• Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • Moving in to the New Year I've been taking a closer look at what I'm putting on my skin to improve it. xo's ~ Tati
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    Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series Daily Foaming Cleanse
    Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer
    Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Citrus Brightening Cleanser
    Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser
    Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Moisturizer
    Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream
    Laneige Essential Power Skin Toner
    Laneige Water Bank Essence
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  • Strawberry
    Strawberry Day ago

    I use a natural oat mask

  • M Catherine W
    M Catherine W 2 days ago +1

    Such a great video Tati... There are just so many brands out there now, it is just difficult to know what are trustworthy and those that are not. I really appreciated this video. You're a worthy researcher, and you can really only go by ingrediets and effect.

  • Lesley DeMattie
    Lesley DeMattie 2 days ago

    Skincare Tat!

  • Courtney Robbins
    Courtney Robbins 3 days ago

    I would love to see the products you're using as of today.

  • Michelle Rossini
    Michelle Rossini 3 days ago

    Watching this while washing my face!

  • Sophie's Tea
    Sophie's Tea 7 days ago

    Oh this is not boring, wouldnt mind a 2 hour video on this and those two apps will come in handy. Please do more. Also, I dont have ache but can have a breakout sometimes, what products or chemicals should we look for or stay away from?

  • Danielle Knight
    Danielle Knight 8 days ago

    I loooove3this video Tati!! Please please do another one of these or something similar about skincare I'm so obsessed with skincare and love learning more and seeing others routines.

  • Beah Humphries
    Beah Humphries 9 days ago

    what is yr hair

  • Beah Humphries
    Beah Humphries 9 days ago

    what is yr hair

  • Dana Hoover
    Dana Hoover 9 days ago

    I so hope u get back to me. Do u still use the netragena rapid wrinkle repair moistirizer. I love it. What is your thought?

  • Yvette Suburban
    Yvette Suburban 9 days ago +2

    How about drugstore brands? Not everybody could afford those expensive products

  • TheLexii33
    TheLexii33 11 days ago

    Love this. Would love more videos like this!

  • Pargos
    Pargos 11 days ago

    I live in Romania. Here comes the worst part of skin products from the world, because our gouvernement sucks. But in the same time, here are people that are making ones of the most natural products that I've seen. I am so grateful that I can buy products like that, because when a big company makes something this natural, is always to expensive.

  • Life of Liv
    Life of Liv 11 days ago

    Updated skincare routine!!!

  • Kimberly Robbins
    Kimberly Robbins 11 days ago

    Could you review the Kylie Skin care line

  • Stephanie Leena Narain

    I just noticed Tati looks like the figure skater Tessa Virtue!!

  • Ethan Cole
    Ethan Cole 12 days ago

    You should review “Rodan and fields” they are dermatologists who have custom skin care routines they are amazing.

  • Melinda Ihnen
    Melinda Ihnen 12 days ago +5

    Need a new video on the skincare products you use NOW. Btw... I just bought Halo Kiwi 🥝 eek!

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia 12 days ago

    Hi Tati, can you please do a new video of your night and day skin care routine? With all the new 2019 products? I love you by the way.

  • zahraa ejaz
    zahraa ejaz 12 days ago

    Love this video!! It was incredibly educating and I feel like I can finally understand skincare and the ingredients inside as well! Thank you so much ☺️

  • Cora Blah
    Cora Blah 13 days ago

    The reality is companies are concerned about money, not their clients. They really don't give a f*ck if they are exposing you to substances that will never leave your system and can cause issues YEARS down the road.

  • Santinaca Lawson
    Santinaca Lawson 14 days ago +2

    Definitely do a updated skincare!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Matherly
    Kimberly Matherly 15 days ago

    And I love things that are made more naturally like wet n wild and I'm scared also use silicone infused products, do they just help cover your pores and make them look better or will they clog them or make u look like u have a mask on cuz I'm all about the light look!! Could u plz explain more.about silicone based primers and things and what they do to your skin bc I know they're not but so bad if you use them!! XOXOXOXO Kimberly

  • Kimberly Matherly
    Kimberly Matherly 15 days ago

    Could you please do a drugstore tutorial on skincare I love to use Cetaphil cleanser in the mornings sometimes I use some noxzema cleanser first if I'm getting a bump and then Cetaphil as well makes my skin feel as smooth as a baby but other than that I use ponds creams the pink one before makeup if not I use the Nivea cream not tge shave balm it was so pricey but I did love it but I went through it way to fast andthe bottle is actually made heavy to make you think there's more products is in it than actually is and I use the ponds grey tub, the rejuvenus one, at night only because it says only package it could cause sunburn in sunlight so not a good day time formula but these things have been working great for me I was going to use witch-hazel for a toner but everytime I use witch-hazel it brings bumps out that we're not even there and I ain't got no time for that to be making breakouts for myself to deal with and I love also using the Olay energizing spray and calming spray before my moisturizer and after my makeup application please let me know your thoughts on these their greatly appreciated love ur fan GRL Kimberly??

  • Kimberly Matherly
    Kimberly Matherly 15 days ago

    And I've been so scared of using salicylic acid because I do not have problematic skin and I am super afraid that it is going to cost me to have problematic scan if I do not use it so I don't know what to do on that please any advice would be welcome I also know that glycerin and glycolic was always what nikkietutorials talked about liking about the Nivea shave bomb being used for a primer which I do not find Palmer's useful either other than moisturizers because they can to burn my face for some odd reason and it hurts tremendously bad I want try the new banana bread under eye cream, and maybe some of the Sunday Riley products and most definitely your Halo skin care lone and maybe some of dermalogica and I'm on the fence about Mario Badescu!!

  • Kimberly Matherly
    Kimberly Matherly 15 days ago

    I'm oily in T zone and normal everywhere else not dry anywhere normally unless I'm upstate and I have the same problem w coconut oil & I thought I was alone in this and I love it on my legs and arms just not my face!!

  • sharon clark
    sharon clark 16 days ago

    How do you feel about Estée Lauder night repair

  • sharon clark
    sharon clark 16 days ago

    I love the Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian thermal mask ! and my face feels like a baby’s butt after using it and I’m 59 and don’t have a wrinkle one on my face. I’m totally into skin care right now

  • joselyn p
    joselyn p 16 days ago +29

    Do you have a video on good drugstore skincare?

  • Justmiss jamey
    Justmiss jamey 17 days ago

    Does anyone know what cleanser James is using that shes talking about here?! Would love to try it out

  • Elle Mack
    Elle Mack 18 days ago

    If no/ low chemical skin care is your goal, have you discovered the Edible Beauty line yet? It's sourced from all natural, wild crafted ingredients (the company is owned/ created by a naturopath). I've been using for 2+ years and have seen a total rejuvenation in my combo-dry skin. Sephora started carrying it last year (pricey if you buy from Sephora; Edible Beauty offers promos/ rewards on their site). For a drugstore alternative, Andalou Naturals is also a fav (love their trial kits so you can try before purchasing the larger products)

  • Maria Cristina Dutari
    Maria Cristina Dutari 18 days ago

    The ibuki line from Shiseido being discontinued was the saddest thing ever, my skin will never be the same

  • Tygon Cao
    Tygon Cao 18 days ago

    Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Edc Skincare on my blog before you buy. Go to Thanks, Erick.

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny 18 days ago

    You’re channeling your inner Ron Burgundy in that blazer.

  • amy jo
    amy jo 20 days ago

    what do you use for skincare as regular routine and can cover all skin types

  • Ainslie Collins
    Ainslie Collins 20 days ago

    Rewatching rewatching rewatching your channel is still amazing 7 years after subbing

  • Lindsay DeClute
    Lindsay DeClute 20 days ago

    I just want to know about the product not what works for her skin.

  • Bonnie E
    Bonnie E 20 days ago +3

    Just get some cetaphil. It does cost some money ($4 for 4 oz) but,worked for me

  • Ishani Brinson
    Ishani Brinson 24 days ago

    As an elderly woman with skin thats like that I don’t think you can educate someone on skin care especially if your only talking about your own skin type

  • VolumeImpact
    VolumeImpact 25 days ago

    the reason why light irritants are used is to cause light inflammation to puff you up and reduce the look of wrinkles. a lot of "age reverse" creams as well as regular lotions will contain these ingredients. Although this all sounds minor and maybe it really isnt that big of a deal.... when inflammation goes down your skin dries and flakes off the damaged skin, which makes you look worse and then you need more and more

    ERIK MENDEZ 25 days ago

    how About Derma E ? or Instanatural ?

  • MissLyssaMar
    MissLyssaMar 26 days ago +1

    Review Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Skin line!

  • ardent015
    ardent015 26 days ago

    Pleassssse do a video of what you are now using! I’m excited to change my skin care with healthy products that will actually help my skin not damage.

  • TheyLive WeSleep
    TheyLive WeSleep 27 days ago


  • Trish Diggins
    Trish Diggins 27 days ago

    I do so want to be the person Listed on your throw away mailing label.

  • Ewa Sara
    Ewa Sara 28 days ago +1

    I click 'like' on Tati's videos before even watching tgem till the end... really enjoy her content 😊

  • Lux Chevis
    Lux Chevis 28 days ago

    My skin was combo until I started retin some years ago. After retin, I lean balanced/dry. That said, I feel like my pre-retin skin was very similiar to Tati and we also have a similiar complexion pale/light eyes. Even now, coconut oil would still break me out. I do think coconut oil works great from the inside out. I have had a great experience with plain jojoba oil in my skincare routine. When the serums and fun stuff I'm trying get a bit irritating, jojoba has been my go to for years as long as I've been on retin. Just 2-3 DROPS is all you need for your face. A fun fact about jojoba oil is it's not really an "oil", it's a wax that's one of the very most similiar natural ingredients found on earth to our own skin's sebum.

  • bartman craw
    bartman craw 28 days ago


  • patty thomson
    patty thomson 28 days ago

    Where fo you get kl polish?

  • Ruby Maxwell
    Ruby Maxwell 29 days ago

    What are ALL the things I should be using on my face? I'm so lost because everyone says so many different products. I'm 24 and I'm so behind when it comes to this kind of stuff, I have no skin care routine, I just wash my face every night in the shower and then throw on make up in the morning, use make up remover only if I used heavy make up like eyeliner. I don't have acne but I have combination/very sensitive skin, ( I only use neutrogena foundation/make up remover) so I'd love to know how to better my skin (bc I'm terrified of wrinkles, I still have black heads taking over my nose, and I still get small red itchy patches on my face from w.e I'm having a weird reaction to) if someone could just be like:
    1. Moisturizer
    2. Cleanser
    Just a basic list of what all I should be using because I hear about all these scrubs etc and I'm like WHEN and HOW OFTEN should I be doing ALL these things. I guess it's just overwhelming for me. Feels like everyone else has their life together and I'm floating in the wind lul

    • Alyssa N
      Alyssa N 29 days ago +1

      I'm 24 as well and just getting a skincare routine going on. It's actually really fun, considering I wear no makeup and hate showers haha but taking care of my face has been great since I realized I'm not getting any younger. Watch some videos from beauty within, I don't know who to trust either but I've really liked watching them!

  • annisa maharani situmeang

    waw...why didnt i found this vid earlier..💕💕💕 this is awesome content😍

  • Amber Ramos
    Amber Ramos 29 days ago

    People seem to forget that shes is talking from HER experiences with these products. She acknowledges that these products work for other people no problem but for HER they don’t work and affect her in a different way which some people would appreciate. Everyone reacts to things differently maybe someone watched this video and had an epiphany and was like “hey this happened to me too and I’m using this product, maybe I should change up my skin care”

  • Aimee Rheaume
    Aimee Rheaume Month ago

    I have two words Rodan and Fields. It was created by Dermatologists. I LOVE ❤️ it, they have Regimens for all skin types. There packaging has very clinically clean, nothing too fancy but, the ingredients are the best in the premium skincare market.

  • Mme Andrea
    Mme Andrea Month ago

    That smokey eye tho!

  • zenaida rodriguez
    zenaida rodriguez Month ago

    seems irrelevant to me

  • Lauren Sanchez
    Lauren Sanchez Month ago +1

    Please do more videos like this!! I love clean beauty and make up and all clean cosmetics!!!

  • Melissa Hoffman
    Melissa Hoffman Month ago +9

    kylieskin has entered the chat..

  • Diana Shelton
    Diana Shelton Month ago

    I love the cloud cream set but I don’t do poorly with coconut. I also use it with an ultra fine exfoliater once a week. Everything Laneige destroys my skin, I’m really not sure why but it makes texture worse and it makes me break out which is strange because I don’t have break outs period. But I will warn people on here that if you’re a retinol fan, I used retinol for years and it’s made my nose look like plastic. I’m not even joking. Retinol made me look like doll skin in a bad way.

  • It's Liv Rose
    It's Liv Rose Month ago +2

    I’m sorry Tati but you did a video on coconut oil and how it’s great for your hair and skin, now you turn around and say you don’t like it ? Well what’s the verdict?

    • It's Liv Rose
      It's Liv Rose 29 days ago

      Amber Ramos ahh right okay I didn’t know that thank you ☺️

    • Amber Ramos
      Amber Ramos 29 days ago +1

      It's Liv Rose in a recent video she said she had some adverse affects after some time. Which is allowed to happen because certain stuff takes time to affect your skin. She said she uses a bit at the end of her hair and very little on her arms but she doesn’t put it on her face anymore

  • Emma Dax
    Emma Dax Month ago

    Are all those products just being wasted because they have a smell? Maybe they can be donated or somethingggg?

  • Mónica Schütt
    Mónica Schütt Month ago +1

    The best for the skin is URINE - I swear... been using it for over two decades now and from experience I can tell it's the best food 'par excellence' for the skin. I made a video about it, sharing my whole experience. ✨⚡️🥃⚡️✨URINE IS THE WATER OF LIFE & SECRET OF ETERNAL YOUTH!

  • Jose
    Jose Month ago

    Get to the point lady. This video is so long winded

    • e t
      e t 29 days ago

      It's 20 mins?

  • Dakota Linnell
    Dakota Linnell Month ago

    Thoughts on curology? From anyone

  • Kayla Olson
    Kayla Olson Month ago

    i love that you did this video its really informative, i watch your channel so much trying to learn everything i can i really want to start a channel..... im having one issue though im purchasing massive amounts of make up because i see all the products one listed under the video that you use when you do reviews and if you like it, i have to have it, i dont know what to do!!

  • Krista Cates
    Krista Cates Month ago

    I love you Tati ❤️I love all of your videos I vote yes on more skincare I want to see what your using now that you cleaned out!

  • Tiffany Ryder
    Tiffany Ryder Month ago

    I don't understand why everyone is talking about how she doesn't know skin care and to stick to makeup. Well I'm pretty sure she knows her own skin, she's just talking about what she doesn't like anymore. I really don't see why everyone is coming at her? She was looking up these products going through the ingredients seeing if they have the stuff she doesn't need for her skin.

  • Natalie Gordon
    Natalie Gordon Month ago +1

    Can you do a video of clean products you like?

  • SoapxSalesman
    SoapxSalesman Month ago +2

    Your makeup and skin looks glowing and so beautiful in this video!!! One of my favorite looks

  • Banana BomBae
    Banana BomBae Month ago

    O look 1 min into the video and she is talking about her product wow

  • keylala87
    keylala87 Month ago +1

    🤗💜💕 skincare my favorite topic!!! 😇

  • Daniel 89
    Daniel 89 Month ago

    Did you get fillers???

  • Grace Russell
    Grace Russell Month ago +1

    Tati, girl those earrings are everything

  • Kaylahbee56
    Kaylahbee56 Month ago

    Tati PLZ PLZ PLZ make an affordable skin care routine video!! I always struggle to find good cheaper products that dont break me out when i cant afford $30 or more for what works well.

  • Jessica Vieira
    Jessica Vieira Month ago

    Any glycol or PEG products are hard on your skin and have not been completely evaluated with an objective eye by the FDA. There’s a list called the Never List by Beauty Counter.

  • Penny
    Penny Month ago +1

    I feel like if my biological mom wasn't so toxic (like, she literally attacks people online) she would be a really good beauty blogger, because she's tried literally everything and has such good thoughts and tips. But she's SO MEAN. And cannot handle criticism.

  • Noor
    Noor Month ago

    Come out with a skincare line .... ♡♡♡

  • Abby Whalen
    Abby Whalen Month ago +1


  • Onenuttynurse
    Onenuttynurse Month ago

    Ugh... not the best video...

  • Sandra DiBiaso
    Sandra DiBiaso Month ago

    You can't prevent aging even if you clean your face twice a day.

  • The cutie Livy
    The cutie Livy Month ago

    Yeah it’s dirty bc u ugly

  • Maria louis
    Maria louis Month ago

    @tati what do you think of epinonce moisturzer and neocutis skincare?

  • mc coakley
    mc coakley Month ago

    do the beauty counter cleansing balm

  • Beth Perry
    Beth Perry Month ago

    I am the same way about fragrance and I'm dirt poor so I'm very limited I dont know what to do .. I cant afford the better things .... what do you suggest that's cheaper but greT on very sensative skin.. I agree I'm having trouble

    • Finding Frugal
      Finding Frugal Month ago

      Try CeraVe. It's an inexpensive drugstore brand with no fragrance. Marcelle is another good brand, slightly more expensive.

  • shannon powell
    shannon powell Month ago

    I hate it when so many companies are collecting money for cancer research when they are actually the ones causing it in the first place with their dirty products. Make your products cleaner, prevention is key!

  • Tanna Dunlap
    Tanna Dunlap Month ago

    Love your channel, I came back and re-watched this video as I was going through my own skincare. I was hoping for an update. I love skincare, still finding products that work for me & my skin type..but I'm really hoping for another in-depth video focused on your skincare routine & things you no longer use.

  • Cassondra Chavez
    Cassondra Chavez Month ago +1

    I can't wait to see your new skincare routine! :)

  • Britta Young
    Britta Young Month ago

    I think the issue is the fear mongering around "possible irritants". I think that for some people, those ingredients can do nothing to bother them, and they should enjoy a "non-green" product all they want if it isn't irritating. At the same time, if you know a specific irritant is problematic, I am glad that it is possible to see the ingredients and avoid it. At the same time, there is no guarantee that a green brand will NOT irritate. Those brands tend to have a lot of essential oils that can be very irritating to some. I say - do what makes your skin feel and look good. I just worry that sometimes the "green" label gives people a false sense of security that it is non-irritating, and it simply might not be the case for them. Love you!

  • Shar Roon
    Shar Roon Month ago +2

    I think we need preservatives in skincare. Fragrance not so much.

  • Jessica Rowell
    Jessica Rowell Month ago

    What products do you use?

  • Widloma
    Widloma Month ago

    "and it makes no sense to me because you're losing the benefit of that precious beautiful ingredient by using all of these preservatives(...)", yeah but neither would you want these precious beautiful ingredients to go bad after 3 days of opening your jar would you? If it would be that simple, they really wouldn't put them. That being said I love that you become more aware of ingredients, so keep it up!

  • Laura S
    Laura S Month ago

    What about IT cosmetics confidence cleanser, misceller water, bye bye eye cream, and secret sauce? Thanks ☺️

  • Laura S
    Laura S Month ago

    What about IT cosmetics confidence cleanser and their secret sauce? Thanks ☺️

  • Dainon McDuffie
    Dainon McDuffie Month ago

    Getting a little flaky, but I understand where you’re coming from!

  • ashley b
    ashley b Month ago

    LOVE your channel so many great tips! You’re amazing and so natural; very inspiring!!

  • Esther Sohyun Kwak
    Esther Sohyun Kwak Month ago

    I really appreciate this video because l think this can solve skin problems for a lot of people and l can say for myself that l was always breaking out on my chin and l stopped using almost everything on it and it finally stopped. I couldn't believe this is what stopped it. Not food, not hormone, but irritating pore clogging products! Now l just use hemp oil to clean, all natural good ingredient concealers and skin products and my skin has not broke out since.

  • Melissa Pekar
    Melissa Pekar Month ago

    Have you heard of or tried Shea Terra Organics? There is absolutely no fragrance and I believe no additives, but don’t quote me on that one just yet.

  • Emilly M
    Emilly M Month ago +1

    There’s a website to help you check what products can cause tiny bumps on your skin that are hard to get rid, it’s called malassezia. The website is called Sezia.

  • terri-ann byrne
    terri-ann byrne Month ago

    Good woman Tati
    Maybe these companies will get their act together

  • Springtime Anna
    Springtime Anna Month ago +3

    Well done Tati for making this video - I love your honesty 👍

  • Teresa M
    Teresa M Month ago

    I need videos like this in my life.