The Greatest Trans Am Ever Built? 7 foot wide, 700hp, 10,000rpm Track Ripper

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • This is our entire crew's favorite car of SEMA 2018: Riley Stair's WIDE and LOW (yeah, all caps) 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. But what's even better about the ridiculously good looking bodywork and batshit N/A motor, is the fact that Riley built and fabricated this thing himself in his parent's outdoor garage bay. Major props.
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Comments • 3 900

  • Hoonigan
    Hoonigan  5 months ago +645

    You’ve got an hour with this Trans Am, where do you take it and what do you do?

    RJDCR 5 hours ago


  • Jim Stenlund
    Jim Stenlund 13 hours ago

    Not only a genius, but how quick does this guy work?! Straight-up fabricated those steel flares in four days, wow !

  • Zo Fryer
    Zo Fryer Day ago

    high rpm LS makes insane horsepower NA. There's a cheap 9,000 rpm vortec 6.0 recipe where you use the 5.3 crank for 336cu that does 600hp. I've been wanting to put one together for a foxbody. This guy basically made an American version of an aston martin vulcan for somewhat less, on his parents garage.

  • Ripsaw17 Dennis
    Ripsaw17 Dennis Day ago

    Seen track video car runs as good as it looks nice work im sure its the first of many

  • John Cocktoasten

    That guy is an alien 👾

    ENCOMAN ENCO 2 days ago

    Although the car is awesome, it has room for some small inprovements. Mr. Riley Stair sure does have talent. As for the camera man, I would throw his ass out.

  • Eryk S
    Eryk S 2 days ago

    Kudos to his skills & passion!

  • Justin Kerwin
    Justin Kerwin 3 days ago

    Tell him to call Kindigit for a job

  • Justin Kerwin
    Justin Kerwin 3 days ago

    Bad ass good going best Tran am ever especially one built in the yard

  • Bernie garrett
    Bernie garrett 4 days ago

    Best build ever

  • Bernie garrett
    Bernie garrett 4 days ago


  • Amdi Nielsen
    Amdi Nielsen 4 days ago

    Only amatures puts a chevy in a pontiac

  • TotalWarful
    TotalWarful 4 days ago

    Hell that thing is lower than a snake shit! 👌

  • Ricardo J Malbran
    Ricardo J Malbran 4 days ago


  • Joshua Meldru
    Joshua Meldru 4 days ago

    Incredible talent !!

  • Baby NewYear
    Baby NewYear 4 days ago


  • David Bruner
    David Bruner 5 days ago

    That is sick!!!

  • h1ll13illy
    h1ll13illy 5 days ago

    ya boy got some crazy skills. thats a work of art

  • Daniel Cleveland-Perez

    Sooooo.... It looks like a trans am but its a devil in disguise

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan 6 days ago

    The engineering and aesthetics within this build makes Chip Foose look like a high school small engine repair teacher...BEAUTIFUL BUILD. HOLY SHIT.

  • Greg Jack
    Greg Jack 6 days ago

    That thing is WICKED ! It made me miss my '70 Firebird all over again ! 👍🔥🇱🇷

  • Paul Perez
    Paul Perez 6 days ago +2

    Good luck in the future. Cant wait for your next SEMA build.

  • Catfish Johnson
    Catfish Johnson 7 days ago

    Two words bad ass

  • Marcelo da costa
    Marcelo da costa 7 days ago

    Some B.S. this kid did everything by himself..!!!!????

  • Dicky Seamus
    Dicky Seamus 7 days ago

    The workmanship is just... wow.

  • Derrick khoo
    Derrick khoo 7 days ago

    Setsuna f seiei would like to know your build.

  • David P
    David P 8 days ago

    Gees that sounds scary

  • Liberty Me
    Liberty Me 8 days ago

    Ugly wide......why?

  • Orion Karl Daley
    Orion Karl Daley 8 days ago

    Beautiful Work -

  • MrJulipoil
    MrJulipoil 8 days ago

    i came

  • Matthew Bittenbender

    I hate to say it but that is an ugly car. I have no doubt that the dude put his heart and soul into that TA but outside of the engine, I’m not digging what he did to the body and suspension.

  • Wulfguard
    Wulfguard 9 days ago

    If Racer X from Speed Racer was around today that would be his car. :-)

  • kevin roberts
    kevin roberts 9 days ago

    why the stupid exhaust

  • LsGunZ06
    LsGunZ06 10 days ago +1

    This Kid reminded me of the way Nelson Racing builds there cars except he did it on the side of his house and it's amazing.

  • Jamieson Scott
    Jamieson Scott 10 days ago +1

    That'd be an awesome drive from point A to Street Machine magazine Summernats at Canberra, A.C.T come January 😁

  • keeponpainting
    keeponpainting 11 days ago +3

    So humble, so talented and dedicated, what an inspiration.

  • FuckGoogle2Step FuckGoogle

    Hahahaha. Wet Back. Junk

  • elias mora
    elias mora 11 days ago

    Pure race car.. just amazing, great taste ( sorry monster garage or what ever )

  • jasonneal
    jasonneal 11 days ago

    Super snappy. The throttle response is insane.

  • atolliver91
    atolliver91 11 days ago

    Looking underneath seems like it’s not really drivable...I like it ...seem like it’s just a talking piece???

  • Creazioni di Realta
    Creazioni di Realta 11 days ago

    The front wheels aren't completely flat to the ground

  • producer73
    producer73 11 days ago

    Why does the next generation all look and act the same. I happened to watch about seven various car videos, all none related and all seven had "dudes" that dress, act, talked and look the same, and all are wearing baseball caps with the flat bill. Talk about social conditioning and product marketing.

  • Mud-Lust
    Mud-Lust 11 days ago

    I love his humble demeanor. True sign of a good man. Seeing what he did at his parents house, true sign of an artist.

    I was only 4 mins in and I left the above comment, now 5 mins in... what???? did you just say your learnt how to weld doing this? my mind is blown

  • Kkidzz
    Kkidzz 11 days ago

    What was the Donkey Kong score...?

  • Kkidzz
    Kkidzz 11 days ago

    Pebble Sweeper

  • Gio io 1981
    Gio io 1981 12 days ago

    Cazzo è pazzesca !!!! Stupenda creatura. davvero complimenti è meravigliosamente cattiva e incazzata......saluti da Genova Italia!!!!

  • Nick Crimi
    Nick Crimi 12 days ago +2

    Negative camber I’ll never get...... just to current of an idea that makes no sense or purpose. But other then that it’s a clean build.

    • Ace Ventura
      Ace Ventura 12 days ago

      Well you’re not gettin far with them fender clearance anyway, so what the hell

  • Anthony Gallad
    Anthony Gallad 12 days ago

    SAD! This is one of the best American car built. I would have restored it to original.

  • HarleySpike
    HarleySpike 12 days ago

    There are no words for how amazing this build is, especially when you consider he did all the really complicated stuff by himself and under an effin carport for Christ's sake! Some of those tubing gaps were too close to get a hair though! Can't imagine this vid not landing him a job, but eff that, open your own custom build shop my man! With that thing sitting out front as a testament to your skills, wouldn't think it would take you long to make a name for yourself and become a major player!!!

  • South Hill Farm
    South Hill Farm 13 days ago

    Way over the top but I guess that was the idea. To show off the builders talents.

  • Adam Amen
    Adam Amen 13 days ago

    So talented and humble, this guy makes professional shops look like garbage.

  • the sniper
    the sniper 13 days ago

    awesome car, with that said the complication of all the plumbing adds weight

  • Dakota Williams
    Dakota Williams 13 days ago

    Huge respect for your vision and execution of this build.

  • L00peey
    L00peey 14 days ago

    @14:10, that is terrible cable management im sorry. surely there are better routes to take they are not even symmetrical they're everywhere lol. can't even put a skid plate under the car.

    STEPHEN CHRISTIAN 14 days ago


  • Chucky Bananaz
    Chucky Bananaz 14 days ago

    Slammed - Am

  • Joe danero
    Joe danero 15 days ago

    Welcome to masterpiece theater.

  • rotarynachogt3
    rotarynachogt3 15 days ago

    This puts my 1970 Pontiac Firebird to shame 😐

  • joe rosario
    joe rosario 15 days ago

    The Greatest Trans Am Ever needs T-Top. I would bring it out to an emtpy parking lot. Then have a wet t-shirt contest. followed by a wet Tshirt car wash. SLEDGEHAMMER SWING IT FOR 10 BUCKS A HIT.

  • Shin Sho
    Shin Sho 16 days ago

    Totally disappointed by this crop video by you. Get a new job dude

  • Random Gamer85
    Random Gamer85 16 days ago

    If you do something great there's always going to be those with negativity/jealous hate.This car looks amazing though for real.👍👊

  • Insane Original Gaming

    I see room for a Precision 106 Billet Turbo

  • Gregg Rolfe
    Gregg Rolfe 16 days ago

    Crazy cool!

  • Racer 67
    Racer 67 16 days ago

    More Over the top than Stalone!

  • Tommy Totem
    Tommy Totem 16 days ago +1

    Holy Fudge Stick! I’ve seen a lot of guys build Back Yard stuff before that was pretty awesome, but this Side Yard 70 1/2 Trans Am takes it to a whole new level. Respect ✊

  • Nissianman
    Nissianman 17 days ago

    Great job but seems stupide, not

  • Specialized61
    Specialized61 17 days ago +1

    What a car genius! Harvard or MIT Grad?

    • BlaQLabs LLC BruskDesign
      BlaQLabs LLC BruskDesign 16 days ago

      If he went to Harvard or MIT he would be in a situation similar to mine. Knowing how to do all the CAD and engineering but with no time to actually use it to make cool stuff because the school loans would have him by the throat stuck in a crap job that owns every minute. In my case with my shop you build everyone else's boring stuff just to pay all the bills and really cool stuff never gets done. Hell I got customers afraid to do a v mount because they don't want to convert to coil on plug. 😭🔌

  • Bradly May
    Bradly May 17 days ago

    So fuckin awesome, wow. Dude is a cross between mad scientist & artist.

  • Daymonte Dickerson
    Daymonte Dickerson 17 days ago +2

    DAMNN Respect bro 🙌🏾🥵👌🙃 that is sweet

  • Tim Morgan
    Tim Morgan 17 days ago

    Yeah you start with the parts our can take off and redo at the end - Preach.

  • Ritalie
    Ritalie 17 days ago

    Notice how at 12:30 he is talking about how he keeps the entire engine crankcase under a vacuum. Take note of this. Most hot rodders install a filter element on their PCV valve hole, creating a positive pressure in the crankcase. The PCV system is designed to create a strong vacuum, not a positive pressure. Even though it's called "Positive Crankcase Ventilation" system, positive pressure is not the purpose.
    The purpose is to suck the oil into the engine, not push the oil out of the engine. Your piston rings actually seal better if you have vacuum inside the crankcase, because it holds the rings down against the ring lands. Also, you get less oil vapor entering the combustion chamber, when you have a proper negative pressure PCV system.
    Oil vapor that escapes up past the piston rings from the crankcase, lowers the octane rating of the fuel and can cause detonation/pinging. If you have a leaky oil pan and leaky main seals, and camshaft seals on your engine, it's probably because you bypassed the PCV system. I take a moment to write this, because 90% of people remove the PCV system on their custom engines. Removing the PCV system is not a good thing.

  • Ritalie
    Ritalie 17 days ago

    The transmission. The most important part of the whole driving experience in a car, and none of these car channels ever talk about the transmission. Can we please have a whole video about the Tex Racing T101A transmission? Is it an automatic? I can't find a single piece of information online about it. Assuming a 20% loss in drive-train losses, the engine is closer to 850 horsepower at the flywheel.

  • Josh Moore
    Josh Moore 18 days ago

    I would definitely pay this dude to build me a car when I have the money forsure!!!

  • MrDjh66
    MrDjh66 18 days ago +1

    Love it total beast and very talented guy I have a 73TA bone stock

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy 18 days ago

    I had one many moons ago butchering uP a TransAm like that twists my Tail~~~~~~~🍺🇺🇸

  • Base
    Base 19 days ago

    Crazy setup😳

  • Chris 509JF
    Chris 509JF 20 days ago +1

    What an absolute masterpiece! I'm in awe

  • Jerk Major
    Jerk Major 21 day ago


  • Merrick Gould
    Merrick Gould 21 day ago

    Mega Pontiac and O YEA

  • Yay Jay
    Yay Jay 22 days ago

    Put some mudflaps on it, it would go pretty well

  • David Roman
    David Roman 22 days ago

    The most sickest and awesome car hands down

  • 6BT_ Str86
    6BT_ Str86 22 days ago


  • According To Honda
    According To Honda 23 days ago +7

    If NASA built a Trans Am
    (SIDE YARD?!! WTF!!!!)

  • Junior Mudd
    Junior Mudd 23 days ago

    wtf did they do to that beautiful trans am?

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall 23 days ago


  • DJ Rodriguez
    DJ Rodriguez 23 days ago

    Beautiful bro

  • MarcAllyn Medina
    MarcAllyn Medina 24 days ago


  • wooodrow99
    wooodrow99 24 days ago

    If you guys don’t hire this guy, you’re crazy.

  • B Curtis
    B Curtis 24 days ago

    If I had all the time, money, and talent to build my ultimate car, that would be it. Js. I'm afraid to contact you guys about my 5x1 weight to power custom car after that!?😝🤷

  • 007 squirrel dehne
    007 squirrel dehne 24 days ago

    That's one badass car dude it turned on on the dynonice headers nice plumbing job he'll altogether best as best man really nice job

  • Ric O'Shai
    Ric O'Shai 24 days ago

    Excellent !!

  • bis4op
    bis4op 24 days ago

    7:59 sounded like a Buddhist quote

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 24 days ago

    someday I want this guy and hoonigan to build my car 😆🍻

  • Mister Myxlplyx
    Mister Myxlplyx 25 days ago


    THE NICE ONES 25 days ago

    Sweet Baby Jesus

  • Kenneth Flowers
    Kenneth Flowers 26 days ago

    Sweet TA

  • grinster1
    grinster1 26 days ago

    fuckin ugly, what's up with the camber on the front wheels?

  • anonymous
    anonymous 28 days ago

    Ehhhhhhh..THANK YOU....humble kid..talented
    Better than any boyd coddington or chip foose car

  • mark warren
    mark warren 29 days ago

    Awesome build right up till the point where he put a Chevy in a Pontiac. There is more than adequate Pontiac technology available to make all the power you need or want. That last would be right at home in a 70 Camaro.