How Hot Can It Get?


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  • Toni Pegues
    Toni Pegues 23 hours ago

    108 degrees fever is lethal um I had a fever and my temperature was 108.9

  • UnderScore
    UnderScore 23 hours ago

    This is probably the most on-topic vsauce video.

  • Penguinsger
    Penguinsger 23 hours ago +1

    Stretched *juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust* past the 10 min mark.

  • Shardzzz
    Shardzzz 23 hours ago

    9:46 you had to do that

  • Vic
    Vic Day ago

    ~mind collapses in on self like a dying star after seeing all those zeroes~

  • Bryan Sun
    Bryan Sun Day ago

    his face at 4:21 tho

  • Platinum Playz
    Platinum Playz Day ago

    The actual hottest object is for YOU to find out.😏😏😏

  • Platinum Playz
    Platinum Playz Day ago

    The actual hottest object is for YOU to find out.😏😏😏

  • Buurblox Production

    Fire... is plasma

  • Britishgamer666
    Britishgamer666 Day ago

    Michael, stop lyin. We all know you're the hottest thing there can every be.

  • Alexiunea TV
    Alexiunea TV Day ago

    Yo I was about to die when I was 4 because I had a fever with 41 degrees Celsius

  • Spectre
    Spectre Day ago

    The hottest thing is when you step into the shower and it feels like Satan just licked your back

  • Benard Masambaji

    An AMD chip doing anything

  • 1817226367228819191 192828272762552892727

    What if black holes are hot But have an effect when temperatures only reach a certain type of hot to create a forcefield so no heat can escape and that's why we can't figure out what's in there or sum...idk it's 3am for my 2nd I have school and go to sleep at 4or5

  • Max Rapolove
    Max Rapolove Day ago

    "assuming you sleep at night, " *definetely not awake at 1:26 am

  • Reed
    Reed Day ago

    pl ease kiss me

  • BadBlastMan
    BadBlastMan Day ago

    How hot can I get ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lil Niglet
    Lil Niglet Day ago

    alright time to microwave some fire

  • Gajeel Gaming
    Gajeel Gaming 2 days ago +1

    So what is? *Ba dummmm*

  • christopher wilson
    christopher wilson 2 days ago +1


  • The HoennHunter
    The HoennHunter 2 days ago +1

    Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

  • Tony Rahme
    Tony Rahme 2 days ago

    Ahhhh that’s hot ~Will Smith 2018

  • MajidK
    MajidK 2 days ago

    Not as hot as you

  • Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos

    But the real hottest thing is you Michael 😘😘😘

  • SimpleSkry
    SimpleSkry 2 days ago +1

    As Will Smith once said THAT'S HOT!

  • A fat Paki bastard
    A fat Paki bastard 2 days ago +1

    The hottest thing in the world is the seat in a car when it’s left out in the sun for days

  • JonaCichlid
    JonaCichlid 2 days ago

    He says, You can make plasma by microwaving fire, then says dont do it, that just makes me wanna do it even more.

  • ahmed mazawid
    ahmed mazawid 2 days ago

    Am i the only one who heard him say “our suns”? 5:40

    • Bloodred Pyrate
      Bloodred Pyrate 2 days ago

      ...the equivalent of 25 of our Sun's... (mass). - note the grammar - he's talking about our Sun's mass compared to that of WR104. So _Sun's_ is grammatically correct.

  • DarkRider Adi
    DarkRider Adi 2 days ago

    The hottest thing is my motorbike's seat in the summer!

  • Eng
    Eng 2 days ago

    You know what's hotter?

    Big shaq

  • Relay Dash
    Relay Dash 2 days ago

    Anomaly lived 40 c fever

  • roccodastick
    roccodastick 2 days ago

    false. the center of baked ziti fresh out of the oven.

  • AlphaNumerio
    AlphaNumerio 2 days ago

    Ahhh, That’s hot, That’s hot

  • Yuvraj Shah
    Yuvraj Shah 2 days ago

    I am pretty sure that the word kugelblitz is a German word.

  • TheAura Murderer
    TheAura Murderer 2 days ago

    You're scaring me. 😭

  • josh scott
    josh scott 3 days ago +1

    Daaaaamn Michael you looking like a kugle blitz

  • Jacob Serrano
    Jacob Serrano 3 days ago

    The hottest temperature possible was the temperature of the universe at the moment at the Big Bang.
    It doesn’t seem possible for it to be hotter since that’s literally all of the energy in the universe, and as the laws of thermodynamics state, matter/energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only change form.

  • Jono Studios
    Jono Studios 3 days ago

    I know the hottest thing in the universe, furrys who want to yiff

  • MyNameTimothy
    MyNameTimothy 3 days ago

    Hey Vsauce, .... Michael here and my tea is quite hot, but it's not the hottest thing in the universe...

    ........or is it? * Vsauce music *

  • lumberjack
    lumberjack 3 days ago

    2:28 his face XD

  • Josh
    Josh 3 days ago

    Michael, you’re the hottest thing in the universe, now come back.

  • Relix player
    Relix player 3 days ago +1

    I em hot

  • Jessie Pinkman
    Jessie Pinkman 3 days ago

    I go to school by bus

  • Gaming With Silly
    Gaming With Silly 3 days ago

    I lived in Katoomba for 8 years and I don’t mind cold I do mind freeeeeeeezing but not a bit freezing or cold

  • Allmouth by Smashstar

    No the hottest thing in the universe is Michael's Tea

  • NotEvenFound
    NotEvenFound 3 days ago

    Don't ask Micheal for relationship advice....

  • Mountain Fresh Scented Bleach

    Thank you Vsauce for the pickup lines

  • Asharah O'Sullivan
    Asharah O'Sullivan 3 days ago

    haha.. yea.. I knew what most of those words meant.....

  • BiteMyShinyMetal4ss
    BiteMyShinyMetal4ss 3 days ago

    "Kugelblitz" is actually german for "Ball Lightning", but ok...

  • Aries Estrada
    Aries Estrada 3 days ago

    The hottest thing is yo mom

  • Aries Estrada
    Aries Estrada 3 days ago

    141 nonillion not
    141 billion billion billion

  • Mimi Playz
    Mimi Playz 3 days ago

    Bf:Ur hot
    Bf:No literally you are a star
    Gf: aww
    Bf: *burns*
    Gf: he wasn’t flirting. Nvm imma get Starbucks since I’m a star
    Bf: *dies*
    Gf: poor planet
    Dead bf: you care?
    Gf: nah I’m hot and a star
    Gf: imma work under the sea
    *Gf works at plankton and comes back*
    Dead bf: eww your ugly and cold


  • Finn Ivory
    Finn Ivory 4 days ago

    Thanx for the dating advice Mikey

  • Noahnation
    Noahnation 4 days ago

    Nah mate the hottest thing is lava in Minecraft

  • AWPeti
    AWPeti 4 days ago

    The Plank Temperature: u cant get hotter than me
    My graphics card: *xd*

  • Chicken Strips
    Chicken Strips 4 days ago

    When yo girl calls you the Large Hadron Collider (hottest thing in the universe also on earth)

  • Its Frosty
    Its Frosty 4 days ago

    He’s smart asf

  • Zoeh Poop
    Zoeh Poop 4 days ago

    Should I call my crush a kugelblitz... Hmmm.... Should I?

  • Linc
    Linc 4 days ago +38

    “That’s hot. That’s hot.” -Will Smith

  • Abraham M
    Abraham M 4 days ago

    The hottest thing in the universe is my cars leather seat on summer

  • Biskoi
    Biskoi 4 days ago

    ur a kugelblitz

  • Kosh Marasco
    Kosh Marasco 4 days ago

    You have noticeably gained weight since I started watching not super long ago lmfao. You should smarten the fuck up and be vegan/planet caring there Mr. Science. Pffft. #Typical

  • Marc Kenner
    Marc Kenner 4 days ago

    This may sound like a dumb question, but isn't flame already plasma?

    • BiteMyShinyMetal4ss
      BiteMyShinyMetal4ss 3 days ago

      from what I know thanks to mighty google, fire is only considered plasma when it is ionized. That is why Michael told us at 4:08 about placing a flame in a microwave will turn it into plasma.

  • Ryan Wolf
    Ryan Wolf 4 days ago

    Michael ur the hottest thing

  • Justin O'Donnell
    Justin O'Donnell 5 days ago

    Wanna know what’s really hot?

    *My sister ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • The Goblin
    The Goblin 5 days ago

    You ever been in my room after i fall asleep with the playstation on? it gets pretty hot in there.

  • MrPapaNemo
    MrPapaNemo 5 days ago

    Nothing is h0tter then me -3-

  • AmandelTweeter
    AmandelTweeter 5 days ago +1

    what the fuck

  • Sean T
    Sean T 5 days ago

    I grew up in a townie Australia where each summer wed have a few 48-9 degree days.... Its fucking hot .

  • Ninchizida
    Ninchizida 5 days ago

    Dat tea has no vapour above it, thus it is not hot or even not a tea in the first place :DD

  • Viggo Juliusson
    Viggo Juliusson 5 days ago

    Hi HowToBasic:)

  • Squishrr
    Squishrr 5 days ago

    I never understood how unbelievably smart you are

  • CM Racing
    CM Racing 5 days ago

    1:28 oh yea put some of dat on me

    SIMTECH_CODING 5 days ago

    ariana grande your a kugelblitz

  • Hungry Films
    Hungry Films 5 days ago

    The hottest thing in the universe is a car seatbelt during an Australian summers day.

  • James Tindale
    James Tindale 5 days ago

    So the question now is.... is adding temperature beyond the plank limit akin to adding force to an object near the speed of light?

  • Nolan Fahey
    Nolan Fahey 5 days ago

    Since temperature is measured with numbers, 0-(insert sideways 8) so i guess that means something significant to math people.

  • By By
    By By 5 days ago

    1:23 The cake is a lie
    1:23 The cake is a lie!
    1:23 The Cake is A Lie!!
    1:23 THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 5 days ago +31

    Vsauce is responsible for most of my pickup lines

  • павле николић


  • brufnus
    brufnus 6 days ago

    И, как всегда - не стоит! :-D

  • brufnus
    brufnus 6 days ago

    "...if you wanna be COOL, 3 GigaKelvin"....?! WTF?! c".) ha haaaa

  • Goose ASMR
    Goose ASMR 6 days ago

    How do yu kno how hot the middle of the sun no one would noe that ?

  • andr357n
    andr357n 6 days ago

    Michael is a kugelblitz

  • Nils Hughes
    Nils Hughes 6 days ago

    A kugleblitz has nothing on my pc when I play fortnite on epic graphics

  • Nils Hughes
    Nils Hughes 6 days ago

    No the hottest thing is my phone when I don’t realise it 5 am

  • Nils Hughes
    Nils Hughes 6 days ago

    According to my sister the scientific genius she is it is fiscally impossible for enything to be hotter than 100 degrees Celsius

  • Plasma Heat
    Plasma Heat 6 days ago

    @9:11 " fit 300 thousand earths inside the Sun" U mean 1.3 million ?

  • iNeon Gaming YT
    iNeon Gaming YT 6 days ago +6

    I had a 110 degree fever once

  • i love fries
    i love fries 6 days ago

    Me (has a friend named kelvin):ur pretty hot
    Haha get it

  • Pasi Sallinen
    Pasi Sallinen 7 days ago +1

    ahh, such a wholesome ending

  • Mučko Đubre
    Mučko Đubre 7 days ago +2

    Pause at 2:29 Hhahah

  • Trash
    Trash 7 days ago +2

    Science: Planck temperature is maximum
    Hoomans: *add more energy*
    Science.exe has stopped responding

  • Nerf N' Stuff
    Nerf N' Stuff 7 days ago

    Haha lachlan has almost as many subscribers as you

  • NotANoob
    NotANoob 7 days ago

    i said to my gf shes a kugelblitz and she slapped me in the face and now im single...

  • KittCat NotHere
    KittCat NotHere 7 days ago

    The hottest thing is you when you Subscribe to PewDiePie

  • Scotty owo
    Scotty owo 7 days ago

    Hey Michael :)

  • Alex G H Sansbury
    Alex G H Sansbury 7 days ago


  • ManderWayne
    ManderWayne 7 days ago