• Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • Moving in to the New Year I've been taking a closer look at what I'm putting on my skin to improve it. xo's ~ Tati
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    ✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
    Frank Body Anti-Drama Face Mask // Get To Know Me
    Dior Prestige La Mousse Micellaire
    Dior Prestige Le Sucre De Gommage
    Dior Prestige Le Baume Demaquillant
    Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series Daily Foaming Cleanse
    Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer
    Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Citrus Brightening Cleanser
    Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser
    Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Moisturizer
    Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream
    Laneige Essential Power Skin Toner
    Laneige Water Bank Essence
    Laneige Cleansing Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil
    Radical Skincare Express Delivery Enzyme Peel
    Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior Pink Plumping Mask
    Laura Mercier Flawless Skin

    ✔ M A K E U P W O R N
    Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Primer
    Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation // 3.25
    Stellar Beauty Limitless Concealer // L02
    Patrick Starrr Setting Powder // Patrick’s Powder
    MAC Studio Fix Sculpt And Shape Contour Palette // Light/Medium
    100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer // Cocoa Kissed
    Patrick Starrr MSF // Baby Its Gold Outside
    Col-Lab Soft Spot Sheer Blush // Meet Cute
    Becky G x Colourpop Luster Dust Loose Powder Highlighter // Chisme

    MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot // Painterly
    BH Cosmetics x Sylvia Gani 22 Color Shadow Palette
    Becky G x Colourpop Salvaje Pressed Powder Palette
    Linda Hallberg Crayon // Daring Mood
    Col-Lab Wow Effect All-In-One Mascara // The Works
    Duo Brush-On Adhesive Eyelash Glue
    Wynk Luxury Lashes // The Kelsey

    Kat Von D Signature Brow Precision Pencil // Light Brown

    Mellow Lip Pencil // Rose
    Patrick Starrr Matte Lipstick // Peachy Peter
    Patrick Starrr Dazzleglass // Twerk For Gifts

    KL Polish // Winter Is Coming
    KL Polish // Unfortunate Souls
    KL Polish // Mother Of Dragons

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  • Tena Houser
    Tena Houser Day ago

    Have James try Red Ken Men’s bar. My husband used it once 30 years ago and that is all he will use. Color is blue and the smell is subtle

  • Inlakesh
    Inlakesh 2 days ago

    Coconut oil, cocoa butter and lanolin are highly comedogenic = clog pores

  • Josephine Georgiou
    Josephine Georgiou 3 days ago

    Hey Tati , could you do an updated skin care routine , your skin looks really good ❤

  • Sabina X
    Sabina X 3 days ago

    What are them coloured bottles on your vanity in your videos, I’m soo curious 😳😂

  • Lori Gokee
    Lori Gokee 4 days ago

    Thanks for the video. I changed my skincare about a year ago and removed irritants. The results were dramatic!!!! You are awesome Tati

  • Selena Severino
    Selena Severino 4 days ago

    Can you really reverse skin damage tati?

  • Matea Mihovilić
    Matea Mihovilić 5 days ago

    Can you make video, what you use know from skin care?

  • Keffington Naturals
    Keffington Naturals 8 days ago

    Tati what do you recommend using to apply the Halo products? I really want to buy the Kiwi Serum 🥝

  • Amanda
    Amanda 8 days ago

    Hi Tati! Can you suggest any good drugstore moisturizers?

  • Cody Lamont
    Cody Lamont 8 days ago

    The type of exfoliant that you like is called "gommage"

  • Dana Hoffman
    Dana Hoffman 9 days ago

    Oh my goodness red 40 gives me hives and make me go into anaphylactic shock. I learned that the hard way... suppose Kate Summerville will have to be a HUGE pass lol

  • DibaNation
    DibaNation 9 days ago

    i know that i have the same reactions to these ingredients too! I have to use very natural skincare, and avoid a lot of oils. i feel you! 🙌🏻

  • Brooke Crawford
    Brooke Crawford 9 days ago

    Very helpful. Thank you

  • VocalTranceTV
    VocalTranceTV 9 days ago

    I've been using Dr. Perricone gentle skin cleanser for about 10 years now. I'm 29. And used to have acne. Combination oily skin in the summer, and drier in winter, and it works great!

  • Darby Ouellet
    Darby Ouellet 9 days ago

    That gloss is amazing on you. Its so important to read the ingredients !!!!

  • Jessie Lallier
    Jessie Lallier 9 days ago

    Should I be putting on moisturizer before bed? I heard a few people say that it blocks your skins natural renewal process while you sleep.

  • Magli Veras
    Magli Veras 9 days ago

    Please do a skincare routine! :)

  • Brenda Toledo
    Brenda Toledo 10 days ago

    I want more videos like these

  • Madelynn Dorsey
    Madelynn Dorsey 10 days ago

    I’m new to your channel and thus far TRULY enjoying your content! Very informative yet love your sense of humor! So glad I came across your channel! Thanks

  • kc 2704
    kc 2704 12 days ago

    I love these kind of vedio plz make these more

  • Naomi Sosa
    Naomi Sosa 12 days ago

    l love you Tati!

  • Amanda K. Larsson
    Amanda K. Larsson 12 days ago

    I always read/hear how people swear by coconut oil and I do not get it, it's so irritating to my skin and I can't eat coconut either and there's coconut in so many skincare/makeup products and food.. same goes for Shea/Parkii , it's a big NO from me personally! (also don't get how they can put nuts in makeup/skincare when it's such a common allergy) 😅😩

  • Christi Moisant
    Christi Moisant 13 days ago

    I am loving that PTR Cloud Cream so much.

  • Heidyglabaen Laban
    Heidyglabaen Laban 14 days ago +1

    This is just a personal preference. A person can decide what ingredients they don’t want on their skin. It’s just her opinion, she never claimed she knew it all. Love your videos Tati.

  • Heidyglabaen Laban
    Heidyglabaen Laban 14 days ago

    Loved this video! So informative! ❤️

  • Sarah Milner
    Sarah Milner 14 days ago

    Woh what's with the make up today Ireland we would say you'd need a trowl to take it off , plastered !! 😂🤣😂

  • Kristy G
    Kristy G 15 days ago

    Love all the scientist commenting!!!

  • Yezmin ™
    Yezmin ™ 15 days ago

    Can you pls do like the opposites of this, like make a video on products that are really good in your skincare or just in general. I’ve been trying to find a fragrance free, silicone free and essential oil free moisturiser and I’ve failed :(

  • Melissa Sternenberg
    Melissa Sternenberg 15 days ago

    Yes yes please do more skincare videos!! Especially since it's something you're passionate about!

  • Mason Lew
    Mason Lew 15 days ago

    Please do a video on clean make up products!!!! xoxo

  • Alison Tull
    Alison Tull 17 days ago

    @ mayang wardarni thts a great idea,Dr Kim in Australia is great :-) xx

  • Alison Tull
    Alison Tull 17 days ago

    I was totally shocked by formaldehyde.........As a Student Nurse we used to put our hands in it to take out hands now have pomphelis eczema (allergic eczema) which look like hands waaay over my age :-( and react to everything that has 'cleaning type products' in......... Xx

  • Solano County Girl
    Solano County Girl 18 days ago +1

    You have Grown so much as far as your overall out look and more experienced than before when you first started really shows... throughout the years I see that your confidence in yourself and acceptance of further education has Grown ..... Your very professional keep it up 💕💕💕💕🌹😊

  • Lenir Dal Ben
    Lenir Dal Ben 18 days ago

    Make a vidro about The products you like

  • Ma Isabel A
    Ma Isabel A 18 days ago

    Tati is there a way that you can include captions un your videos or that is a TheXvid matter ?... I love your videos and captions help to all english is not our first language.. 🤗

  • Chase Harris
    Chase Harris 18 days ago +1

    Please do a skin care routine!! I would love to see what you use

  • Lauren Rootsaert
    Lauren Rootsaert 19 days ago

    Soooooo tell me what to use!

  • Alyssa Louise
    Alyssa Louise 19 days ago

    tati imma need a list of all the bad ingredients to avoid thank u

  • Kristin wiebe
    Kristin wiebe 19 days ago

    I am a huge advocate for all things natural, including skin care and hair care. I only try to put organic or natural things on my skin, my hair and evening cleaning in my house. I feel like it’s really important for our bodies and health.

  • Grace Baumgardner
    Grace Baumgardner 20 days ago

    Please do a skin care routine video!!

  • Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson 20 days ago

    Lots of keyboard warriors over here lol

  • Mercedes M Smith
    Mercedes M Smith 20 days ago

    Honestly, I don't hardly wear makeup on my face. I just do eye makeup because my face suffers soooo much Tati. I have acne scaring, I'm very red, and wearing powders or foundation only make it worse 😭 I want healthy skin like yours ❤

  • Mercedes M Smith
    Mercedes M Smith 20 days ago

    We want the skin care ruitine!!!! Please do it soon❤

  • Adrienne Berkshire
    Adrienne Berkshire 21 day ago

    Girl. You should think about expanding the halo line to skincare. I would absolutely buy that. Your suggestions always are on point and very objective.

  • Sandra DiBiaso
    Sandra DiBiaso 21 day ago

    Eminence and Burt's Bees are my favorite skincare lines. I like Josie Maran's and Queen Helene's skincare line too. Queen Helene has a great olive oil mask for very dry skin.

  • Corenna Broussard
    Corenna Broussard 21 day ago

    Girl I wish I could sell you on Melaleuca. Look into it! All natural products... that really work!

  • AlAnoud Turki
    AlAnoud Turki 22 days ago

    Thank u so much for this I never leave comments but I’m just really grateful I hope u keep testing and reviewing and finding non toxic gems in makeup

  • Mikaela Grace Yager-Moberg

    Please new/updated skincare routine!!! 🌸🥰

  • Alison Tull
    Alison Tull 24 days ago

    Unless I misunderstood this was Tati explaining the products she had decided not to use anymore and why. I agree it should have maybe have been titled Skincare products I have decided not to use and why. 🇬🇧 Xxx

  • Shichen Wang
    Shichen Wang 24 days ago

    I hate experimenting with skincare, I found something that works(which is not easy, involving a lot of wasted money and product and many bad skin days), I stick with it.

  • Vivian Lui
    Vivian Lui 26 days ago

    mineral oil/ petrolatum / silicone are occlusives that help moisturizers keep moisture in your skin
    check veronica gorgeois shes an esthetician here on yt, i know u go to jamie but hear her out
    also just bc it is clean/ natural doesn’t mean it belongs on your face.
    i love her quote “poison ivy is natural, but it doesn’t belong anywhere near you”

  • rachelmonster1
    rachelmonster1 26 days ago

    In reference to what you said about Dior, preservatives are what is preserving those precious ingredients. Without them, the product will have less efficacy.

  • Chasing Halfs
    Chasing Halfs 27 days ago

    Sephora's little clean stamp is a joke. Sephora created that stamp and gave it to themselves. Hardly something dependable. If you want to know clean look up all ingredients on the EWG/ SKin Deep site for starters.

  • Blue Note
    Blue Note 27 days ago

    Love skincarisma. Once I eliminated skincare containing bad ingredients I was able to stop using benzyl peroxide and my skin now is clearer and more radiant than when I was using it.

  • Camila Macagno González

    Looooove 4 uu tatiiiiii! love ur videos :)

  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M 28 days ago

    Updated skin care routine please!! I need a new moisturizer

  • Marcella Newsom, Simply Enchanted Travel

    Tati! Have you tried Tula Skincare? I’ve been looking through your videos and don’t see a review!

  • Inkieta Mayor APP
    Inkieta Mayor APP Month ago

    And you do a skin routine update

  • Book Hp
    Book Hp Month ago

    Have you done a new skin care routine? Would love to see that. What products do you actually need

  • mst nurjahan khatun workars

    Thank you nice video Best Product Review @t

  • andymch andymch
    andymch andymch Month ago

    All this research. I hope you take the same steps with all the makeup, that will be even harder to do. 99% of makeup contains the ingredients your supposedly eliminating from your skincare

  • jsimpk13
    jsimpk13 Month ago

    Love this video, I have been trying to figure out the right skin care products. Love Dr. Perricone but wanted to try some else a little cleaner, so I switched to Belif, I'm not happy with it. So please update on what you find has been positive for your skin.

  • Also Known As Lauren

    love love love this kind of video where you sit down and talk about ingredients
    please do more of these
    i know you have obtained so much knowledge over the past couple years and i would absolutely love to hear more!!

  • Serena Linley
    Serena Linley Month ago

    Skin care routine pleaseeee!!!

  • Nuala 357
    Nuala 357 Month ago

    Caroline Hirons is a great follow for skincare.

  • Meg Walker
    Meg Walker Month ago +1

    Tati..... I wish you talked to more people and not the internet. Alot of stuff doesnt make sense to you and thats why you should speak to them not the internet I really love you and I feel like this was a super misguided video.

  • Nne Onugha
    Nne Onugha Month ago

    Great video Tati

  • Babiiiigurl
    Babiiiigurl Month ago

    For me, dimethicone and silicone are big no-nos, but I realized it is in my cleanser that actually doesn't case me to break out. I think that since the cleanser is rinsed off and then I tone with a cotton pad after, those ingredients don't get the chance to clog my pores.

  • choco sprinklez
    choco sprinklez Month ago +1

    Stick to make up boo boo, you ain't a skin care savvy.

  • Mary S
    Mary S Month ago

    Highly recommend everyone who wants to learn about skincare and the science behind it to watch the beauty within channel...they're super informative and smart!

  • jessica davis
    jessica davis Month ago

    Skin care video pleaseee💖😇

  • Brandein Guerrero
    Brandein Guerrero Month ago

    “The moment you think you know everything, you know absolutely nothing”

  • Nicki LovesDogs
    Nicki LovesDogs Month ago

    What a pity that Dior mixes natural healing things with toxic stuff. I recommend to you to try Dr. Hauschka cosmetic they only use natural materials from their orchard, minerals and clays.

  • Gemma Gao
    Gemma Gao Month ago

    YES! PLEASE! UPDATED SKINCARE! love to know what you use and trust!

  • Aliyah Towns
    Aliyah Towns Month ago

    Can you maybe do a video talking about products and moisturizers with SPF

  • carolin beck
    carolin beck Month ago

    I really loved your video, could you maybe do a video about ingredients, like which substances generally to look out for?

  • Beauty Elite07
    Beauty Elite07 Month ago

    Hi sweet Tati, What is the best mask to use to get your pores smaller or gone. A hydrating mask as well? Thank you Tati. Love you so much🤗

  • Kitty Noir
    Kitty Noir Month ago

    Tati question for you any thoughts of TataHarper resurfacing mask and Amore Pacific Essence? Not sure if you have used them yet, I am on the fence if they are breaking me out. Thanks!!! Your the best!!!

  • Misty E
    Misty E Month ago

    I know I’m late to the game. But I love your eye makeup. It’s so beautiful and elegant.

  • Sherry Duden
    Sherry Duden Month ago

    Can you do a video on drugstore skincare products that are good for the skin and has clean ingredients? Love you

  • Joy Harris
    Joy Harris Month ago

    please do a "best skincare" video! that would be amazing :)

  • Fabi- Rani
    Fabi- Rani Month ago

    Waiting on your updated skin care routine. Also, please do a drug store skin care routine as well if you can.

  • Sandra McLean
    Sandra McLean Month ago

    Tati have you tried pyunkang yul. I’ve heard good things about it, one or two of them have some natural fragrance but they are supposed to be good

  • cristina Dorantes
    cristina Dorantes Month ago

    Good skin care cost a hell of a lot of money

  • Bryanna
    Bryanna Month ago

    Tati i love u but,,,, no sis

  • juliet timothy
    juliet timothy Month ago

    Is there a video of what you are using now

  • DanikaRae Jones
    DanikaRae Jones Month ago

    Tati, did you start looking into this because of your endometriosis?

  • dilli dallyyy
    dilli dallyyy Month ago

    honestly i just use mainly naturals. plain 1 ingredient oils that suit my skin, jojoba oil. aloe vera jelly for moisturizer etc

  • Allison Lay
    Allison Lay Month ago

    Product ingredients are listed by the largest amount to the smallest amount, while you won’t know the exact measurements, this is something good to go by.

  • maria mp
    maria mp Month ago

    Try Filorga Cosmetics!

  • Sydnee Barnickel
    Sydnee Barnickel Month ago

    I regret watching this because now I'm wondering if my face wash or exfoliater/mask is making me break out xD

  • Sadie Nelson
    Sadie Nelson Month ago

    Tati I need a new face cleanser I don’t know which one to buy?? Please do a skincare update video! 💕💕💕

  • Monique Walls
    Monique Walls Month ago

    Yess!! Please do an updated skincare routine!

  • Lindsay Gabriel
    Lindsay Gabriel Month ago

    Late to the party, but yes please do a video of your current skin care routine.

  • Carmen Eulberg
    Carmen Eulberg Month ago

    You should try KAIBAE's skincare line!! Their ingredients are super simple and clean but still gives you that 'experience'

  • Chrissy P
    Chrissy P Month ago

    You can pass those Dior products my way... Thank you. :)

  • Courtney Katz
    Courtney Katz Month ago

    Lord help me - too many negative comments to read through....I just want to know where that cami/underlayer you're wearing came from. Love the look under that blazer. mmmkay thanks!

  • Inthe Gardigan
    Inthe Gardigan Month ago

    Coconut oil really disagreed with me too, my hair went so brittle. Little frustrating at times hey xxx
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend xxx


    I'm not sure why there is so much hate on this video, she even states that she is trying to purge her skin care of possible irritants. She knows she is not a dermatology expert. Getting rid of highly fragranced products is a great step. She also mentions that the products and ingredients may be safe for others to use but she doesnt want to risk it anymore. Shes on a skincare journey and that takes learning and making mistakes. What is wrong with any of that?

  • Davidae Pann
    Davidae Pann Month ago

    Yes Laura Mercier products have hydrogenated vegetable oil in them. Now taken internally trans fatty acids can wreak havoc within the body.. They do not concern me in skincare. However the criticism of Tati for telling this 'lie' was silly and so easy to disprove. The Body Butters contain it, the lipsticks contain it, the Rose Essence contains it.