• Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • storyblocks.com/CinecomAudio - 5 EASY and FAST visual EFFECTS in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to create the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter, the Lightning effects from Thor, some editing magic tricks and a very clean sky replacement. Make your own Hollywood effects!
    Copy Money in Premiere Pro
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    Advanced Ultra Key Tutorial
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    More Easy Visual Effects in Premiere Pro
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    More Creative Tuesday
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  • Kyle Petricca
    Kyle Petricca Year ago +481

    is that Thordy? 😂

  • Old beams
    Old beams 2 days ago

    thanks alot dude your videos helped me a lot in making my memes

  • Punjabi Manoranjan
    Punjabi Manoranjan 7 days ago

    Thanks you sir....

  • umar rb
    umar rb 9 days ago

    so nice

  • Tw1ztastic
    Tw1ztastic 10 days ago

    he man i really like your videos, really informative! Im new with editing, so need too learn a lot! cant wait too try change your tshirt, tutorial really want too try it out.
    First i tried too use adobe after effects, but when i add a effect in it, it becomes really choppy and slow! Wat i tried is make sure after effects have enough memory too use for rendering and previeuw , and i dont run any other programms on background only after effects. i have a i74790k and gtx1080ti and 16gb ram, and using ssd should be good right? ! Any ideas how too fix it? And why i can only see memory at the preference setting in after effects and not the multiprocessing tab?
    Any idea i have a i7 dont get it...
    And wat green screen are you recommend? I have one but there are a lot of wrinkels in it ,, any tip? keep up the good work :)

  • Marlon King
    Marlon King 13 days ago +1

    Nice tips guys! need to get me some fake explosions and work out how I can use them in reviews lol

  • Nur Hafiz Bin Ismail
    Nur Hafiz Bin Ismail 14 days ago

    thanks for the tips..

  • Justuraveragewhovian
    Justuraveragewhovian 18 days ago

    Thank You!!!

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    Steve Ngamba 21 day ago +1

    Yeah! that is fine, i like more your video

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    Casper van den bosch 21 day ago +1

    Like if your dutch

    SIKDER ETC ZONE 24 days ago

    link me brother this softw

  • Angga Arya Putra
    Angga Arya Putra 25 days ago

    I would you thanks For add subtitle for indonesian viewers 😘

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    hi pro you so beautiful for training

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  • Rival
    Rival Month ago

    you know what the name of the effects on the duration of 07-08 is like this video? thexvid.com/video/-RH7-0wSFGID/video.htmlo

  • M u s t a f A
    M u s t a f A Month ago

    Where is Turkish subtitle?

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    You just got yourself a life long subscriber my fav premier pro you tuber

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    Kids Toysbox Month ago

    Superb :D

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    Juanjo Peña Month ago

    Así se hacen tutoriales buenisimo

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    B Size Indian Month ago

    Stay creative.

    NECHOLAS S SYIEM Month ago

    What is your name app..and how to dawload and install .please tell me friend

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    hi,im from malaysia btw the best ,im new your subscriber :D

  • sadik damanwala
    sadik damanwala Month ago

    Really great

  • jf H
    jf H Month ago +2

    Actually as long as your “being keyed out” object is different enough from other objects, you don’t really need a green or blue screen, but having those are always better😊.

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    more effects video plzz...

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    Its good..perfect.

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    000SilaS000 Month ago

    Why do you zoom so much I can't see anything. I didn't get nothing from this

  • JamCat
    JamCat Month ago

    Love it! That's awesome!

  • Rasters
    Rasters Month ago +1

    This is good video, but how you are in premiere pro, your zoom is very high
    Sorry for my bad English

  • امیرمهدی زارعی

    That's so much very lot gooooood. Peas

  • Manikandan Raj
    Manikandan Raj Month ago

    Wedding albem edit in pr

  • MaDhayanaz !
    MaDhayanaz ! 2 months ago +2

    Why should you guys could shoot a short film?

  • Navjot dandiwal
    Navjot dandiwal 2 months ago +1

    sir how to make tiny planet effect

    SOME TECH 2 months ago

    Bro how can I get free pr software

    TIK TOK 2 months ago

    Waoah Hindi sub title

  • Nick McLime
    Nick McLime 2 months ago

    #Cursosoline sunlightcursos.wordpress.com/2019/07/30/curso-adobe-premiere-pro-cc-2019/

    HBNHERUS 2 months ago +2

    violet are blue
    rose are red
    the title and the video should same :)

  • Firedefeat 1
    Firedefeat 1 2 months ago

    Does a blue green screen work for it too

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    Link of premier pro

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      You have google you lazy bitch

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    شكرا للشرح وافضل شي الترجمة شكرا ♥️

    KING KAPIL 2 months ago

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    What is the software

  • Health Cravings
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    great tutorial, the premium is just cool

  • Lucas Chudleigh
    Lucas Chudleigh 2 months ago

    5 pointless effects with no practical application.
    What a waste of time.

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    i started to edit some things in premier because of your channel its really cool,what you can do with this using your imagination its awesome

  • thestereostorm
    thestereostorm 2 months ago

    Fast and easy!
    *Used a ton of expensive equipment that you would need to find and buy and hire people to help recording + buying the premiere itself*

    NHOEM CHIVORN 3 months ago

    verry good

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    5:22 which search engine u r using?

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    who else thinks he sounds like rendog on hermitcraft with an irish accent? no? just me?

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    It's very, very fast everything, try speak slowly, and make the edition slowly too

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      Or just put at 0.75

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