Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2, Clash On The Dunes Saudi Arabia Press Conference

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
  • Champion Andy Ruiz and Challenger Anthony Joshua met face to face for the first time in Saudi Arabia (4 Sept) since June 1's first fight. They rematch on December 7.
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  • suresh Kumar
    suresh Kumar 4 days ago

    Where is shanon Briggs ?

  • James Williams
    James Williams 7 days ago


  • politically incorrect
    politically incorrect 14 days ago

    why this is happening in this antediluvian
    country ? Bunch of pricks sitting on oil never done anything good ,or invented anything ...

    • ja bo
      ja bo 6 days ago

      So Joshua can juice up and beat the drug tests silly.

  • Andy Atkin
    Andy Atkin 18 days ago

    Aj looks about 15 stone , and ruiz looks like a jolly camp hair stylist 🤣

  • Andy Atkin
    Andy Atkin 18 days ago

    I get the feeling this was all set up Aj losing in the first place , and now he retains it in saudi arabia it's all about Hearn and the money. Sad times seen more noble punch ups in my local pub .

  • andrzej kiebzak
    andrzej kiebzak 20 days ago

    andy shit in his pants

  • Mark M
    Mark M 20 days ago

    Ruiz is so polite and fine AJ trying act but he knows he in trouble and got fight to death to beat Ruiz as Ruiz wont stop unless hit 5 or 10 times on trot lol but that could just make him fight harder so I dont think aj is wanting this at all
    Think he s only doing it for public and money pressure as he cant read Ruiz and Ruiz hasn't really lost a fight he is a very tough fast hearty fighter

  • Mark M
    Mark M 21 day ago

    Ajs lost it same day Ruiz won

  • Angelo Kamilindi
    Angelo Kamilindi 23 days ago


  • Lex Ramirez
    Lex Ramirez 25 days ago

    It feels more like they more worried about bringing people to their country like tourist type s*** lol. All they talking about is how fun they country gon be lol. No disrespect to their people but u know

  • Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street

    Joshua's cheap attempts at warrior philosophy, street poetry ect are *CRINGETASTIC* i believe he even knows that now and he just continues to do it to antagonise people who hate him...
    It really is a disgusting thing to watch...

  • James Miller
    James Miller Month ago

    The only way I can see AJ winning is by using his jab and winning on points

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      He doesn't even have to jab. Just be there at the end and he wins.

  • imi786s
    imi786s Month ago


  • Kendrick Prasad
    Kendrick Prasad Month ago

    What respect..hats off guys

  • Centurion bill
    Centurion bill Month ago

    Saudi Arabia well at least the main event will be around 9pm bst and not 5am

  • Morph
    Morph Month ago

    AJ is so humble. Great guy.

  • James OBrien
    James OBrien Month ago

    Joshua will loose again.

  • Radrook
    Radrook Month ago

    AJ looks more terrified of being in front of the cameras in Saudi than Ruiz does.

    • Waieeme
      Waieeme Month ago

      Radrook you can shut your mouth this is not about the country just enjoy your life you idiot i think your jelous

  • gengis khan
    gengis khan Month ago

    Will there be alcohol at the fight???

  • Post Tramatiq
    Post Tramatiq Month ago

    Is he from Mexico or America?

  • Eazy Geazy
    Eazy Geazy Month ago

    I'ma do it too then since their all doing it.☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

  • Christian Kalala
    Christian Kalala Month ago

    I fast forward this several times. Very boring

  • Mario Breton
    Mario Breton Month ago

    Where are the mariachis?? This conference is 🙈very 🤫 quiet

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      Maybe that kind of music is considered a sin against Alah there?

  • D M
    D M Month ago +1

    Comment Ruiz or Joshua, to who you think will win 🥊👍🏽

    • D M
      D M Month ago

      @Radrook totally agree with you, I dont think he will win though, he should of won the 1st fight. Now the same thing will happen to him as he has a glass jaw.

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago +1

      If AJ's rich, why is he placing his head in a position to be sledgehammered? Common sense would require him to retire rich and with his brains still intact and set up a business.

  • skawal25
    skawal25 Month ago

    I want to watch it but after this press conference I don't think I want to pay to watch it

    • skawal25
      skawal25 Month ago

      @Radrook that's very true..

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      But if the money the Saudis are paying makes PPV losses insignificant,, why should he care?

  • marco hambie
    marco hambie Month ago

    The atmosphere is going to be great on the night.everyone sat there sober and sipping mango juice.

  • T L
    T L Month ago

    No women can be in the stadium. And no beers. What a WORST place to have sport event.

  • منوعات يوميه

    To all you motherfuckers making Saudi sound so evil. Bitch please, How about talking about US's past? Iraq? Afghanistan? Vietnam? Fucking killing 120 thousand innocent souls in Hiroshima, Japan WW2? And many horrific crimes... Saudi doesn't even compare lol

  • Chango Chilemba
    Chango Chilemba Month ago +1

    *"Clash on the Dunes"*
    Sounds like a fucking golf tournament...

  • Kal El
    Kal El Month ago

    So great to hear Eddie giving respect to the crown prince

  • FryManAuty Vlogs
    FryManAuty Vlogs Month ago

    Joshua threw the fight. Even if he didn’t, he still would have lost. Just like he will again.

    • FryManAuty Vlogs
      FryManAuty Vlogs Month ago

      Radrook meaning right. I get what you are saying. Yes. I’m agreeing with you

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      @FryManAuty Vlogs What do you mean by Radrook Right?

    • FryManAuty Vlogs
      FryManAuty Vlogs Month ago

      Radrook right?

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      The way he attacked Ruiz didn't look like he was in there to throw the fight.

  • swatteam2002
    swatteam2002 Month ago

    This place so called "Al Dar'ia" is a FU*CKIN TRASHY PLACE !!

  • Roy Hunt
    Roy Hunt Month ago

    The smug look on Andy face and the sad face on Joshua’s face
    I definitely want to see this fight
    But I honestly don’t like these guys

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      Humans sometimes have sad or smug faces.

  • Cicero Hobbs
    Cicero Hobbs Month ago

    what if Anthony Joshua didn't rain and wanted to lose on purpose so he wouldn't lose to Dante Wilder first

    • Radrook
      Radrook Month ago

      I didn't know that raining was one of AJ's abilities!

    BRIAN LOPEZ Month ago

    He lost the first match and it was the worst because everyone was saying he was going to win. But at the end that fool lost Haha. A rematch so quick proves that ur ass and can't accept a lost.

  • Raldo
    Raldo Month ago

    Ruiz might have an Assasin smile and changed that attitude towards Joshua once he won the fight, Joshua doesnt like that but he has to be careful because Ruiz has gone through the struggle and still has the hunger. Theres a reason behind everything

  • Gabs uchiha
    Gabs uchiha Month ago

    Andy Ruizis is losing the rematch

  • Devinder Sandhu
    Devinder Sandhu Month ago +1

    ruiz is just keeping ajs belts warm, go aj get ur belts back son/

  • Lorenzo A
    Lorenzo A Month ago

    What a flat press seems it's all about "Thank you Saudi Arabia for giving us that much cash". The boxers don't seem to care at all and it really comes out the fact that for them win or lose it's a win-win situation

  • Barrie Carr
    Barrie Carr Month ago

    AHH that's where my tea towel went

  • Trfc Trfc
    Trfc Trfc Month ago

    Joshua has got the eye of the tiger back! Not seen that for a long time

  • Wg Fab
    Wg Fab Month ago

    Tko/ko win for Anthony by 4th/7th rd.

  • Peter Mandley
    Peter Mandley Month ago

    Andy Ruiz is more hungry . Shit get him a box of snickers

  • Guy Hud
    Guy Hud Month ago

    AJ sounding like a thwart trying to be professional and giving the fatboy so much respect. He acts like he's going to loose his tongue if he boldly states he'll knock Ruiz out.
    AJ is still scared of Ruiz.

    • Guy Hud
      Guy Hud Month ago

      Bollocks. It's the same story at the New York Press conference.
      AJ being nice and courteous to Ruiz.
      If AJ does not get under Ruiz skin, he'll get knocked down by a composed opponent. He needs to push Ruiz to lose his rag and then Ruiz will make mistakes in the fight.
      Go and watch the previous AJ press conference with others, the man was bold enough to tell then he'll knock 'em out but he's a different man with Ruiz. This is a fight and to enter a fight trying to act cool is the beginning of failure because you'll never be able to generate the right momentum and adrenaline rush for the day. AJ should freaking wake up!!!!

    • Claire Mcfadyen
      Claire Mcfadyen Month ago

      He cannot speak freely because of where they are. Probably been warned by Hearn. That is why the face-off was muted. Incase they said something that offended the Saudis.

  • Claude Cruickshank
    Claude Cruickshank Month ago

    Andy reminds me of Majin Buu

  • Ben Gardiner
    Ben Gardiner Month ago +1

    AJ is Gunna knock him out before the 7th round. I like Andy but AJ is my man he’s from my country and I’m backing him till the day he retires

  • khanage360
    khanage360 Month ago

    Saudi Arabia

  • colintx800
    colintx800 Month ago

    Ruiz makes me cringe! Stupid fucker is gonna will be hand them belts right back to AJ

  • James Milner
    James Milner Month ago

    Andrew still looks like he’s just won a completion to meet aj

  • Chika Mmadu
    Chika Mmadu Month ago

    Clash in middle east Saudi 😆😆😆

  • Erasmo Fierro
    Erasmo Fierro Month ago


  • kingdaleclarke
    kingdaleclarke Month ago

    @26:59 you see how Joshua is still a puppet of Hearns

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson Month ago

    Dust covers on the table s

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson Month ago

    Bigger fights in a library

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson Month ago

    Ruiz won the fight why a rematch boring bring on Tyson fury or wilder thay are unbeaten

    • Claire Mcfadyen
      Claire Mcfadyen Month ago

      The punch which caught AJ on the back of the head was an illegal punch. AJ was winning the fight until that 1 illegal punch.

  • outli3r
    outli3r Month ago

    Awkward finger game for everyone here. 37:15

  • king cobra
    king cobra Month ago

    Ahmad yells "hurry up n fight"

  • Sjahdian Siregar
    Sjahdian Siregar Month ago

    “Place of global gathering.” Hahah. Watch out Ibiza, Bali, Miami, Amsterdam! Because Saudi is coming.. pure pathetic.

  • Sjahdian Siregar
    Sjahdian Siregar Month ago

    “Diriyah birthplace of civilization, equalling Coliseum”. Haha. It is really pathetic. Unbelievably stupid.

  • Peewee French
    Peewee French Month ago

    Another "humble" speech. When will AJ just be himself? Fake