Our Unbelievable Night at Haunted Langham Hotel

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
    Sam and Colby explore the United Kingdom's most haunted hotel and stay overnight in London's scariest room... we interview paranormal experts about the Langham hotel.
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  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  24 days ago +5608

    Hope you enjoy the new series! Turn on notifications, next episode is Tuesday 1:14pm PST
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    • Tracy Brown
      Tracy Brown Day ago

      Hi I'm in background and I didn't notice yours I was saying to my cousin that's colbey omg xxx

    • Ann Lawson King
      Ann Lawson King 8 days ago +1


    • Syonder Wildflower
      Syonder Wildflower 9 days ago

      BBC is U.K News

    • Luna Morales Cortes
      Luna Morales Cortes 9 days ago

      Dude I’m a fan can you guys go to a happy place no more bad (not being rude just wanna see you in a happy place)

  • Relay Sooliviathen
    Relay Sooliviathen 41 minute ago

    After hearing that fact I’m scared for my life I live in the UK

  • Georgia Cooper
    Georgia Cooper 4 hours ago

    The stones that can hold traumatic events reminds me of when jake bought the demon boxes and one had damp stones in

  • chloe topp
    chloe topp 11 hours ago +1

    I'm Australian and American's have taken over, man we have consistent news about Donald Trump, people actually celebrating Halloween and Australian's talking like American's.

  • #Infinite Legends
    #Infinite Legends 12 hours ago

    Guys I want to see you guys exploring the number (1)haunted place on the earth
    Like the top 1 ranking

  • I’m a B U R I T O
    I’m a B U R I T O 18 hours ago

    1:08 why with the scary transitions they scare me every time

    1:10,1:59 , 16:23 that’s my biggest fear if I saw that I would be speed walking away

  • Chloe Gathercole
    Chloe Gathercole 18 hours ago

    When they were talking about the steering wheel I said to myself “thats normal” then I remember they are American the steering wheel is on the other side. Im Australian btw

  • Jeffrey McAleer
    Jeffrey McAleer 19 hours ago

    no ghosts just want that internet clout

  • xXGachaMysteryXx
    xXGachaMysteryXx 21 hour ago +1

    I live in the most haunted country XD

  • Jennifer Baxter
    Jennifer Baxter 23 hours ago

    Can't wait

  • GTLbart 362
    GTLbart 362 23 hours ago

    I live 4-5 hours away from London by car

  • JamieBuz
    JamieBuz 23 hours ago

    Um...I heard a story where a man had his spine broken in 3 places after being possessed by a ghost in his sleep

    • JamieBuz
      JamieBuz 23 hours ago

      *Man Gets Hit By Double-Decker Bus In England*
      News: A Man Exploded Today!

  • JamieBuz
    JamieBuz 23 hours ago

    ... *sighs* this is what brits hate most, American tourists xD

  • gacha Bat
    gacha Bat Day ago

    Omg ur english accent . Xd I'm from england and dont have an accent xd

  • Luis Pastrana
    Luis Pastrana Day ago

    Ksi: welcome to London motherfuck

  • Game On
    Game On Day ago

    My foot smell tasty

  • Joel Andrade
    Joel Andrade Day ago

    Corey quit running in the videos Everytime it's about to get good

  • Summer FARRAR
    Summer FARRAR Day ago +1

    I live in England!! 😬😭 I’m scared now I love your videos though ❤️😂 xx

  • Jamesrm05
    Jamesrm05 Day ago

    what’s the creepy plastic torture box behind them in the intro

  • Courtney Hall
    Courtney Hall Day ago

    Right when you said don’t look behind you but theirs a ghost there was a black figure

  • Michaella Callard
    Michaella Callard 2 days ago

    Just subbed realised I wasnt sorry

  • Alanah Buchanan-Taylor

    ahhhhhhhhhh omg as colby said 333 when the video ended the time turned to 3:33

  • i see that i’m icy

    3:47 so satisfying edit

  • Lost Liah
    Lost Liah 2 days ago

    yeah cus like in the series Lucifer their spirits dont know theyre in hell or dead or something but these spirits keep experiencing the same thing that theyre guilty about like how they died or did to cause something like that. in short its all a Loop.
    you might be able to interact with them and add a little more thrill but their loop is always going to end at the same thing

  • Lost Liah
    Lost Liah 2 days ago

    youre in mr. bean's country. 🤗🤣

  • Rithanya Suresh
    Rithanya Suresh 2 days ago +1

    I dont mind ads 🤷🏼‍♀️
    I dont mind buffer🤷🏻‍♀️
    But when ads buffer🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
    I suffer😡😭😡😡😡😡

  • Char Kahler
    Char Kahler 2 days ago

    No more Elton to drive them on the other side of the road😂

  • Kinji Woah
    Kinji Woah 2 days ago

    21:09 Corey’s face tho🤣

  • Flabz
    Flabz 2 days ago

    Wish i knew these guys were here, grab a tea, talk to some ghosts, eat some crumpets

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez 2 days ago

    They should go to the island of the dolls

  • zeo videos 26F
    zeo videos 26F 2 days ago

    Sam: England is the most haunted country
    Me:laughs in Scottish

  • killer 360
    killer 360 3 days ago

    3 hevin middle earth hell

  • blank
    blank 3 days ago

    why did colby say nigger?

  • Gacha Tails 101
    Gacha Tails 101 3 days ago

    Next can u please come to Scotland its not the best weather but I'd my mum can she might take me to see you and I might be getting one of your jumpers :) and it would mean the world to me if I could meet up with you and BBC is a TV channel Ps the driving is normal to me lol

  • Jada Baley
    Jada Baley 3 days ago

    Everyone: who gonna drive?!?

    Corey:......I'm lesbian

  • Luca Thiede
    Luca Thiede 3 days ago

    Someone knows the song at 1:15?

  • Gwen Baylis
    Gwen Baylis 3 days ago

    3:26 Colby sounds like my little pony

  • Asia Osterman
    Asia Osterman 3 days ago

    When it’s a long video 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗

  • Ixchel Ochoa
    Ixchel Ochoa 3 days ago

    They found me

  • Shea VanMeter's Channel

    can y'all please go to waverly hills, please go and film a video

  • Auichu Inacha
    Auichu Inacha 3 days ago

    Hey,ive been watching the Stranded series on snap and let me say thats freaking insane what you guys experinced. I love your videos on youtube and Snapchat,i watch every videos when i can. I love you guys keep up the good work! Me and my bff espire to reach your level of awesomeness 😊❤

  • Jacob Hogeda
    Jacob Hogeda 3 days ago

    Always love watching them when im on long road trips

  • Blake Inman
    Blake Inman 3 days ago

    It's my birthday

  • LLJ
    LLJ 3 days ago

    “Back in 1776 George Washington signs the Declaration Of Independence with his foreskin hair”

  • Skye Mclaughlin
    Skye Mclaughlin 3 days ago

    me: i just find out england is the most haunted place in the world.
    me: living in england
    also me: *packing bags and moving to hawaii*
    oh even better it’s in london where i f***ing live

  • Queen _Beauty
    Queen _Beauty 3 days ago

    My dad was born 1965 1000 years later

  • Michelle Enderink
    Michelle Enderink 3 days ago +9

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not even ghosts:

    Corey: '' Look how different condoms looks here''

  • Michelle Enderink
    Michelle Enderink 3 days ago

    3:38 I wish I can pack my bag like that

  • Mcquilla Donner
    Mcquilla Donner 3 days ago

    I want to see the 2nd part

  • Michelle Enderink
    Michelle Enderink 3 days ago

    Lange ham hotel

    - A Dutch fan, 2k19

  • Ur dad Bihhh
    Ur dad Bihhh 3 days ago

    -hides in comments-


    It changes you
    ~Sam 2019

  • Remus Lazar
    Remus Lazar 4 days ago

    How do you guys afford to stay at this hotel? Looks expensive

  • Gamer Blood Cells
    Gamer Blood Cells 4 days ago

    You can see when Sam says to Jake, "There is a ghost behind you", there was actually a person standing there. I don't know if it was intentional but it really scared me for a second. I thought that you were about to get attacked before you even went into the room. Be very careful guys. This might just be one of the scariest hotels that you have been in. P.S. I really like your videos and you should keep making them. It looks like a lot of people like them as well. Just don't go to such great lengths like getting haunted again. You might get possessed this time. Actually, you might get haunted again any second now so, before you get haunted for the 1,000,000th time, I just want to let you know that I will always support you no matter what. See you next time. :)

  • Yeet Steve
    Yeet Steve 4 days ago

    23:07 a fart

  • Yeet Steve
    Yeet Steve 4 days ago +1

    friendship bruvers like if you laughed

  • Summer Nulty
    Summer Nulty 4 days ago +1

    im from england

  • ηεмεsιs
    ηεмεsιs 4 days ago

    I love it how an O’Reily’s commercial pops up after 20:27 😂😂

  • Merel De Bruin
    Merel De Bruin 4 days ago +1

    When someone watches Sam and Colby

    My stupid ass: puts al the lights in the house on, gets a blanket and calls my dog for support so the ghosts won’t kill me
    Edit: oh my god, it’s friggin full moon

  • Rafiqa Hutchings
    Rafiqa Hutchings 4 days ago

    Why I did that with the egg that’s disrespectful you stupid