The Logan Paul Interview.

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • Logan's impact on TheXvid has been far and wide. The controversies around the suicide forest video and other negative things he's done has had an impact on yt that was felt by a lot of the creator community. I wanted to understand why he did what he did and what his true intentions were moving forward.
    this interview was recorded July 20, 2018 in New York City.

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat  4 months ago +12725

    my intro explains why i did this interview, if you want to skip the intro --> 3:26

    • its sārāh
      its sārāh 4 days ago

      little bit shook don't have to go through something to 'understand it' you just have to be empathetic....

    • The Last Viking
      The Last Viking 13 days ago

      I know you said he;s your friend man, but you needed to show him some tough love, I can see in your own way that these questions are that, and every single one stumps him, but man does he not understand what the issue is.

    • 7Ahilles
      7Ahilles Month ago

      Matt mask looks so you here why everyone calls him logan?)

    • Transeuropean transport VTC
      Transeuropean transport VTC 3 months ago

      SimplePhotos tried so hard to get Casey’s attention

    • Ya MAM
      Ya MAM 3 months ago

      joboooom1 he’s a grown fucking man... you people.... omg... die

  • Jessica Keeling
    Jessica Keeling 15 hours ago

    Born, raised, and currently live around Cleveland, Ohio.....I wish the Pauls would stop mentioning they are from here. People here are not proud of them or what they stand for. They seem to be dispicable human beings that will do anything to get ahead no matter who they may hurt in the process.

  • Jonas Weber
    Jonas Weber Day ago

    Logan Paul is the perfect example how the human ego works. He is driven by such success and to get views that he totally zoomes out common sense morals. It's dangerous. It feels like his inner self is completely lost between being morally honest and having success and money.

  • justcallme syl
    justcallme syl Day ago

    he keeps saying "we" when the conversation is focused on the suicide forest act and other negative manifestations of logan's brand but when it's the positive side, he goes first person with "i" and "me" and it's so clear he's being defensive instead of resentful

  • Gabe Scala
    Gabe Scala 2 days ago

    Almost all of the liked comments are hating on Logan Paul and calling him a sociopath. But the reality is Logan is still in the innocence stage of his life. I think Shane represents generalized biased judgement and Casey represents the strict nature of the internet. I hate the internet. It’s filled with hate now a days. Anyway, my point is, as human beings we like to agree with the hard asses when someone is blatantly wrong. But the fact is, Casey and Shane are treating him like he is an adult and Logan is going through unnecessary pain because of how impactful everything he does is. I believe Logan definitely is the victim and the fact that he feels as though he doesn’t have the right to feel that way is against my philosophy on life. So people, stop hating it will come back to you in the form of self hatred. Honestly Logan Paul is my fucking role model when it comes to innocence. There’s many ways to look at everything. Please open your minds people. Everything won’t be as heavy for all of you haters.

  • Timon van Emst
    Timon van Emst 3 days ago

    hmmz, maybe you should had lost te glassses for a moment.

  • TJR99
    TJR99 4 days ago

    Logan Paul is a joke.

  • Michael Petersen
    Michael Petersen 4 days ago

    I got recommended Casey among other to get rid of this kinda content like Logan. Disgusting person.... Way to go Casey, assumed you had standarts. Well, guess they all the same more or less

  • its sārāh
    its sārāh 4 days ago

    you're so inspirational Casey love the way you always keep s*** real and stay so humble

  • Debbie
    Debbie 5 days ago

    Did Casey say that he doesn't care about views? If so, is that true? And does anyone know his stand on abortion? He seems to hit Logan over and over about "killing" a dead mouse (rat), and I'm not in favor of abusing animals, but what about killing babies?

  • steem
    steem 5 days ago

    nobody needs to see this twenty some yr old infant on here. Make your channel look bad.

  • Enen Sehu
    Enen Sehu 5 days ago

    logan you SWITCH HANDS come on man

  • Marriage & Mergers
    Marriage & Mergers 8 days ago

    21:26 WTF?? WOW! MASSIVE PAUSE LOOKING WILDLY BACK AND FORTH AND THEN SAYING "Sorry Im waiting for the thing..." Is somebody feeding him copy?

  • Moses Bastian
    Moses Bastian 9 days ago

    Why does he always wear sunnies

  • Ross Carter
    Ross Carter 9 days ago

    Casey is like a father on TheXvid. Good on him.

  • Ruger Lynn
    Ruger Lynn 9 days ago

    logan paul can off him self

  • Livingthegoodlife
    Livingthegoodlife 9 days ago

    I have Much more respect for Casey now. And I think him asking Logan about the fight was to get him talking about another subject to see how he reacts to different things and see if his answers about his mistake were honest

  • Livingthegoodlife
    Livingthegoodlife 9 days ago

    I think he was wanting to partner with Casey so he could get his cops standing back. I don't think he feels bad at all for what he did. He just wants the views and money back

  • Music lolli
    Music lolli 10 days ago

    enabling... you said it..think you know it... but youtube cash is views right even if this vid itself not monatised right? maybe?

  • The Last Viking
    The Last Viking 13 days ago

    geez, the ego of "his youtube chanel" over the impacts he has had. I can tell Casey did not coach him at all in these questions, since he is just thinking about himself lol what a joke

  • Teri Jackson
    Teri Jackson 16 days ago

    I'm sorry Casey. I tried to watch it through to the end but just couldn't. I don't know if he truly believes the words that he is saying, or if they are just words that he has been saying over and over again that they are his go to's. I don't feel any genuine remorse coming from him about the insensitivity of posting the suicide forest video. Do I think his laughing could be a defense mechanism? yes it could be. Every person has their own unique way of handling with/coping with things such as WTF did I JUST SEE?? So is it possible about the laughing, sure I will give him that. I have a problem with the afterwards; when he had time to walk away, and let it sink in what he witnessed and was party too and still uploaded the video anyway. I find it very hard to believe that he didn't have people, friends or business associates, that didn't tell him this could be youtube suicide (no pun intended and not using it for dramatic's just accurate) if he went through with the upload. It was a russian roulette move that ended badly and now he has to deal with the fall out. And now we have this guy, who repeats himself constantly about money, views, and clout. I don't know how many times I heard those words uttered in this video. Or how many times he tried to clarify insenstive vs. culturally insensitive. I hope that somewhere in Logan Paul is a person who is seriously trying to find his humanity and can get off the autopilot that being a brand/influencer seems to perpetuate. At the end of the day, his however many subscribers don't have to look him in the eye in the mirror and live with him; that's on him alone. Much love Casey, Teri --

  • Travis Cerillo
    Travis Cerillo 16 days ago

    The big facts of LP is that he is a suicide supporting, money loving, ungrateful, detestable, terrible person who should be banned from TheXvid. as someone who suffers with suicidal thoughts, I was offended by his reactions to the man who took his own life. it is people like LP who cause people with these problems to follow through.

  • DeiMa ntė
    DeiMa ntė 17 days ago

    if I could dislike (as in press a button) a person/chanel as a whole it only be Logan...

    LEAX JIUJITSU 17 days ago

    kids listen> this guy is a 100 out of a 100 bullshit

  • potato mies
    potato mies 17 days ago

    Is vegan

    *Wears Leather shoes*

  • Vincent V
    Vincent V 17 days ago

    True Geordie’s is better

  • Ryan Darradji
    Ryan Darradji 17 days ago


  • griffin lamp
    griffin lamp 17 days ago

    I’m confused on why so many dislikes🤔 anyone got an idea?

  • luvmj4ever904
    luvmj4ever904 21 day ago


  • Brandi Carlson
    Brandi Carlson 22 days ago

    Logan and his brother drive me absolutely insane everytime I watch them lol I'm only 5 minutes in and struggling 😂🙄

  • Mijal Shamai
    Mijal Shamai 22 days ago

    it must be so frustrating for Casey to interview someone who is so full of shit

  • Curiosity
    Curiosity 24 days ago

    It’s hard to change what you really are. But it will be interesting to see what happens from here.

  • Jordan Duplechan
    Jordan Duplechan 24 days ago

    Literally never saw the thing that Logan Paul did... so watching this is somewhat interesting and also confusing..

  • Murrari Vikranth
    Murrari Vikranth 26 days ago

    Logan Paul is a lump of excrement.

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills 26 days ago

    "people don't realize I'm vegan now"

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills 26 days ago

    who else came here from PornHub

  • Amanda Felix
    Amanda Felix 27 days ago

    Why give him the platform

  • Glenn Kilpatrick The Whitby Photographer

    Just when you think you hit rock bottom. You become a fucking Vegan.

  • Brady Baxter
    Brady Baxter 27 days ago

    After watching Shane's full series and seeing the things that BOTH Paul brothers do and how manipulative they are, I think they're both garbage human beings. Neither is honest and they BOTH want to seem victimized and they want to ride on your pity.

  • Alejandra Ramirez
    Alejandra Ramirez 28 days ago

    Ok so this Logan dude is a grown assss man and I give a lot of props to Casey for making this video but in my personal opinion he is grown enough to know what he does right or wrong, yeah we all do stupid shit but like C’mon we also make common sense into what’s RIGHT & WRONG. I honestly think he is just another puppet to the Illuminati and his videos etc are just to distract from the events/things that are happening in real life but those are just my thoughts.... 💭

  • Pratik S
    Pratik S 28 days ago

    Hey everything is fine I am vegan now

  • Nicholas Green
    Nicholas Green 28 days ago

    Complete bullshit, as many others have stated, hes a sociopath, he literally just tried to make himself the victim the entire time. I literally have watched 1 video of LP and that was the suicide forest view of him remains.

  • Mujo Beckovic
    Mujo Beckovic 28 days ago

    fuck this dude logan villain or what his name is

  • tattuedfairy
    tattuedfairy 29 days ago

    any1 here frum pooderpie

  • theperfectexceeder
    theperfectexceeder 29 days ago

    lmao Logan really is a tool. Casey is trying to get Logan to understand why he was being culturally insensitive in Japan and he retorts with "BUT THEY SELL THE OUTFITS THERE!"
    he's feckin hopeless.

  • Carla Donis
    Carla Donis Month ago

    Casey invite Jake paul

  • Dan Glen
    Dan Glen Month ago

    I'm a kid, I'm 23 years old, i'm not responsible, yet I can drive a car and purchase alcohol, yeah you are full of excueses

  • JJ Branches
    JJ Branches Month ago

    This video has turned me off Casey Neistat after being a long time fan. Get off your high horse Casey.

  • meme review
    meme review Month ago


  • Zain DoGooD
    Zain DoGooD Month ago

    there is no one on earth with no mistakes or with out baggage to carry . every single person deserve a second chance to redeem them self's.
    I am not a fan of logan to be honest but I am a fan of the idea of forgiving our short comings. I hope he is that person who wants us to see
    all the best .

  • Andrea Cheow
    Andrea Cheow Month ago

    SO. MUCH. BULLSHIT 👏🏻 He hasn’t done Anything to redeem his actions and he’s jumping into filming his own documentary first and thinking people would actually buy his redemption bullshit story. Wtf?!!!

  • Siraj2K
    Siraj2K Month ago

    The reason why I hate about popularity is that if someone makes a misstake, everyone hates them.

  • Eduardo Jaramillo
    Eduardo Jaramillo Month ago

    This is a tough interview, and it's nice to see someone at least try to hold this guy accountable

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Month ago

    29:35-29:39 “...and still win” , whispers “ hey casey, am i believable

  • Mayank Patel
    Mayank Patel Month ago +1

    I can literally hear Casey LAUGHING OUT LOUD when he mentions he's a VEGAN now LOL

  • LC 716
    LC 716 Month ago

    Didn’t know Sean Penn had a podcast...🤔

  • erin mok
    erin mok Month ago

    I think Logan is in depressed, obviously. So stop the critique, let the pass go. He is just a kid at that time. Everyone made mistake and deserve a second chance right. Life is about happiness. I can see that he is trying to focus on the conversation. He is in a huge depression. He just wants to be cured from his guilt.

  • Nicholas meade
    Nicholas meade Month ago

    “In the snap of the finger” - Logan Paul aka Thannos

  • contactkeithstack
    contactkeithstack Month ago

    I just saw a LP vlog he did where he showed a song this young kid made dedicated to him.
    The song was pretty bad, the kid isn't the "coolest", 99% of entertainers would try to look past it, but the song was genuine - this guy held that kid up and his song and said "hell yes", genuinely big up'd that kid, appreciated it, and probably gave him confidence.
    From the little I've seen - his channel became the biggest because he showed love and enthusiasm for everything.
    Now the world is flippantly asking if he's evil. Calling him a "sociopath" while asking if "he's become more sensitive to the effects of his words and actions?". It's hypocrisy and gaslighting. "But you did laugh at the man who committed suicide?".
    The fact people even try to say that's what happened shows the lack of good faith in this discussion.
    You can criticize his Actions without lying about them.
    What's sick is that this exaggeration and demonization lead to things like "I'm a new Logan Paul" - which of course does not come off as genuine. It's a dangerous cycle for him. Can def cause mental health problems.
    Point is, as much as we should debate his actions, we need way more debate on our own.

  • ImKermit TheOgre
    ImKermit TheOgre Month ago

    Who else see’s that his right arm is much much bigger than his left arm

  • Nick Hubbard
    Nick Hubbard Month ago

    Suck it Logan this sucks

  • Holly Hargreaves
    Holly Hargreaves Month ago

    Casey, you did an awesome job interviewing him. I really think Logan isn't smart or mature enough to understand your questioning- espcially around the 26 min Mark. He looks lost.
    He's also not a good person.

  • Mollie Malone
    Mollie Malone Month ago +1

    He's full of crap 🙄

  • Anita Dodaj
    Anita Dodaj Month ago

    🤦🏻‍♀️ “Cultural insensitivity” is ruining comedy and encouraging negative emotions out of more and more people unnecessarily. Intent is important to recognise. For example imitating an Italian accent to tell a joke and make people laugh is different to imitating and accent to mock and disrespect. Learn the difference before branding someone as Culturally Insensitive, even though I’m doing the same action... there’s a massive difference between the two. Far out, a way to depress one another..

  • Jupiter Silva
    Jupiter Silva Month ago +1

    Why does Logan Paul sound like Brazilian politicians?

  • Cait Hurlee
    Cait Hurlee Month ago

    i actually can’t stand this guy. and i don’t usually leave comments on this stuff, but this guy is just.... so so so aggravating and wrong and just plain clueless. I don’t know how Casey didn’t slap him.

  • Marley The fabulous
    Marley The fabulous Month ago +1

    I am vegan now

  • Becky Embers
    Becky Embers Month ago

    IT is so painfully obvious how insincere he is. He deserves to lose everything.

  • Becky Embers
    Becky Embers Month ago

    6:20 "consisting growth"?

  • Becky Embers
    Becky Embers Month ago

    Logan Paul is a douche canoe who represents to the world how they shouldn't be surprised at our public policy.

  • Danay Perez Perez
    Danay Perez Perez Month ago

    No conocía a este tío, pero de verdad que el pobre está bien perdido, está intentando madurar y ser racional... Pero de veras que su capacidad mental no da para mucho. Gracias por la entrevista.

  • Carolin Krüger
    Carolin Krüger Month ago

    How can it be 'objective and unbiased' if you're making a documentary about yourself?

  • Rosalea Bruce
    Rosalea Bruce Month ago

    He just, doesn't sound real! It's all such a performance!

  • India Esport
    India Esport Month ago

    Is he reading simething?

  • 4EvaLost
    4EvaLost Month ago

    sjw's all over the place here.

  • Next Level Code
    Next Level Code Month ago

    Logan shut up and go see a psychiatrist. So full of yourself. Not changed at all can tell by the way you talk. Ego is so inflated. Got crazy narcissism issues if not psychopathy. If you want to do something to help suicide prevention you should not film it. No one needs to know or see what you do. Do it for yourself not to try and make people like you better.

  • Bill Barnwell
    Bill Barnwell Month ago

    What a door knob Paul is. I could only make it like half way through this...

  • Crazy Legs
    Crazy Legs Month ago

    casey just showed everyone that this guy is a psycho, my god,

  • qubit 000
    qubit 000 Month ago

    Logan Paul is a product of his social upbringing, that of being self absorbed and obsessed with personal happiness while having little regard for others, often ridiculing them for amusement.
    It is this very behavior that is the foundation of American culture of individualism - which is just a euphemism for selfishness and getting ahead at others expense.

  • Zach Darvey
    Zach Darvey Month ago +1

    Casey Neistat is a legend

  • Mother Stutter
    Mother Stutter Month ago

    God. Logan is begging to be sympathized as a victim. It's disgusting. I commend Casey, he is trying so hard to find some ounce of ingenuity in what Logan's saying. but he's just spewing bullshit.

  • Beemz
    Beemz Month ago

    Gotta give chance to Logan. He might be asshole, but there are many worst people.

  • 00100000station
    00100000station Month ago

    I made it a full 24 seconds through Logan Paul taking. I deserve some ice cream.

  • James H
    James H Month ago +1

    Holy crap this guy is an idiot... just flat out dumb, he's so full of shit. "I'm done focusing on success, money and clout".... inserts plug.."right now I'm just focusing on my fight"...

  • BeeVlogging
    BeeVlogging Month ago

    25:52 - 26:35 Boom, that when Casey knocked him out. Really good way to bring point you bring your point across ! Great Interview

  • Mina Yuan
    Mina Yuan Month ago

    tbh i think he felt hurt and angry and disagreeing with others view of him, but not about how he hurts other

  • Deborah Ryder
    Deborah Ryder Month ago

    I wish Shane pushed this hard on Jake for somethings. Great interview, you didn't let him get away with his scripted lines and wanted real answers!

  • Christine Schickedanz
    Christine Schickedanz Month ago +1

    Logan is so very full of himself. None of his explanations make sense and he keeps contradicting himself. Maybe little kids will buy his crap but not adults. Casey is so wise and is not letting Logan get past him. lol

  • Snowball0183
    Snowball0183 Month ago

    Logan scares me. I've seen this video awhile ago. Returned to it again after Shane's series. Yea...Logan's vibe still scares me.

  • Nathan Chang
    Nathan Chang Month ago

    lol logan doesn't fully understand the magnitude of his fk up bc he doesn't know how to describe/explain his fk up and take full & complete responsibility. (plus y the fk is he so argumentative and challenging during the interview..)

  • Viralpanti
    Viralpanti Month ago +8

    LMAO.. Logan trying so hard to sound smart but have no idea what he's talking about xD

  • snoozleblob
    snoozleblob Month ago

    "they sell the outfits in japan" ... it's not about where or how you got it, it's about what you did with the outfit and the idea you were portraying through the use of the outfit that makes it culturally insensitive. Do *you* understand, Logan Paul? Pssh.

  • Shan Khan
    Shan Khan Month ago

    He's vegan now everything is ok now guys come guys

  • MGTOW Revolution
    MGTOW Revolution Month ago

    Making people smile for being a total dick? Never mind the suicide video. Look how you treated people.
    LOL He is a vegan! You know what Vegan Gains tired to film his grandfather dying which made him a total dick and people hated this for him. Being vegan doesn't give you a free pass.

  • MGTOW Revolution
    MGTOW Revolution Month ago

    Well well I can say that too. I think I'm a good person but i killed Logan Paul so you should give me for the crime committed!

  • exxonvaldeezy
    exxonvaldeezy Month ago

    I only got through 4 minutes of this until I wanted to turn it off (right around the time Logan started talking.) The only reason I kept washing was of Neistat's sincerity, not Paul's! Excuse after excuse, he wants people to gave pity for him? What he did was career suicide, this is not a joke.

  • xorbodude
    xorbodude Month ago

    And after Shane's series we see that Logan is the sociopath. And your comment about his doc being a fluff piece is especially poignant.

  • PinkBlossom26
    PinkBlossom26 Month ago

    Jake's not a sociopath, it was a character he was playing. For Logan, this is who he is

  • Peptrix
    Peptrix Month ago

    All I heard were a bunch of words coming out of Logan’s mouth and none of it had any meaning. At certain points you could see him get red and maybe even angry/frustrated because he thought Casey wasn’t understanding him. Logan, dude, you’re not understanding how this world works.

  • Corina Matei
    Corina Matei Month ago

    hahaha this is an amazingly funny interview