Every Outfit CL Wears in a Week | 7 Days, 7 Looks | Vogue

  • Published on May 24, 2022

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  • Vogue
    Vogue  5 months ago +346

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    • Chi Amelyn Rose
      Chi Amelyn Rose 3 months ago

      she is the most popular kpop girl group and that was a history I remember great memory when I was 8 or 9 yrs age back then she realize me I'm girlish

    • Animus Anemone
      Animus Anemone 4 months ago

      @SPEISHI oof 😞

      SPEISHI 4 months ago +6

      Please do not click in the link 😭 I bought a pair of chrome hearts earrings and it's not real.... $1259 gone just like that. Vogue can you please correct this so no one else gets it?

    • ZOHIL 소힐
      ZOHIL 소힐 5 months ago +3

      Thanks for making this with the real icon of fashion in SK

    • Jinkook 9297
      Jinkook 9297 5 months ago +1

      Amazing KIM JISOO NEXT also plz let her do skin care and what’s in my bag and other videos!!

  • xxxchaelincl
    xxxchaelincl 5 months ago +1406

    CL is someone who loves to try diverse fashion instead of being tagged as a human brand. I love her fearlessness to try new things and promote new brands and uprising designers. She is really cool.

    • X__m
      X__m 4 months ago

      This is so true. 💯

    • Claudi B.🇰🇪
      Claudi B.🇰🇪 5 months ago +26

      Exactly she's fearless & bold in style but she's still loyal to her favorites. She's been rocking Chrome Hearts since early 2ne1 & is friends with the family

  • Jerry Inso
    Jerry Inso 5 months ago +394

    I love how she used brands that is not familiar or top tier. Finally a fashion icon thats not so obsessed with expensive brand, find it so relatable. Specially the travel outfit and the day off. Hahaha

    • Rosemary Soup
      Rosemary Soup 4 days ago

      She is support small shops too u can see her instagram

    • kiko
      kiko Month ago

      @j c exactlyyy

    • j c
      j c 4 months ago +9

      I disagree about the expensive part, she’s donning MiuMiu and Chrome Hearts, Rick, Vetements, Wang, and Fendi and Area..all of which are BANGERS but will absolutely annihilate the regular person’s wallet

    • rice
      rice 4 months ago +1

      Chanel 😏

    • Geoanne Bilgera
      Geoanne Bilgera 4 months ago +6

      Umm, Vetements boots lol

    XAI SUPREMACY 5 months ago +1038

    She’s such a stunner! Also I’d like to say she’s one of the bolder artist when it comes to fashion, always experimenting different styles & trying different brands! This was interesting to watch!

  • Tristan Tran
    Tristan Tran 4 months ago +152

    Does anyone else feel almost emotional at how the US industry is giving CL her well-deserved flowers?! I couldn’t be happier b/c everyone needs CL in their life!! 😩💖

  • MK
    MK 5 months ago +1366

    These outfits are next level drip

    • Itz Mj
      Itz Mj 5 months ago


    • Bi11i3
      Bi11i3 5 months ago +7


  • Hendel
    Hendel 5 months ago +172

    What's iconic is how she has her own unique style, she knows how to style to her personality and shape, she supports new designers and has meaningful relationships with older designers and their clothes.
    Oh and can we talk about how fresh her hair and makeup is ugh

  • cherry chaerin
    cherry chaerin 5 months ago +625

    what more can I say? CL is a fashion icon.

    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay Month ago

      She was so fashionable when she was with 2ne1

    • Walis Uling
      Walis Uling 4 months ago

      Your comment was copied.

    • Alice Guichard
      Alice Guichard 4 months ago +1

      @Brea Regans Yaaaas queen. Jesus be giving us everything 😌💅

    • kintil
      kintil 4 months ago


  • jackie_cl21
    jackie_cl21 5 months ago +357

    So pretty omg! CL knows what she's talking about and she should start her own fashion line already. Thank you so much Vogue for the video. This is probably my most favorite interview of her this year :)

  • mark lee cured my depression

    Can’t believe I have been loving her for a decade now, she doesn’t age she’ll always be stunning

  • MayaNaasr
    MayaNaasr 5 months ago +310

    She is so calming , like I'm relaxing literally hearing her voice

  • 조디 Zodie
    조디 Zodie 5 months ago +127

    I love her because she always doesn't go to normal or best way as an asian female singer. She could've chosen chanel or louis vuitton for this contents. But she always challenges new style and make her own style no matter what. I love her. This is CL

  • schnadee
    schnadee 5 months ago +86

    I think this era is literally the best promotion cycle she's ever gotten and i am 100% here for it

  • Gizibe
    Gizibe 5 months ago +323

    CL is such a Queen! She is absolutely stunning in everything!

  • Crystal O
    Crystal O 5 months ago +234

    These outfits are insane! If only I wasn't broke. I literally want every look

    • zoe hailey
      zoe hailey 5 months ago +3

      You can actually thrift shop or just recreate your on, so many videos on youtube.

  • Ferran Guijarro
    Ferran Guijarro 5 months ago +55

    She has been a fashion expert, icon and muse since the beginning of her career! No better person to be in this series✨🍒

  • Xiomara	🔥 F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥

    She’s such a stunner! Also I’d like to say she’s one of the bolder artist when it comes to fashion, always experimenting different styles & trying different brands! This was interesting to watch!

  • Duong Nguyen
    Duong Nguyen 5 months ago +210

    A true fashion queen. Not just a pretty girl that put on pretty things.

  • Cherry On Top
    Cherry On Top 5 months ago +569

    She’s so beautiful!!! GZBz are so well fed with all these content, beyond thankful. Also, her voice is so calming I can listen to her talk forever. Everyone go listen to her album, ALPHA!

    • callmeellah
      callmeellah 5 months ago +1


  • Kelly Nguyen
    Kelly Nguyen 5 months ago +93

    I let out a pterodactyl screech upon finding out that CL is on this series. It’s like a match made in heaven that I somehow never anticipated at all. Thank you Vogue!

  • Mido Mido Midori
    Mido Mido Midori 5 months ago +53

    All her looks have so much of her personality in them! Such a fun video, CL's love for fashion shines through!

  • shelby i
    shelby i 5 months ago +103

    I can't believe y'all did this series w/ CL ahhhHHH, I haven't even started watching yet but I already know she killed it here

  • Aziellis
    Aziellis 5 months ago +189

    She's queeeeen! Only CL to pull off these looks. Loved the last OOTD. She looked so comfy and cool. Aweeee, what am I saying? She's cool no matter what!

  • julie
    julie 5 months ago +52

    You have to know that as a French fashion student it was a delight hearing CL saying “monsieur Alaïa”

  • Sol The Unicorn Panda
    Sol The Unicorn Panda 5 months ago +42

    Our Queen getting the recognition she deserves for being a fashion icon. GZBs are so proud of you. Plus we love that this is literally what she wears, she did give us authentic CL (especially the last look).🍒🍒
    P.s. Can't wait for that HauteLeMode reaction.

  • Chaerin_gzb
    Chaerin_gzb 5 months ago +91

    The last look is my favorite! When she entered I was like “OK THATS VERY CL”. I love this videooo, thank you Vogue!

  • Tasha TV
    Tasha TV 5 months ago +61

    Her met gala look is just so stunning! She's really a fashion icon. 😍😍 I loved her Monday & Sunday look. 😇

  • 丽丽
    丽丽 5 months ago +8

    CL is such a well spoken fashion icon 💖

  • feby14
    feby14 5 months ago +68

    Cl takes all over the Queen's things even the Fashion, she is a top of the top indeed.

  • vickyjuliex
    vickyjuliex 5 months ago +7

    we need 24 hours with CL and beauty routine with CL ! aaaa 😍😍😍

  • Ariel Haro
    Ariel Haro 5 months ago +54

    My queen CL, Now I understood her new style, I love it, always a fashion icon

  • SG X
    SG X 4 months ago +6

    As an oldie kpop auntie, I’m so proud of how CL has become fluent in English! Before, she had the basics down and had good pronunciation but now she speaks so confidently without struggling with grammar and all that. I’m living for it!

  • Sochettra Chou
    Sochettra Chou 5 months ago +37

    It’s been a long time since I last saw CL’s interview with Vogue 🥺 I have to admit, I wish I can afford everything CL’s wearing

  • idkphw
    idkphw 5 months ago +33

    There is no one like CL!!! She is true example of being yourself!!!

  • skybluegirl878
    skybluegirl878 5 months ago +24

    Had no idea who she was when I first clicked on this video, but I immediately had to see the rest of the outfits. The preview looked fire and they served.

      XAI SUPREMACY 5 months ago +5

      She’s CL! A korean soloist, been in the industry for 13 years! A fashion icon too. Check out her just released album ALPHA!

  • Mail Hunter 43
    Mail Hunter 43 5 months ago +31

    She's never fail for her fashion, she is the fashion icon.

  • Hagar Hussein
    Hagar Hussein 5 months ago +65

    She looks fab in all of them 😍😍😍

    • moonbycul
      moonbycul 5 months ago +1

      @Brea Regans no 🙏

  • All About Ana
    All About Ana 5 months ago +38

    Finaly someone with a different Style and actually fashionable.
    Ps: after all these tik tokers it’s nice to see a real artist in this. (Besides Adult and Sabrina Carpenter)

  • internetGZB
    internetGZB 5 months ago +26

    yes, she's the met gala denim lady and she goes by CL ❤

  • 조디 Zodie
    조디 Zodie 5 months ago +41

    She is A mother of fashion ✨

  • Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx
    Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx 5 months ago +39

    She is a fashion icon and she shows it in her music videos too like "Tie A Cherry" where she works many different high fashion looks

  • Roaming
    Roaming 5 months ago +9

    I want a whole MONTH of CL looks 😍

    HAPPYWARNING 5 months ago +83

    CL is a true queen, I love her. love her style, just power

    BBVIP 5 months ago +33

    She looks so beautiful!!! Love her style

  • Christina
    Christina 5 months ago +18

    I'm so glad she's been on more international medium. CL deserves all the recognition 👏 Fashion Icon!

  • 동그리
    동그리 5 months ago +45

    뭐든지 잘 소화해내는 씨엘 젤 멋찌다♡

  • Gabrielle Maia
    Gabrielle Maia 4 months ago +6

    please do a "life in books" with CL, she has AMAZING looks since the beginning!!

    EMERON 5 months ago +27

    I grew up listening to 2NE1 music and I can't deny that one of the reason I watched all their performances is because of their distinct girl-crush fashion sense. Every outfits of CL and remarks about the clothes are all on point. Such an #Alpha. Such a #Queen. 😍😎♠️🍒💕👸

  • Ceren Özdemir
    Ceren Özdemir 5 months ago +23

    I love this video, she looks so good! 🥺❤️ thank you for the content!!

  • Arsenio Tegari
    Arsenio Tegari 4 months ago +8

    CL is one of the few artists that can rock any silhouettes and any styles. Some other artists in my mind are Rihanna & Zendaya.

  • Lucia Roberta
    Lucia Roberta 5 months ago +23

    I literally can't express myself
    So much CL in such short time, we are truly bleesed by the queen

  • The Krapbook
    The Krapbook 5 months ago +9

    CL proved once again that she’s the APLHA! YASSS QUEEN!

  • Cocob say hey
    Cocob say hey 4 months ago +5

    So happy to see CL doing everything happily and confidently. Even I said thousand times, but YG is so dumb for keeping her so long without releasing any new music. We can see CL eyes are full of happiness and positive energy. She is such a big star.

  • Aisha
    Aisha 4 months ago +4

    I love her looks, so simple yet stylish and breathtaking.

  • Jade Mckenzie
    Jade Mckenzie 5 months ago +8

    my fave 7 days 7 looks yet ..love this

  • wonderland riri
    wonderland riri 5 months ago +9

    Vogue, you surprised me! Thanks for having CL 🍒

  • Theng Sovisal
    Theng Sovisal 5 months ago +7

    She is the Fashion Queen

  • k:\
    k:\ 5 months ago +12

    i loving hearing her talk through her ideas on fashion and how it always ties into who she is

  • Emile Vika
    Emile Vika 5 months ago +12

    Oh my god!!! I wasn't expecting this! I knew that she would come back on Vogue someday, but didn't expect to be today! She look amazing🖤❤

  • Himmatul Aliyah
    Himmatul Aliyah 5 months ago +11

    Errrrr how I love her. Thanks Vogue, for this amazing video. We love Queen CL till infinity

  • chrxstxllx
    chrxstxllx 5 months ago +3

    CL is really the most beautiful and confident woman for me. She's my dream 💕

  • Axolotl
    Axolotl 5 months ago +11

    And her constant support for new designers is really nice & sweet!

  • naveah
    naveah 4 months ago +2

    I love her friday and sunday look!! And her hair is dope, as usual of my queen CL 😍

  • solivagant zee
    solivagant zee 5 months ago +4

    the og fashion queen of the kpop industry. always bringing new looks and looking gorgeous every single time. an icon. we luv ha!

  • Sonia Khansa
    Sonia Khansa 5 months ago +7

    The only artist who understood the assignment so far

  • Tyan
    Tyan 5 months ago +4

    I really love the set and the video concept! They just look so wholesome, my eyes are so happy! And CL's narration really pleasurable to listen. I wish it was longer 🔥

  • Peniel Mallari
    Peniel Mallari 5 months ago +6

    I am just in love with all of these fits🤩💖 keep slaying Mom!!!!💕✨👑

  • L
    L 5 months ago +11

    CL looks good in chrome hearts, always


    She’s such a stunner! Also I’d like to say she’s one of the bolder artist when it comes to fashion, always experimenting different styles & trying different brands! This was interesting to watch!

  • lola lee
    lola lee 5 months ago +4

    She's so beautiful!Confident and powerful.❤️

  • Hannbit
    Hannbit 5 months ago +7

    You know somebody is a fashion icon when they can pull off every look!

  • isis
    isis 5 months ago +12


  • Punch Buttfacey
    Punch Buttfacey 5 months ago +5


  • YADia AG
    YADia AG 5 months ago +5

    Every look is CL! I love it! She doesn’t do “normal” and boring she’s CL.
    Not just only brand items but everything and everyone and it’s awesome!

  • rawan
    rawan 5 months ago +13

    she’s so cute and such a fashion icon!! love her so much💖💖💖🫂

  • Forever Mystic
    Forever Mystic 5 months ago +6

    I love how her fashion are not all the huge fashion brands. I love how authentic her overall fashion.

  • Deewee Taruc
    Deewee Taruc 5 months ago +13

    some people just really don't need a stylist because THEY. ARE. the stylist.

  • Kikifeisty
    Kikifeisty 5 months ago +3

    CL is such a QUEEN AND I LOVE IT! She rocks anything she wears.

  • Ross
    Ross 5 months ago +15

    Our queen CL ❤❤

  • J F
    J F 5 months ago +2

    her own individual sound and style. i love her to bits!

  • Lima Shorts
    Lima Shorts 5 months ago +17

    Wow, I really love her energy! Thank you Vouge again)

  • always slay
    always slay 5 months ago +21

    The way she talk its so relaxing

  • Mingmingsworld
    Mingmingsworld 5 months ago +20


  • Nuielle Medeiros
    Nuielle Medeiros 5 months ago +19

    I'M SO GLAD SHE WAS IN THIS SERIES OMG the best episode yetttt

    CYNTHIA MOTA 5 months ago +6


  • aleks
    aleks 5 months ago +10

    love seeing cl!!! her outfits all look amazing

  • Tyan
    Tyan 5 months ago +3

    I wish I could have half of her confidence when it comes to wearing clothes that I like

  • J Star Queen
    J Star Queen 5 months ago +17

    This bcth is on another level with it comes to fashion that’s why she’s a fashion icon 🍒👑

  • michelle lee
    michelle lee 5 months ago +4

    CL's style and taste are always brilliant.

  • Chanel Vibes
    Chanel Vibes 5 months ago +2

    I love CL, you don’t have to culture appropriate to be a Korean rapper. She’s beautiful, down to earth and resilient

  • Moonflower Tarot
    Moonflower Tarot 5 months ago +10

    So cool & *bad@$$* ... more of her please ♡

  • zolo
    zolo 5 months ago +5

    CL is literally everywhere!! I love it that's it's happening in 20"21". I'm glad she's not holding back her promotions Her new album deserves all the love and appreciation, not a single bad track. GZBs are overfed with content 😂 for all the lost time. Hope Minzy too promotes her new single well.

  • Shamim Khatmi
    Shamim Khatmi 5 months ago +12

    She's queen She's most fashionable idol for me i love her style 💖

  • Sweet Mochi
    Sweet Mochi 5 months ago +20

    CL a true Queen 👑

  • Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx
    Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx 4 months ago +2

    I love her she's iconic and adorable

  • Minh Trang
    Minh Trang 5 months ago +2

    not a fan of 2ne1 but CL gives such a comfort vibe

  • Hieu Thuan Nguyen
    Hieu Thuan Nguyen 5 months ago +6

    this woman is amazing

  • Anna
    Anna 4 months ago +1

    In love with the puffer set !! She’s rocking everything

  • Boundless Wonder
    Boundless Wonder 5 months ago +1

    CL is such a fashion icon. Back in 2013 she was literally my inspiration

  • gadir waked
    gadir waked 5 months ago +3

    I love the going out look😍✨✨✨