Katy Perry Breaks Down After SHOCKER on Stage | Idols Global

  • Published on Apr 8, 2019
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Comments • 1 290

  • Nick
    Nick 18 hours ago

    Why is Katy an entire MOOD. 4:41 "Why won't someone love me like that"

  • Miranda Strickland
    Miranda Strickland 3 days ago

    Katy is literally my mom at my grade 6 graduation😂

  • Govind Bhutada
    Govind Bhutada 3 days ago

    I don't care about what happened with couple but the way Katy Perry cry I love to watch this video again and again 😂

  • just 3 in 1
    just 3 in 1 4 days ago

    Look at Katy's face 🤣🤣

    SONE& LAIF 6 days ago


  • else paucken
    else paucken 6 days ago

    wow was für eine stimme toll

  • MRK750 mrk
    MRK750 mrk 7 days ago

    Oh my god she is crying seriously 😐😂

  • om pranav
    om pranav 8 days ago

    Katty Perry is winning hearts globally. Everyone is a child inside. Katty just display this aspect without anything 😅😅

  • Dan Sharman
    Dan Sharman 9 days ago


  • Thaveesha Akurugoda
    Thaveesha Akurugoda 10 days ago

    This is sooo beautiful 😍💕

  • Eternal Mistress
    Eternal Mistress 10 days ago

  • Karla jepson
    Karla jepson 12 days ago

    I can’t stand that idiot mKaty Perry the proposal wasn’t hers it belonged to the beautiful young lady who sang a beautiful song absolutely perfect gorgeous song! And very appropriate for that special moment in their lives and they can watch on iTunes whenever they want to because it’s absolutely beautiful perfect incredible happy moment of their mlives! Congratulations nMatt and Joanna!

  • AvaPex
    AvaPex 13 days ago

    Katy so jealous

  • Hala
    Hala 14 days ago


  • Sowmya Sow
    Sowmya Sow 14 days ago

    So beautiful and real! Everyone dreams of having such a real person in life. We have a lot of comforts in life yet the right companion in life will always the ultimate happiness.

  • Benjamin Kelly
    Benjamin Kelly 17 days ago +1

    Oh man, what a rollercoaster clip

  • Crystal McConnell
    Crystal McConnell 19 days ago

    I would be Katy Perry 💀

  • DanielleBcopeland
    DanielleBcopeland 20 days ago

    Why does Katie pretty have to be the center of attention during such an important moment between these two people. It's so so so cringy!

  • Jennifer Love
    Jennifer Love 22 days ago

    Katy needs to stop trying to act...

  • Hendrie Bester
    Hendrie Bester 25 days ago

    Katy is a baby

  • char nix
    char nix 27 days ago +1

    Oh my God is she jealous 😂

  • Danny 54
    Danny 54 Month ago

    she's id gorgeous , what a beautiful couple !

  • j. drake
    j. drake Month ago

    Did anyone ever sing roar by you Katy Perry?

  • Glorification Of Lord Господа

    I love you Katy ❤️.

  • Chelsea Brayne
    Chelsea Brayne Month ago

    4:40 to 4:50 is the best

  • Charli Bloomer
    Charli Bloomer Month ago

    Wait what age is he if he's taking exams ahaha

  • Mohamed Moha
    Mohamed Moha Month ago

    Katy ilove you 😥

  • frog
    frog Month ago

    American version of anime drama

  • Mr. Sadi Stark
    Mr. Sadi Stark Month ago +1

    Imagine she says no. Katy perry reaction will be hilarious.

  • James Bron
    James Bron Month ago +1

    Katy Ilove you! From philippines

  • Bless Pretta
    Bless Pretta Month ago

    Katy:why there's no someone can love me like that

  • Emine Dural
    Emine Dural Month ago +1

    Pauvre katy peritau elle pleure mais j Ai pas compris pourquoi mais bon 👩🏻‍🦳👰🏼😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan Friesen
    Ryan Friesen Month ago

    lol i thoguht the words said get the ugly guy off camera :D

  • Geoffrey Johnson
    Geoffrey Johnson Month ago

    Oh good God Katie Perry is such a drama queen - She’s got a great voice

  • luisnomad
    luisnomad Month ago

    Katy Perry's "crying" is phony as hell.

  • Mokgadi Ono
    Mokgadi Ono Month ago

    Her voice ! Her boyfriend ! Heaven !

  • Mr Hansen
    Mr Hansen Month ago +1

    As Katy tries to steal the attention Luke and Lionel both kick her while the cameras pan toward the stage!

  • ROGUE X94
    ROGUE X94 Month ago

    Oh my gosh Kim your crying face is so ugly

  • How Arin Sees
    How Arin Sees Month ago


  • Gisellelan
    Gisellelan Month ago

    Katty Perry I love you hahahahah

  • Gulraiz Khan
    Gulraiz Khan Month ago


  • Gulraiz Khan
    Gulraiz Khan Month ago

    Sweat and i am waiting for my partner my love i hope she is like uu

  • ibrika aye aye
    ibrika aye aye Month ago

    A few lines could paint a beautiful touching story

  • Randall Whitehead
    Randall Whitehead Month ago

    OMG love is ❤️

  • Baimanisan Emblawa
    Baimanisan Emblawa Month ago

    Katy is so cute😍

  • Luiz Dinarte
    Luiz Dinarte Month ago

    Essa Katy Perry é muito exagerada. Não consegue deixar de aparecer mais do que todo mundo. Affff.

  • sreesanth sreeni
    sreesanth sreeni Month ago

    Is it just me or does she look like khloe kardashian?? 🙄🤔

  • Jean Alzaidi
    Jean Alzaidi 2 months ago

    Omg he's such a amazing guy

  • Airik1111
    Airik1111 2 months ago

    90% of marriages don't last ....they might be part of the 10% but who knows, only time will tell. I've been married 22 years it would be 23 but it took awhile to get my divorce squared away😂

  • Azul azul Azul
    Azul azul Azul 2 months ago

    My 2 girls love Katy Perry !! I always like her but after watch all the videos from America Idol I love her she is so real !!

  • It's probably illegal
    It's probably illegal 2 months ago

    I put my fanfic down for this uwu

  • Larry Littleton
    Larry Littleton 2 months ago

    Thank you for #captioning (most) of this video. Please continue to #caption them ALL!

  • Eko Saputra
    Eko Saputra 2 months ago

    i need make up wwkwk 😅

  • 1000 subscribers without any videos challenge

    Me: not allowed to play minecraft
    *cries like Katy*

  • Anita Luca
    Anita Luca 2 months ago

    Katy is so overly emotional .
    I thought I was bad! 🥰

  • Maegan Awesome
    Maegan Awesome 2 months ago

    I'm shocked how she can sing and I dirent expect that her boyfriend perpiosdd to her and I'm so sorry Mattie Perry I hope you have a fantastic day😍😭

  • Jade Mist
    Jade Mist 2 months ago

    Haha Katy is so jelly! That was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen! LOL

  • sameer ahmed
    sameer ahmed 2 months ago

    I thought this is a singing show.....btw great play

  • Umair Rafique
    Umair Rafique 2 months ago

    Katy is a character!🤣

  • Syafx_ apit
    Syafx_ apit 2 months ago

    What song guys??