Johnson Officially Shuts Down Parliament - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
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    Yesterday night Johnson's prorogation officially came into force and in the early hours of this morning the Houses of Commons and Lords officially closed until October 14th. In this video we discuss what this means for Brexit and for the upcoming general election. We also share Speaker John Bercow's reaction to the move.
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Comments • 1 387

  • Stefano d'Antonio
    Stefano d'Antonio 2 hours ago

    1:18 PRORUGATION :)

  • Some Random Edgy Guy

    @TLDR News Regarding the shop: Sadly it seems impossible to collect different items in one package in ordaaa to ship them in one go, could you make it available somehow? (Crewneck sweatshirt and T-shirt for example) Buying seperately seems kind of counter-intuitive and unnecessary

  • Mana-Ramp-Matoran
    Mana-Ramp-Matoran 5 days ago

    Goddam, John is a total Bamf in this video.
    What has to happen for Prime Minister Bercow to be a thing? I'm not even from the UK and I want him to be my leader!

  • Rakesh Mohanty
    Rakesh Mohanty 7 days ago

    Power of ORDAHH is lost. The world is in ruins. A hero must rise.
    Next season : bercow goes on a quest to get the power back & then come back to take revenge.

  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam Jenkins 7 days ago

    Oh well cant wait for the next season

  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi 7 days ago

    Not in history... in recent years

  • Cosi Fan Tutti
    Cosi Fan Tutti 7 days ago

    When BoJo prorogued parliament, it should have been done with immediate effect; taking away Bercow and the other traitors opportunity to deny us Brexit.

  • Tardis Monkey
    Tardis Monkey 8 days ago

    Can you make a shirt with all of the ties the speaker has worn?

  • Sunshine Daydream
    Sunshine Daydream 8 days ago

    0:01 looked like Steve Carell for a split second...

  • Vanima Permai
    Vanima Permai 8 days ago

    i mean what should he have dine sit and twiddle his thumbs and just delay brexit longer its stupid why people are all up in arms about it i will never know i hope we get out without needing a deal we will no longer have to fallow there laws so no more article 13 we get are boarders back we no longer have to relie on the eu i mean what if ww3 brakes out and Germany is once again our enemy then there gos all trades every thing food shortages and medicine shortages in war not good to over relie on import we need to kick start are industry again and regain the status of the worlds biggest exporters again we can do it yes there will be hard times ahead in the short run but we are British and we are strong

  • Russ Gallagher
    Russ Gallagher 8 days ago

    Now that Bercow is winding up his stint as parliamentary speaker, can we import him to run OUR "House?" AFAIK there is NO constitutional prohibition against it! In fact, the Constitution says the House can elect its speaker; no conditions on citizenship, etc. expressed or implied! Contrary to popular belief, the Speaker of the House doesn't even have to hold an elected SEAT in the House. No such person from outside Congress has ever been elected, but nothing says it can't be done. Bercow's got spunk; he's my man for the job!

  • Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt 8 days ago

    so britain is a democracy...

  • Jodell Kester Seegobin

    To think that a man with such strong command of english; well-spoken with many colourful words, will mostly be remembered for one word - ORRRDAAA!!! Thanks for the memories John Bercow and for making watching Brexit tolerable.

  • Ábel Zatykó
    Ábel Zatykó 8 days ago

    When its you last day at work and you tell everyone what you think like there's no tomorrow

  • Alwin Priven
    Alwin Priven 8 days ago

    I like his tie. it's quite nice

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave 8 days ago

    Bercow sounded like a private school boy been forced to read in front of the class
    Should of shut it down ages ago

  • tygonmaster
    tygonmaster 8 days ago

    We always thought he would go out with ORDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, but it seems he goes out with a flying flamingo.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon 8 days ago

    Getting those OOOOORDDDDDEEEEEEEEER merchs in honor of Bercow's reignation.

  • Brum Kid
    Brum Kid 9 days ago

    Thank god that arrogant man Madcow is leaving he is so far up his own rearend all you see is his little feet sticking out. Problem now is when he has gone i bet you will see him on every chat show going and then we will hear he will be bringing out a book.

  • klemthegem
    klemthegem 9 days ago

    Bercow showing his true Fascist colours. He’s defiantly trashed the seat he’s held for too long, the question is has he facilitated the end of the political system & the two houses. I’d even go as far as to say he’s ended the Frauds. A second house accountable to the UK People not the land owners of old, multinationals & the EU.

    • mitch verr
      mitch verr 8 days ago

      @klemthegem But this isnt the brexit we voted for, I didnt vote for a retarded lets just fucking leave without any kind of protocols or prior planning like Boris is doing right now.

      Look up who is currently leading the no deal push and who gives that party money and check to see what else they are tied to, if you need a hint, it has to do with hedges, they stand as a group to make billions out of a quick and horrible no deal crash out.

      They are not your friends.

    • klemthegem
      klemthegem 9 days ago

      mitch verr I’m not enamoured with this government, but it’s the party which has finally agreed to deliver the Brexit voted for in by The UK People, endorsed by a General Election, then article 50 was triggered by a vote in Parliament. The remainers have used every dirty trick they can to block Brexit, the will of The UK People. This deal fiasco is just the latest, I have a copy of the referendum, it just states leave the EU or Remain, no deal. Parliament has blocked the Brexit for too long, most of the constituencies of these Traitor MP voted leave, a fact not lost on these MPs. Hence their unwillingness to vote for a General Election. This last point should be enough to put the Fascist point to bed. They are usurping the powers the electorate lent to them when they stood on a pro- Brexit slip, then changed their minds stating for the good of the Country. You may think they know best but I doubt their votes do. Let’s wait & see in the next Gen Election. For Democracy to work the losers have to accept the result or Democracy falls.

    • mitch verr
      mitch verr 9 days ago

      Fascist by allowing people to challenge a government which is his job? Erm, I think you might want to relearn how fascism works, the closest thing to that currently is government, which wants to silence criticism and even removes members for doing it (not to forget hiding all information possible, lying to the queeen, etc)... That is much closer to it.

  • klemthegem
    klemthegem 9 days ago

    Great Sir Boris, you’ve got the nations Majority Democratic Support, as long as its a clean break.

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon 8 days ago


  • MusikCassette
    MusikCassette 9 days ago

    Let us start a gofundme to buy a flamingo for Bercow.
    Let us give him a flying flamingo.

  • MusikCassette
    MusikCassette 9 days ago

    What would have happend, if Bercow would just have stayed where he was?

  • Bolivian Prince
    Bolivian Prince 9 days ago

    These has been protocols since very long time, I like the uk parliament ..its admirable and It will continue for many centuries the same

  • Ade Aston
    Ade Aston 9 days ago

    good bloody riddance,

  • Pladimir Vutin
    Pladimir Vutin 9 days ago

    This is what neoliberalism looks like; 3 years, 3 prime ministers, all ruined over a referendum to leave a trade agreement.
    A. Simple. Trade. Agreement.
    That is why parliament and the British are at war with themselves.
    Not over labor laws, wages, healthcare, national security, liberty, or tyranny.
    But over one, single, trade agreement.
    Europeans, Britains, answer me this. I thought Europe was a stable bastion of western democracy. Why is it, that one nation leaving a trade bloc, pushes your entire continent to the brink of chaos?
    If Brexit puts Britain and Europe to this brink, I’d hate to see what happens when another migrant crisis, or perhaps, a Russian invasion of Ukraine, occurs. How is Britain and the EU prepared for the challenges of the century. Chinese colonialism in Africa, Russian pressure in the Ukraine, Middle East and Caucasus; Right-Wing Nationalism and Populism.
    How the hell is this Neoliberal programme going to survive against these forces? I honestly doubt it will.

    • mitch verr
      mitch verr 9 days ago

      It isnt a simple trade agreement though, its a massive logistics change which will (yes, WILL) cripple parts of the UK heavily in the short term as shown by yellowhammer. The opposition has a right to also be heard.

      I voted leave, but what you said shows a clear ignorance of wtf is actually happening.

  • Abram Rex Joaquin
    Abram Rex Joaquin 9 days ago

    New tee design.
    I dont give a flying flamingo.

  • Captain Caveman
    Captain Caveman 9 days ago

    All this angst over 9 extra days?

  • JamesLikesIcedCream
    JamesLikesIcedCream 9 days ago +1

    Bercow was the most Bias speaker Iv ever seen you can see he doesnt want Brexit, glad hes leaving!

  • George George
    George George 9 days ago

    I wonder who's that bold headed geezer with the goatee in the penguin dress up acting like a bouncer...he moves like a palaeolithic predator, I wonder what on earth is he doing there around Bercow

  • Maximum Axiom
    Maximum Axiom 9 days ago

    What a clown show!!!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu 9 days ago +1

    This would be an amazing mini-series for someone to make 10 years from now

  • Tespri
    Tespri 9 days ago

    You left out how John Bercow sold his country to EU and was already offered a job in EU bureaucracy.

    • Tespri
      Tespri 8 days ago

      @mitch verr
      Yeah sure... You voted for leave, wont the vote and now suddenly you think that corrupted career politicians should make the choice instead of the people who MADE DIRECT VOTE.
      "No deal was not the option"
      It always was an option, since it's negotiation tool. But since you have very low IQ you fail to comprehend how such thing can be used in negotiations.
      Hey, think for a second.. Oh wait you can't so let me paint the picture for you.
      EU REFUSES TO HAVE ANY DECENT DEAL. What is the other option than accepting bad deal that basically means you're still part of EU!? Man you remainers really lack mental capabilities.

    • mitch verr
      mitch verr 8 days ago

      @Tespri No, i voted to leave lol, Not a remainer. If anyone here is a fanatic, it seems to be you, given your heavy gatekeeping lol.

      No deal was not the option, even the damn leave campaign leadership said it wasnt the option.

    • Tespri
      Tespri 8 days ago

      @mitch verr
      Do you know where word democracy even comes from?
      It comes from word demos, meaning the COMMON people.
      People voted to leave, not only that but pretty much all party members from opposition and from conservatives had originally promised to deliver brexit. They all said that they will honor the referendum. Yet they didn't.
      parliament isn't democratic, the referendum was.
      "" like no deal brexiteers seem to think. FYI i voted to leave, but I believe democracy trumps this."
      Stop lying, obvious remainer who is EU fanatic. Having dreams of your future fascists superstate.
      No deal was the option when EU refuses to negotiate a fair deal. Which is the case. EU refuses to give a fair deal, instead it insists that UK has to stay part of EU as a vassal.

    • mitch verr
      mitch verr 8 days ago

      @Tespri I ignored nothing, we have a democracy, you cant just go "nah the opposition dont matter" like no deal brexiteers seem to think. FYI i voted to leave, but I believe democracy trumps this.

    • Tespri
      Tespri 9 days ago

      @mitch verr
      Suuuuuure... I can't believe that there are people as naive as you.
      He literally sold his country to the EU. Ensures that UK has to accept literally any deal that EU offers.
      "We are not a government dictatorship"
      That's funny... Because you just ignored people's will for sake of political elite's retirement funds.

  • JamesPlaysGames
    JamesPlaysGames 9 days ago +1

    What an amazing finale!! I particularly enjoyed the part where good old Borris did an oopsie

  • NAANsoft
    NAANsoft 9 days ago

    Fantastic ending of season 3! Where can I buy the full box set? And can I pay in Euro?

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling 9 days ago +1


  • George Maxwell
    George Maxwell 9 days ago

    What an ignorant man burco is and those two faced MPs applauding him should really hang their heads in shame

  • Barry Beard
    Barry Beard 9 days ago

    This is proof of treason remainers against the realm and the UK people,where are the army who swear allegiance to the queen.

  • steamtrain27 9
    steamtrain27 9 9 days ago +1


  • martin
    martin 9 days ago

    Great video. For me, It looks like Scottish and English courts are at odds. I think the Government has done right to the prorogation of parliament is necessary. The people voted to leave the EU. MPs agreed for the people to decide, and we did. we voted to
    leave. All trade deals can be decided after we leave.

  • Caius Martius
    Caius Martius 9 days ago

    Order will be restored after Brexit on the 31st of October....hooray!

  • Nikkala Ades
    Nikkala Ades 9 days ago

    Flying flamingo 😂

  • winks wink
    winks wink 9 days ago

    Oh dear does that mean these Peados have nowhere to go to get pissed in the Lords bar and sleep it off in the library???? Prices of shit.💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • biggixer
    biggixer 9 days ago

    Jeez I wouldn't like a row from John.....I would crack like a stick of Blackpool rock..

  • Bøø9
    Bøø9 9 days ago

    That tie is captivating.

  • Roy Gardiner
    Roy Gardiner 9 days ago

    It's way overdue for us to get rid of these ludicrous 18th century ceremonies and totally modernise Parliament,
    The EU must watch this nonsense on their iPads and laugh their socks off.
    Now we have established the complete lack of credibility in our current MP's, it's time to drain the elite swamp and REALLY return power to the British public by doing away with this 3/4/5 (this week?) Party system for good.

  • umpa lumpa
    umpa lumpa 9 days ago


  • Syed Abdul Wasay
    Syed Abdul Wasay 9 days ago

    John Bercow should become the next tory party leader .....

  • Blue Streak
    Blue Streak 9 days ago

    The queen has shut down parliament and she is well experienced at making noble and well informed decisions.

  • ChristianIce
    ChristianIce 9 days ago

    0:00 HAhahahhahahahha
    What the hell is this? 1750?

  • Snoop
    Snoop 9 days ago +1

    7:10 best

  • Neil Desperandum
    Neil Desperandum 9 days ago

    What does it take for you Remainers to see what a bunch of self serving bastards our so-called EU partners are -- take a look --> /nzyedKSnL2U

  • MrRedeyedJedi
    MrRedeyedJedi 9 days ago

    Ahaahah, lmao... Silly wankers. Good on you Boris.

  • Tan Chy
    Tan Chy 9 days ago +1

    White British people told me;" the Queen has no power." :)))

  • Neil Desperandum
    Neil Desperandum 9 days ago

    406 constituencies voted to Leave compared to 242 that voted to remain. That's proportional perspective for you.

    • Neil Desperandum
      Neil Desperandum 9 days ago

      @Rembrandt Shadows Leave won the popular vote, as we all know. This constituency comparison is to show how proportionally it's even more poignant a win. Especially when 40% of Labour voters voted to Leave but 98% of their MPs want to remain.
      This sort of comparison, here with constituency wins, is similar to the Electoral College in the US, where the President is not elected by the popular vote but by a proportioned system. This is to prevent one side from packing urban areas and dictating the way the election goes, as almost happened with Brexit. The Electoral College exists for a very important reason.
      Further to this comparison, with a popular vote a few relatively small areas on the US East and West coast, jam packed with leftist voters, would effectively dictate the election for the entire country if the EC was not in place.
      Trump did not win the popular vote but he won the Electoral College. If you look at a map of America you will see a sea of red conservative. Similarly if you look at a referendum map of England you will see a sea of blue for Leave, and this is because of the vast difference between the number of Leave constituencies (406) and the number of remain constituencies (242).
      It's a useful and poignant comparison, one that is often not seen, even though of course it was the popular vote in this case that counts for Brexit's win.

    • Rembrandt Shadows
      Rembrandt Shadows 9 days ago +1

      except the popular vote was evently split. You commit the Fallacy of the Big Lie, like BJ.

  • Ocrilat
    Ocrilat 9 days ago

    If a Humble Address is binding, how can the government ignore it? If they can ignore it, doesn't that make it optional, not binding?

  • A h
    A h 9 days ago

    Ok didn't trump have something similar he did or was doing in the states?...,🤔

  • Neil Desperandum
    Neil Desperandum 9 days ago

    Brexit still on course for October 31st. Mark your diary 👌👌👍

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 9 days ago

    the useless talking shop of hot ait

  • connor gregory
    connor gregory 9 days ago

    Better than the last season of the game of thrones.