Everything Wrong With Blade In 12 Minutes Or Less


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  • CinemaSins
    CinemaSins  25 days ago +483

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

    • Connor Porter
      Connor Porter 3 days ago

      Ok by me

    • JT85
      JT85 6 days ago

      The birdman is coming baby

    • Jakk Frost
      Jakk Frost 7 days ago

      Funny, I just rewatched this a few months ago, you must have had a whole bunch nailed quite recently.

    • Nu Cambino
      Nu Cambino 7 days ago

      @CinemaSins Can you do a Sin count for Return of the Living Dead 1 2 & 3

    • MaximilliAnus
      MaximilliAnus 7 days ago

      Escape from L.A. Please sin this..

  • Pista Chiyo
    Pista Chiyo 4 hours ago


  • Alpha White Male
    Alpha White Male 8 hours ago

    You, Sir, are a legend! You trigger more people than I do.... lol

  • Aaliyah Yasmin
    Aaliyah Yasmin Day ago

    I gave the vid a like purely for the night man outtake 😂😭

  • Alejandro Muñoz

    2:50-2:55 shouldve at least dropped 10 sins thatbsbit was funny

  • mrs.canfet 20000
    mrs.canfet 20000 2 days ago

    You should do mom and dad it just a fucking shit show it will have like 1000 sins I swear to god

  • celestial creeper
    celestial creeper 2 days ago

    do a video on the broyly movie

  • TheDirtySouth404
    TheDirtySouth404 2 days ago

    The Marvel Movie that started it all. 💯

  • wishmakr
    wishmakr 2 days ago

    I have to ask this. I've heard him say "ex machina" a hundred times, over the years, and I still have no idea what it means. Can someone shed some light on this please?

  • Derrick Meyer
    Derrick Meyer 2 days ago

    Severely disappointed there wasn't 10 sins removed for "Some motherfuckers always tryin to ice skate uphill."

  • garethlore
    garethlore 3 days ago

    you missed a sin for Frost, a random lower class vampire made from a bite rather than birth, being included in meetings of upper class vampires and getting into a restricted area with important, ancient vampire records for no apparent reason and without consequence. Why the hell didn't they just kill him the first time he stepped out of line.

  • Oscar Chmielinski
    Oscar Chmielinski 3 days ago

    You ruin everything

  • GamerFromJump
    GamerFromJump 4 days ago

    I would have dubbed in _Castlevania_ music into a fight scene.

  • Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    I need to see this great movie for the fourth time, thanks.

  • Feldhobel
    Feldhobel 4 days ago

    @8:05 Dragonetti is a higher vampire and is more influenced by the sun.

  • Ender Che
    Ender Che 4 days ago

    See, everyone. I told you this movie was shit.

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor 4 days ago

    :53 - Lem from "The Shield" - totally didn't know he was in this.

  • KySpace
    KySpace 4 days ago +1

    Elaine Benes Hahahahhahahahahah

  • Dustin McNiel
    Dustin McNiel 4 days ago

    Suck it black panther blade was first

  • Scott M
    Scott M 4 days ago +1

    Why did they need to attack the guy when they were doused with blood anyway???

  • donnie octane
    donnie octane 4 days ago

    Stopped listening after 5 mins

  • David McCarthy
    David McCarthy 4 days ago +1

    I can't believe you didn't mention the scene where Blade literally shoots a vampire up the vagina with a shot gun (I'm not making this up this happens in the movie at the rave)

  • Techni Myoko
    Techni Myoko 4 days ago

    Some motha fsckers always trying to skate uphill

  • llongone2
    llongone2 4 days ago

    Cuttin' and Slicin' with the edge of the Blade

  • Damien Knox
    Damien Knox 4 days ago

    Gitano is such a pussy
    All frost has to do to kidnap him for sunrise execution was say please:)

  • nicktoesous
    nicktoesous 4 days ago

    how about the lost boys

  • RamboCreativity
    RamboCreativity 5 days ago

    2:52 My favorite scene not gonna lie.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 5 days ago

    2:51 trust me..this is why you are here.

  • Tom McDermott
    Tom McDermott 5 days ago

    You should be ashamed, not removing sins for the greatest line of dialogue in modern cinema. I swear, some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill.

  • Sethxz
    Sethxz 5 days ago

    I'm pretty sure he said "an active god" not "an act of god".

  • Marco Lara
    Marco Lara 5 days ago +2

    You are really messing up on this one, Blade deliberately drops the victim off so that he can find out who follows her, it's not a mistake on his part, this is a mistake on yours

  • Marco Lara
    Marco Lara 5 days ago +1

    The guy wrapped in hefty bags is not "never seen again" he is one of the primary antagonists of the film...

  • daniel allen
    daniel allen 5 days ago

    Fuck u in advance

  • Vandread0872
    Vandread0872 5 days ago +1

    Need to see you guys do final destination

  • Tea Eye
    Tea Eye 5 days ago

    Stitches lol

  • ThePrattLP
    ThePrattLP 5 days ago +2

    How dare you? Blade? The third one, have at it though.

    • Melissa Charles
      Melissa Charles 5 days ago

      I like the third one but I think the second one sucks. LOL!!!🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Artiamus Imura
    Artiamus Imura 5 days ago

    Still surprised didn't get a sin for continuing to attack Frost after cutting him in half didn't work. Then him turning into some cgi blob thing before being exploded.

  • Michel Boryoku
    Michel Boryoku 5 days ago

    Vampire vs Panther I'd like to thank the "academy" for the "award"
    Still no Wolverine, Punisher and Blade crossover
    When the Fast Forward button was considered a special effect

  • Mr Snrub
    Mr Snrub 5 days ago +2

    Vampire mace 🙂 you can also spray it on your food, extra spice 👍

  • cristos
    cristos 5 days ago

    hi man,can you do the man who shot hitler than bigfoot?

  • Britty Brad
    Britty Brad 5 days ago +1

    Mother fucker are you outta your damn mind, blade is still some of my favorite movies

  • Miki Jovanovic
    Miki Jovanovic 5 days ago

    master the art of one by one combat

  • James Morales
    James Morales 5 days ago

    He’s the master of karate and friendship for everyone......Blade

  • asdf
    asdf 5 days ago

    2:50 lmao hahhahaah

  • aaron wilson
    aaron wilson 5 days ago

    Movie sin : say these are re-upload video's claiming that the original one is no longer viewable (i really dont believe you)DING but we love CinemaSins

  • Brian McGuire
    Brian McGuire 5 days ago +2

    this is the best vampire movie, this guy is ice skating uphill.

  • Daunte Guard
    Daunte Guard 6 days ago

    Omg Jennifer's body!!!!

  • General Makaba
    General Makaba 6 days ago +1

    I demand a recount. This movie should be at -2378 sins.

  • John Mills, Jr.
    John Mills, Jr. 6 days ago


  • Emma Frost
    Emma Frost 6 days ago

    In the opening scene you see the dude bump into frost but where was he all of the sudden when Blade arrived? Hiding?

  • Cameron Posselli
    Cameron Posselli 6 days ago +2

    Alright man leave the old legendary movies alone this is my child hood I mean it came out 1998-_- focus on the new movies dude

  • Matt Tuckey
    Matt Tuckey 6 days ago +1

    Missing sins: How did all the other vampires get back from the club? Did no-one see any of them covered in blood? And why are they hungry for the guy's blood if they're getting a plentiful supply from the sprinklers? Buffet mentality?

  • The Devils Play
    The Devils Play 6 days ago +1

    How dare you.

  • Beni B0y
    Beni B0y 6 days ago +2

    Love Blade

  • MeChan Mao-Ward
    MeChan Mao-Ward 6 days ago +1

    Sunblock lol what protects the eyeballs and they didnt put it on there scalp smh lol

  • Sven Lechtenberg
    Sven Lechtenberg 6 days ago +1

    I am still a "blade" fan😂😂

  • R BZ
    R BZ 6 days ago

    I love your vids but I gotta say a great majority of these were easily explainable, but a couple were: the one about saving her and then dropping her off was actually answered a few minutes later in your own video when the cop said 'he used he as bait'.
    Maybe non "pure bloods" don't burn as easy.

  • tpampouk
    tpampouk 6 days ago

    Nothing wrong

  • Writing Knights
    Writing Knights 6 days ago

    one sin missed, the blonde killed one of the elders before the ceremony started so frost didnt get full power.

  • Jennifer White
    Jennifer White 6 days ago


  • Guilherme Raveli
    Guilherme Raveli 6 days ago

    I came to this video just to see if Sins would say something about 2:50.

  • My Q's
    My Q's 6 days ago

    Blade 2 rocked!

  • Elisha Batto
    Elisha Batto 6 days ago

    Please do Daft Punk's Electroma

  • tigerqueen1112
    tigerqueen1112 6 days ago

    Coul you guys do scooby doo monsters unleashed in honor of our overlord shaggy?! Please and thank you!!

  • ahmad 12
    ahmad 12 6 days ago

    dude you should make a video about train to busan belive me its full of sins

  • Tatakai no Kami
    Tatakai no Kami 6 days ago

    Blade is a God damn perfect movie. 1000 sins for making up bullshit sins about this movie. Punishment? You have to watch Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark.

  • M-Ray
    M-Ray 6 days ago

    3:46 is that Yuri from Red Alert 2?

  • Ethan Yates
    Ethan Yates 6 days ago

    Can we get a cinemasins for Isle of Dogs?

  • ItzzGrizzly
    ItzzGrizzly 6 days ago

    Can you do Everything wrong with Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2

  • KingZo 870
    KingZo 870 6 days ago

    Don’t tase me bro🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Janquart
    Chris Janquart 6 days ago

    Need to put the sin back at the 2:52 mark because of the female security guard's "teacup" handgun grip...and hospital security guards don't carry firearms (MRI machines anyone?).

  • HereitcGaming
    HereitcGaming 6 days ago

    The blood god so khorne

    THE SPENCER SHOW 6 days ago +1

    Everything wrong with Smokey and the bandit please

  • shani perera
    shani perera 6 days ago

    Please do the movie Constantine, the one with Keanu Reeves

  • Gabriel Trindade Rojo

    Everything wrong with Speed Racer 2008

    T PLAYS 6 days ago

    "Muthaf#### are you outta your damn mind" 😂😂😂😂

  • Aiden Blake
    Aiden Blake 6 days ago

    Wow these videos are such garbage

  • venom squed
    venom squed 6 days ago

    Please do one about max steel the movie like if agree

  • MaiAolei
    MaiAolei 6 days ago

    4:43 Of course you didn't understand much. I another life this guy is a Soviet psychic with a German accent.
    And I would have hoped for an audio outtake "My sought is your vish".

  • Jakk Frost
    Jakk Frost 7 days ago +1

    0:50 And even with the edit and reupload, you still missed the "Discount Kevin Costner" sin, lol

  • Kalen
    Kalen 7 days ago

    Who else waits until 5 videos build up and then gets drunk just to binge them all?

  • carlos caso
    carlos caso 7 days ago

    what do u think of cinemawins?

  • Montevideo
    Montevideo 7 days ago

    You just skipped the awesome final killing of Frost. Well, I guess that means it's without sin then.

  • Montevideo
    Montevideo 7 days ago

    Come on, when Blade did that salute thing without his arm was nice. On the other hand when the police officers are shooting him and then just run away after him scolding them is rather lame.

  • Matthew Aldridge
    Matthew Aldridge 7 days ago

    It's a sin that the movie opening music didn't start with ”the world is a vampire"

  • Bowser's Sprixie
    Bowser's Sprixie 7 days ago

    If you have seen the Lego movie 2 the second part then I recommend you do and,make a everything wrong with the Lego movie 2 the second part.

  • formerly known as hijodechago

    Bullshit. Blade is the only movie there is nothing wrong with.

  • Damian S.
    Damian S. 7 days ago

    The part where the cops shoot him in the armor deserved to atleast get the movie back to 0 sins...

  • Ramager #WheresTheCoffee

    CinemaSins please review The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot. I watched it with my dad the other day and I’m not going to lie it was so incredibly bad we made a pact never to talk about it ever again.

  • 66jamie99
    66jamie99 7 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with Blade

  • Cutie Bomb
    Cutie Bomb 7 days ago

    You should do a sin count on Ninja Assassin 👍

  • Igotboomed on Gaming Videos

    Day man! fighter of the nightman!!!!!!

  • Karnage
    Karnage 7 days ago

    One of my favorite vampire movies

  • mangatoad
    mangatoad 7 days ago

    When am I getting a Dune one?

  • Xenthrick
    Xenthrick 7 days ago +1

    1:26 I like to think it's more of a BYOB scenario. If they didn't want to bring their own drink, it's entirely on them.

  • DL Lambert
    DL Lambert 7 days ago

    1 point I did not like about Blade 2 was how KK seem to come back with no scars, no trauma, no limps nothing... like being beat nearly to death by a group of bad guys had 0 affect on him. 🙄👎🎬📽📹💻...

  • Elliott Lyngreen
    Elliott Lyngreen 7 days ago

    Had a way 11:57

  • Ivan Chatalov
    Ivan Chatalov 7 days ago

    There must be an Everything wrong with the Muppets. The sequel to that movie offended me really hard. They didn't even wrote proper Cyrillic.

  • leeSouthend
    leeSouthend 7 days ago

    Very cool movie though. Anyone else ever wondered how Blade avoids getting blood on him during the slaughterhouse blood sprinkler rave at the beginning? +1 sin but it looks good so what the hell.

  • Mason Hill
    Mason Hill 7 days ago

    You should do the prodigy