Match Rocket - 60 Foot Ultimate Matchbox Rocket

  • Published on Feb 26, 2016
    Here we take a look at how to make a match rocket in only 60 seconds that will fly up to 60 feet, all on the power of a single match head. If you need help, or my free match head rocket template plans in PDF format, visit the website link above.
    I've always loved making matchstick rockets, and like many others here on TheXvid they commonly top out for flight distance at about 20 - 40 feet, similar to my results as a kid. So I decided to go back to the drawing board and try to squeeze every ounce of power out of them just for fun. The result? I think we have the ultimate long distance matchbox rocket capable of over 40 feet, and up to 60 feet, all out of a single matchstick.
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    Copying anything you see in this video or on the website is done at your own risk entirely, the purpose of the video is to entertain and educate.
    Matches by their very nature are a fire hazard, not only directly but indirectly. Although these mini matchstick rockets are relatively safe to build, they may blow out hot or flaming particles of light match debris. These hot particles are definitely a hazard to anything flammable inside or outside the home, think carpets, furnishings and dry grass etc. On occasion you may also get a rocket explode, this can shoot out aluminum foil and particles that could hit your eyes, so eye protection should be worn. Finally it should be noted that the rocket casings are hot when they land, and they may damage delicate surfaces or soft furnishings. This should not be copied by anyone under 18 without adult supervision.
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  • A K Shukla
    A K Shukla 5 days ago

    Thanks bro

  • armin remulla
    armin remulla 9 days ago

    Warning:only launch these at very wide places

  • armin remulla
    armin remulla 9 days ago

    Sweet I can make a wooden katyusha rockets with this

  • Sam Cool
    Sam Cool 18 days ago

    You copied King of random

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  18 days ago +1

      Check again you will see many improvements over the project TKOR made. And cool though it is Grant did not invent match rockets. Grant did inspire me to start a TheXvid channel, and this was one of my first projects, so that is why it is probably too close to grants style. RIP Grant.

  • danny nyman
    danny nyman 18 days ago

    Match head in small tinfoil ball= fire cracker

  • guy c
    guy c 20 days ago

    Do you think that you could add a little warhead using match powder for a percussion bang?

  • Adecodoo
    Adecodoo 20 days ago +1

    I poked my eye with this..

  • t 1 01
    t 1 01 28 days ago

    What about a guidance system tho.😃

  • Jacob Olson
    Jacob Olson 28 days ago

    the chikhenese army will need 1,000,000 of those. i have the duolingo bird on my side

  • Noah Stirrat
    Noah Stirrat Month ago +1

    You copy righted a video you stole from the king of random

  • TNTgamer 5742
    TNTgamer 5742 Month ago

    60 seconds built 7:29 minutes video

  • lord dragon
    lord dragon Month ago

    Oh gosh i want that can soo bad

  • elli003
    elli003 Month ago


  • Lee Fithian
    Lee Fithian Month ago

    The range on these exceeds the ballistic match head treaty of 1984 backyard BBQ sanctions are being imposed at the rate of one shrimp not on the Barbie per hour until you move your rocked back

  • hand cannons
    hand cannons Month ago

    It flies very fast and far for a miniature rocket

  • Jorge Reina
    Jorge Reina Month ago

    ¿Y cual es el sentido de todo eso?

  • MojangYang YAN0014
    MojangYang YAN0014 Month ago

    My match simply poked a hole in the foil

  • lukiitaas
    lukiitaas Month ago

    Pero cállate un momento en el vídeo hijo de puta

  • GESPR!
    GESPR! Month ago

    TheXvid is made for channels Like @BrainfooTV

  • grappler185
    grappler185 Month ago

    Hey thanks, I'm going to make this a project for me to do with my grandkids.

  • Cat Knip
    Cat Knip Month ago

    what happened to ur thumbnail on you thumbnail pic

  • muffoins
    muffoins 2 months ago

    You guys can say what ever you say but i can t say thats a (rocket) well the reason is its not like rockets go like they put fire out to fire co.2 out there to lift of but that uses pressure camber lift off so i mean in pressures the top part when it too huge so it can t keep it it fire out and push it avay and fast begos pressuuuur but it will lose to same size solid booster not kiding

  • david schudrich
    david schudrich 2 months ago

    Now you gotta make giant matchstick rockets

  • ICUpopaVictorSierra 31
    ICUpopaVictorSierra 31 3 months ago

    I used two match heads and it almost went across the Pacific Ocean...

  • Gcal1956
    Gcal1956 3 months ago

    Don’t let convicts in prison see this. They will be shooting each other in the eyes and necks before u know it.

  • Gauthaman GKY
    Gauthaman GKY 3 months ago

    very superb and got idea to do that... thanks brainfoo

  • Jose Litson
    Jose Litson 3 months ago +1

    I legendary youtuber's first video!!

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  • Aarambh Verma
    Aarambh Verma 3 months ago +1

    Now I just need a space shuttle to start my journey to Mars!
    Tiny man spotted😁

  • BoneYard
    BoneYard 3 months ago

    if you crush 10 match heads, make the tube then pack in the powder it will go further

  • Ranjit Singh
    Ranjit Singh 3 months ago


  • Beep Beep Gamer
    Beep Beep Gamer 4 months ago


  • Sam Armstrong
    Sam Armstrong 4 months ago

    I was gonna do this but then I remembered I need the foil for heroin use.

  • Mile Stone
    Mile Stone 4 months ago

    At 4:10 when mate starting to roll joints oho rockets i knew he is my man! You go bro!

  • parvesh yadav
    parvesh yadav 4 months ago

    Give Me More Rocket video and free plan by PDF

  • Mock Nugget
    Mock Nugget 5 months ago

    I was here when this video was still at 16k views

  • иван иванов
    иван иванов 5 months ago

    Поучитесь у России ракеты делать! Ахахахахахах

  • ƆǝԀS _
    ƆǝԀS _ 5 months ago

    One of my rockets hit my mom in the eye and now I'm grounded thanks a lot

  • 6977warrior1
    6977warrior1 5 months ago +1

    Instructions unclear; penis stuck in matchbox.

  • Joseph Abboud
    Joseph Abboud 5 months ago

    I might try to incorporate this into a RC plane. My friend and I are making RC planes with airsoft guns on them and then we’ll dogfight, the rockets would add a little more fun.

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon 6 months ago

    Hi great video and creation.I happened on to this video and saved it for my watch later and wow amazing lol, im so into stuff like this ,i used to do model rocketry and your bang on in your description .I find the casing to be key and the more power you put to it the thicker the casing anyway i subbed to your channel and hope its still up cause its 2016 video take care my friend and please put out more stuff like this.

  • ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    I have all of this ima make 1

  • Mary Cleary
    Mary Cleary 6 months ago

    You just copied the king of random

  • chao fang
    chao fang 6 months ago


  • Don't_Worry_About_It
    Don't_Worry_About_It 6 months ago

    They asked, build a rocket.
    Me: Builds this
    Also me: Does nothing the next 2 weeks because i'm done with the project.

  • Ross Anderson
    Ross Anderson 6 months ago

    I used to do this when I was a kid. Sixty years ago. Match project indeed. Ha ha ha

  • Julie Majova
    Julie Majova 6 months ago +1


  • Mikhel Rowssen
    Mikhel Rowssen 7 months ago +2

    Instructions unclear, accidentally made an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

  • Joe De Mora
    Joe De Mora 7 months ago

    Are you Callum’s Corner?

  • Héritage Québec
    Héritage Québec 7 months ago

    KClO3 is a strong oxidizer. Do not grind KClO3.

    Red phosphorus is highly toxic and flammable.
    Edit : Just watch the video : Match head demo
    by UWChemistry

  • 1a Sgt. Souza
    1a Sgt. Souza 7 months ago

    Consigo abater um Su-35 com esse míssil?😂

  • Steve Anon
    Steve Anon 7 months ago

    I'll bet Kim Jong-un can't do this.

  • Democracy Works
    Democracy Works 7 months ago

    Now just add a party snap on the front and you have a micro warhead 😄

  • Maine Rock Flour
    Maine Rock Flour 8 months ago

    CAUTION: Do not fire this rocket at any building, because just like on 9/11 it would result in the entire building collapsing into its footprint as a pile of of dust then everyone in the surrounding neighborhoods would die from the resulting radiation poisoning. Just saying....

  • Deutscher Ordensritter DEUS VULT

    V-2 rocket launched first time by nazi germany. (original filmed)

  • creative thakur
    creative thakur 8 months ago

    Watch my video plz

  • nunyer beeznaz
    nunyer beeznaz 8 months ago

    In the 70's,BIG factory,boredom between jobs,taped masking tape fines to strike-anywhere matches,then shot them from blow-off guns tubes with air pressure. Shot at a 50' metal ceiling,they fell LIT ! Great fun,until one landed on the bosses head ! Simple possession of strike-anywheres was grounds for termination for a couple of years.

  • D.j. B
    D.j. B 9 months ago

    Here is a better idea! Take a bike spoke & the cap from inside the rim, flip the cap upside down & screw it on just a bit! Can also use possibly a motorcycle or dirtbike spoke for a bigger bang. Scrape the phosphorous off of match heads & pack it down into the spoke head until mostly full. Use whatever projectile you want, AS a child, I used spit wads & they were powerfull enough to put a hole into a door! I ALSO TRIED BB'S & PELLETS. Step that up by using a bigger spoke LIKE FROM A MOTOR CYCLE OR DIRTBIKE! HOLD A FLAME TO THE PIECE THAT HOLDS THE PHOSPHEROUS & YOU NOW HAVE A HOMEMADE DEVICE EQUIVELANT TO MAYBE A .22. I ASSUME ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY NOR LIABILITY FOR IT'S MANUFACTURE, OR IMPROPER USE! NEVER POINT IT AT ANYONE OR ANYTHING & BE WARNED, THEY ARE DANGEROUS! I ASSUME NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER CHECK ALL STATE & LOCAL LAW'S BEFORE IT'S MANUFACTURE OR USE!

  • BossaNossa1
    BossaNossa1 9 months ago

    what if you double, triple load the head of the body with the Phosphorous sulfide (match head) of the foil fuselage...?

  • M W
    M W 9 months ago

    Has anyone tried this with a pinch of smokeless powder? Great vid, btw! This will make for a great Sunday afternoon project with my little guys!

  • etherealic being
    etherealic being 9 months ago

    It’s basically a gun

  • Hanif Ali
    Hanif Ali 9 months ago +1

    Fuck yourself

  • Sne4kNDestroy
    Sne4kNDestroy 9 months ago

    I’m sure I can make those in art classes

  • Lumibear
    Lumibear 9 months ago

    Ive just had massive flashbacks to being a kid in the 70s, I seriously thought me and my cousin invented this, and maybe we did, people often do discover simple stuff like this separately, but I thought nobody else knew about tin foil rockets on heated matches, lol. Well, my gob is thoroughly smacked.

  • Chris Fritz
    Chris Fritz 9 months ago

    I’m gonna need to try it with 2 match heads!

  • Judge Tater
    Judge Tater 9 months ago

    Instructions unclear. dick stuck in a toaster. Please send help!

  • aboriani
    aboriani 9 months ago

    I used to build those rockets when I was a kid, but we left the wooden part to roll the foil over it. The sad part was when we ran out of matches. Now i'm 36 and I can buy as many matches as I want!

  • Quadrenaro
    Quadrenaro 9 months ago

    I'm gonna try this and make wings using a bit of foil and extra match heads.

  • Ge0 Arc
    Ge0 Arc 9 months ago +1

    Thank God my chums and I did not know about this 40 year's ago. We would have BURNED DOWN the whole block and half the schools within a ten mile radius!!!

  • Fooos
    Fooos 9 months ago

    CNN be like- Crazy terrorist shows kids how to make devastating bombs!

  • skaindu
    skaindu 9 months ago

    Payload suggestions? :
    (edit below)

    polonium needles

  • cheese chisel
    cheese chisel 9 months ago

    thank you for not making us watch you cut metal foil with a scissors

  • Wombat Lover
    Wombat Lover 9 months ago

    31K ISIS extremists supported this video..
    Can you put a guidance package on these rockets?
    I want to become a super power!!!