How Hot Can It Get?


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  • kaoruhonjou
    kaoruhonjou 5 hours ago

    "I saw you walking by, and I notice you're amazingly kugekblitz".
    She looks at me funny and walks away. : /

  • Haxalicious
    Haxalicious 5 hours ago

    If you put tungsten on the surface of the sun, it would melt, but not boil.

  • Kino Zomby
    Kino Zomby 6 hours ago

    So much hair

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid 9 hours ago +1

    The hottest thing in the universe is...


  • Louisa
    Louisa 10 hours ago

    We all know the hottest thing ever is the metal part of the motherfucking seatbelt in summer

    ALEXANDER EATON 10 hours ago

    The hottest thing on earth is Ninja's rage-o-meter after he loses in Fortnite.

  • Oliver Ansell
    Oliver Ansell 12 hours ago

    W O W

    how are you a meme man? Your videos are amazing! I learn so much thank you😂😁

  • bacon 120
    bacon 120 14 hours ago

    I am the hottest thing in the universe

  • Peter Van Eno
    Peter Van Eno 14 hours ago

    So if a human was the size of the sun, how hot would they be?

  • deadpoolbxm
    deadpoolbxm 16 hours ago +1

    When bae calls you a Kugelblitz

  • CrazedCommando
    CrazedCommando 22 hours ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that star WR104 looks exactly like an embryo? #Fractalinenatureoftheuniverse

  • Hope for all
    Hope for all Day ago

    Is this show meant for kids?

  • Allahu-A
    Allahu-A Day ago

    How hot can it get?

    me, ahuhuhuhu

  • Daniel Romano
    Daniel Romano Day ago

    It can get around *that* hot

  • Stefan Babij
    Stefan Babij Day ago

    pizza pockets after they come out of the microwave

  • Gilberto gutierrez
    Gilberto gutierrez Day ago +1

    Video: How hot, can we get?

    Me: *puts on some hair gel*

    Me: *wears gucci*

    Me: *brushes theeth 10000 times*

    Me: *walks outside*

    Me: *gives a big smile to girls*

  • Váts
    Váts Day ago

    me: Thanks Steven!
    Steven: 8:49

  • nine years old
    nine years old Day ago

    If something was 141,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Kelvin would it create a black hole because of how short the wave lengths are

  • Max Hilliard
    Max Hilliard Day ago

    The hottest thing in the universe is a seatbelt in summer

  • YieldingTuber
    YieldingTuber Day ago

    Man's Not Hot

  • Blank Tempo
    Blank Tempo Day ago

    Wtf. When I was watching this video I smelled something burning outside my house.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Day ago

    this video made my heart a kugoblitz

  • Aleksander Tiik
    Aleksander Tiik Day ago

    You are the hottest thing in the universe papa michael :)


    I believe it's FRAY-NUL or FREH-NEL, not FREZ-NEL. The guy who invented it was French.

  • Giannis Voskidis


  • Kilian S.
    Kilian S. Day ago

    I love that with the portal cake

  • charon
    charon Day ago

    Mans not hot

  • Cail Stearns
    Cail Stearns 2 days ago

    It was around 40°C this summer 😢

  • Ryan Nickens
    Ryan Nickens 2 days ago

    You DO know what that "heart" symbol really means, don't you?

  • T e a V A
    T e a V A 2 days ago

    We all know the hottest thing to ever exist is BTS. I mean, am I right or am I right? 😎

  • Gameja
    Gameja 2 days ago +1

    Hottest thing is the seat buckles in the car

  • Gameja
    Gameja 2 days ago +1

    hands down sun strider is the hottest

  • Intelkek
    Intelkek 2 days ago

    We all know the hottest things are those metal seatbelt parts that get hit by the sun in summer times

  • Mr. Dell
    Mr. Dell 2 days ago

    the hottest thing in the universe is my mixtape

  • Jarret Rucker
    Jarret Rucker 2 days ago

    The hottest thing on the planet is me playing Cities: Skylines then jumping onto Beamng.Drive

  • Marguerite Smith
    Marguerite Smith 2 days ago

    so basically cern is creating energy fields hotter then are sun for brief periods underneath Switzerland yay cern

  • Marguerite Smith
    Marguerite Smith 2 days ago

    Hottest thing in the universe is simply Tenacious D and their new album Post Apocalypto straight Fuego.

  • Thier petersen
    Thier petersen 2 days ago

    still not as hot as my girlfriend.

  • Lukas Williamson
    Lukas Williamson 2 days ago

    So my crush is hotter then temperature itself...damn

  • Riften Guard
    Riften Guard 2 days ago


  • Inappropriate Gamer
    Inappropriate Gamer 2 days ago

    "Assuming you sleep at night" I like how you keep on mind the nocturnal humans here

  • Agent Shot
    Agent Shot 2 days ago

    Kelvin = *Ded - Ded* 2:23

  • Spider Guy
    Spider Guy 2 days ago

    I can't be the only one that's confused about that outro.

  • Oskar Zdrojewski
    Oskar Zdrojewski 2 days ago

    It is pronounced fernel not fresnel.

  • Indenhurst
    Indenhurst 2 days ago


  • Logical Gaming
    Logical Gaming 2 days ago

    The vid is 6yr old , yet there are people still commenting here and getting houndreds of likes...

  • Anurag G
    Anurag G 2 days ago +1

    Obviously the hottest thing in the universe is a bike seat in the Indian summer

  • Bubble Baath
    Bubble Baath 2 days ago

    Come to Australia, last summer it got to 49 degrees celcius where I live

  • Midget Apple
    Midget Apple 2 days ago

    No, the hottest thing is a plastic bench when it’s 90 degrees outside.

    THICC_BOI 2 days ago

    You’re soooo smarttttt

  • T E C H N I C A L D I F F I C U L T I E S

    I just accidentally clicked on this

  • London Punk
    London Punk 2 days ago

    Very hot

  • Brien Malone
    Brien Malone 3 days ago

    Wait... heat the head of a pin to 22million degrees, and you kill people in 1000 miles. A nuclear bomb reaches 350m degrees... (briefly)... why isn’t it more destructive?

  • Cody Slab
    Cody Slab 3 days ago

    *Sellout motherfucker.*

  • Vold Ravenclaw
    Vold Ravenclaw 3 days ago

    There's something hotter.

    VSauce X ViHart.

  • SciBlast Official
    SciBlast Official 3 days ago

    (6 years later)
    Can you melt obsidian and cast a sword?

  • isha boy
    isha boy 3 days ago

    What was with the Russian crew at the end?

  • AK-47 stunt Kolars
    AK-47 stunt Kolars 3 days ago

    1:22 That a lie...

    get it?

  • 3Comme
    3Comme 3 days ago

    That one girl in school

  • Anthony Maru
    Anthony Maru 3 days ago +1


  • Stantheman132
    Stantheman132 3 days ago

    Hey Michael, vsauce here!

  • Guy Michaely
    Guy Michaely 3 days ago +1

    RIP vsucc

    STAR PLATINUM 3 days ago

    Oh hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mihu Gong
    Mihu Gong 3 days ago

    hahaha. The ending was unexpected.

  • Zirro The Hero
    Zirro The Hero 3 days ago

    If things get this hot is there names for the state's of matter that the EXTREMELY hot temperatures have?

  • UnicornHorn
    UnicornHorn 3 days ago +1

    No, the warmest thing ever is the metal piece of the seatbelt in the summer

  • KwadGamer005
    KwadGamer005 3 days ago

    Hottest thing in the universe: A man's balls in pants with a ton of nut space

  • Lorenzo Gillio
    Lorenzo Gillio 3 days ago

    How hot can it get? Ask me in a couple of years.

  • BubLblckZ
    BubLblckZ 3 days ago +1

    Still not hotter than me

  • TheExtremeGamer
    TheExtremeGamer 3 days ago

    That's what she said

  • Ana
    Ana 3 days ago

    The hottest thing in the universe is me.
    *flips hair*

  • Mountain Fisher
    Mountain Fisher 3 days ago

    In 1935 it hit 134 F in Death Valley, not 129. Get a pre-'90s weather records book. The 30s was the hottest recorded temps, 134 in DV but was 136 in Tunisia the same year.

  • NecroPanda
    NecroPanda 3 days ago

    Actually 141 Nonillion

  • The Causal
    The Causal 3 days ago

    Use °c nerds

  • Janusz popsuł usb
    Janusz popsuł usb 3 days ago

    O fuck, i live in poland that shit can cill me

  • Geiger Gamer
    Geiger Gamer 3 days ago +1

    Mehhhh hottest thing is the Bunny skin in fortnite :]

    • Tyler Benjamin
      Tyler Benjamin 2 days ago

      Your counter is faulty, your goods are forfeit, and your search history is mine...
 can have it back

  • Produx CR
    Produx CR 3 days ago +1

    so my gf is a kugelblitz

  • Forte Piano
    Forte Piano 3 days ago

    The hottest thing in the universe is my skin after I lick my finger and touch my body.

  • Cristien Perezzx
    Cristien Perezzx 4 days ago

    a huge fire = red light on the area

    JCSMOOTH345 4 days ago

    Would Jeeper the Kreeper survive planck temp?

    JCSMOOTH345 4 days ago

    Wait on one planet water is in plasma state...what does it look like?

    MEME GOD 4 days ago

    You know what else is hot?

    I'll leave..

  • James Souza
    James Souza 4 days ago

    How do they know how hot the inside of the sun is? Who is the person that went to find out?
    Ahh hahh! SEE!

  • James Souza
    James Souza 4 days ago

    (Temp inside the Sun)

  • Thrakerzad
    Thrakerzad 4 days ago

    perhaps above the planck temperature the laws of physics themselves start to melt.

  • David Hartzfield
    David Hartzfield 4 days ago

    It takes 1.3 million earths to fill up the sun not 300,000! Why is it that everyone is lying in these last days???

    NUCLEAR MONSTAR 4 days ago

    That’s nothing the hottest thing ever in the universe is Pepe when he’s mad

  • FarkYouCCB
    FarkYouCCB 4 days ago

    making a scientific video and using retard units...tss

  • Abondend Hope
    Abondend Hope 4 days ago

    Dont ever call a female a kugelblitz, youlk either, A) Get looked at weirdly, B) Slapped, C)Instantly friendzoned.

  • Icehawk06
    Icehawk06 4 days ago

    I dont even know what all this means lol

  • bIG eGG
    bIG eGG 4 days ago

    Assuming you sleep at *_night_*

  • Vishal Vennu
    Vishal Vennu 4 days ago

    First VSause Video that I completely understood in one go!

  • HybridTheory
    HybridTheory 4 days ago

    Really interesting video.

  • Robert Cornhole
    Robert Cornhole 4 days ago +1

    LOL, high alertness at 10 AM?

  • Cockatiel
    Cockatiel 4 days ago

    Why don't you just make this a 3 second video saying 999Quinnovemnonillion

  • Jeffrey Stephens
    Jeffrey Stephens 4 days ago

    It's pronounced, "Fra-nel", not "Fres-null".

  • Bug Livestreams
    Bug Livestreams 5 days ago

    The meme legend Michael at it again.

  • Conner 1234
    Conner 1234 5 days ago

    Michael you’re a kugelblitz 😉