME Pictures 8 days ago

    Not recognizing China in the UN, despite China being on the UN Security Council is a bit hilarious.

  • Deepak S
    Deepak S 7 months ago +1414

    Azerbaijan: I don't like Armenia.
    Pakistan: And I took that seriously.

    • Ułan
      Ułan 4 days ago

      @I'm in love with Hyuka's voice. Lol nomadic Armenians, then from where they suposedly come from?

    • BR
      BR 17 days ago

      @I'm in love with Hyuka's voice. Targets Armenians done by Turkey

    • BR
      BR 17 days ago

      @I'm in love with Hyuka's voice. Armenian genocide Date1915-1917 Target Ottoman Armenians

    • BR
      BR 17 days ago

      @MrDAVIDJI lol

    • I'm in love with Hyuka's voice.
      I'm in love with Hyuka's voice. Month ago

      @MrDAVIDJI dude I'm not talking about middle ages stuff y'know? Armenian genocides to Azerbaijanians started after 1990 approximately and there's video,pic,document facts of them too. We have people who witnessed those crimes with their own eyes

  • edo edo
    edo edo 2 months ago +2

    Excellent overview. The ideal of nationalism is fluid, and is causing Humanity much suffering. Consider this: the planet's surface is moving (tectonic plates) slowly changing the world as this nationalism rages. In several million years, what will the current state borders mean? Assuming Humanity survives millions of years?

    • Omer
      Omer 2 months ago +2

      First we need to make it to the 22nd century and honestly I don't like our chances

  • Dirk Karmel
    Dirk Karmel 4 months ago

    The answer to my problems with political countries.
    I always kept getting different results.

  • Private
    Private Month ago

    My grandmother only recognized the Pope as a leader. Every-time I went out she warned me: Don't go too far or you may drop off the edge of the world!

  • spitfire red
    spitfire red 2 months ago

    I love learning from your channel!

    REEEPROGRAM 7 months ago +5145

    Bhutan: *Doesn't recognise both PRC and ROC as countries*
    Bhutan: _"i play both sides so i would always come on top"_

    • Andrew 1
      Andrew 1 5 months ago

      Lmao too many of you people can't take a joke!

    • Shanks
      Shanks 5 months ago

      Whole world to Bhutan : so who do you recognise
      Bhutan : No

    • Afffthadhdg Aghfjshfzg
      Afffthadhdg Aghfjshfzg 5 months ago


    • Muninn Myrkvi
      Muninn Myrkvi 5 months ago

      You jest, but this is exactly how Bhutan has remained so long. Playing China and India against one another.

    • Nathan Cochran
      Nathan Cochran 5 months ago

      "Two Chinas bickering"
      -Bhutan barges in-
      "Neither of you exist"
      -refuses to elaborate

  • Anthony Duran
    Anthony Duran 4 months ago

    Shooot, I thought Burkina Faso was fake the first time I ever heard of it.
    And I’ve always had my nose in an encyclopedia ever since I was a kid.
    I was ashamed.

  • BMac
    BMac Month ago

    "Chooses the Chad way"
    Weird line to use in a subject where Chad is the name of a country lol

  • Anita W
    Anita W 2 months ago +5

    Another fun fact: Taiwan recognizes Somaliland, we send ambassadors to each other’s country :)

  • SecretGaming
    SecretGaming Month ago +1

    10:34 refusing with A PASSION, if you ask any Serbian is Kosovo Serbia, you would ALWAYS get a yes.

  • Josh B
    Josh B 2 months ago +6

    So this is why “Taiwan number one” meme hits so hard. Wow

  • David Bahry
    David Bahry Month ago

    6:10 your map shows the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as being part of Israel; the international community including the UN Security Council rejects that claim (except the US since 2019).

  • Nathan Schreffler
    Nathan Schreffler Month ago

    Someone told me they were from Macedonia. I said, "is that a country?" She says, "No, it's a salad."

  • Wholesome Baker
    Wholesome Baker 6 days ago

    I'm kinda a supporter of these regions, kinda because sometimes it really feels like nobody would benefit from split ups in any way rather than pride. You know, Brexit is a good example of super foolish majority take. So I definatly see why Kosovo, a 90% ethnic Albanian province, would prefer to be part of Albania rather than hostile and non-muslim Serbia while Catalonia is telling themselves lies about benefits. And also while I hate Russia invasion and nothing justify their attack, Donbass actually want to be Putin lover and Ukraine actually benefited from Donbass region going rebellious as Ukraine finally could choose all the way pro west leaders without these pesky pro Russians mixing polls so it should be a win-win for two sides.

  • birtch.tubbies
    birtch.tubbies 7 months ago +3008

    China: hey Bhutan, want a high speed railroad?
    Bhutan: who’s asking

      JAYWHYPAPI IS SHY SHY SHY 12 days ago

      @Blowing winds 🍃 imagine having to name a country isreal just so people believe in its existence sad anyways team palestine

    • P
      P 19 days ago


    • Sion C
      Sion C 3 months ago

      @scammerZONE it is. It even has historical evidence to back up its existence lol.

  • Ridley Roid
    Ridley Roid 5 months ago

    As a Serb, if you ask any Serb they would tell you "Kosovo je Srbija" due to the historical signifiance the area has for our own history. I personally don't care too much, but I was not expecting to find an issue so close to home mentioned in this video, and it made the rest of the video and the parts before it kinda...hit different, for the lack of a better word.

    • Aleksandar Kalabic
      Aleksandar Kalabic Month ago

      @Yordan Stefanov because it happened centuries ago when was war and exchanging land normal this happened 15 y ago it's fresh and "not normal". Imagine that Turks tomorrow start rebellion in Germany and gain independence with Berlin within. How would Germans and world react to it. Yea all would play different.

    • Yordan Stefanov
      Yordan Stefanov 3 months ago

      Most countries have lost their original lands, such as Serbia and Kosovo case.
      Germany lost Prussia, which was German for 700 years,
      Bulgaria also lost Dobrogea, which was the first region bulgarians conquered.
      I dont see germans and bulgarians pissed so much about that. Cheers

  • FewVidsJustComments
    FewVidsJustComments 25 days ago

    Bhutan: * is adjacent to China *
    Also Bhutan: “I’ll ignore that”

  • John O
    John O 4 months ago

    I met a bloke who tried to tell me New Zealand didn't exist, not that it isn't recognised...that it physically didn't exist.
    Then where would all the sheep live? 🤣

  • Кристијан
    Кристијан 4 months ago

    “Russia would never recognize Kosovo because it would lead to break away provinces of Russia!” *continues to mention how Russia recognizes other break off states from Georgia

  • GreenStoneGecko
    GreenStoneGecko 5 months ago +2058

    "Bhutan doesn't recognize the existance of China"
    I laughed out loud.
    "What's north of here?"
    "Just ocean!"

    • Tripserpentine
      Tripserpentine 10 days ago

      @UNIVERSE The Tibetans are. so yeah you could say that. fyi so are mongolians.

      UNIVERSE 11 days ago

      @Tripserpentine but are Chinese also Tibetan Buddhist?

    • Tripserpentine
      Tripserpentine 11 days ago +1

      It's called Tibet, Bhutanese are Tibetan buddists.

    • Chansus
      Chansus 19 days ago +1

      The Philippine sea

  • Aris Mars
    Aris Mars 4 months ago

    Bottom line: Turkey is mentioned in almost every problematic situation regarding unrecognized countries.

  • abdulali Mebarki
    abdulali Mebarki 5 months ago +1

    I think it's a little bit unfair for palestine since it has recognition by 138 un member states, so does israel but israel is a UN member, but palestine isn't, I sometimes wonder why this world even exists

  • f u google no real name

    @3:00 to all the taiwan independence movement enthusiasts, taiwan's government itself does not even recognize taiwan as an independent country. there is only one china.

  • Tural Adilov
    Tural Adilov 4 months ago

    @RealLifeLore not even Armenia recognizes Nagorno Karabakh (aka Artsakh), so you were mistaken stating that only single UN member recognized it. NK "republic" is viewed by many as a separatist group (being one of the main reasons of the conflict)

  • Iavor Hristov
    Iavor Hristov 7 months ago +1569

    "While FIFA recognizes X Number of countries" - Ah yes, the best way to determine if a country is rule - CAN THEY KICK THE BALL

    • ki t kong
      ki t kong 14 days ago

      kick balls

    • Hi
      Hi 14 days ago

      @Ming Zhong can they hit a ball?

    • Tsar Bomba
      Tsar Bomba 15 days ago

      Does FIFA recognize Vatican City? If they did, then Pope Francis is ballin.

    • AstroYT
      AstroYT Month ago

      Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It has an area of 6.7 km2 (2.6 sq mi) and is bordered to the north by Spain. The landscape is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, at the foot of which is a densely populated town area, home to over 32,000 people, primarily Gibraltarians.

    • David
      David Month ago

      @Braun30 Wikipedia also says the UK is 4 countries.

  • BiassedYT
    BiassedYT 3 months ago

    China and Taiwan: "Which one: China or Taiwan?"
    Bhutan: "No."

  • Ninja Warrior
    Ninja Warrior 3 months ago +2

    You might have to add 2 more "countries" if Putin recognises the 2 Donbass "republics"...

  • SurfaceZero
    SurfaceZero 2 months ago +5

    I used to believe Transylvania was a fake place that just happened to appear in multiple works of fiction regarding vampires.

    • MxM
      MxM Month ago +1

      @ʚïɞ TotalDramaCourtney ʚïɞ One of the oldest vampire stories from Europe I can think of is about Jure Grando from a village in Istria called Kringa. That's in Croatia. It was mentioned in " The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola " by Johann Weikhard Freiherr von Valvasor.

    • ʚïɞ TotalDramaCourtney ʚïɞ
      ʚïɞ TotalDramaCourtney ʚïɞ Month ago

      Far from that 😅
      I think Serbs were the ones who invented vampires. An Irish writer just heard about Vlad the Impaler (which people called Vlad Dracul because of his cruel punishments + his dad liked drinking blood) and created the story of Dracula. However it is just a false stereotype. There are no vampires in Romania or Transylvania and the whole Dracula story was created by a foreign man, not Romanians themselves. So yeah as a child I was surprised when I heard people from other countries think we are the succesors of vampires 🤣
      However, Transylvania was never an independent state so it figures that some people don't know it exists. After The Big Union in 1918 it became a part of The Kingdom of Romania and its still a part of Romania nowdays.

  • Ralf Hartung
    Ralf Hartung 4 months ago

    In Geography I have learnt that "Taiwan" is only the name of the political state and not of the island. The name of the island still is Formosa. Same with Ceylon/Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka being the state name and Ceylon the name of the island.

    • Ralf Hartung
      Ralf Hartung 3 months ago

      @Chien Sun thank you for elaborating

    • Chien Sun
      Chien Sun 3 months ago +1

      Half right, Formosa is a very old name like used before 1945, and Taiwan is widely used as this island name after 1945 , The official name of the country on this island is Republic of China , once to be a real China government in 1911-1971, but due to some historic and modern issues ROC failed it, which led to very complicate situations like can’t be a UN member (because UN only recognize one China)
      btw I’m Taiwanese

  • deidara _
    deidara _ 7 months ago +2083

    Title: "The 15 Countries People Think Are FAKE"
    Actual video: "15 countries not recognized by some nations for geopolitical reasons"

    • Lior Schwimmer
      Lior Schwimmer 4 months ago

      Exactly, come to 🇮🇱 to have some fake sun on the fake beach

    • Michael Mckeon
      Michael Mckeon 5 months ago

      First rll videi i see - hey this is pretty good
      Second one - i think I'll sub.
      This is the third. I have made a mistake.

    • Curly Bug
      Curly Bug 5 months ago

      it's technically clickbait but honestly the video was still pretty good

    • deidara _
      deidara _ 6 months ago

      @backrooms cat er du dét?

    • backrooms cat
      backrooms cat 6 months ago

      @deidara _ im also a norsk

  • S I O M A I
    S I O M A I 4 months ago +1

    I love how this video basically taught us that Bhutan is the real gigachad country lmfao

  • Oliver Bicer
    Oliver Bicer 2 months ago

    4:20 the "coup" forced the Turks to be expelled. Don't be one sided. It's only fair to say this was a population exchange or that you mention both sides expelled the other.

  • Vasili Leung
    Vasili Leung 5 months ago +3

    The Republic of China flag next to the US flag looks awesome. You can tell they’re very similar countries just by the colours of the flags. Natural allies from before WW2.

  • Harshit Singh
    Harshit Singh 3 months ago +1

    Bhutan is the purest definition of "Chad"🤝

  • Spicy
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    "13 years ago... in 2008"
    That hit hard

    • alukuhito
      alukuhito 17 days ago

      These guys should make their videos more evergreen. They're going to start sounding dated. All they had to say was "in 2008". Instead they're dating their videos by saying things like "13 years ago, in 2008."

    • Ege toons
      Ege toons 29 days ago

      @Sad guy 😀 this is ok

    • CrazyMaybe
      CrazyMaybe Month ago

      @Freddie Mercury try and be a leaf’s fan bud… what is it now? 55 fucking years omg

    • S S K
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    • Dave D
      Dave D 2 months ago +2

      Never have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with

  • LebronPhoto1
    LebronPhoto1 3 months ago

    Interesting that the IOC recognizes Puerto Rico, and they have their own Olympic Teams, but they are a U.S. Territory.

  • Flávio Viana Gomide
    Flávio Viana Gomide 4 months ago

    I think this recognition issue is very relative.

  • cparle87
    cparle87 13 days ago

    Armenia took me by surprise. They got a beef with another country, which recognizes them despite the beef. But the friends of the other nation don't. Weird.

  • Dale Johnson
    Dale Johnson 17 days ago

    Bhutan not recognizing their gigantic superpower neighbor is probably the most based thing in this whole video tbh, that takes mad balls lmao. I wonder who they think is the legitimate government though

  • Edward Parsaoran
    Edward Parsaoran Month ago

    Reallifelore: shows prc as blue and roc as red
    Me: something not right, I can feel it

  • Michal Šipan
    Michal Šipan 17 days ago

    Now we have more of them: Luhansk and Donetsk People's republics: they recognize each other, and that South Ossetia and Russia recognises them and that's all.

  • Obsessed_in_crazy_way
    Obsessed_in_crazy_way 3 months ago

    Please can you make one on Tibet, its history. Thank you if you do.

  • StatusClick
    StatusClick 3 months ago

    Everytime a bunch of countries were listed I thought Yakko was going to start singing about the Nations of the World.

  • SpeedTerm
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    This guy is actually giving us history lessons without being bored😄

    • Jean Evel Guerrier'
      Jean Evel Guerrier' 13 days ago

      @I’m a Catman fr

    • Kek-Senpai
      Kek-Senpai 13 days ago

      Your fault if you don't find history interesting. I'd only give you a pass if you are from the US, where they unfortunately give very little amounts of history in the history lessons.

    • Segeberg Barchewitz
      Segeberg Barchewitz 18 days ago

      History is interesting

    • Kaif
      Kaif 2 months ago

      Yeah because you clicked on the video by your own free will. Unlike in school where youre forced to study it

    • boredom
      boredom 3 months ago

      yeah its boring when im forced to learn it than getting myself motivated

  • Vernon Swanepoel
    Vernon Swanepoel Month ago

    That was way more interesting than I thought when I clicked on the video!

  • Victor
    Victor 4 days ago

    The map of morocco is in correct, since it includes western sahara, which is not morocco, it is occupied territory

  • Lucas B
    Lucas B 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing all this information!

  • Heather
    Heather 3 months ago

    No wonder some of these "countries" aren't recognized. A few of them should get recognition, since they're actually running their own show and minding their own business.

  • Best Quotes
    Best Quotes 7 months ago +835

    Bhutan: we don't recognize china.
    UN: why?
    Bhutan: china is not visible due to the presence of the Himalayas.

    • Sandwich Doctor
      Sandwich Doctor 6 months ago

      @Warp Drive I got that lol I was just kinda making fun of that line of thought. With that line of thought, I guess their brains don't exist over there since I've never seen them 🤣

    • Warp Drive
      Warp Drive 6 months ago +1

      @Sandwich Doctor They only recognize those they can see XD

    • 细勇耐
      细勇耐 7 months ago

      Underrated comment 🤣

    • SorrY Noob
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      Makes sense

    • another w
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  • Lucy
    Lucy 4 days ago

    Texas is like
    "Feel Good Inc." that is a bunch of Americans (maybe minorities too) doing whatever they want.
    I had bad experiences with Taiwanese strippers (or something),
    I didn't know they were trickle-down-like.