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"God Help The U.S.A." By Mark Lowry

  • Published on Aug 9, 2006
  • Mark Lowry sings a song about all the things he would do if he was president of the united states...very funny!! "i'll never lie as president, of course not talking will be tough" LOL! PRICELESS!
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Comments • 31

  • james64468
    james64468 8 years ago +1

    Votes for Mark Lowry he the one. Holidays yay.

  • Smoggy Zilla
    Smoggy Zilla 8 years ago

    is that Elvis at 1:31?

  • Paula Sheppard
    Paula Sheppard 8 years ago +5

    I would so vote for Mark for President!!!!

  • HeForeverLIves
    HeForeverLIves 8 years ago

    What DVD is this from????

  • HeForeverLIves
    HeForeverLIves 8 years ago

    What homecoming video is this from???

  • Vaiola Navarro
    Vaiola Navarro 9 years ago +2


  • Zach Powell
    Zach Powell 9 years ago

    Man i wish Lowery was president, he is hilarious LOL.
    He's way better then Obama.

  • doctermd
    doctermd 9 years ago

    i wanna be mpresidant of tthe usa

  • Lamar Steiner
    Lamar Steiner 9 years ago

    AMEN!!!!! I would much rather have him then Obama!!!!!!!!

  • Deborah Mantuano
    Deborah Mantuano 10 years ago

    Fantastic. lol

  • Isaac Lengacher
    Isaac Lengacher 10 years ago

    "i'll never lie as president, of course not talking will be tough" LOL! PRICELESS!

  • MrsBlack3715
    MrsBlack3715 10 years ago

    That is so funny!!

  • hoover4000
    hoover4000  10 years ago

    he was refering to the now late Vestal Goodman, of the legendary Happy Goodman Family. I recomend you look her up on youtube, she was one of the most powerful singers and one of the greatest spirits

  • wirklichdoof
    wirklichdoof 10 years ago

    mark lowry rocks. i keep hearing him talk about vestal. who is she?

  • joyr36
    joyr36 10 years ago

    Hey Mark,
    You have my vote! Let's everybody write in him for president!

  • Rosylynd Shock
    Rosylynd Shock 10 years ago

    LOL loved it!

  • ilovejesus39
    ilovejesus39 10 years ago

    I will vote for him! :D

  • tjk200081
    tjk200081 11 years ago

    Go Mark! Run for president, for real!

  • Karen Sue Bledsoe
    Karen Sue Bledsoe 11 years ago

    Votin' for Mark in 2008!!! Love it!

  • harmoniouskazoo
    harmoniouskazoo 11 years ago

    I found the candidate I'm backing! For real, he needs to run...

  • Sarione
    Sarione 11 years ago

    Makes two of us.

  • TacticusPrime
    TacticusPrime 11 years ago

    as in secret information that officials tell the public that they aren't supposed to because it will get back to our enemies.

  • rifleman50cal
    rifleman50cal 11 years ago +1

    MARK LOWRY 4 PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he'd be better than anyone that is running now

  • Abby Grant
    Abby Grant 11 years ago

    That's too bad; I would have voted for him.

  • hoover4000
    hoover4000  11 years ago

    no he didnt really run he was kidding

  • Abby Grant
    Abby Grant 11 years ago

    Did Mark Lowry really run for president? I heard Bil Gaither make a side reference once about Mark having run at some point.

  • Tiffanie Thomas
    Tiffanie Thomas 11 years ago

    MARK FOR PREZ!!!!! he already has my vote!

  • jbbremerton
    jbbremerton 11 years ago

    run, mark, run!

  • Bec Daniel
    Bec Daniel 11 years ago

    i've only need two year term, cuz i've got ADD..
    yes, make the congress pay hahaha

  • leonaprime01
    leonaprime01 12 years ago

    I'd vote for him! ^_^

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera 12 years ago

    From which Video/dvd is this segment from? I'v been trying to find it.