Solo: A Star Wars Story First Review Reactions Are In...

  • Published on May 11, 2018
  • The press have reacted to the first screenings of Solo: A Star Wars Story and, despite the lengthy and troubled production, the early signs are good...
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Comments • 558

  • PazuzuStalker
    PazuzuStalker Year ago

    Grew up with the originals... the REAL ones.. hate ALL the others, except rogue one that was a quite nice one... But Solo... wtf! Best one yet! How is it possible?? WW1 battles, gunslingers.. why "let the wookie win", really... And, my god, whos helmet was that??

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy Year ago

    And now that more reviews are in, the truth comes out. It's not nearly as good as anyone previously thought.

  • Bryon Miller
    Bryon Miller Year ago

    I don't trust critics, they're all paid shills today. Lets see consumer reviews. They praised that steaming dumpster fire The Last Jedi, they're viewing through the prisim of Disney's reality distortion field

  • K Lazarus
    K Lazarus Year ago

    I'm a bit lost on the casting. Seems they had at least 2 significantly better choices who not only resemble Harrison Ford in his 20's but also have his mannerisms down very well. I did like Rogue One, the way it bled into A New Hope was just great - but I will probably do the same with SOLO and just wait to watch at home.

  • UnboxingPower
    UnboxingPower Year ago


  • UnboxingPower
    UnboxingPower Year ago

    Jeremy jahns said this movie is DOGSHIT, one of the few honest reviews, waiting for REDLETTERMEDIA those guys are not sell outs or shills for Disney. sooooo many liars and dishonest movie review channels on youtube. we all knew this movie was a Dumpster fire.

  • Ace Backspace
    Ace Backspace Year ago

    Very positive? The good reviews I've seen haven't been glowing. Mostly people saying "yeah, it's watchable"

  • Michael Larsen
    Michael Larsen Year ago

    I wonder how much Disney and Lucasfilm pay, to have someone write these positive "reviews"??

  • ღ M̉s̉ C̉ỏỏk̉ỉẻ ღ Is a Guy/TRAP

    Sorry mates, but Jeremy Jahns already said the movie was shit.

  • PkmnTrainerDimitri

    Um I’ve heard it’s meh and pacing is poor.

  • Gary Reilly
    Gary Reilly Year ago

    Yeah, doubt that people are going to trust an entertainment media that's in Disney's pocket. Especially after TLJ debacle.

  • Alessio Leporati
    Alessio Leporati Year ago

    A lot of people are boycotting this movie just because Ryan Johnson fucked up TLJ but this isn’t Ryan Johnson its Ron Howard so I will see it for myself and I from what I hear its not a disappointment like some angry fans who haven’t seen the movie are suggesting. It’s probably not going to be a classic but it will be a good movie better than the last three Star Wars movies hopefully. If it is better than Rogue one then everyone who boycotted the movie can go fuck themselves if not then no big deal its just cheap entertainment.

  • Mike Reger
    Mike Reger Year ago

    Only one way to find out for sure. We’ll just have to see it for ourselves and see how we feel about it.
    There is so much polarisation in the fandom right now and Howard and Kasdan’s movie is caught bang in the middle of it.
    The gushing NeoLiberals of Hollywood will back KK whatever happens, and are being labelled shills. Some of those fans still monumentally incensed about the TLJ vandalism have tendencies towards hating a movie they haven’t even seen yet.
    For myself... although the lead can never be Ford, I’m willing to give him a try. Solo in Ep4 is very different in mannerisms and attitude to the Solo of eps 5 and 6. I can see that he’s heavily based on the ep4 vintage this time around...

  • The Lone Hunter
    The Lone Hunter Year ago

    It's funny how he only mentioned the positive reviews cuz to be honest they were pretty mixed and there's a huge amount of people that didn't like the movie either or just said it's straight up okay.

  • Karuna Pyle Music

    If you go in hoping for disappointment, you're going to be disappointed.

  • OmegaFire
    OmegaFire Year ago

    Shill alert... look at rotten tomatoes, you skipped out the majority of the negative and its not doing well you liar. This getting really pathetic.

  • Tony Parkin
    Tony Parkin Year ago

    The press are paid off. Just like last jedi.

  • W0LF R0GUE
    W0LF R0GUE Year ago

    But didn't The Last Jedi get good reviews until people actually watched it and it's the Disney version of the Phantom Menace…

  • Echo The hutt
    Echo The hutt Year ago

    Only thing I enjoyed about TLJ was Yoda. I felt very happy to see my favorite character again

  • Jordan Beck
    Jordan Beck Year ago

    They’re not very very positive, they’re mixed to lackluster. And you left out a big reason people aren’t excited for Solo, which is because the majority thought TLJ sucked. Why are you reporting biased news

  • JSeedProductions
    JSeedProductions Year ago

    Interesting, everyone bashing Disney for Star Wars, yet they're also in charge of Marvel, so does that mean people are boycotting Marvel also? What about Pixar? Disney has two movies from their two biggest money-makers coming out less than a month from each other and it's so weird how people see both. Avengers: Infinity War, everyone was hyped for that (well, for good reason), but a Star Wars spin-off? Pretty much everyone seems to be boycotting it. And btw, the people who like The Last Jedi far outnumber the people who hate it, that is fact. Be honest, is TLJ worse than Attack of the Clones or The Clone Wars movie?

  • Andrew Reid
    Andrew Reid Year ago

    Critics were saying TLJ was the best thing ever. Just wait until real people see the movie.

  • Starwars is Dead
    Starwars is Dead Year ago

    Screw Soylo. Not watching anymore Disney Wars garbage anymore.

  • Ben-Jam -In
    Ben-Jam -In Year ago

    Too bad you only picked a couple of reviews and only ones with a positive spin. There are plenty that have been released that also note some concerns/issues with the film. You'd earn more respect and attract more followers if you took the time to examine both types of reviews and discussed. Maybe next time mate...good day.

  • Chicago19732000
    Chicago19732000 Year ago

    I hope that Marvel will overtake star Wars as the number one Brand. The way Disney treats the Brand is so disrespectful as of right now and the damage done with TLJ can't be undone. and yes marvel is owned by Disney aswell, but they have nothing to say in the creative choices of marvel studios

  • Chicago19732000
    Chicago19732000 Year ago

    I want the spoilers

  • G Salemander
    G Salemander Year ago

    Last Jedi’s reviews were positive and that sucked super badly.....

  • Nothing
    Nothing Year ago

    Darth Maul is in the freaking movie!!!

  • Milo Zion
    Milo Zion Year ago

    Please raise your hand if you're stupid enough to think any of these initial premier reviews can be trusted... 😂👍
    They would NOT have invited these hand picked shills without informing them "no negative reactions!!". There is probably some agreement they sign, I'm sure. Remember how great the initial reviews were for The Last Jedi? We all know how that train wreck turned out. "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". !!!!!! Stop supporting garbage and maybe they'll stop feeding it to you, or maybe the chefs will get fired (even better!)

  • Alienwarez567
    Alienwarez567 Year ago

    well the reviews for TLJ was very good aswell then the normal people got to see it and then they saw it for the clusterfuck it was

  • mike garcia
    mike garcia Year ago

    I call bull shit. Too many other movies to care about.

  • C R
    C R Year ago

    I will still wait for fan reviews, worried it’s another turd in the punch bowl

  • Dean Waller
    Dean Waller Year ago

    Yeah, we don't believe a fucking word... They lied their ASSES off about tlj.... And at this point it doesn't meter how good it is or isn't... Not paying to see another Disney star wars film until Kennedy is gone

  • Wise Guy4U
    Wise Guy4U Year ago +1

    In Ron Howard I trust. This will be a tight quality piece.

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex Year ago +1

    For those who doesn't know: Solo was made because Laurence Kasdan WANTED Han Solo movie and also Lucas wanted that as well so they colaborated to make a script and the movie later on ;)

  • Proud Kiwi
    Proud Kiwi Year ago

    I was the biggest Star Wars fan... I bought all the VHS then the DVDs then the Blu Rays.... I had upto 60 SW figurines (Mostly Prequels) have read about 12 novels, have owned about 10 games from the top of my head. Star Wars was my life, I was Star Wars everything (absolutely loved the clone wars and rebels)
    After Disneys SJW/Feminist SW movies I just dont care anymore.

  • Samuel Goddard
    Samuel Goddard Year ago

    Bloody hell, you really want that invitation don't you!?

  • NodarKikvadze
    NodarKikvadze Year ago

    The same critics who gave TLJ such high praise? 🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏽 no seeng this film simply on a point of principle! No more money 💰 for Disney

  • Morgan McHenry
    Morgan McHenry Year ago

    I mean its gonna be a disaster. DIsney doesn't know what they want to do with it.

  • Symbiote Sam
    Symbiote Sam Year ago

    Considering all these bull shit movie reviewers said the last Jedi was great when it first came out, their word don't mean a damn thing to me.

  • Aidan Farren-Hart

    The initial reactions to The Last Jedi were exactly like this.
    So, no, I’m not convinced.

  • freedomphilosophy

    Boycott Solo opening to get Kathleen Kennedy fired and save Star Wars.

  • Richard Dixon
    Richard Dixon Year ago

    When ya it's not that great a film. Make sure the people who put out early reactions use ditractionary phrases like 'fun' and 'adventure'
    I'm still going to see it. But it's definitely something I noticed. Especially from Disney related produced films which might be divisive. Alot of initial last jedi reviews used the same language. And we all know what happened once the fanboys saw it lol.

  • Sten
    Sten Year ago +2

    Another useless shill.

  • felipe salles
    felipe salles Year ago

    " people magazine, who apparently got invited and we didn't..." Gotta love that passive aggressiveness right there.

  • Aiden The Great
    Aiden The Great Year ago +1

    I'm hyped for it either way...

  • jack lombardo
    jack lombardo Year ago

    Are these the same critics that said Last Jedi was good?

  • Tax Payer
    Tax Payer Year ago +4

    I’m taking my seven year old. He doesn’t care what everyone’s fan boy theory is. And really neither do I.

  • Hunter
    Hunter Year ago

    Let Tarantino direct and boom you got yourself a film on the level of the original trilogy.

  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith Year ago

    Would you like any *salt* with your comment section?

  • Kravis63
    Kravis63 Year ago

    You mean people who were picked to go to an exclusive premier didn’t say anything negative about it.... no........
    I’m old enough to remember how much people gushed about The Phantom Menace after the exclusive premier, so yeah.....

  • Gevork Bagdasarov

    Dont belive guy.
    Do not belive. Wait for the next week than we will see how great this so called movie is that no one has asked for

  • Dominic Blackburn

    Can’t wait for Solo now! Midnight tickets booked the other day

  • Meurig ap Tewdrig

    B O Y C O T T S T A R W A R S

  • clint hancock
    clint hancock Year ago

    meh, I will pass

  • Meriwether
    Meriwether Year ago

    Reviews from Disney shills mean NIL, NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH and they can p**s right off. When the first cinema-goer reviews come in it'll get a fair reviewing, not a moment before. If it is a bad film you'll get a fuster-cluck, no press review will change this.

  • Nick Bartolo
    Nick Bartolo Year ago

    More Disney trash.

  • Romina Talpos
    Romina Talpos Year ago

    Thank you for this video! :*

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray Year ago

    Am I the only one who is thinking Germain Lussier is thinking "Pew, pew, pew!" when it comes to the gunfights, and "Vrroom, vrroom, vrrooom!!" for the vehicle chase scenes? Seeing as how The Last Jedi was butchered I'm figuring "packed with way more emotion" simply means "If you're a liberal, this movie is for you!". Quite frankly no movie has ever, and I mean EVER, left me with a perpetual smile throughout it. So unless if you're getting laid throughout this movie you'll not have a perpetual smile throughout this movie.

  • glardian966
    glardian966 Year ago

    yea..... no.

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod Year ago

    Looked at the advanced ticket sales at my local AMC.
    It has sold 22 tickets for the 915pm showing.
    I presume it will sell out by the night off but jeez.
    Also think the theaters giving out the swag will have better sales.
    I do not trust comments from anyone invited to a free advance showing.
    I'll trust comments from a reviewer who pays for their own ticket.
    But.. after TLJ, I won't be seeing solo, even if it is "good".
    It's probably a generic space heist cgi fest film with star wars pasted over it.

    HTHAMMACK1 Year ago

    Star Wars fandom is a cesspool of shit. Nobody hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans. Star Wars fans are loathsome. I have my gripes with Disney's oversaturation of Star Wars and the milking of the original trilogy, but give me a break.

  • GamingFanForever
    GamingFanForever Year ago

    Wasn't a big fan of "Rogue One", "The Last Jedi" didn't do it for me either, can only hope "Solo" isn't another one of those disappointments, guess we'll see in 2 weeks....

  • Daniel Keating
    Daniel Keating Year ago

    I don't think the lucatiers will like it. Still it'll be worth a watch. Wish they had got Denis Quaid to play younger solo

  • Vegan Rocker
    Vegan Rocker Year ago

    I just won't be happy until there is a spin off that focuses specifically on Jawas' wrinkly ball bags.

  • Papigringo
    Papigringo Year ago

    There was this really crappy movie I saw last December which was received very positively by "movie critics".

  • Imrahil
    Imrahil Year ago

    Yeeeees. Right. You know what shows a movie is good? People deciding not to spoiler anything because the movie gripped them so hard. "Early reviews" are basically payed advertisement. So, Avengers had one of these things. For some reason Solo has gotten the other.

  • Ben Welsh
    Ben Welsh Year ago

    To hope is to take a, I'll risk it for a chocolate biscuit. But be warned Solo, if I find this is just undeserved wanking off of a mediocre or plain bad story no punches will be pulled.

  • Michael Irmisch
    Michael Irmisch Year ago

    Critics also loved Episode 8...audience not so much...

  • hawkturnal
    hawkturnal Year ago

    Make Star wars great again. FIRE KATHLEEN KENNEDY!

  • Omar Reyes
    Omar Reyes Year ago

    Starwars fando.... actually scratch that, ANY fandom right now:

  • Brody 'Moke' McStevebro

    I've never been less interested in a Star Wars movie.

  • Tom Clemens
    Tom Clemens Year ago

    Hey remember when movies were made by PEOPLE and not the Execu-bots from Futurama?

  • Quinton du Plessis

    This movie is going to tank hard, all reviewers lost all credibility after their reviews of TLJ.

  • SwaggerLikeUz
    SwaggerLikeUz Year ago

    If u don't care about the film u wouldn't be here lol

  • Lego Fan
    Lego Fan Year ago

    I hope that it is at least better than Rogue one, where the only character I really liked and cared about was K2SO

  • GoodGoy Productions

    Lmao British shills everywhere

  • Daeduluus
    Daeduluus Year ago

    you do realize the people who were invited were the same ones who gave it the hich rotten tomatoes critic score right?

  • brandondalew
    brandondalew Year ago

    A female droid that cares about droid rights is literally in the list for cast of characters. Yea, if it was going to be an actual Star Wars movie and not a propaganda piece I'd pay to see it but its not so I'm not.

  • SaltiestRaccoon
    SaltiestRaccoon Year ago

    Well here's hoping ONE of the new Star Wars movies won't suck. Not holding my breath, though.

  • Christopher Chance

    will wait for audience reviews, cant trust the "pro" critics anymore
    whats with the Walt Disney Pictures watermark in this video? Are we supposed to believe that you are impartial?

  • raedwulf61
    raedwulf61 Year ago

    Wait- There's a new Star Wars movie? About Han Solo? What?

  • Juunanagou777
    Juunanagou777 Year ago

    Didnt last jedi get good reviews before its release?

  • Brick Man
    Brick Man Year ago

    Everyone in TheXvid reaction, Critics give a MCU movie a good review. Oh it's legit.
    The same critics give a star wars movie a good review. Oh it's a conspiracy, I don't believe it, those critics are payed off. Long story short, TheXvidrs are stupid.😒

  • JJW001
    JJW001 Year ago

    You mean people that got invited to an early exclusive viewing of a Disney/Star Wars movie are giving it positive reviews.....who'd've thunk.

  • Shattared Entertainment

    Where's the negative criticism? You can't just put hey here's all the good things there saying about it you have to put some bad stuff in there too

  • ilquerxanier
    ilquerxanier Year ago +1

    I am a Star Wars fan since1988 and not hyped for this and i do not trust these paid reviews, i will not pay to see any DISNEY STAR WARS shit after TLJ... i will torrent my way...

  • Maddragon
    Maddragon Year ago

    Being a pirate is alright to be. Doing what you want because a pirate is free. I am a pirate.

  • Maxwell Drelincourt

    Weren’t the early reviews for the last Jedi claiming it was some sort of cinematic masterpiece? Not buying into those reviews until real people have seen it

  • Speedzone Speedforce

    I will never trust critic reviews on star wars ever again after the last jedi.

  • Twinbee 1988
    Twinbee 1988 Year ago

    Well I already saw a “ Young Han Solo “ movie
    It is called “ Starwars : A New Hope “
    So I’ll pass this one and wait for Deadpool 2
    And oh ! About those early review, it will always be positive, remember Suicide Squad and BvS ?

  • Erlisch
    Erlisch Year ago

    meh, the trailers looks good whenever theres no actors on screen

  • jerry thomas
    jerry thomas Year ago

    but the tailers look like shit

  • Arcademan09
    Arcademan09 Year ago

    Force Awakens: I really liked it but even I can acknowledge some flaws, even though I think majority of them are nonsense.
    Rogue One: I liked most of it but I couldn't remember a single character's name and I didn't really liked how they all died. At least the Darth Vader scene was fun.
    Last Jedi: Destroyed any hope I have for these new films.
    Han Solo movie: I have one question. *WHY.* (Oh yeah money) Genuinely curious to see it but I haven't met many that are particularly exited for this one, mostly just confusion. I'm more excited for an Obi Wan movie with that actor from the prequels, he's one of the VERY few things from those movies that wasn't terrible

  • edmond lee
    edmond lee Year ago +2

    These are the same critics that gave The Last Jedi 90% and above? Ill wait for the audience score. Im boycotting this film anyway. Fire Kathleen Kennedy.

  • Lol Me
    Lol Me Year ago

    There was some hype behind this movie but im not gonna let any of it hit me cos i refuse to believe 'reviewers' cos they clearly dont know what good movies r cos of what they said about the last jedi and thAt was a hot fucking mess. Im going to wTch it but remain cautious so my heart doesn't break for the umpteenth time.. but it dies have Donald Glover n i adore him so. Idk. Its just hard to find that excitement for star wars.

  • Cameron Friesen
    Cameron Friesen Year ago

    Who gives a flying fuck!

  • Chester John Somes

    I would never spend a single dollar on a Starwars film ever.

  • Conspiracy TV
    Conspiracy TV Year ago

    How is anybody falling for the critics bullshit anymore?
    A movie makes them laugh a couple times and they treat it like it's the next Godfather.
    "Oh, the beginning sucked, the whole first act sucked, Alden is nothing like Harrison Ford... but the 2nd act managed to make me laugh and there were some good jokes.

  • Christopher
    Christopher Year ago

    Can’t wait to see it!!