I OPENED 1,000 CSGO PRISMA CASES.. so you dont have to.

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • We opened 1000 Prisma cases on CSGO! It took us over 4 hours to record this Prisma case opening, and this is what we got.. Hope you guys enjoy this video!
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Comments • 5 121

  • KILZ Dr.montrays
    KILZ Dr.montrays 5 days ago


    to get a knife

  • 911BeMOn
    911BeMOn 5 days ago

    __lol_lol_____ thats it

  • Ahmet Can Diş
    Ahmet Can Diş 10 days ago

    Ahmetmisler instagram name

  • SkRiPtEr
    SkRiPtEr 12 days ago

    Can i get walet money to open 10 cases pls my name is on cs go SkRiPtEr

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 21 day ago

    I think younger one

  • KILZ Dr.montrays
    KILZ Dr.montrays 22 days ago

    The best way to get drops is to go in Flying Scoutsman
    Since not a lot of people play it all you need is about 2 or 3
    on each team, kill bots, grind/headshots stuff like that for the whole match
    and since there arent a lot of people you have a very good chance to get drop
    yes sometimes drops don't always appear or maybe only one person will get something
    but it seems csgo likes to give random drops to people who grind harder
    also do it at a time where not a lot of people play on the week days like,
    Monday or Tuesday 7 because that is about the start of school for youre
    time and places hours ahead of your time will probally be on their last hour of school.
    I have more stuff to this tip but I don't want to wright a second book on 1 tip

  • Ante
    Ante 23 days ago

    I think 2

  • TheDerpArmy
    TheDerpArmy 27 days ago


  • Fresh Juice
    Fresh Juice 28 days ago


  • THE X
    THE X 28 days ago

    2 knife

  • Emil Vestergaard Pedersen 6B

    1 knife

  • Pegaz 98
    Pegaz 98 Month ago

    i open 5 prisma and i got Ursus Knife | Tiger Tooth FN 354.91 euro

  • Kalle Alen
    Kalle Alen Month ago

    16:56 energy is Kevin baker? Turn on auto text

  • Kalle Alen
    Kalle Alen Month ago

    13:25 I think 2 knifes
    Like if you also think he will end up with 2 knifes

  • Kalle Alen
    Kalle Alen Month ago +1

    11:57 back to back dragon lore?!
    And back to back Medusa wtf?!

  • Kalle Alen
    Kalle Alen Month ago

    9:38 in texting it says don’t get laid instead of don’t complain lol XD

  • Kalle Alen
    Kalle Alen Month ago

    4:57 surfers pink of the day?

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Month ago

    2 knives

  • Skankhunt 88
    Skankhunt 88 Month ago

    By this low rate to get a knife should a key cost Less than 60 Cents

  • Blake Ledyard
    Blake Ledyard Month ago


  • Andrew Skinner
    Andrew Skinner 2 months ago

    2 knives

  • William 772
    William 772 2 months ago

    On skinhlbay the money you make from selling can you keep it on your account and spend it on new skins E.G. i sell a skin for $12,50 and it’s on my account I wanna by a $8,20 gun can I buy it with the money I made and then transfer the rest out?

  • Dattebasa
    Dattebasa 2 months ago

    2 Knifes

  • sYnerGyTV _
    sYnerGyTV _ 2 months ago

    I subbed too you to ask the name of that hat plus ive watched 6 or so of your videos so tell me the hats name plz 🤔😂❤️

  • Fredman Rönn
    Fredman Rönn 2 months ago

    i'm just lazy pls i want skins @t

  • Ole Jakob Gromsrud
    Ole Jakob Gromsrud 2 months ago


  • IBeetMyDad
    IBeetMyDad 2 months ago +13

    whenever i feel like buying cases i watch this video

  • Legendery Ninja
    Legendery Ninja 2 months ago

    i think 2 knifes

  • Owen Jewell
    Owen Jewell 2 months ago


  • Bryce Prouty
    Bryce Prouty 2 months ago


  • JorgosSlayer69
    JorgosSlayer69 2 months ago

    I've opened only 20 cases and still gotten 8 pinks

  • makyah kreis
    makyah kreis 2 months ago

    Ive gotten 2 knives within about 20 cases?

  • Noah Fammé 6C Risbjergskolen

    i opened 120 cases got 0 knifes

  • Magra the mage
    Magra the mage 2 months ago

    2 knifes

  • Liinkes
    Liinkes 2 months ago

    R I p

  • Maphack
    Maphack 2 months ago

    i think the drop rate is horrible after f2p

  • pranav reddy
    pranav reddy 2 months ago

    He's getting skins wooooow

  • Voo_Hu
    Voo_Hu 2 months ago


  • Jamxl
    Jamxl 2 months ago +2

    Please do a new Breakout Case opening :) !

  • adam 1
    adam 1 2 months ago

    2-3nifes and I think one of these is karambit

  • yshore
    yshore 3 months ago

    I feel so bad it did not get to 100k likes

  • dranda z brna
    dranda z brna 3 months ago +2

    My best skin is ak47 elite build

  • In Dein Auge
    In Dein Auge 3 months ago

    i guess 3 knifes

  • GP2K
    GP2K 3 months ago

    When i opened one, i landed next to a red and got tec 9 bamboozled and im sad now

  • Mazen alshehri
    Mazen alshehri 3 months ago


  • Ovguhan OG Ozkan
    Ovguhan OG Ozkan 3 months ago +1

    app.lootbear.com/?dl=kC7pIMnQWz Log from this link so we both get credit yall.

  • WiiXBG
    WiiXBG 3 months ago

    I think you will get 2 btw i stoped the video on 13:46 soo yea hope i got it right

  • Chris Fuller
    Chris Fuller 3 months ago

    I knife

  • Ricardo Silva
    Ricardo Silva 3 months ago +10

    Everytime I see a blue I plant a tree on Amazônia

  • DaGamer Boi_VLOGS
    DaGamer Boi_VLOGS 3 months ago

    7 knifes

  • Epic Gamer Gaming
    Epic Gamer Gaming 3 months ago +1

    1000 cases 1 knife…..nice

  • max ukiner
    max ukiner 3 months ago


  • Definitely Not JC
    Definitely Not JC 3 months ago

    Wow i can't believe my guess is right no more no less but the sad thing is "i don't have an instagram account" so i think we're both Unlucky.

  • Definitely Not JC
    Definitely Not JC 3 months ago

    He says "Pause the Video and Guess" how many knives skins can he get?
    Actually I've tried to waste a lot of money buying 120 Containers and Keys and i got 0 Knife skin so i guess since it's 1000 maybe he can get at least 1.
    By the way I've heard that there will be giveaway and i hope (like he was hoping to get knife skin) that i can get a free skin.

  • NeonPowerOrca
    NeonPowerOrca 3 months ago

    Skinbay is just skinbaron in English lol

  • nazim greizmann
    nazim greizmann 3 months ago

    Can you give just one pink skin pls bro plspls 🤗🤗

  • Pro 90
    Pro 90 3 months ago

    3 knives. (I think....?!?!)

  • Luc Skywalker
    Luc Skywalker 3 months ago

    can someone give me any skin pls?? I am not allowed to buy keys so I got a lot of cases and bad drops:C

  • Korke Korkeson
    Korke Korkeson 3 months ago

    Yikes man..I opened 50 cases, got 3 knives. :/

  • Stroptorn Sk
    Stroptorn Sk 3 months ago