Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2019-20 Week 2 | THE HERD

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season is in the books and Colin Cowherd is ready to review this week's action. Check out what 10 teams Colin has in this week's edition of the Herd Hierarchy.
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    About The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2019-20 Week 2 | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Are the Patriots the best team in the NFL?

    • Boog B
      Boog B 25 days ago

      @Eric Mendoza Bears have good defense but no offense and Trubisky is a liability

    • Boog B
      Boog B Month ago

      @Eric Mendoza Brown to Lions???

    • Boog B
      Boog B Month ago

      @Doward Washington Antonio Brown is coming to the Lions be easy

    • Boog B
      Boog B Month ago

      @Doward Washington they havent proven themselves yet lol

  • ACwolf
    ACwolf Month ago

    Just came hear so I could hear the Bills get praised

  • Garrett Carbullido
    Garrett Carbullido Month ago

    The only problem with the Cowboys section i heard was that he said Byron Jones & Amari Cooper were elite, but not Zack Martin. I am a Cowboys fan & know that Zack Martin is the best at his position & is comparatively better & more valuable than Byron & possibly Amari

  • Aj Canby
    Aj Canby Month ago

    Did he just say he’d take buffalos defense over Baltimore’s? That’s a joke

  • Tristen Crockett
    Tristen Crockett Month ago

    He named the elite positions the cowboys have but missed RG with Zach Martin who’s been the best RG in football since he came into the league

  • Michael Connors
    Michael Connors Month ago

    Your World Champion New England Patriots put Rex Burkhead out in the slot against Miami. He ran a fade to the sideline and caught the ball. In his weekly presser, Coach Belichick called Burkhead a four down player. The Coach wants Burkhead on the field as much as possible. Your World Champions are being ultra-aggressive this year. Does any other team have enough to beat them?

  • tom m
    tom m Month ago +1

    So the bills will win again the saints?

  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon Month ago

    Bill's do have the best passing defense in the league

  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon Month ago

    Mr. COLIN ride that Bill's wagon I see Sr. Josh Allen improving on a weekly basis 10-6 Bill's but I feel it's 11-5 see me after the season Sir Colin.

  • bochain45
    bochain45 Month ago

    This dude doesn't know where the fibula is? He's got the big dumb

  • 2004 ALCS
    2004 ALCS Month ago

    Bills beat the the 2nd and 3rd worst teams in nfl. They will lose at home to Cincinnati week 3. Take that to the bank.

  • Matthew RB
    Matthew RB Month ago +1

    Saints? XD

  • Lee Illman
    Lee Illman Month ago

    Allen is a sleeper

  • Jonah White
    Jonah White Month ago

    Surprised no saints!

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Month ago

    Kellen Moore needs more credit for the Cowboys Offensive Improvements.

  • Nick Vadella
    Nick Vadella Month ago

    How do you not know where the fibula is? Hahahahah

  • ants in my eyes johnson

    Falcons and chargers should be 9 and 10 Bill's wtf is this guy on

  • jtop beats
    jtop beats Month ago

    Wow... cowherd actually making me like him with the buffalove

  • Carson Johnson
    Carson Johnson Month ago

    1:32 get that man a helmet that fits

  • Hazy
    Hazy Month ago

    I hear his nose breath

  • 17th WhitePrince
    17th WhitePrince Month ago

    Lions 1-0-1 at #11

  • Kevin Alas
    Kevin Alas Month ago

    #8? Aight... keep that same energy

  • Theo Reid
    Theo Reid Month ago

    I still think you all over rate the cowboys

  • Kyle Corrigan
    Kyle Corrigan Month ago

    25+ points in 23 straight games is outrageous

  • Rooster 77
    Rooster 77 Month ago

    If Buffalo makes the playoffs, I’ll enroll at the University of Wyoming and start a club proclaiming Josh Allen as the next Brady😂😂😂😂. Tf outta here

  • Jack Hamblet
    Jack Hamblet Month ago

    Brady, Hightower, Gilmore, Edelman, Brown, Gordan, Slater, Van Noy, McCourty, and Collins. I left out Isaiah Wynn and David Andrews because they're on IR but that's over 8 elite players active.

  • C L
    C L Month ago

    Come on Colin. Give up the whole "Tebow" analogies. They're getting old and they're inaccurate.

  • Myron Raber
    Myron Raber Month ago

    They played the Bungels for crying out loud

  • 2LiveProductions
    2LiveProductions Month ago

    How don’t you know where the fibula is at lol

  • OG Oasis
    OG Oasis Month ago

    so the eagles who have the injury bug and they make even tho they lose to the falcons but the chargers who have more injuries dont make it ? Doesnt make any sense

  • Autismo Supreme
    Autismo Supreme Month ago

    lmao the bills beat the giants and the jets and colin calls them the tenth best team in the league

  • Corey Mason
    Corey Mason Month ago

    i agree 100% but i'd swap Green Bay and Baltimore

  • TheBlazikenBro BOI
    TheBlazikenBro BOI Month ago

    As soon as he said bills i was like colin my man ur dumb

  • Stephen McAllister
    Stephen McAllister Month ago +1

    The Bills only test this season is the Patriots. they can beat anyone else.

  • donald brown
    donald brown Month ago +2

    Thanks for showing my Niners love, Hopefully we keep improving

  • Ray Lanza
    Ray Lanza Month ago

    I'm sorry.... the Bill's, eagles, ravens, packers and niners are not better than the lions

  • Andrew Potter
    Andrew Potter Month ago

    Glad he finally included the Seahawks

  • Pumpin George
    Pumpin George Month ago +1

    If your defense has four interceptions through two games and really doesn't count when one of those games was against Jameis Winston

  • Logan Guerriero
    Logan Guerriero Month ago

    Coming from the dude who thought Russell Wilson was going to the giants

  • DawgPound 69
    DawgPound 69 Month ago

    Buffalo was down 16-0 at half in week 1 against the Jets lmao

  • Catman Lookinboi
    Catman Lookinboi Month ago

    Whet y’all think about the panthers?! I need answers

  • Nut head 85
    Nut head 85 Month ago

    Just not sold on Carson Wentz and the secondary needs improvement

  • Young Chuy 23
    Young Chuy 23 Month ago

    Bills are underrated while the browns are overrated

  • Swagdawg333 Suh
    Swagdawg333 Suh Month ago

    Bears r running the bills 49ers and Seahawks wtf

  • ORagnar
    ORagnar Month ago

    What, no Miami?

  • Richard Morris
    Richard Morris Month ago

    not bad here's mine 1) n. e. 2) kc3)Rams 4) cowboys 5) Baltimore 6)gbay7)seattle8)sf 9)bears 10)eagles 11) buffalo. and much respect to Cooper kupp & Dak Prescott. i like his style, he's playing lights out and he's earning that contract.

  • Luis Clinton
    Luis Clinton Month ago

    Has the NFC ever been so competitive before? Look at all the quarterbacks in the NFC!! Wilson (FHOF), Rodgers (FHOF), Prescott (likely a FHOF), Brees (FHOF), Stafford, Goff, Wentz, Ryan, and now the unpredictable Murray... Like holy cow. That’s a lot of high caliber competition.

  • Ginger Jesus
    Ginger Jesus Month ago +1

    After i saw the bills at 10 I left 🙃

  • Jarred Grimmett
    Jarred Grimmett Month ago

    Your fibula is in you leg..

  • Meghrajsinh Chudasama

    Go Bills 💙💙💙

  • Pumpin George
    Pumpin George Month ago +2

    The biggest game coming in week 3 is the Lions versus the Eagles with teams like Dallas and Green Bay looking like they might be winning their divisions this is going to be a key game for future wild-card implications

  • James Love
    James Love Month ago

    I got the Ravens beating the Patriots in the AFC championship.

  • metalman5
    metalman5 Month ago

    I think Packers need to be top 3 just think with that defense and when the Offense gets going they will win the Superbowl

  • Jonathan Garza
    Jonathan Garza Month ago

    green bay is over rank. only average 15 points a game. plus 0 zero points in second half. that bad.

  • metalman5
    metalman5 Month ago

    Literally 10+ seconds of awkward silence XD

  • Timothy McJury
    Timothy McJury Month ago

    Bills are who they are they are still developing but getting better each week. I agree this is one of the best staffs in the league right now but they haven’t found there explosive talent yet and they need players to step up. I’m comfortable were there at but it’s buffalo and I’m always ready to let my team disappoint me the next week if they go 3-0 even against the 0-2 bengals then I’ll be hyped cause they aren’t gonna beat Brady and I’ll take that loss and move on. The bills need to prove this offense is legit before I jump on. Being a fan of Buffalo is tough but no matter what I always will be.

  • Think Outloud
    Think Outloud Month ago

    I’m A Bills fan and think after 2 wks they are ranked too high. Still have more to prove like the Ravens.

  • Carson Davis
    Carson Davis Month ago

    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  • The New Tide
    The New Tide Month ago

    Kansas City needs to trade for Jalen Ramsey since they missed on Fitzpatrick.

  • Jerry Rice
    Jerry Rice Month ago

    Don't know what a fibula is and we are supposed to believe he can pick the top 10