The Logan Paul Interview.

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • Logan's impact on TheXvid has been far and wide. The controversies around the suicide forest video and other negative things he's done has had an impact on yt that was felt by a lot of the creator community. I wanted to understand why he did what he did and what his true intentions were moving forward.
    this interview was recorded July 20, 2018 in New York City.

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat  20 days ago +12298

    my intro explains why i did this interview, if you want to skip the intro --> 3:26

    • Science side of YouTube -Also there’s cats
      Science side of YouTube -Also there’s cats 5 days ago

      500th comment ima new person here

    • Dangerella
      Dangerella 6 days ago

      CaseyNeistat This had to be a tough interview. It’s good I guess that things need to be said. And even for smaller creators who are working hard, as myself, to get up to the higher level it hit us hard especially the ones that were finally able to get monetization. I’m still watching for the rest of us. Thank you thanks for your courage to post it.

    • S M
      S M 8 days ago

      CaseyNeistat please keep opening his mind. He needs help. Get him away from his family.

    • jay castellanos
      jay castellanos 9 days ago

      LP is a fucking moron 100%

  • Tara Timmerman
    Tara Timmerman Hour ago

    I am still struggling to respect Logan Paul

  • radeakins
    radeakins 2 hours ago

    Paul, you are a massive attention whore. End of.

  • Damon Favor
    Damon Favor 2 hours ago

    I’ve never watched any of Logan’s videos but from this interview he comes across as a total douche. He couldn’t come across more like a spoiled white kid if he tried.

  • Anastasia Ignatova
    Anastasia Ignatova 2 hours ago

    Logan says a lot of words, but they don't actually hold any meaning. Feels like a waste of 35 minutes on my life. I really appreciate Casey trying to get some answers, it's hard when someone is clearly not on the same maturity level.

  • Hurricane
    Hurricane 2 hours ago

    tyle pierdolenia ;D

  • Aaron Moiche
    Aaron Moiche 2 hours ago

    I think he didn’t understand half of what Casey was telling him and just kept answering with what seemed like quotes from some book he found about life and contradicting himself

  • Steve Mattei
    Steve Mattei 3 hours ago

    Logan: *slaps top of table* IM VEGAN NOW

  • Emma Kate
    Emma Kate 4 hours ago

    Oh ok so he’s vegan it must not be bad

  • Cade Ryan
    Cade Ryan 4 hours ago

    He is so full of it, I've really never heard somebody be so insincere regarding their past mistakes. He has no respect for other people and it seems like all his actions are just trying to promote himself in a better light. What a moron.
    I think you did a good job with the interview Casey, I understand what you mean regarding doubts about the questions and if they were leading or facilitating of his bullshit, but it's super tough to get it spot on. I think you did a great job.

  • Z Talks
    Z Talks 5 hours ago

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    is facing huge flood now.
    Can you please stand with us, Can you please talk about us in your channel.
    It can help many.

  • jaim haas
    jaim haas 6 hours ago

    This guy hasn't changed...all u people that support him have only yourselves to look at.

  • matty kitkat
    matty kitkat 7 hours ago

    I can smell liar and the hesitation bullshit doesn't work for me and the walking around the question doesn't work for me either sorry

  • Haroldinio H
    Haroldinio H 7 hours ago

    Every time Logan opens his mouth on this topic, all he does is make it worse! He will never ever in his life redeem himself for what he did

  • Joseph Parry
    Joseph Parry 8 hours ago

    I don't think I've seen something (LP) so full of shit since a festival portaloo.

  • Riko Lam
    Riko Lam 9 hours ago

    Don’t know if I should like or dislike this video

  • Rick O'riginal
    Rick O'riginal 10 hours ago

    Logan still sees this as an epic adventure. He'll probably also release a book about his life, just for profit. Sick man. Very sick. sick man. Get him off TheXvid.

  • Sophia El-qasabagli
    Sophia El-qasabagli 10 hours ago

    Logan just disappear already. 😒

  • Sophia El-qasabagli
    Sophia El-qasabagli 10 hours ago

    Logan just disappear already. 😒

  • Sophia El-qasabagli
    Sophia El-qasabagli 10 hours ago

    Logan just disappear already. 😒

  • Gaw ain
    Gaw ain 10 hours ago

    I dont understand so many negative comments. Everyone have right to explain himself and to change to become better person.

  • Pascal Chong
    Pascal Chong 11 hours ago

    Logan. I'm really feel bad for u.. Hopefully u can really understand what u did. And also confess ur mistake n do repent.

  • Bojan Babic
    Bojan Babic 15 hours ago

    He and his brother are manipulative bullies feeding on young talent and fans. I never liked your channel, Casey, but I did have some respect for you; not anymore.

  • Mauro angst
    Mauro angst 15 hours ago

    6:17 then you shouldn’t be doing a documentary, you should go to therapy or something

  • Shaked Snir
    Shaked Snir 15 hours ago +1

    Logang for lyfe 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜

  • Knight of Rhyme
    Knight of Rhyme 16 hours ago

    Casey - Selfless
    Logan - Selfish

  • TheLongIslander
    TheLongIslander 18 hours ago

    He is vegan now guys, did you know?

  • georgie D
    georgie D 18 hours ago

    surely no one over the age of 13 falls for the crap thats falling out of his mouth?? Does he even believe his own shit?? I see his mouth moving but i'm really struggling to hear any actual answers

  • Raelynn Davis
    Raelynn Davis 19 hours ago

    Logan Paul disgusts me. All he did in this video is play the victim and talk abut how this affects him and he can recover. He didn’t once apologize or say anything selfless

  • Ron Com
    Ron Com 21 hour ago

    Dang there's so much hate in the comments...

  • Giuseppe Nasca
    Giuseppe Nasca 21 hour ago

    People act like they care, to be 100 yeah what logan did was wrong but its done. Stop making a big deal , fine do interviews , a sorry video, and keep going with your life. What is done is done. PEOPLE PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE YOU GUYS CARE

  • Scout Weber
    Scout Weber 22 hours ago

    “Logan Paul’s neck progressively gets redder in the span of 30 minutes”

  • David
    David 22 hours ago

    Logan you drove you brothers career into the ground

  • Abby Cook
    Abby Cook 22 hours ago

    So glad this interview happened. He is just chasing himself in circles. You can tell true change hasn't happened for him. He just misses the fame and lifestyle.

  • Chloe Spinks
    Chloe Spinks 23 hours ago

    He doesn’t care, it’s clear that he couldn’t care less, he’s not sorry and he’s a money driven person. The sheer fact that he wants to monetise his “documentary” and will “donate the proceeds” I’m sorry but I call bullshit. He’s obsessed with money. That is ALL he cares about plain and simple.
    Huge respect to Casey for not tolerating the bullshit. And asking hard hitting questions.

  • Folkenv2
    Folkenv2 Day ago +1

    What a douche bag...

  • DaInsaneNerd
    DaInsaneNerd Day ago

    Watch KSI use these points so he’s not recycling content anymore

  • Noyob Uzbekcha Sevgi

    What happened to the LGBT flag that used to have on your table?

  • Andreea Petrescu

    I can't watch this until the end because it is pathetic! Logan it's lieing! Go home Logan

  • Sam Steele
    Sam Steele Day ago

    Jake Paul is a pussy

  • Heitor Camargo
    Heitor Camargo Day ago

    20:46 it’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you behave. If someone attends the church wearing a bikini, that’s totally inappropriate. Most people don’t need to have social conventions written down, it’s a matter of observation, but when you think you’re the center of all universe you get blind. This guy made a mistake and he clearly still don’t get it. Everyone makes mistakes but please, learn the fucking lesson instead of trying to justify your stupidity.
    PS your only inspiring people to be loud and act like clowns to get attention, Casey is inspiring people to create something bigger than themselves to share with the community.

  • PureDimwit
    PureDimwit Day ago

    how is everything he is saying contradicting his previous point

  • Ingrid Avlis
    Ingrid Avlis Day ago


  • uksoundwave
    uksoundwave Day ago

    Wow impressed Casey, you did good bru.

  • Sam Steele
    Sam Steele Day ago +1

    Logan Paul ur full of shit. KSI is going to knock you out.

  • Kenn
    Kenn Day ago

    I only got about 7 min into the video (so 3ish min into the interview) and I can tell you that Logan is so full of shit, ego driven, and a raging narcissist it is unbearable. Casey, I love your content and everything you do. I think you should have drilled him more and not guided him or so it seems because he just feeds his ego more. Logan is constantly contradicting himself in his explanation of what this is about. To make announcements and assumptions that "the whole world hates me" or "the most hated man in the world" you are showing how narcissistic and careless you are. I never really followed Logan before because he seemed like a giant douchebag......I was correct.
    Also Casey, your daily vlog was awesome and never once did I feel you were "full of shit" as you stated. You are extremely creative in your videos and content even if it is something very simple and ordinary. Videos like your vlog or reviews genuinely bring joy to your viewers. It is why people stop you everywhere to say hi or tell you how much they like your content. Never compare yourself to someone the likes of Logan who is clearly mentally unstable and immature. I would suggest distancing yourself from him in general.

  • Harold BeaumontFinns

    He's vegan and got a gf now guys it's okay he's changed

  • Ilir Ahmeti
    Ilir Ahmeti Day ago

    fuck that rat ...jeez

  • Charlie Froy
    Charlie Froy Day ago

    You make a very articulate point about the different between the intent behind the camera and what the viewers see, further the way the viewers will interpret the intention to be. It is a weak façade to suggest that the fight is metaphor for his fight with himself and his becoming a new person, I think it is a money grab and he had been letting it grab views for months, it was just convenient for it to be his comeback now when he needed a kick (not defending KSI). I want him to have changed because everyone deserves a second chance but i still see him as manipulative, if he was changing I would support that but I don't see that. I dunno, no one is going to read this.

  • Michael Heft
    Michael Heft Day ago

    Why is this guy wearing sun glasses during an interview ? What an ass hole

    • isthismyname
      isthismyname 5 hours ago

      Michael Heft you are so fucking dumb. Logan is shit

  • Phillip Lee
    Phillip Lee Day ago

    Firstly Logan Paul is by no means an educational valuable content creator in my opinion. His videos don't demonstrate any kind of self awareness or growth and responsibility but to millions of kids he has made a connection and has created a vast following which is kinda dangerous having a destructive influence is unsettling They like his kind of stupid and it resonates "he is a big kid" but putting this all aside this.I think the kind of redemption that Logan is on is the wrong path in my opinion, it's not about throwing money at various charities (although it helps)doesn't necessarily make you a changed more thoughtful empathetic person, his channel hasn't changed, so doing a supposedly "unbiased" documentary on yourself is itself biased by default, why do we need to know what growing up as Logan paul was like? We know why he did what he did, "social pressure content creation to stay relevant, more views, more subs. He needs to strip himself of the very things that influenced and allowed him to get to this point. There's something not right about the guy, his experiences have allowed him to live outside the realms of normalcy. His actions and content speak volumes to a morbid sense of edgeness that we as a large amount of the population often respect and unconsciously react to appropriately.

  • Paweł Bazylewicz

    Only Logan i know is The Wolverine. The man with rules.... This here is a mess. Young boy with money from YT activities. What a looser.

  • nao k
    nao k Day ago


  • Xavier Abello
    Xavier Abello Day ago +1


  • ketnipz
    ketnipz Day ago

    he's so full of shit I don't belive anything he says, logan if you see this, fuck you

  • Naturalmenaturalyou

    HES VERY ANNOYING. He's a walking contradiction. No more to say.

  • TheGreasyCaviarDish

    Ive never liked Logan Paul's videos, but I don't think the suicide video was a bad, bad thing. He accidently showed the body, but what did he do that was bad? Never understood.

  • alaskaiscold _
    alaskaiscold _ Day ago

    I think you did a great job with this interview, you didn’t try to show of jake Paul nor were you too easy on him. A shame Logan didn’t seem to take this chance to be fully honest. Even if it would’ve made him look bad in the first place it would sure have helped him to become a better person. He just doesn’t seem honest. But probably that’s just the effect of liars, you never know when they tell the truth.

  • A L F I E
    A L F I E Day ago

    C: what did you learn in that month off?
    L: ..................

  • D 1 Media Productions

    that guy is full of sh!t

  • TheSkyLounge TV
    TheSkyLounge TV Day ago

    By no means

  • MGG
    MGG Day ago

    Even though I have never been a fan of Logan Paul and know him mainly through his widely published mistakes, I honestly tried to go into this open-minded. In the end, I found not much about him to be genuine in his belief that he is growing as a person. In fact, I believe he is so caught up in the idea that "Hollywood loves a redemption story" will somehow reignite his career that he has absolutely no track on how to begin that redemption story. Any PR agent can give you cards on what to say but at the end who you are is entirely on yourself. There are just too many argumentative contradictions in his story and a clearly strong objection to assuming the responsibility of labels like "culturally insensitive," which is just a natural response to not believing it and therefore not actually changing.

  • Trippy CockNinja

    You do realise the glasses make you look stupid. It’s not like a chic style or anything that makes you special. It really makes you look like a moron

  • Trippy CockNinja

    “WAAAALLLLLMAAAART” Yeah really great guy to interview, loser.

  • Ty Ma
    Ty Ma Day ago +2

    What happened to his arm

    • isthismyname
      isthismyname Day ago +1


  • Jacob Henson
    Jacob Henson Day ago

    Logan Paul, the only way you will bring "light to youtube" would be going away forever

  • John Buerger
    John Buerger Day ago

    what a scum bag! cant believe you stooped to interview the scum.

  • md love
    md love Day ago

    Here's a quick break down of the video for anyone who doesn't want to sit through the whole 35 mins. -Logan Paul "I'm Vegan now"

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    This guy is a pathological liar.. Maybe he's lying to himself too, but a liar all the same.

  • Carrie Cassetty
    Carrie Cassetty Day ago

    Sorry Logan honey, 22/23 is not a kid. Grow up.

  • Joanna Burke
    Joanna Burke Day ago

    UK based logansters, i have 1 fight ticket i can longer use, giving it away as i don’t want it to be wasted, good seat too. message me ❤️ instagram- @impossiblegirl221b

  • anna dedecek
    anna dedecek Day ago

    Logan is a mess

  • TheTuellfamily
    TheTuellfamily 2 days ago

    It seems as if L.P. is afraid of being
    labled as a racist which I think is why he keeps pusing back on being labled as "culturally insensitive".

  • Plop Plop
    Plop Plop 2 days ago +1

    Forget the suicide forest
    He’s vegan now

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker 2 days ago

    Yes, time to stop apologizing for a mistake, say you're sorry once and that is more than some people are willing to do. Even though I can't stand this Paul guy (I'm not a jealous hater, he's just an immature, opinionated, self-absorbed ass) good video, thank you Casey and thank you Paul.

  • Burke Whaley
    Burke Whaley 2 days ago

    “About positivity now” but goes and schedules a fight and spends hours creating negative content about this other youtuber. Logan Paul is the same person he was before. He just wants to save himself by putting on a show of how he’s changed. Never should’ve posted this interview Casey.

  • Krys_BB
    Krys_BB 2 days ago

    Logan Paul is more interested in telling his side verses listening to others’ perspective and learning from this experience. He has a lot of growing up to do, he’s a young kid and has a lifetime to learn. No one is perfect, people make major mistakes, but I don’t feel he’s genuinely growing from this yet.

  • Tiizzy420
    Tiizzy420 2 days ago

    Most hated
    Not worth the title just worth the meme

  • Ph_Nguyen
    Ph_Nguyen 2 days ago

    Wow, thank you Logan. He is the same Age, but I can't justify myself being a Kid anymore... What a bad excuse. At some point he wants to enjoy the privilege of an adult, at the other hand he tells us that he is still a kid? What has he been doing all these years then? What a disgrace of NOT growing up and being mindful of people that are actually around him!

  • Adriana Saravia
    Adriana Saravia 2 days ago

    He's been traveling around the world but he clearly does not nothing about cultural sensitivity.

  • Cian Doyle
    Cian Doyle 2 days ago

    Seriously hes just a tool i mean come on how does a boy (i will not dignify him with the word man) go through however many years on this earth and not take any notice of the growing awareness around mental health. He was simply trying to pander to his nine year old audience.

  • jorjsx
    jorjsx 2 days ago

    Logan is unable to take responsibility for his mistakes and he will never learn from them... sounds like he’s in mad denial about everything he has done or said

  • Douglas
    Douglas 2 days ago +1

    If you have to think what you did in a month where you took a break you are probably making stuff up on the go

  • Douglas
    Douglas 2 days ago +1

    You can’t say it is my conscious decision and then say there is not time to think when making videos daily

  • Jackie Lozano
    Jackie Lozano 2 days ago

    I feel bad for him.... He's keeps digging his pit. I've never seen someone struggle so hard to "make things right", I don't think his heart is in the right place.... He's not sincere and he only cares about his BRAND. I made it to 13:22 and I can't stand to hear anymore... Thank you so much for not editing this interview!

  • Stormie Warbington
    Stormie Warbington 2 days ago

    I think Logan needs to lose this live by the seat of your pants gig. you are a 23 year old MAN. yes MAN you are no longer a kid at 22 and 23... you are an adult. i can't stand this "being reckless and pushing boundaries is my image" those boundaries he is pushing are people's boundaries..... i have never watched one of his videos that hasn't made me uncomfortable to watch his interactions with people bc he has no regard for anyone.. i don't believe he is genuinely sorry for the way he has always acted. He is sorry about the forest video bc it actually effected him. he's not sorry about anything or anyone else...

  • KaiserViking
    KaiserViking 2 days ago +1

    LP is full of shit!!! I don’t believe him for a second!!! He deserves a fucking death sentence!!!

  • DiceDecides
    DiceDecides 2 days ago

    did you guys know he's born on April 1st?
    explains a lot

  • _Art3Eazy _Sy3
    _Art3Eazy _Sy3 2 days ago

    I am vegan too

  • _Art3Eazy _Sy3
    _Art3Eazy _Sy3 2 days ago

    He is still trying to explain himself, wrong is wrong

  • André Halvorsen
    André Halvorsen 2 days ago

    i dont think what Logan did was wrong

  • Scott Parker
    Scott Parker 2 days ago

    Pair of bell ends

  • R. Lucas
    R. Lucas 2 days ago

    So, TheXvid was a platform that could make your everyday retail clerk a millionaire. Not everyone who jumped in had actual talent, some did whatever they thought it took to get noticed. Saying that, there's no wonder you get guys like Logan filming a dead body in an attempt to draw views. Social Media is FULL of people with no talent doing absolutely ANYTHING to get attention.

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S 2 days ago

    I see so many people in the comments saying "he needs to grow up", "he's so childish" but even when he's saying that he's changed and is continuing to change, you people just brush it off. He said it was a mistake and not a representation of who he is. If you don't believe him or accept his apologies now, then when are you going to? He's human. Put yourself in his shoes. I would be doing exactly what he's doing now and I know that I would surely want people to accept my apologies.

  • Anirban Banerjee
    Anirban Banerjee 2 days ago

    Why cant you guys explain that suicide is a failure

  • Uday Kasturi
    Uday Kasturi 2 days ago

    Casey dropped out of high school but still has better vocabulary than me😓

  • Holly Poole
    Holly Poole 2 days ago

    He has no empathy and doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. He is fucked and there is no way that he can come back from that incident in the forest for me, and it proves in this video that he will never change.

  • Artemis 7
    Artemis 7 2 days ago

    Wow. This guy is full of bs...ok. Casey did an amazing job at asking questions and trying to show Logan how stupid and full of contradictions he is.
    But is still will never find Logan Paul authentic.

  • LOU1
    LOU1 2 days ago +2

    I guess i care too little about logan to ever have an opinion on him. he is not an interesting person or character at all and i guess im too old to care about his videos :P