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The Avengers react to Justice League Trailer


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  • Sarwar Noor
    Sarwar Noor 7 days ago


  • Mike Gee
    Mike Gee 9 days ago

    Iron man - out techs Batman - with Capt.America? Out " preps" Batman!
    Hulk ? Smash! Superman has speed but the fight necomes a slug fest
    Thort akes on Wonderwoman- he flirstvwhile she punches, THEN he gets mad and lays the hammer down with lightning that can knock the shit out of her Aqua Man.and Flash
    Iron Man takes on Arthur Curry- stremgth level is about the same.; Cap uses repulsor rays, flight and Stark tech- think hulk buster vs the king of Atlantis! Aqua man can dish it out in a slug fest but Tonys tech is gonna find his weak spots and knock him down
    Vision vs Cyborg; Cyborg is lotent enough BUT Vision can put him down hand 2 hand and Cyborg isnt going to control Visions body whereas Vision could Cyborgs
    Scarlett witch- she'll use her hex bolts and reality warping to effect Flashes speed- giving Hawkeye time enough to hit him with a knockout gas arrow or mess up his mind along with Aqua mans and Supes and Wonderwomans( even if temporary)
    Cap. America vs Batman- this is MCU vs DCEU ! Cap beats down batman ala bane vs batman 1st fight in the nolanverse, only faster and much more brutally ( akin to the iron man fight he had in Civil War)
    Then the avengers can call on :
    Black panther- strength of Cap.America, intellect and prep and tech saavy on par with Batman ; CBUB Comic Book Resources, Comic Vine all say BP would beat batman in a good FIGHT
    Ant man- even in giant man form he can cause problems that the JLA has to deal with
    And strangely enough, Loki- he can cause havoc with his magic ; while he revels in being Thors nemesis he also tends to SIDE with his half brother against many foes
    War Machine- Rhodes and Stark work almost seemlessly together and they can double team the shit out of Aqua Man, repulsor blast Wonder Woman during distractions while fighting Thor
    Black widow- weakest avenger but not out of the game! She could easily operate a hulk buster or other IM suit, can kick the shit out of Batman can keep him distracted in a fight until Capt Rogers knocks out bats- in the normal world they are basically physical equals in a fight, but MCU Cap America is at least at Ultimates strength level, ala several tons and has speed and durability DCEU Bats will need armor and prep time to even match.
    Last but not least? The sorcerer supreme- Dr. Strange; he could conjure up kryptonite( imagine what nasty Anti supes weapons Stark could make that he could put in his iron man or Rhodes war machine armor) or chain supes down in the stuff, BFR aqua man to a desert reality, stop time and shut down flash, imprison Wonder woman in a pocket universe or freeze her deconstruct cyborg, dump batman around via portals until he tired out from the constantly falling and battering
    And to top it off you got Capt.marvel coming- although not true to comic book form she has now been tossed out there as the " answer" to Thanos, someone only Thor with his new war hammer was able to match; if true she could go toe to toe with Superman ( something only MCU Hulk and Thor at present levels can do)
    The avengers are the more polished, better coordinated and working team- none of that speed blitz and out muscling is gonna work on them cause they can readily counter and remove that advantage from DCEU JLA..

  • BTW
    BTW 14 days ago

    DC is king.

  • A man of Talent
    A man of Talent 20 days ago

    They should join up and fight a mega super villain from the transformers!!!!!!!

  • Crazy Giraffe
    Crazy Giraffe 20 days ago

    DC : was build up of jl
    Marvel : the story of the avengers

  • The New Room Manager
    The New Room Manager 24 days ago +1

    They had nothing to fear, TRUST me

  • phone secrets
    phone secrets 26 days ago


  • sohini rakshit
    sohini rakshit Month ago +1

    What are your super power?
    I'm rich.
    Uppp that moment Tony's reaction

  • Super Fairy
    Super Fairy Month ago


  • Lovleen
    Lovleen Month ago

    Lmao Tony's reaction to Batman saying he's rich little does he know he is richer by 3 billion than Batman

  • Shyam leon
    Shyam leon Month ago

    Yes, the trailer looks pretty good. But the movie however sucks ๐Ÿ˜Š

    MAIN SJMA Month ago

    Wonder Woman: Hello handsome...
    Hulk: ahhh umm...
    Black Widow: Don't look at her..

  • Christopher Morningstar

    We are in the Endgame now!. Itโ€™s like it sucks more as time passes. #AvengersA

  • Milhim Epic
    Milhim Epic Month ago

    If Zack Snyder cut released it would destroy the avengers with its fans

    • Sky Watcher
      Sky Watcher Month ago

      Then release it, we marvel fans are waiting...

  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe Month ago

    then they saw the movie, and went back to partying.

  • Leo Orduna
    Leo Orduna 2 months ago +2

    They knew the movie was gonna be bad so they going to save the DC Movies.

  • Joshua Hudson
    Joshua Hudson 2 months ago

    I thinks itโ€™s funny, because dcโ€™s better

  • Shiro็™ฝ
    Shiro็™ฝ 2 months ago

    that's why dc, you go on and focus to animated movie, even hire Japanese anime drawer for crying out loud

  • Ankan Ghosh
    Ankan Ghosh 2 months ago

    Look at the reactions of marvel actors...Jokers๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Jaswanth Reddy
    Jaswanth Reddy 2 months ago

    Marvel is the best dc worst with out no story

  • JunguianPhantom
    JunguianPhantom 2 months ago +1

    The looks Natasha gives to Bruce when he watches WW in action...priceless

  • Marcus Mullings
    Marcus Mullings 2 months ago

    Tony: how you guys plan on beating them?
    Steve Rogers: together
    Imagine superman shows up on the screen
    Hawk eye: screw this shit you guys can commit suicide I'm going home too my family

  • Victoria Garza
    Victoria Garza 2 months ago

    I think that the whole reason DC movies aren't as popular as Marvel is b/c DC doesn't make their movies connected. Like with Marvel all their movies are connected to Each other while with DC all the movies you ever see being publicized is Batman.

  • ForlZ David
    ForlZ David 2 months ago

    I donโ€™t know why DC and WB decided to release a JL movie like that.......why they think that movie can earn money? Iโ€™m a DC fan but that JL is definitely not the movie I want.

  • Davide Linaro
    Davide Linaro 2 months ago

    The trailer is awesome but the movie is sucks

  • Anjum Nishat
    Anjum Nishat 2 months ago

    Marvel's have story but dc copied marvel

    YCG LYRICS 2 months ago

    Berry:What are your superpowers again?
    Bruce: I'M RICH
    TONY STARK: ๐Ÿ˜

  • Lucy Gu
    Lucy Gu 3 months ago

    OMG Tony's reaction after that I'm rich line!!! I'm laughing so hard

  • Mary Stone
    Mary Stone 3 months ago +1

    Maybe when Thanos did 'the snap', it removed this STAIN from the universe, then Thanos may have a little smirk after this one!

  • lor05
    lor05 3 months ago

    I like to think that in another universe, WB didn't mess up the movie and the people there got to see the Zack Snyder version of Justice League.

  • Zach Ryder
    Zach Ryder 3 months ago +4

    1:03 Wanda's reaction to a speedster faster than her brother

  • Prince
    Prince 3 months ago

    Absolutely the bomb

  • hustle sloth
    hustle sloth 3 months ago +2

    Then infinity war comes out

  • michael preller
    michael preller 3 months ago

    That competition didnt last long.

  • One Track Mind
    One Track Mind 3 months ago

    Would have love this to be a cross over.

  • One Track Mind
    One Track Mind 3 months ago

    Lmoa, too funny.

  • TheClashingShinx
    TheClashingShinx 3 months ago

    This is why avengers won -_-

  • solterohugo
    solterohugo 4 months ago

    We didnโ€™t lose Mr. Stark, not to batfleck and his team!!

  • Hey ?
    Hey ? 4 months ago +2

    I kinda wanna punch you guys in the faces for hating on dc but its true.. their movies are not as successful, but they can learn from their mistakes. For example: the shazam! movie. It has a very light hearted but cool tone to it judging by the trailer. Now that i saw captain marvel.. marvel didnt go so well.. the trailer sucked.

  • Ali Al Ali
    Ali Al Ali 4 months ago

    Who wants to see a justice league vs marvel movie like this

  • Buhma CSeries
    Buhma CSeries 4 months ago

    After all the dust had settled.... justice league is now forgotten and Infinity War is already a classic.

  • Kill Monger
    Kill Monger 4 months ago

    Remember when Every thought this was it ...

  • DavidTime Gaming
    DavidTime Gaming 4 months ago


    REDRUM RAMPAGE 4 months ago

    When tony laughed it was like me laughing at JL trailer

  • Red Baron
    Red Baron 4 months ago

    What are your super powers again? "Im rich" ...starks face hahahaha

  • Prabhu Dayal Malavalia
    Prabhu Dayal Malavalia 4 months ago +1

    I'm rich
    *camera zooms to Tony Stark*

  • Marina The Dauntless Tribute Fangirl Unicorn

    I, being a loyal DC and Marvel fan, loved this SO MUCH

  • Pop Hnter
    Pop Hnter 4 months ago


  • ThePoacherz
    ThePoacherz 4 months ago

    When you decide that this calls for a can of Whoop A$$ and your homies agree!

  • Arturo Gonzalez
    Arturo Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Please do it this summer 2019

  • Prince
    Prince 4 months ago

    What do you use for your editing software?

  • Joshua Hudson
    Joshua Hudson 4 months ago

    Dcโ€™s better

  • sharon barker-caven
    sharon barker-caven 4 months ago +1

    Dc stole one of the Beatles songs..... HOW DARE THEY!!!

    • Rocket & Groot
      Rocket & Groot 4 months ago

      sharon barker-caven
      & Ragnorok didn't?

      Tho I perfer the Immigrant Song over Beatle's Cum together.

  • Aeritato
    Aeritato 4 months ago

    *โ€œIโ€™m rich.โ€*

  • djparaense
    djparaense 4 months ago

    Something like Avengers vs Justice League will happens only 30 years in the future when audiences start getting tired of superhero genre and both studios will play their last cards with inter crossovers between them to suck their last drop of box office from these movies.

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv 3 months ago

      Or maybe WW3 will start by then and the genre will die anyway in nuclear fire.Don't discount that possibility.

  • Cha Bangcaya
    Cha Bangcaya 4 months ago

    The moment diana sway her hair, scarlet look to bruce like what the fuck u staring up?

  • Rosamund Powell
    Rosamund Powell 5 months ago

    I don't give a fuck about how the Marvel actors feel about "Justice League" or any other DC Comics movie. And vice versa.

    BILL MURRAY 5 months ago

    Does anybody remember the Great
    Marvel/DC crossover miniseries
    with Avengers and Justice League?
    George Perez did the artwork.
    This was before The Mouse
    Invasion@ Marvel.
    If YOU remember, let your voice
    be heard.

  • Kacie Reynoso
    Kacie Reynoso 5 months ago

    1:36 PERFECT

  • Ethan Stark
    Ethan Stark 5 months ago

    1:36 was the worst part for me

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 5 months ago +1

    Sometimes in life....๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Layla Morrison
    Layla Morrison 5 months ago


  • Layla Morrison
    Layla Morrison 5 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who likes them BOTH. I like both Avengers and Justice League. Plus, I'm twelve, and most of these warring factions are acting like kids!!! Your Opinion is not FACT, it is not the TRUTH. If you are a DCEU fan, and hate the MCU, it's your opinion!!! If you are an MCU fan and hate the DCEU, SAME THING!!!!!! But if you are like me and like both, well, congrats! You and I can agree on something!

  • Desarie Maynard
    Desarie Maynard 5 months ago +2

    tony stark's face when he heard the rich part LMAO๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

  • Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards 5 months ago +2

    We're Marvel-We've got a Thor Ragnarok

  • Md Talha Ansari
    Md Talha Ansari 5 months ago

    this aged horribly!

  • LordMichaelRahl
    LordMichaelRahl 5 months ago +1

    Well, that was barely an inconvenience lol.

  • Surya Surya
    Surya Surya 5 months ago

    Wait and see marvel heroes

  • cvggjhj yhgff
    cvggjhj yhgff 5 months ago

    *DC for grow man , MARVEL like little children*

  • cvggjhj yhgff
    cvggjhj yhgff 5 months ago

    *DC >>>>>>>>>> MARVEL*

    • Ulubatlฤฑ Hasan
      Ulubatlฤฑ Hasan 5 months ago

      cvggjhj yhgff DC is for edgy,emo pussies . Marvel is for everybody with their great r-rated films

  • ICouldntThinkOf AGoodName
    ICouldntThinkOf AGoodName 5 months ago +3

    "What are your super powers again?" "I'm rich" Tony Starks face๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Aiden Macleod
    Aiden Macleod 5 months ago +1

    Their reaction was stone-faced and bored as mine was when I saw the film too. Should have called the film Just-Ass League.

  • Khadija Ahmed
    Khadija Ahmed 5 months ago +1

    Avengers are better

  • SuperRichin B
    SuperRichin B 5 months ago +1


  • SuperRichin B
    SuperRichin B 5 months ago


  • Lilyโ€™s Room
    Lilyโ€™s Room 5 months ago

    My favorite superhero is WONDERWOMAN

  • Carlos Roderick
    Carlos Roderick 5 months ago +3

    Zoom to the JL premiere and the avengers are laughing hysterically who wrote this trash๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Siva Lingam
    Siva Lingam 6 months ago

    3:08.... dialogues and musics goosebumps...anybody felt it

  • Siva Lingam
    Siva Lingam 6 months ago

    Its right time for comments any dc fans.? See both the movies box office and rotten tomatoes..

  • Golden Butterfly
    Golden Butterfly 6 months ago

    Please lol

  • Fanfictogirl
    Fanfictogirl 6 months ago

    things that made me Lol:
    tony when he sees cyborg is priceless
    im rich tonys expression again
    thor throws the hammer
    they relise nothing is wrong and then go back to partying......
    We will do everything together, touching.....

  • Vias
    Vias 6 months ago


  • Waseem Aslam
    Waseem Aslam 6 months ago

    Great editing brother

    JOHN BOKO SHOW 6 months ago +1

    And Justice League piss in flames in 2017 with Thor Ragnarok success and then in 2018 it shit out it's own dick with fart of flames by the HUGE success of both Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War so yeah DC drools Marvel still rules when it comes to live action movies.

  • ThePoacherz
    ThePoacherz 6 months ago

    That line was bB before Black Panther 500 billion!

    TIVO STUDIOS 6 months ago

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  • Devin McEachern
    Devin McEachern 6 months ago

    This is awesome. I'm going to make some tea.
    I just died. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Paul Rudd is the man. I don't give a rat's ass what anyone else says.

  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed 6 months ago

    Ant man is not in the avengers

    YET heโ€™ll appear in 2019 if youโ€™re watching this 2018

  • Julia hasnolife
    Julia hasnolife 6 months ago +2


  • MagmaCaliburX
    MagmaCaliburX 6 months ago

    Tony: how do you guys plan on defeating them?
    Steve: shows picture of infinity war

  • Grace Perry
    Grace Perry 6 months ago

    I wish they would fight together not against each other

  • JonCombo
    JonCombo 6 months ago

    3:10 "Together"
    Or in solo movies. $$$

  • Kewal Date
    Kewal Date 6 months ago

    Band padega bhai teraa channel ...issi tarH se chala to

    CHASEMARC 6 months ago

    So now that Infinity wars came out can we all agree:
    DC should stay on the small screen and animation

  • Tarnpreet Chahal
    Tarnpreet Chahal 6 months ago


  • Henry Cavill
    Henry Cavill 6 months ago

    Avengers Sucks

    • GS Tejassu
      GS Tejassu 6 months ago +1

      Justice league sucked more

  • Beena Hari
    Beena Hari 6 months ago +2

    And at the end... Avengers won... Together...

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv 6 months ago

      It wasn't even that big of a fight.Justice League crashed and burned.It wasn't even a believable threat.