Dell’s 8K Monitor - Gaming, Video Creation & Consumption!

  • Published on May 21, 2017
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    It's here. We have it. Dell's 8K FREAKING MONITOR!!!!!!!
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Comments • 6 013

  • LukiLP12
    LukiLP12 14 hours ago

    i have already synergy installed before I watch this Video!

  • Anthonyixe
    Anthonyixe 2 days ago

    im stuck at 16k, looks so blurry!

    SHIVA POWER 4 days ago

    60hz.? Y not 240hz....

  • David Matheja
    David Matheja 6 days ago

    wqhd 1440*900 is enough for me ( ;

  • BrickJulian
    BrickJulian 6 days ago

    Next Vid new 401k moniter

  • Rasmus Rönkkö
    Rasmus Rönkkö 6 days ago

    What a fucking useless monitor

  • Dorq
    Dorq 6 days ago

    where can I get the 360 fps version

  • [G.U.Y] Awesomeシ
    [G.U.Y] Awesomeシ 8 days ago

    im watching on 2160p = 4k :v

  • levi bailey
    levi bailey 9 days ago

    How is this even possible?

  • Mark R
    Mark R 9 days ago

    uhhhhhhh $3,92969?????????????

  • Jordan Mayers
    Jordan Mayers 11 days ago

    Im watching this on android 😭

  • BrutalSystem
    BrutalSystem 13 days ago

    What the fuck is that case

  • Tobias Etienne
    Tobias Etienne 13 days ago +1

    60hz idk :/

  • Citizen_MJ
    Citizen_MJ 14 days ago

    meanwhile i still use 1600x900 monitor i found in the attic

  • Nouri Shaaya
    Nouri Shaaya 14 days ago

    anyone else only looking at the computer

  • More KHANNIE
    More KHANNIE 15 days ago +1

    Too bad youtube doesn’t upload 8k videos

  • Kaptainator
    Kaptainator 15 days ago

    $5000? Eeewwwww

  • Cicero 219
    Cicero 219 16 days ago

    I'll just get an lg wallpaper as my monitor

  • Durahl
    Durahl 16 days ago

    @10:17 Huh... Didn't even know that the Dell UltraSharp U3007 used to be that big of a deal despite having one of them and a U2407 for some time before I switched over to a 3x Dell U3011 setup which, by now, has been replaced with a 3x HP Z32 4K one because of a worsening color shift that ocured in one of the U3011 ones.

  • Pagman
    Pagman 16 days ago

    still on 1050p, waiting for 1080.

  • Donschnulione
    Donschnulione 17 days ago

    time to build a 32K Setup, right?

  • The Internet News
    The Internet News 18 days ago

    What are the PC specs necessary for running this monitor?

  • Oil Bama
    Oil Bama 19 days ago

    I wait for 16k, fits better to my Nikon 850

  • Miguel Arschlooo
    Miguel Arschlooo 19 days ago

    8k is shit 16k or 32k is better the resolution is much more important as the graphics of the game rather put the graphics on low and the resolution on 64k you can see immediately the difference to 4k 8k or 16k or 32k 😂

  • canada painter
    canada painter 21 day ago

    this guy was on drugs in his youth..

  • Brixwaterr
    Brixwaterr 21 day ago

    I’m gonna buy this and use it with a ps4

  • Reppert
    Reppert 22 days ago

    i actualy have two 1280x1024 75Hz Monitors in surround

  • Bobblegum
    Bobblegum 23 days ago +1

    Red Dead 2 in 144p still looks better tho

  • GetoverYourself
    GetoverYourself 23 days ago

    I thought people cannot see even 4k, yet alone 8k?

  • Drew Lyons
    Drew Lyons 24 days ago

    This dude has really nice nails...

  • Ponderman
    Ponderman 25 days ago

    What was the desktop he used?

  • Sean Sollars
    Sean Sollars 27 days ago

    60 hz but why? 8K at 120 would be better

  • Razor Sharpe
    Razor Sharpe 29 days ago

    Many wants.

  • MahaVakyas
    MahaVakyas Month ago

    we need a new 8k 60hz monitor.. maybe OLED

  • Paulo Santos
    Paulo Santos Month ago

    60 hertz ? No tank you!

  • Di mik
    Di mik Month ago

    look at that glare though

  • Victronan
    Victronan Month ago

    Me: I can't wait for my brand new $3,999,999.99 monitor with a 940hz refresh rate and 32k resolution.
    Computer: *Dies*
    Me: Why did it die I have a GTX 770?!

  • Y Beast
    Y Beast Month ago +1



  • MostHated
    MostHated Month ago

    For anyone interested, Microsoft has a free version of a very similar KVM software you can get right off their site called mouse without borders.

  • X pod X
    X pod X Month ago

    It's better now though.. right? No crashing?

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman Month ago

    Thanks I'll get one in 8 years when graphics cards can PROBABLY KINDA handle 8K Gaming.

  • Connor Hicks
    Connor Hicks Month ago

    I mean 120hz

  • Connor Hicks
    Connor Hicks Month ago

    Too bad its not 60hz

  • ForzahorizonGuy
    ForzahorizonGuy Month ago

    Someday there will be 20k

    Idk really
    please dont kill me

  • livingkitty21
    livingkitty21 Month ago

    First Let the GPU manufacturers achieve 4K at 60fps at reasonable prices first and then wait for some years to reach that 8K resolution performance,but till then is rather unusable.
    Not even the GTX 1080Ti can do 4K at 60fps in all current games,while now at least,the 2080Ti that does,is still too expensive for us.The 8K is 4 times 4K ,thus wait for 10 years to reach that kind of GPU performance.
    Moreover we are interested more on that weird cube case you show on the video than this monitor.

  • J Griff
    J Griff Month ago

    Love when tech companies really push the bleeding edge 👍🏻

    RCMJC Month ago

    8K small monitor = waste

  • Ezekiel Blufur
    Ezekiel Blufur Month ago

    Too bad literally none of us can see how smooth the picture is with this 4k video feed

    LPSPROAUS Month ago

    plenty of 8k footage on

  • Naqib Husseinyari
    Naqib Husseinyari Month ago

    Actually, my eyes don't support 8K😑😑

  • EmulatorIL
    EmulatorIL Month ago

    And 4k gaming is dumb O_O

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot Month ago

    Dell shoved it in Apple's face with this monitor

  • F.B.I - Federal Bureau of Investigation

    im stuck in 1440p ;(

  • Guillermo Duck
    Guillermo Duck Month ago

    2080 ti nvlink and no 8k gameplay?

  • Aquanimus
    Aquanimus Month ago

    What's the name of the computer case?

  • Hyxpel The Un0riginal

    how the fuck are we 1080 users supposed to see the difference ?

  • Paolo Trianni
    Paolo Trianni Month ago

    Developers are using it already to make our next games.

  • FancyFrenchFries Yt
    FancyFrenchFries Yt Month ago +1

    In 2018 there I use for this watching TheXvid

  • filip šotola
    filip šotola Month ago

    i can go 8K but this vid is only 4K D:

  • JasperTube
    JasperTube Month ago

    Tomb Raider is a beauty for the eyes

  • Moon Flux
    Moon Flux Month ago

    but can it run crysis

  • malikgod
    malikgod Month ago

    that's 1 big waste of money. they gimped on too much

  • Tariq Bojic
    Tariq Bojic Month ago

    you should do a 4*4 array of 8k

  • Pew PewPew
    Pew PewPew Month ago

    Did I just watch a 13 minute ad?

  • דרור פחימה

    Man I love you how you pretended to turn on the pc with your hands as if its magic in the exact time the logo shows up xD Im doing it since Im 8 or something!

  • Ivan Jeromela
    Ivan Jeromela Month ago

    Apple can suck it

  • rigbyscamaro89
    rigbyscamaro89 Month ago

    need to bleed that cooling loop

  • Thomas Sawyer
    Thomas Sawyer Month ago

    not having speakers is a flaw? Linus i'm sorry but you are a fucking idiot for saying this.

  • MilosCsrb
    MilosCsrb Month ago

    Zoom in that shit let me see those tiny pixels! !

  • Kind Old Raven
    Kind Old Raven Month ago

    No decent HDR? Eh...

  • Sean Snowden
    Sean Snowden Month ago

    LOL half-life 2

  • Strat Cat
    Strat Cat Month ago

    wow. I'm a 4k edit kinda guy... wow... 8k... drool.. maybe in a few years :) :)

  • I Maniaci Del Web
    I Maniaci Del Web Month ago

    Sorry Linus, but I still can't understand one thing:
    Does it run Crysis?

  • Jeff Hoftyzer
    Jeff Hoftyzer Month ago

    watching this at 720p

  • David Johnston
    David Johnston 2 months ago

    wait... you had trouble finding 8k wallpapers? Don't you have like 2 or 3 8k cameras? Just make your own.

  • Arshia Torabi
    Arshia Torabi 2 months ago

    Man You all are poor I bought that monitor In 2018 January. You cheap ass bastards.

  • ShadowOfLabel
    ShadowOfLabel 2 months ago

    Do the latest GPUs even put out at 8k?

  • Josh Boak
    Josh Boak 2 months ago

    Meanwhile I’m using a bunch of 1024x1280 monitors.

  • John Arizona
    John Arizona 2 months ago

    The only head scratcher here is why are there cords showing on such a device? Cord management was just going too far? Asking too much?

  • SquishBangBlow
    SquishBangBlow 2 months ago

    Uh, it's over an order of magnitude increase in resolution, so what were saying about the smaller 10x price jump?

  • Ronald Montes
    Ronald Montes 2 months ago

    do you think he likes the monitor?

  • Stealthmuiz
    Stealthmuiz 2 months ago

    8k, yet not one oled on the consumer market.

  • AlphaStunna
    AlphaStunna 2 months ago

    Calling it now. In 20 years we'll have 8K 240Hz.

  • Charles Hosford
    Charles Hosford 2 months ago

    Now you can use your Red camera for something hahaha - lolz I know why you ned it just being a dick

  • David Polák
    David Polák 2 months ago

    Is it glossy or what ? It look like apple panel, but it it covering with glass ? I am looking for monitor with glossy panel, and nothing can be find in 27" - 32" size.

  • ApexPredator 241
    ApexPredator 241 2 months ago

    5:29 WTF ur using bing thats why

  • thatboisolo
    thatboisolo 2 months ago


  • EarthyBeastMode123
    EarthyBeastMode123 2 months ago

    im watching in 4k lol bad gpu doe

  • Ragical the Unhallowed Knight

    Hmm, nice nails Linus... You so fabulous mang 2:45

  • rsr789
    rsr789 2 months ago

    For the low, low price of $4,200.00. And then you'll prob need a computer that costs easily double that to make it worth connecting an 8K panel to.

  • Marshall Gee
    Marshall Gee 2 months ago

    I want to run CSGO on it in 8K at 240hz, can you help me Linus?

  • David Colman
    David Colman 2 months ago

    Can the human eye even see at this rate? Or is this just a gimmick? Like you said, bragging rights

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton 2 months ago

    6:31 how do you pronounce premier like that

  • Founding Champion
    Founding Champion 2 months ago

    can our eyes even see the difference between 4k and 8k ???

  • Timothy Cousineau
    Timothy Cousineau 2 months ago

    just got a 4K TV today...43" and HDR.

  • SweetBabyJames78
    SweetBabyJames78 2 months ago

    Please test PC gaming on Samsungs new 8K TV

  • Turboed Dude
    Turboed Dude 2 months ago +6

    Linus is clearly reading off of a script 4:27

  • Pranav Bains
    Pranav Bains 3 months ago

    Why isn't this OLED?

  • Blake Alcorn
    Blake Alcorn 3 months ago

    You’ve got to test this monitor out with a pair of 2080 Ti’s

  • Michal Aron
    Michal Aron 3 months ago

    @Linus you surprised searching for 20 minutes of 8K wallpaper when using bing?? didnt see that coming from you :/