Ultimate LaCroix Taste Test

  • Published on Dec 9, 2016
  • Today we find out what the best flavor of La Croix is. GMM #1041!
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Comments • 7 765

  • TheSeriousBadger
    TheSeriousBadger 2 years ago +11665

    Again I'm watching a video of two guys drinking soda and I'm highly entertained.

    • Melissa Ann Wiggington
      Melissa Ann Wiggington 5 days ago

      @TheSeriousBadger hi

    • Tim Simons
      Tim Simons 21 day ago

      It's not soda it's sparkling water

    • Gavin Valdez
      Gavin Valdez 2 months ago

      its not soda

    • Lucinda Mobley
      Lucinda Mobley 5 months ago

      I've just tried my first La Croix ever (Orange flavor), and I am not impressed one bit. All I am tasting is fixy water with only the tiniest bit of orange flavor. I've had peach sparkling water of another brand and I COULD ACTUALLY TASTE THE PEACH IN THAT! This is just disappointing to me.

    • Kareena Thomas
      Kareena Thomas 5 months ago

      Sparkling water

  • Aubrey Burch
    Aubrey Burch 23 hours ago

    1. All the curates
    2. Key lime
    3. Cran-raspberry
    4. Berry
    5. Apricot
    6. Coconut

  • eXo^V
    eXo^V 2 days ago

    la croix IS NOT soda.

  • Ash Oleson
    Ash Oleson 2 days ago

    My dad loves this stuff

  • Olivia Brock
    Olivia Brock 5 days ago +1

    La Croix tastes like you vaguely thought of a fruit.

  • James W
    James W 6 days ago

    Green apple bubbly is incredible

  • nahsolos
    nahsolos 9 days ago

    Pamplemousse LaCroix tastes like dirt

  • Antonio Herrera
    Antonio Herrera 14 days ago

    My favorite is lime

  • tbyjb
    tbyjb 14 days ago

    They shoulda put pee instead

  • ishiah lucas
    ishiah lucas 14 days ago

    La croix taste like water with a flavored aftertaste...disrespectful to your mouth

  • Marshall The Puppy
    Marshall The Puppy 17 days ago

    "We have don"

  • Jaime M
    Jaime M 17 days ago

    Spindrift is better

  • Vincent Visaya
    Vincent Visaya 19 days ago

    Pausing at 3:19 is amazing. YW :]

  • skess94
    skess94 20 days ago

    Grapefruit is my favorite

  • Yasss Queens
    Yasss Queens 21 day ago

    Coc a nit

  • Dan Morgan
    Dan Morgan 24 days ago

    Key Lime Key Lime Key Lime Key Lime Key Lime!

  • Chloe Perez
    Chloe Perez 25 days ago

    You should do a coconut water taste test!

  • Sally Phillips
    Sally Phillips 25 days ago

    Sprite is a mix of lemon and lime. In the 70s, they called it "lymon."

    OWR _VONNY 27 days ago

    That stuff is disgusting

  • Benjamin Firman
    Benjamin Firman 28 days ago

    I’ve never had a LaCroix and I live in Wisconsin.

  • Corythe_gamer
    Corythe_gamer Month ago


  • hadlee landis
    hadlee landis Month ago

    I've never had LaCroix I'm sure I'd love it

  • OneWomanAndSomeSongs

    Mine is Peach-Pear.

  • Joseph Renegar
    Joseph Renegar Month ago +1

    Do a Bubly taste test

  • Kaydi Marckesano
    Kaydi Marckesano Month ago

    Anyone else have a Mandela moment?
    Came back to watch this again and I SWORE grapefruit won originally. 💀

  • Roller coaster Dude

    Passion fruit lacroix taste like shampoo 🤢🤮

  • TealW9ve
    TealW9ve Month ago

    tv static taste test

  • Leah Korth
    Leah Korth Month ago

    Is it bad that I live in Wisconsin and had no idea that LaCroix was made here 😂

  • Trapster
    Trapster Month ago

    Orange LaCroix is better than Lime. Cant Change My Mind.

  • Morgan.Warner
    Morgan.Warner Month ago

    I’m drinking la Croix right now! I love la Croix!

  • Krissey Dye
    Krissey Dye Month ago

    I like the strawberry pineapple, but the cucumber blackberry is the best.

  • Catherine Powell
    Catherine Powell Month ago +1

    This the nastiest
    Tasting sparkling water I have ever came across🤮

  • ellie
    ellie Month ago

    Lemon,cherry lime,and pineapple strawberry allllllll day

  • Ben Affleck
    Ben Affleck Month ago +1

    Link says root beer weird. "REWt beer"

  • Cole Ward
    Cole Ward Month ago

    4:27 lol

  • #Dodger4Life
    #Dodger4Life Month ago

    Do this but with bubly

  • Trishi
    Trishi Month ago +5

    “Nobody likes LaCroix”
    ~ Morgan Adams 😂

  • Catcat77 T_T
    Catcat77 T_T Month ago +1

    LaCroixs are gross.

  • Tater Salad
    Tater Salad Month ago

    La Croy is the lazy American pronunciation. La Craw is the proper way.

  • soccerpoppysmic
    soccerpoppysmic Month ago

    Pamplemousse all the way

  • Hannah Childs
    Hannah Childs Month ago

    La croix is like you walked into a room with sparkling water and someone in the other room shouted the name of a fruit

  • mrsuperman8941
    mrsuperman8941 Month ago

    honestly, non-flavored sparkling water tastes like when your arm falls asleep.

  • the void
    the void Month ago

    La Croix taste like some one looking at a bottle of water while taking a bite of a apple slice

  • Gavin Valdez
    Gavin Valdez 2 months ago

    I like pamlemousse

  • A
    A 2 months ago

    I love that Link is sitting up and Rhett is slouching a bit so they could make the thingy on their heads kinda even

  • Chris Daniel
    Chris Daniel 2 months ago

    Waterloo brand is the best 💪

  • black hawk
    black hawk 2 months ago

    I'm offended

  • Rosebush
    Rosebush 2 months ago

    I died at the "no nO no no no no you have to add de sHOOger" lol

  • Dirk Vandersande
    Dirk Vandersande 2 months ago

    Im from Wisconsin, I didn't even know that they were made here, and that truly is pretty cool

  • wiz kid
    wiz kid 2 months ago

    Watching Link have convulsions over there is cracking me up!!

  • Dalton Craddock
    Dalton Craddock 2 months ago

    I've had a lot of grandma neck myself

  • The kawaii Potato
    The kawaii Potato 2 months ago

    Cran-raspberry is definitely my favorite it’s so good☺️🤤🤤

  • 429 all the way
    429 all the way 2 months ago

    "You think it's an aphrodisiac? That's not what we're judging here"😂

  • grannykungfu
    grannykungfu 2 months ago +1

    I'm convinced they put crack or something in LaCroix cuz they don't taste very good yet i drink a good 24 every week

  • grannykungfu
    grannykungfu 2 months ago

    0:15 "tidal waved over this country"
    Correction: *California*

  • Eesha Jamil
    Eesha Jamil 2 months ago

    wait, they AREN'T GUESSING the flavors?? Then what's the point of the extravagant setup? Shoulda been a guess test

  • 89toscano
    89toscano 2 months ago

    Coconut at is my favorite flavor Lacroix!

  • joey singh
    joey singh 2 months ago +2

    *you're welcome*

  • Morgan Ring
    Morgan Ring 2 months ago

    hey om from wisconsin and i hate la croix but still this is halarious

  • FinS'd Flo_
    FinS'd Flo_ 2 months ago

    who else got here from Post Malone - Wow'???

  • norah Posey
    norah Posey 2 months ago

    And the ironic thing was that i was drinking it when i watched it! :P

  • gomcoclamp
    gomcoclamp 2 months ago +3

    why is he telling them which flavour they are going to taste!?

  • Holly Hegna
    Holly Hegna 2 months ago


  • Rachel Otremba
    Rachel Otremba 2 months ago

    0:00 "Today we're rating our flavorite La Croix flavors." I really appreciated that pun, Link 🤣

  • ¡Da Boi King Pickles!
    ¡Da Boi King Pickles! 2 months ago +3

    La croix > soda

  • Broly
    Broly 2 months ago


  • Vaultdweller117
    Vaultdweller117 2 months ago +1

    Im from Wisconsin and i hate La Croix
    But i do love Bubly ❤️

  • Elizabeth Petersen
    Elizabeth Petersen 3 months ago +6

    *What’s your favorite flavor of LaCroix?*
    Me: yes

  • Chupa Thingy
    Chupa Thingy 3 months ago

    Point of fact: while La Croix was invented in Wisconsin, the company that owns it now is based in Florida.

    • Chupa Thingy
      Chupa Thingy 3 months ago

      @ANGELO JOSEPH SALAMANCA "oh really" what? That it was invented in Wisconsin? It was indeed. It was created at the G. Heileman Brewery in La Crosse, WI. I grew up in La Crosse. 🙂

  • Jesse Cantwell
    Jesse Cantwell 3 months ago


  • BigTimeReview
    BigTimeReview 3 months ago

    My personal fave of all the ones I've had has to be Lemon. That is perfection in a can.

  • scrappinyou
    scrappinyou 3 months ago


  • TazTalksYouListen
    TazTalksYouListen 3 months ago

    LaCroix News!


  • The Mad Pie
    The Mad Pie 3 months ago +3

    i watched this while drinking the pamplemousse la croix

  • Dagan Love
    Dagan Love 3 months ago

    La croix makes me wanna die

  • Oli Jono
    Oli Jono 3 months ago

    Saying LaCroix with the american accent doesn't make it american. It's french, "TheCross".
    It's like if you said Bagwetty for a baguette. It just sounds so bad...
    Anyways, they are making fun of it so it doesn't matter so much.

  • Monica Hernandez
    Monica Hernandez 3 months ago

    I thought Alex was from Michigan 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • Michelle Ellington
    Michelle Ellington 3 months ago

    Love LaCroix, I've been enjoying it more than regular water. I have no problem drinking 5 LaCroix cans a day. Really enjoyed this video and I do think I agree with your final 3 choices. Also I have never tried mango, coconut or apricot flavors. I didn't know they had those flavors.

  • Ultra Gaming
    Ultra Gaming 3 months ago

    sad you didn't try tangerine! That is the BEST FLAVOR!!!!!!!!

  • Shiroz Levi
    Shiroz Levi 3 months ago

    the way he said mango sounded so israeli !!!

  • Starla Lunde
    Starla Lunde 3 months ago

    Why did they use this instead of cups?

  • Bridget Devoy
    Bridget Devoy 3 months ago

    My favorite is cherry lime!

  • djdraino8
    djdraino8 3 months ago

    After working at Target for 5 years.. hands down Lime was the number 1 seller.

  • Shark Boy
    Shark Boy 3 months ago +1

    Tangerine 🍊

  • Amber Yoder
    Amber Yoder 3 months ago +1

    The main thing people say is that coconut lacroix tastes like sunscreen😂😂 love you guys

  • Casey Woodroof
    Casey Woodroof 3 months ago +2

    youre la croix delivery system is leaking

  • Brenan Uphoff
    Brenan Uphoff 3 months ago

    La Croix tastes like Alkaline... don't try it 🤢

  • okqy_cxlla
    okqy_cxlla 3 months ago

    Ad: bla bla bla, If you're _ready_ ..

    Me: More like RHETT-y

  • William Caraos
    William Caraos 3 months ago

    Had a sip of LaCroix before I left to go out and got pulled over and ended up blowing over a .08.....

  • Joey Lanter
    Joey Lanter 3 months ago

    hey so you guys should try flat fizzy water does it just become normal water of is it flat water

  • Nilly Phily
    Nilly Phily 3 months ago

    fresca is better

  • Alivia Olson
    Alivia Olson 3 months ago

    I've never had any other flavor but lemon but it tasted exactly like lemons in carbonated water

  • Chaos Bearded Gaming and more


  • Grace MacDonald
    Grace MacDonald 3 months ago

    Coconut all the way!!

  • emma
    emma 3 months ago

    i never knew i needed alex in a beret until this moment

  • Kailee Sanchez
    Kailee Sanchez 3 months ago

    I just bought an entire case of la croix and I actually hate it... what do I do now with this huge case of la croix 😭

  • Lily Potratz
    Lily Potratz 3 months ago

    lol i live in wisconsin

  • Junior
    Junior 3 months ago

    Up alll night

  • Angela Sumner
    Angela Sumner 4 months ago


  • Sky Dragon
    Sky Dragon 4 months ago +12

    Has anyone else noticed that Link sometimes says flavorite instead favorite?